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39 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on February 10, 2010
I don't normally comment in these venues, but was taken aback by the nasty attacks on Michael Gerber. It wasn't even about the book, but about the person. (Makes the attacker look very small, but that's his problem.) I read the book and found it inspiring. Plain and simple. If you are offended by the mention of God, don't read this book then, because Gerber is inspired. Yes, by God. Imagine that! You won't find it over-done in the least, but there are some who actually bristle at the very mention of the Divine, and get very distracted from the main message. And the main message is actually in the title of the book. I always say that if you take away one thing, from a book or seminar, that will improve your life, it was well worth it. Twas a bargain to gain new insights from Michael Gerber for under 20 bucks. One example of what I walked away with was reading very specific guidelines for finding a market and creating a successful business that can sustain the nightmarish economic responses to the acts of our wayward politicians. (My political view, not his.) Go for it!!!
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on February 9, 2010
Mr. Toad seems to have missed the point of Gerber's new book. Rather than FIRST trying to see the topic of the book from the author's point of view, Mr. Toad obviously had his mind made up before he read Gerber's first words! How can a book reviewer claim any kind of professional stature if he can't even get what the author was saying in the first place?

I read the E-Myth when it first came out years ago. Since then, I've read five of his books, and I just finished reading this new one. I come away from this new book with a deep appreciation for how much courage this man has to reveal his own convictions about how deeply in trouble our country is, and how desperately other countries need to see a renewal of the American business mindset.

Mr. Gerber is trying to get Americans BACK to the vision of Free Enterprise that our Founding Fathers gifted to us. Those founders clearly had a profound faith in God. And so does Mr. Gerber. So what? Doesn't Mr. Toad believe in any higher power than himself? I'm afraid that jumping on his toadstool is only about as high a viewpoint Mr. Toad has of the absolutely necessary subject Mr. Gerber is dealing with in his book.

As to Mr. Gerber's style, I must say that his most recent books are not as "textbookish" as his earlier ones. His newer books have more flair, more personality, more self-revelation. But isn't that what we want of a massively successful business leader after 30 some-odd years? Of course! Over 70,000 people who have been personally helped by Mr. Gerber can't call be wrong.

We WANT to know what makes him tick. We WANT to know how he sees the world, life, God, the angels, the planets, the stars. Mr. Toad is clearly out of touch with where people are moving to nowdays in their thinking. A recent survey showed that the majority of people today reject the old, outdated model of making as much money as possible, getting the big, beautiful home, the fancy car, and doing all of that with no thought of ethics, morality, the environment and the animals.

MOST people today crave some form of spirituality, and Mr. Gerber is NOT the only one who is writing about spirituality and business. Many are beginning to do so. He is just ahead of his time. Anyone who reads this book with an open mind will come away with several clear questions: "What am I doing to make my business be of better service to my customers?" "Am I really able to integrate what I believe in my faith with how I am conducting my business?" "Am I really serious about making my business become a true service to help others reach their goals in life?" "Am I really using my business to make this world a better place for everyone else?

You see? Mr. Gerber is forcing us to take a deeper look at our motives, our assumptions, our bigotries, our prejudices, our weaknesses. Anyone who doesn't like what this book says, might simply be afraid that it will reveal their own prejudices.

Anyone who really wants to build a truly successful business in the New World dawning upon us will see this new book as a welcome introduction to a thrilling endeavor in being part of a growing worldwide movement to promote Free Enterprise in as many ways as we can.
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27 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on March 26, 2010
I'll start by saying that I really liked the e-myth and that I was expecting something along the lines of a presentation of pragmatic business practices and ways to think about business (ten principles). Had I merely been disappointed by the fact that this new work was not what I expected, I could have still given a positive review IF there had been something useful for business in this book.
The book started out ho-hum and by about four or five chapters in, I was thinking that it was just basically a refresher of the same ideas he had already presented (Sarah the pie maker becomes Joseph the auto mechanic) with a little ranting about the financial crisis, A LOT of advertising of himself and his services, and what seemed to be just basic information on how to prepare a business plan. Ok, not great stuff, but not awful either.
Then comes a rapid descent into a ridiculous philosophical, theological, political gibberish that's just his own opinion, although he states multiple times that what he says he KNOWS to be true. Don't ask HOW he knows, just know that he KNOWS. Then he finally says that he knows it to be true because he's experienced it himself - as if that fact alone makes it true for everyone. His hubris is obvious and annoying at many points in the book, not least of which where, at one of the beginning-of-the-chapter quotations, he actually quotes HIMSELF.
Then towards the end of the book you get to the REAL point he wants to make, which is a strictly POLITICAL point.
I read the book "The Knack" by Norm Brodsky, which I thought was even better than The e-myth. One of the best points I got from that book was not to let your lawyer (or accountant) give you business advice because you're paying him or her to give you legal advice because he/she has legal expertise. You have other people to give you business advise because those people have business expertise. In this book Michael Gerber is like a business expert that thinks he is qualified and sought after to provide philosophical, theological and political advice because he has had success providing sound business advice. If you read this book, just be warned that you won't get any further insight into business than the e-myth provided. The object of this entire book is to make a POLITICAL point.
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20 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on April 11, 2010
Let me start off by saying that I am a great "E-Myth" fan and was really able to benefit a lot from that book and Michael's teachings.

