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5.0 out of 5 stars Verizon's best phone, and a worthy competitor to the iPhone

If you're considering getting a Droid with Verizon, you should probably also consider the HTC Droid Incredible. I have one now and can tell you how they compare. (My wife's new-every-two came up and she kindly took my 6-month-old Droid off my hands so I could use her discount to get an Incredible...
Published on November 7, 2009 by Ron Cronovich

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3.0 out of 5 stars Decent but not phenonomal

* Physical Keyboard - Small and cramped, but perfect for someone who frequently hits the wrong keys with the on-screen one. It is also easier to hold the device when surfing the web. If you aren't a fast typer (as I am on phones) the complaints against the keyboard are less important.

* Weight - slightly heavier than an iPhone but it feels...
Published on November 23, 2009 by Christopher Tytler

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not perfect yet, but it's getting there, March 9, 2010
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
***7/16/10 Update*****

Well, it's been six months with my Droid and here are my observations:
In general, the phone has been pretty solid. It works WONDERFULLY as a phone, which is the primary duty. Internet and 3G performance are fast and never seem to lack coverage. I've had no problems connecting to several different types of Bluetooth devices. I took excellent footage at a recent concert, so the cameras (video and still) are pretty good. The app developers are doing a lot better and I'm starting to see more quality apps emerge on par with the offerings from iTunes (although, the Android Market still has a ways to go). The difference is that more established developers are cross-developing for both platforms now. If I had to make a phone purchasing decision all over again today, I'd probably get the Droid X or HTC Incredible (obviously, this Moto Droid is now dated unless they offer it for nothing or next to nothing. The point is, I'd still choose an Android phone. More on that later...)

It can't all be peaches and cream, so here are some shortcomings I've encountered:

Software updates are slow to come. It's not even so much that they're slow to release so much as slow to release for all Android phones. Imagine if Microsoft released new versions of Windows based on your computer manufacturer. Different manufacturers get different dates. HP gets the latest Windows in January, Dell gets it in March, Acer in September... That's what it feels like to watch newer Androids or the Nexus (more on that later) get the updates first and the rest of us wait our turn. I waited forever for Flash 10.1 for Android, only to discover it only works with Android 2.2. And Moto Droid doesn't have it and won't for the foreseeable future. So much for the so-called "Flash advantage". This thing digests Flash about as well as an iPhone or iPad right now.

There are some glitches that have stuck around for an alarmingly long time. One of the biggest is the random disappearance of contacts from both my device and online contact list. A contact (or several) will just randomly disappear from both places. Other people have complained of this and I've had the problem since first purchasing the phone in February. I thought it was me until it started recently occurring again. This alone caused me to bump a star off. I needed to contact someone in a hurry, only to find them deleted from my phone and online contacts. This could be catastrophic if you're not around a backup contact list. Another long-lived glitch is the inability to properly clear your tracks in the market. Every search you ever make in the market is saved, FOREVER. So if you, or someone fiddling around with your phone, makes a search, the search term remains in the history, with no way to clear it other than a third-party app that I'm reluctant to try. I can't believe they haven't fixed this yet. Just imagine if EVERY web search you've ever made was saved, with no way to clear it. All someone had to do was hover over the search field and every search ever made by you appeared. That would kinda stink of lack of privacy, wouldn't it? Well, there you go.

Battery life seems to have gotten shorter as the apps increased, even regularly using a task killer.

Skype, Yahoo, and other apps break when wi-fi is enabled (skype - wi-fi = what's the point?...)

I'm also tired of Google being more focused on their own branded Nexus than other Android phones. It almost seems as if Google only cares about the Nexus and the other Android phones are an afterthought. I understand The Nexus is their phone and all, but if that's how they choose to treat other phones, then they should have kept their OS to themselves. They're trying to have their cake and eat it too.

So, with all this said, why would I still buy another Android? Because it's the only option on Verizon right now and I'm hopeful they Google will get their stuff together. Google really needs to quit trying to match iPhone sales with Android devices and focus on tweaking the OS and improving the update system. My disdain for AT&T prevents me from ever returning to them, but if Android doesn't get some of these annoying issues resolved in the near future, I'll definitely go my previous iPod Touch/Blackberry/regular phone route again. Yes, it stinks to have to carry so many devices to make sure stuff gets done correctly, but my patience is wearing thin. On second thought, make that a TWO star drop....

**4/16/10 Update**
I've had the Android 2.1 update a couple weeks and all my email issues are resolved. Both IMAP and POP mail configured quickly and easily. All of my folders now appear and all mail is accessible. Although I didn't initially have issues with IMAP mail and wi-fi, it eventually reared its ugly head. Enabling wi-fi results in authentication issues, not only for email but things like Facebook as well. When you attempt to open these apps, it says you're logged out or have a bad username/password. Accessing these features over 3G only resolves this. Now that my ONLY complaint is out of the way, on to the remaining good stuff. The 2.1 update also introduced some other welcome additions, such as live wallpaper. Live wallpaper is animated wallpaper that interacts with you. My current fave is the grassy field that actually corresponds with the actual time of day. If it's daylight outside, it's daylight on the Droid. If it's sunset or nighttime, it also shows on the Droid. It's pretty cool and very accurate. Multi-touch like pinch to zoom was also finally introduced to more features like the browser and pictures. It's not bad, and is certainly welcome, but still has a ways to go and still isn't anywhere near as good as on the iPhone. Then again, iPhone is on revision 3 and this is only Android 2.1, Droid 1.0. Besides, it's not like the magnify button is useless. There's also a new weather/news widget. Although I still prefer the more detailed Weather Channel widget, it's nice to have a native option. The picture/video gallery is also improved and sleeker. I see where Google is attempting to make the Android experience as slick as the iPhone experience. And even though it's still a work in progress; as an owner of both phones, I still prefer the Droid due to the increased versatility. There are a few more features included in the 2.1 update that I haven't used yet (such as a new night display mode in GPS), but the features I've had the chance to try so far have been worth the upgrade. Contrary to some reports, I haven't experienced any slowdown in games. I own Home Run Battle, Raging Thunder, Jewellust, and many other games. They seem to play no differently than they did on Android 2.0.1. I'll keep you posted on any significant findings that I encounter with Android 2.1.

