Customer Reviews: Moshi iVisor Screen Protector XT (Crystal Clear) for The New iPad 3rd & 4th Generation (Newest Model) -Black
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Size: iPad 3rd & 4th Generation|Color: Black|Change
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on May 25, 2012
I originally purchased the ivisor anti glare (AG) version for my ipad 3 and was extremely disappointed in how it made the retina display look fuzzy and distorted. It was a shame because the screen protector really DID go on in less than 30 seconds with absolutely NO bubbles and it played nicely with any stylus that I used on it. To me it didn't make sense why they would make something for a device that has a retina diplay that negated all of the benefits of having such a high resolution diplay. Then Moshi introduced this one (the XT version) too went on in less than 30 seconds with NO air bubbles whatsoever and this time it was crystal clear which allowed the retina diplay to come through with NO distortion, and NO fuzziness. You don't even notice that you have a screen too plays well with all of the different styluses that I've used; although I do notice just the slightest bit of drag that I didn't notice with the AG version.

In my opinion, this is the BEST screen protector that you can buy for the new ipad....clarity, ease of installation, it's easy to remove, clean and reapply and most of all ZERO trapped air bubbles. I'd give this one 10 stars if it was an option.
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on June 10, 2012
Easy to put on and no bubbles - however your finger often snags on the surface of the protector! I'm not sure if it's because of the material or the fact that the protector is hovering above the surface, but it's rather distracting when trying to do anything. Also, a rainbow-like sheen tends to occur - sometimes when facing you head on, but mostly when it's on any sort of an angle.

While it's "magical" that there are no bubbles, the downsides make this a pain to use.

Addendum: Been using it for a month so far, finger snagging issue seems to have disappeared. Found another downside: it can build up an extremely high static charge, attracting anything and everything to it. Very hard to get the charge to go away, and also has the problem of attracting 75% of the film to the actual screen surface. This attraction effect increases the rainbow shimmer noticeably as the film warps inwards. It's the middle of a hot and humid Michigan summer, yet this thing is attracting hair and dust like a balloon in the middle of a dry winter! The only remedy is to pull the film away from the screen - luckily it was made for multiple reapplications!

Someone else mentioned the rainbow effect is from fingerprints - it is not; while fingerprints are noticeable, they do not make any rainbow effect, only look like fingerprints on glass and can easily be wiped off.

I don't think I'd buy another one of these, as the static buildup and the rainbow shimmer make it distracting to use.
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on June 8, 2012
This screen protector is awesome! It's simple to put on and you get no residual bubbles underneath. If for some reason you need to readjust it or clean it comes right off and goes right back on without losing any of it's adhesive. The adhesive just sticks to the black (or white) part of the ipad so that's a component that makes it easier to put on than other protectors. I haven't lost any of the screen resolution with the cover on which is huge with the new ipad 3. I do have the other "matte" moshi cover on my ipad 2 that's different than this XT crystal clear cover. That matte cover does lower the resolution of my ipad 2 a little but that's expected since it is a matte finish. Overall I'm thrilled with this cover and recommend it highly! You won't regret buying this. Just remember to get the Moshi crystal clear XT cover for your ipad 3 and your retina display will look like it has no cover on at all.
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on November 30, 2012
I started to get scratches on the face of my retina display and started looking for protectors. I had the zagg shield on my ipad 2 and loved it. But it was to diminished in quality on the 3rd gen. This cover is great and for a while the rainbow effect talked of in other reviews didn't show up. It finally did but as far as I can tell it is only due to your finger oils getting through the screen pores and connecting the protector to the screen, a problem easily resolved with cleaning. That being said if you don't wish to take the time to clean it regularly, you can use a stylus to eliminate oil buildup or just leave it alone. I only notice it with certain fluorescent lights and only at certain angles in that lighting. It is the clearest protector that I have seen on a retina display. I even venture to say there is no diminished image quality. you really can't even tell its there.
I give this a five star for one reason. I have not seen a comparable product out there, that is truly clear and won't reduce you're image quality. If it were not for that reason I would have given it a four star just because ideally I think that people want a maintenance free screen protector. That being said, I would most definitely buy this product again and also recommend it to my friends.
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VINE VOICEon September 3, 2012
I have tried NUMEROUS screen protectors for my iPad 3. Among the brands tried: 3M Natural View Fingerprint Fading Screen Protector with Back Skin for the New iPad (3rd generation) and the iPad 2 (NVFF&BackiPad3),Splash MASQUE Screen Protector Clear INVISIBLE for The New iPad 3 3rd Gen and iPad 2, 3 Pack (SPLIPD2-CLR),Power Support Crystal Protective Film for iPad 2 & the New iPad 3 (3rd Generation) - Clear Grey Packaging. All of these films FAILED. The 3M uses a dry adhesive process (similar to Zagg's wet version) and resulted in a gooey mess (see my review). Of the three Splash films, none were cut properly and I could not get them aligned (see my review). Lastly, despite past success with Power Support, the most recent film would not properly adhere to the device screen and left unsightly gaps and air pockets along the edges. I decided to give up on the traditional type protector and try one of the newer technology re-usable films. After several comparisons, I decided on Moshi.