But what happened here???

Unfortunately, I will have to agree with other "1-star" reviewers that this book is way below-par. There is a lot of philosophical rambling that really doesn't make much sense. I mean in this day and age, which small business owner wants to find answer to the question "Do we need a Government?" and how does that help his/her small business?

I really hope that Michael comes out with better books in future. I will still give him another chance since his advice in E-Myth really helped me a lot but this book should come with a refund coupon in it.
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16 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on February 9, 2010
There are few errors in critical thinking more insidious than the ad hominen fallacy, of which Dr. Toad's review is a poignantly clear and overly verbose example. Ad hominen arguments attack an individual personally, not the individual's ideas. Dr. Toad's review begins and ends there--warning us of the supposed mosaic, or messianic, or commercial, intent of Michael Gerber. Those who value honest reviews will note--when clicking on Dr. Toad's moniker--that the only others he has listed on Amazon are of Gerber's books. So beware croaking toads, they are usually found in ponds polluted with their own muck.

Gerber's newest book, on the other hand, offers some pleasingly inspiring, yet succinct and easily read, advice on how to think about the entrepreneurial enterprise. Gerber did not invent the "ten principles" format, nor is he the first to use it--think of the "top 10" lists which at the end of each year occupy the minds of most trend watchers. The principles Gerber elaborates are well worth considering for anyone contemplating the entrepreneurial leap: anti-myopic thinking, system thinking, sustainability, employee training, the role of an enterprise's vision and visionary, social responsibility, abandoning the mercenary ethic, etc.

Nor is the use of poetry or aphoristic language reason for finding fault--the greatest thinkers and writers of the past 3 millennia have often used the same device to communicate difficult to grasp concepts at a more visceral level of understanding. Beyond being a useful literary device, anyone who has ever struggled with the birth and nurture of an entrepreneurial enterprise knows the importance of an inspiring and validating voice to drown out the all-too-common croaking of naysayers.

No doubt readers of Gerber's previous books will find some repetition. So what? Repetition is a cornerstone of building the complex cognitive schema necessary for launching and managing entrepreneurial ventures.

If you are looking for an easy and inspiring, yet provocative, read, about the entrepreneurial enterprise, try Gerber's newest book. If, on the other hand, you prefer to criticize that which you cannot even dream of, let alone achieve, take a seat on a Lilly pad next to Dr. Toad's.
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on April 23, 2014
In his book, Michael Gerber talks about the 10 Principles needed to grow and scale your business. He goes over the mindset and the practical tools you need to grow your business 10,000 times. These principles are what you need to conceive, grow and expand your business.

Michael Gerber goes over how to grow your business from its current size to 10,000 times! Mind blowing!
He talks about how a business is no more effective than the idea which it was built. He goes over the systems that must be in place that can either result in the success or the failure of your company. What I loved was the fact that he stated that a business should be a like school. Your not only employing people but you are teaching and inspiring them to be successful themselves. Gerber explains that the aim of the business should be higher every than the person who dreamed it up. Bigger than the idea you all ready have.

This is an essential book for anyone looking to grow their current business or are thinking about starting a business. Through this book you will see that you can make a huge difference in the world while also seeing your own entrepreneur objectives.
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12 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on February 9, 2010
Having read all of Mr. Gerber's work, I am excited to recommend this newest library addition. Modern business success means breaking away from the stagnation of old corporate ways-- thinking with true grit and creativity. It means taking risks and building networks, setting a foundation that will have the small business taking care of itself by design. Gerber has mastered--even founded-- this way of working. "The Most Successful Small Business in the World" builds upon his unmatchable wisdom and experience and moves beyond "business as usual" business books. It is inspirational, honest, medthodical, and raw, written with care by a man with integrity. I have enjoyed this book and it has sparked a thousand brainstorms to invigorate my own small business. Thank you, again, Author Michael Gerber.
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on March 27, 2011
Very average book i wish i hadn't wasted my time with. Most of it is pointless drivel and what few good points that are made are mostly common sense. Lacks any real substance but rather preaches that anyone can create a brilliant, successful business just by wanting to and changing their mindset - without any practical explanation or evidence about how to do it. Very disappointing given the good things id header about Gerber.
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on May 26, 2015
I love Michael and the work he have made available. It's not easy starting a business and his work is so supportive. I'm going into the 21ST CENTURY by using his work to start a worker Cooperative for Chaplains! My coop will be based on local talent addressing local needs and concerns with clinically trained chaplains.
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on April 22, 2013
I am a small business owner and this book is at the top of my list when it comes to running you business with the correct mind. If you want your business to succeed then read this book and follow the principles given.
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