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on November 9, 2012
I'm a long time iPhone, iPad, android and gadget user. No matter what the device, the Moshi iVisor is the best screen protector out there. Takes seconds to install, no bubbles anywhere, and it barely shows smudges. It is the best... buy it! You won't be disappointed!
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on December 23, 2012
I use this screen cover with both a cheap soft plastic case that was one of the very few available when the iPhone 5 was introduced in September, and with a Tech 21 case purchased later. For either, the screen cover must be aligned very, very precisely or the case will displace it. This screen adheres only at the top, bottom, and sides of the screen, which makes attachment easier, but less secure. Even when very carefully aligned, pocket friction and normal use cause it to lift from the screen, which allows dust to get under the screen cover to the extent that it must be removed and wash frequently. Moreover, the anti-glare screen reduces light transmission significantly, so that the screen brightness must be set very high for the screen to be readable.

Perhaps the fit would not be an issue with a Moshi case, and the clear protector probably would not restrict light transmission, but this product is not worth its high price.
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on October 24, 2012
I tried at least 4 or 5 screen protectors before i found this one. This is by far the best! No more bubbles, finger prints or glare when you use this screen protector! Extremely easy to install and can be taken off and re-installed as many times as you want. Bought one for myself and gave one as a gift.
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on July 31, 2013
Adheres very securely with little chance of coming loose accidentally. Screen is glare free without any noticeable obscuration of the on screen images. Screen stays much more smudge free. I can go days without having to wipe away noticeable fingerprints. Have now purchased the same product for a 3 iPhone 5's, a 4S and an iPad. Highly recommended!
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on November 12, 2012
I own other Moshi products and was glad to see they had an iPhone 5 screen protector. It was easy to apply, did not leave bubbles, and really takes the glare away from the screen.
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on June 20, 2013
I've had an iPhone since 2008. That was the year I scratched my first screen with my car keys and was introduced to the world of screen protectors. Since then, and many iPhones later, I have tried a myriad of screen protectors from cheap to expensive and I have to say this one, although on the spendy side, is worth every cent. It's no-glare, which is nice, but doesn't make the display look "fuzzy" like some other no-glare screen protectors do. My retina display is crystal clear. It's resusable! This was an absolutely marvelous thing when my first iPhone 5 developed a technical glitch and had to be replaced. I just pulled this off the old phone and put it straight on the new phone -- no fuss no muss. It is so easy to install. Don't get me wrong, you still need to clean the screen with a lint free cloth - a sticker sheet is provided so you can remove any stubborn dust specs and you still have to squeegee out the bubbles, but the screen protector is a pretty substantial sheet (maybe twice as thick or more than the cheapie protectors) so it holds it's shape and is easier to maneuver than the cheapies. It also does a fair job of squeezing most bubbles out on it's own so it's just a matter of running a soft cloth over it a few times to get out the stragglers. It's strong. I had it on my phone for more than 6 months before I managed put a tiny scrape on it -- and I'm very hard on my phones. Do not confuse this with the InvisibleShield product which takes a rocket scientist to install and has very limited durability (yes, I've had one of those, too). The Moshi is very, very simple to install and doesn't take an advanced degree in bio-nuclear physics.

I know you can buy a dozen cheap screen protectors for the same price as this... and if you don't mind the aggravation of swapping out your screen protector every few months, the air bubbles that always develop later, the dust specs trapped underneath, the peeling on the edges, and the places where your protector didn't line up perfectly with your home button or ear speaker, not to mention the time spent as you curse your way through installing 3 screen protectors before you get it right (and not even perfect, at that), then stick with the cheapies. However, if avoiding stress and aggravation is important to you and your time has a modicum of value, then I give this product my highest recommendation.
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on January 3, 2013
I have an iVisor for my Macbook Pro and I loved it so much I knew it would be one of the first accessories I bought for my iPhone. I love the screen protector and it definitely does what the packaging claims: the bubble-free installation is awesome because the adhesive part is around the bezel of the phone. The surface treatment does a very good job at reducing and smudges or smears; I always get compliments on my fingerprint-free screen. And last but not least, the fact that you can apply and reapply the screen protector over and over is awesome and was helpful when I has trouble lining it up the first time I installed it. And obviously, the anti-glare feature is exactly what I expected it to be after having experience with the iVisor on my computer - it's awesome, I prefer the matte look.