The Moshi arrived in perfect condition. It was sent in a stiff mailer with plenty of protection, so mine was not damaged in any way. However, I did order directly from Moshi and not a reseller, so that may be the reason why. Once removed from it's package, it installed perfectly onto my iPad 3 in mere seconds. There was no pre-install prep needed. There was no need for a steam-filled bathroom, no canned air, no fight to align it, no air bubbles, and no gaps or air pockets. All I did to prepare was clean my iPad's screen really good before application, that's it. The way the film is designed, even if you don' get it right the first try (which is nearly impossible to mess up), you can reapply without fear of dust or bubbles. This is the way these films should work. You shouldn't feel like you're playing Russian roulette every time you try to install a screen protector. The design of this film is that it adheres to the outer edges of the iPad, not the middle screen portion. This is why some people say it makes noise where there is more separation than other spots. Well, eventually, the slapping sound dissipates as time goes by. The crystal clear version of the film does not affect the retina display at all. My screen looks just as good as it did before I placed the protector on it. And the surface feels great to the touch, no excess friction or other issues. After numerous failed attempts to find the right protector, I think this will be my brand for all of my devices going forward. By the way, in case anyone is interested, this film fits just fine with my iPad case: Apple iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane - Dark Gray - for iPad 2 & iPad 3
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on October 16, 2012
I have never enjoyed trying to keep bubbles out when applying screen protectors. Along comes Moshi to provide this wonderful solution: an easy to apply, completely bubble-free screen protector. It went on perfectly the first time, and continues to look and work great after months of use. The only time I see the "rainbow" effect mentioned by others is when the device is off, so honestly, I don't consider that an issue. I find that my iPad 3 behaves as if I didn't have a screen protector on it at all, which is the ideal; I don't experience any finger "drag" or anything negative. And while I was worried that the iVisor wouldn't pair with the case I bought, in fact the case clipped around it perfectly. The iVisor is very slim. I know it's more expensive, but in my opinion, it's well worth it for hassle-free installation and overall product quality. I'm buying the iPhone 5 version as well because I've been so happy with this product. Just make sure that you order the XT (extra clear) rather than their AG (anti-glare, aka matte) version; the AG would spoil some of the beauty of the Retina screen. The XT is clear as crystal. And make sure you order the correct color frame (black or white) to match your iPad's color, as the frame is part of the iVisor's overlay.
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on June 20, 2012
I purchased this XT protector because I have the retina display on on the IPAD 3. I went to BB and actually took the Otterbox Defender out of a box and a Survivor out of a box and placed the two on top of the IPAD 3 that were on display. It had a lot of refraction and pixelation. I was so disappointed I did not purchase one of the units because it degraded the retina display so bad. I went to the Apple store and the showed me a Moshi iVisor and said they had the XT version. I purchased it on the web and LOVE this thing. It is VERY clear and have no issues as with the others. This is truly optimized for the IPAD3. Also there are no air bubbles since the sticky part is along the frame sides. It goes on in 30 seconds, lint and bubble free. You can take it on/off and store if you want to, I leave it on. I have paired the Moshi iVisor with a Ballistics case. The ballistics case does not have a screen protector like the defender and survivor. But I didnt want the screen with a frame that I would toss anyway. However, I get the same screen protection with the Moshi since it not only protects the front but also is sealed around the edges and dust cant get BEHIND the screen cover. There is one small issue that Moshi needs to address, make this thing anti-static, it seems to attract some lint, but you can just wipe it off. I intend to wipe it with some anti-static stuff and see how that works. Also, the I believe you can't have both the clarity and anti-glare at the same time, I think there is some anti-glare to it but it still has some glare outside. My major concern was screen protection, screen clarity, and dust protection BEHIND the screen cover. I rate this product high and would recommend this to a friend.
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on July 29, 2012
This is a great screen cover for the new iPad. It's so clear that it doesn't even appear as if a cover in on.

