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on December 21, 2011
I don't want to discourage the author, because there was a lot I liked about this story ... but a really good editor is badly needed. There was so much filler "stuff" to wade through that I quit reading and deleted it 4 times. Then had a change of heart and retreived it. There were a plethora of odd sentences. Punctuation was haphazard. I suppose my biggest beef is that it ended on a cliff-hanger (which I hate) and realized I will have to read two more books to get any closure to the story.

Haven't decided if I will continue on. I probably would if the three books are edited and condensed into one, maybe.

Morningstar (Morningstar Trilogy)

Added: It is a disturbing trend that reviewers don't have any history of reviewing and real reviewers get voted down. Just sayin'.
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on January 20, 2013
In the beginning I enjoyed this book. I actually laughed out load a few times, so I do give props to the author for cleverness. My issue was the book took a rather repeatitious turn. I felt the author ran out of steam.
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on November 23, 2012
I really liked this book for various reasons:

it took the story of heavenly strife and turned it on its head

the supporting characters were each shown a lot of love

it was a chunkster but like Alana said, it was worth it!

the author does great one liners and I'm already a fan of her sense of humor after reading Wastes of Space.

Helion was the cutest-he was like a lost puppy..a kid discovering simple delights like food and shopping.

Reading about Lucifer behaving like a guy smitten with love was interesting and the way he switched back to his old archaic self when hurting was awesome!


be warned that there's a lot of silliness-Belial, Andy and Paimon behave like teenagers..a lot! If you don't want to read about ancient demons acting that way, you might not wanna read this.

not much actually "happens" in the book till the ending.

the way Furcas and Paimon reverted back to being Faith and Patience and just "magically" solved all of Dahlia's problems was a bit annoying.

Already looking forward to the next one!
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on December 26, 2011
Overall, I found the book quite enjoyable. The reviewer commenting that it could use some more work in the editing dept is correct(mostly isolated grammar issues that disrupt the flow, I personally feel the phrase "wading through sludge" is inaccurate), but I found myself noticing that less as the book went along and I got more immersed in the story. The author does a good job pulling the reader into the the world she has created and letting them lose themselves for a few hours. For the most part the story is well paced and definitely leaves you wanting more. I love how rather than just focusing on the relationship of Dahlia and Lucifer the author fully develops all of the Fallen and makes them all very easy to relate to and as much a part of the story as the lead characters.
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on October 21, 2011
It was very difficult to put this book down. Only when I had to "wake up and go to work" was I successfully able to peel my eyes off the pages of this book, only to return to it again later during my lunch break, and again immediately when I returned home.

The modern setting, dialogue, and characters all have something unique about them, but at the same time it felt familiar and could be drawn comparisons to in my daily life. Not to say I hang out with fallen angels, but the impressive references to every day events and things I could relate to, brought this book to a whole other level.

Not for a minute do I regret not sleeping, neglecting my duties at work or at home, because I was so immersed in this amazing world that Darcy Town has created. The fallen angels, Lucifer and Dahlia have worked a special way to my heart, and I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the series.

Also, the violence, romance, and humor all compliment the book rather than take away. The author devotes an excellent amount of time to make sure that everything is balanced and tasteful, rather than focusing on any one aspect.

I very happily would recommend this book, it's well worth the money.
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on October 22, 2011
I have to concur with the other reviewers. I loved this book. Even though this is a self-published book, I took a chance because it looked like something I would like and the cover art is cool. Yes, I choose books by their covers, a lot.
I was not disappointed. The action is fast-paced and yet resonates with purpose and intent. The characters spring onto the page fresh, funny and three-dimensional.I always felt that these characters when they fight, kiss, dance and race hot cars! were real people with a shared past. And Lucien/Lucifer is delicious-- a hunky, violent, besotted, tormented hero that has to watch soap operas for dating advice. Hilarious.
Ms. Town manages the action superbly and conveys the necessary history and sometimes esoteric facts to the reader in a seamless manner.
The book races along like a action-packed movie at breakneck speed. It was over too soon, but I'm heartened to see that it is part of a trilogy.
I can't wait.
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on November 29, 2012
This is a story of Lucifer casting him as the "good guy" and the wronged partry in the ternal war between heaven and hell. It is also a love story of a type but i had a hard time relating to or liking the characters
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on June 12, 2012
I absolutely loved this book... Darcy Town really has created a fantastic read. I couldn't put it down, and really should have ordered all three books at once. I've learned my lesson, and am buying the last two together so that I can pick up the third right after putting down the second!

Town's main character Dahlia is (unknowingly) the linchpin of the story, and the perfect humanizing element for the Fallen. Their relationships weave together to create a unique dynamic that is the highlight of the book.

A previous review said that the contents were mainly filler, which I completely disagree with. The story line is so well thought-out and articulated that the only way one could call it filler would be if they were looking for a different story altogether.
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on October 19, 2011
A lot of stories written by free lance author's are not that great. The normal free lance story is covered in grammatical errors and typos. The normal free lance story isn't researched, feels childish, tells to much, moves too quickly, and can't provide an interesting read because the reader is too caught up in how horrible the story is. Some published stories are even poorly written and just aren't readable.
"Morningstar" is a true relief for an intelligent reader. It is well written and catches the reader up in its vibrant characters Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala, from beginning to end. Well detailed fight scenes are offset by adorable romantic scenes and characters that at times seem to just be old, cuddly, and violent children. It sounds like an oxymoron, but Darcy Town pulls off her story and characters well.

I never felt like I was forcing myself to wade through clumps of information and then barely coherent dialogues. Instead, I became a part of the story as dialogue was interwoven with smooth description that produced a vibrant and alive world. The dangerous place that Darcy Town created might not be a world I would actually want to live in, but with the safety of her hand guiding me through, her world seemed almost more alive than the one I live in. I found the beauty hidden within her violent world fascinating.

To live in mediocre world for an entire life time leaves a world dull, but too much violence can also cause a lethargy over the mind. Darcy Town balances her violence with the simplicity of every day occurrences and comedic characters that do not allow the brain to get used to anything.

Overall, I would recommend this story to anyone that wants something truly well written to read. I found this story a delight to read, and I think most people that have an open mind would also like this story.
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on January 17, 2012
As a lifelong omnivorous reader I am always searching for new authors. My newest reading fix is Ms Town.

She has the gift of bringing the reader into her world in the manner of great authors throughout history. There were times when the action was so intense that I had to put the book down just to give my heart rate a chance to go back to normal.

Within minutes of finishing Morningstar I was downloading Evenstar to feed my newest literary addiction.
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