Customer Reviews: Motion Activated ULTRASONIC PEST ANIMAL REPELLER (Set of 2)
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on March 18, 2010
I purchased the two-pack to keep my neighbor's darn cat out of my three car garage and off of my car collection. I installed six new C sized batteries in each device and set them up like two CLAYMORES defending a rice trail in Viet Nam. They covered two main avenues of approach and had overlapping fire. I tested them and they sounded off, hurting my ears. I watched the enemy approach the kill zone, then the repeller's activated. Lucky the Cat looked at the device and then dug a cat hole and did his business right in front of it. These things function and emit a high pitched sound, but do not effect dogs, cats, or deer. I returned them for a refund, less my shipping costs. Do not waste your time!
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on October 24, 2009
This repeller really does work extremely well on dogs! I put it on the highest possible setting. The dogs don't seem to be in any pain from it, more like startled and nervous - and they keep moving instead of using my yard as a toilet! I've also gotten rid of several neighborhood cats that used to frequent the yard, and the squirrels don't stick around long enough to dig up the yard either! I did notice the effectiveness diminish when the unit got really wet, so I moved it to a more sheltered area where it doesn't get so wet and it seems to be fine now. If you're trying to keep dogs out of a specific area, these things really do work. I plan on getting a couple more for the rest of the property! A note about positioning the units: it's very important that nothing gets between the repeller and the animal you're trying to repel: no trees, bushes, fence posts, buildings - solid objects will block the sound and make the repeller ineffective. Also it's important to position the unit at the height of the animal you're trying to repel. So if Fido's ears are 2 feet off the ground then that's the height the repeller has to be at. It's also important to have a realistic expectation about these things. They don't usually make the animal run away, especially if it's not timid by nature. It just makes them nervous and not want to hang around long enough to do mischief. And you really need a lot of coverage too, I used 4 of these units to cover 60 feet of lot frontage and that was very effective.
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on September 12, 2010
I bought the set of 2 ultrasonic pest animal repellers after reading all the reviews here. I usually assume those who complain may not have troubleshooted and read the directions closely. In this case, the first reviewer was absolutely right. Actually, the first minut my dogs did prick their ears and walk away but then came back. During the next two weeks on every possible setting with new batteries etc, they just ignored it even if I put it right next to them. My cat's were never bothered by it at all either. If you turn the setting up enough, you can hear it and it did a really good job of keeping all my daughter's away from it as they hated that sound. No setting worked anymore for my dogs. It was kept dry and the directions did not give me any tips as to how to solve it. I even took one apart thinking maybe I can make it work better. I could not make it work. I did not return it as I probably waited too long and messed with one of them anyway. I'm always happy to change my mind if someone can tell me how to make it work but I found no such advice. I assume the manufacturers tested it and know what they are doing (ie, would not sell a defective product). However, that's not always true. I guess I could happen to be unlucky enough to have two bad ones. OR maybe it's specific to different dogs. I have one small American Eskimo and one large Lab/retriever mix. Hopefully someone smart will explain how to make them work better as I'm saving mine for posterity. I just extended my electric fence which works really well. (humane contain). Don't be hard headed and buy it anyway like me after reading the bad reviews. It gets a one for working once for 60 seconds.
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on September 18, 2010
Birds & rabbits don't seem to be bothered by the ultrasound. But my main problem is peacock mess. The come around early in the morning and I am tired of getting up to chase them away. The peacocks are stupid - they even peck away at the silk plants on the porch and they ignore the repeller! Any suggestions? I don't want to harm the birds - just repell them!
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on April 24, 2013
So far, so good, the ultrasonic pest animal repellers are working to keep deer from eating my iris and day lilies. The monkey grass is also growing this year after being eaten to the ground last fall.
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on October 2, 2011
where to start? everything about this product is bad.
-motion detector: RARELY notices anything passing by.
-function: NOT ULTRASONIC! unit is audible to people on all settings, and doesn't seem to bother any of my 3 dogs, or any other animals or pests i could find to try it on. All of them just seem to just notice the noise, then carry on as normal. ONLY thing this product will do is give YOU a headache with its sound, and will lighten your wallet.
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on August 15, 2010
I was so impressed with this pest / small dog repellent that I am writing this review.

I spoke to my neighbors about their small dogs constantly barking when I am in my own back yard. In fact, if I would turn on my kitchen light inside my house, the four small dogs would stand at my wood slotted fence and bark until the light turned off. I was a hostage in my own house without being able to enjoy my back yard without the dogs barking NON STOP. My neighbors would tell their dogs to stop barking if they were in the back yard with their rodents (I mean dogs). The dogs have access to their yard 24/7 and the neighbors were not always home to correct their behavior.

I first bought another product called Bark Off. I installed three along the fence. After a month with the barking only tapered slightly I returned all but one as Bark Off actually worked instantly on our 40 pound dog. I then tried a more expensive product called "Dog Silencer Pro" from Good life. Again, works great for big dogs but not small worthless dogs. Sense my frustration here.

Finally, I purchased "Motion Activated ULTRASONIC PEST ANIMAL REPELLER" and the results were IMMEDIATE. I pointed the repeller in a downward area close to my fence. Basically creating a five foot zone near the fence so that the dogs can enjoy the majority of their yard but not get close to my fence to start barking.

Why did the barking activated devices not work? My theory is that the dogs would bark so fast and constant they could not here the other sound activated devices.
The motion detector works for three reasons:
1.) The device would activate while the dogs are not barking due to passing in front of the IR range thus avoiding the area.
2.) The projection of the ultrasonic is much more powerful (humans still can't hear the device). This product worked even when the dogs started charging the fence barking they would stop due to hearing the device.
3.) Variable sound adjustment. I did not have to experiment with the sound adjustment. I set to dogs and the product worked. Possibly other settings would work for different dogs.

The other night I enjoyed the peace and quiet, in my back yard, with only the crickets chirping.
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on March 26, 2011
Not only did they not keep the rabbits out of my yard, my dog was completely unphased by them, no matter what I dialed the frequency to.
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on September 21, 2009
got the ultrasonic repeller in order to keep control of rabbits and squirrels in my yard.
there is no effect on non of the pests - pointed to rabbits from 3 feet away, changing the frequency, and they didn't even payed attention to it.
my dog, a little toy pug-malt jumped in the air like stricken by lightning, an refused to go into the garden for about 2 weeks.
if you need to control dogs around your house - it is a great item, otherwise is obsolete controlling the pests.
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on July 19, 2010
A complete waste of time. I placed these around my garden and the walked up to them and all around them. They were not interested or detered at all. I repeate don't waste you money or time.
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