It took me a couple attempts to make sure the cover was aligned but it looks great now that it's on.

NOTE - I'd start with aligning the cover to the button at the bottom. Makes the installation go smoother.
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on August 31, 2012
My 2-12/-year-old grandson loves to use my iPad 2 and I love to let him use it. I was using a snap-on back cover and the Apple Smart Cover, with no screen protector. This generally worked pretty well since it allowed me to experience the beauty and slimness of its design. Usually, when my grandson uses the ipad, we are right next to him or at least in the same room near enough to prevent mishaps. But this one time I left him on my bed while I stepped into the next room to take my blood pressure and the door bell rang, prompting him to get off the bed, iPad in hand and walk out into the hallway to see who was coming in. The smart cover detached from the iPad and the whole thing slid down out of his hands, down onto his feet and then onto the wood floor. Evidently, the Smart Cover scratched the glass during this incident and the scratches were deep enough to feel and my fingernail would catch on them.

Long story short, Apple covered the replacement under warranty and I started the hunt for a good screen protector that would be easy to apply and not leave me with the unbearable bubble effect. After days of research I found the XT and decided to take a chance on it. I ordered direct from Moshimonde and immediately installed it on the replacement iPad as soon as I got back from the Apple store. Installation was nerve-wracking because I really wanted this to work after spending $30 for it and I can never get these things on the first time out. After cleaning the screen, it took me a couple of minutes to get the protector lined up properly, but I finally got it done and it was everything I had read about it.

I have been using it for the past five days and I am very pleased with it. I don't notice any difference in my screen clarity and brightness when placing it right next to my daughter's unprotected screen. I thought at first that swiping and tapping the screen might not have been as smooth as with an unprotected screen but, in fact, I am not seeing any real difference now that I've been using it for a couple of days. I haven't fully tested writing notes with a stylus yet but a preliminary test shows that short notes may not be a problem. I also just bought an M-edge Super Shell so that my grandson can use it again and I can relax and the Super Shell installed without lifting up the screen protector at all. If it weren't for the cutouts, I wouldn't even know it was on the screen. Truly great technology!

All in all, I am truly satisfied with my purchase.
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on October 19, 2012
I love the Moshi iVisor. Have them on all my iPads. Anybody that has put on a traditional plastic screen protector knows what a pain that is. Getting it aligned, no bubbles or dust... What a beating! The Moshi iVisor eliminates that. It is super easy to apply. It can be removed, cleaned, and re installed. The material that it is made out of is also a really neat surface for the iPad. You finger will move on it much better. You won't realize how much better it is until you use an iPad without an iVisor. For my previous iPads (iPad 1 & 2) I purchased the anti-glare iVisor. I think this really helps the iPad in bright light. However I found a number of reviews advising against the anti-glare for the new iPad (3). Claiming it distorted the new display. I don't know... I purchased the Crystal Clear version and love it. I know it seems a little expensive, but it is so worth it.
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