I love the fact that the screen protector fulfills all of the claims made on the packaging/in the description, I know this is an expensive accessory but the fact that it does so much makes me feel like I made a good investment. I also haven't had any issues with it popping up because of one of my cases. The one negative thing I will say is the fact that this being a matte screen protector it will take away from the quality of the amazing retina display but that is something that I knew before buying this screen protector and it has been one of the only sacrifices I've had to make since installing the iVisor AG.

EDIT: I've had the screen protector for a few months now and while I'm still in love with it I've started to notice some scratches. The screen protector is made of a slightly thick plastic so the scratches look deep although they are only noticeable when the screen is turned off. I am disappointed seeing as this is an expensive product but better the screen protector than the screen!
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on December 4, 2012
This screen protector is head and shoulders above the rest. I rarely feel so strongly about a product, but after having tried so many screen protectors over the years I was just blown away by the quality of this material. Like everyone else says, it is simple to apply and there are no bubbles and no imperfections. There's no messy application solution and no need to wait for it to set over night. If you don't align it properly the first time, it won't be ruined when you take it off and reapply it. It is amazing that there can be such a difference in quality between different brands of thin, clear plastic. Whatever formula they use to create this just cannot be beat. When I got the iPhone 5, I first tried the skinomi brand since it was inexpensive and had high marks in the amazon review section. I was disappointed with it, so I got the moshi. It is far more expensive, but completely worth it. It was like getting a new phone all over again. If I were an Apple executive, I would want to buy the Moshi company and ship every iOS device with one of these protectors. Put the rest of the jokers out of business because they are just wasting everyone's time and money.

Things to be aware of before purchasing:
1) There are two versions of this protector. The crystal-clear and the anti-glare. There are trade-offs to be considered and this is not specific to Moshi protectors. Anti-glare is great for use outdoors when you are taking pics, but it creates a slight dulling effect on the screen when used indoors. The crystal-clear version is a better experience most of the time, but it has that outdoors problem. I have the anti-glare version and I don't mind the matte look when reading indoors. If you don't like matte, then get the crystal-clear version.
2) I'm writing this review a mere two months after the iPhone 5 came out, so I have an early version of this protector. There is a cut-out for the front-facing camera that is incorrectly off to the left side of the speaker at the top of the screen. It looks as though Moshi got bad prerelease info from Apple that the camera would be off to the side like it was on the 4/4S. They apparently went back and enlarged the speaker cut-out to include the camera's actual location above the speaker. I imagine that future versions of the protector will correct this problem after they run through the initial inventory. The cut-out doesn't bother me enough to lower the rating to 4 stars. This is still a phenomenal product.
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on January 4, 2015
It pains me to give this previously Great product 1 star. I have loved the iVisor for years (iPhone 4s x 2, iPod Touch 4 x 2, iPad 2) and have recommended it to anyone who asked. However, I recently purchased one for an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 5s and had terrible results with both. The iVisor for the 6 would not work with the Speck case I ordered at the same time (exact same combo I had on my "retired" 4s and loved). When I put the case on it would the iVisor would pop up off the phone. I returned the case, but in retrospect should've returned the iVisor! The fit was poor. The gap between the iVisor & iPhone screen was much more obvious than it was on my 4s. One the 4s it was barely discernible. Dust would get under the edges and the adherence was poor. After just a few weeks the iVisor would slide around when I would swipe the phone. Same story for my 13 year old son's 5s. It just wouldn't stay on well. I've replaced both iVisors with Tech Armor products. So far we're both happier, though it's only been one day!
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on October 10, 2014
I bought the older version (for 3S) several years back when I bought my iPhone at AT&T. This time around I did some research (considering other types and a LifeProof case) before deciding to stick with this one. I love that it's impossible to bubble. It doesn't require glue or any tools to apply. It's totally removable to wash it, and it just sticks right back on. After a 4 or 5 years with the first one, after removing many times to clean, it began to lose its hold and it would slide off center in my pocket, but most people don't even keep a phone for that long, so it shouldn't be an issue. I'm very satisfied. The only complaint is that one I saw in my research actually was scratch-proof, but this one isn't (or at least the 3S one wasn't). I had my first one in my hoodie pocket with my keys a couple times, and my keys scratched the cover pretty bad both times. They were small but deep, so I don't recommend keeping them in your pocket with keys/pens/pencils/etc.
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