** My original review below **

Well, I've been playing with my new Droid for a little while now and here are my findings.


This was my biggest letdown on the Droid. The Droid works great with Gmail. However, if you plan to use any other mail service, (like Yahoo, Hotmail, or even POP accounts), get ready for some serious frustration. I encountered major issues. It's very telling that there are two separate mail icons, one for Gmail and one for all other mail accounts. The random problems with web mail (inability to configure accounts, missing sub-folders, mail sometimes not downloading, old mail re-appearing, constant false notifications for non-existent "new" mail...) are well-documented on the web, so I won't go into boring detail. However, the real surprise was when I confidently thought I'd bypass all these headaches with my POP-enabled "plus" mail account. I was initially able to configure and download mail. It didn't display my subfolders (which the iPhone does), and occasionally, mail would stop flowing. To make matters worse, I frequently got new message alerts and a new mail icon despite no new mail arriving. I did want to be notified of new mail but hated all the false alarms. My options were limited. I could either tolerate the false alarms, disable them, or delete the account. I tired to tolerate the false alarms, but after the umpteenth false alert at 4am, I finally deleted the mail account from my device and settled for accessing all of my email over the web in the Droid's browser (Nothing like paying extra for POP access that you can't use.) On the plus side, if you use Gmail it will automatically sync all mail, contacts, tasks, etc from Gmail. It also integrates nicely with your Facebook contacts (if you choose), and will export pictures and other Facebook info to your contacts. I really wish the Droid worked as well with other accounts as it does with Gmail. Also, I hope they get on the ball with sub-folders. Not everyone likes the label manner in which Gmail sorts messages. Some of us like good old fashioned sub-folders. Hopefully, the mail issues will be addressed soon in upcoming OS updates.

Web Browsing:

The browser on the Droid is fast and renders nicely. Although there is no multi-touch feature in the browser (yet), the feature just appeared in the latest revision of Google Maps, so I'm pretty confident it'll show up in the browser sometime soon. It's rumored to be part of the upcoming 2.1 Android update. The Droid also supports Flash.

Communication tools (Texting, Facebook, Mebo, etc):

Although I like the iPhone's slick Facebook app just a wee bit better, Facebook on the Droid is a very close second. There are plenty of good apps available for Twitter, Mebo, etc. Texting on Droid is great and conversations are presented in a chat style format. A picture of the user will also appear with the text message if you've setup pictures on your contacts. There is also a built in chat/IM client, but I prefer texting because it essentially looks and acts the same.


The bottom line of all these devices is the phone. The Droid does not disappoint. Coverage is great in my area and clarity of calls is nice and clear. Ringers are loud and the vibrate mode has a nice solid vibration to alert through clothing. Caller ID will show a caller's photo as well as number. 3G service is fast and readily available. I notice only a slight difference in speed when switching between wi-fi and 3G, mainly when using things like Google maps (maps re-draw a tad slower on 3G). I played random Youtube videos over both 3G and wi-fi and didn't experience any stuttering or delays in either mode.

Operating System/Apps:

The Android OS is a powerful operating system. It is capable of multitasking, which was one of my major gripes with the iPhone. I hate being forced to quit what I'm doing if I want to do anything else. The Droid does a good job at memory management and, contrary to popular belief, does not require task killers or app management software. Most of the time, poorly written apps are to blame for any problems (like apps that hijack the GPS at the wrong time and prevent location services from properly functioning), rather than Android's memory management. If you're careful about what you install, you'll be fine. The Droid market is full of nice paid and free apps. Although it may not currently have "100,000" available apps, there are still thousands of entertaining and useful apps, including some, (like game console emulators), that can't be found on other more restrictive platforms like the iTunes store. The freedom of the Droid market gives you a much better selection of apps without the need to "jailbreak" (or as they call it in the Android world, "root") your phone and risk voiding your warranty. App purchases are handled through Google checkout. There is no option yet for direct billing to your phone bill.


The 5-megapixel camera is okay. It's a bit (audibly) noisy, laggy, and shows noticeable noise in all but the best of lighting. It has a built-in LED flash. The camera will get the job done in a pinch but don't expect it to be a replacement for a regular digicam, even at 5MP. I'd rather have smaller sharper photos at 3.2MP than larger fuzzy photos at 5MP. Video recording is not bad, but not exceptionally good either. Video seems a little better than average phones, but it's not going to compete with a flip or a dedicated pocket video camera any time soon. There are no built-in photo editing tools to speak of (although there are a couple nice photo apps available in the Android market). The media gallery is okay, but I don't like the fact that all media is lumped into one central folder, even if you store them separately in different folders. For example, you could have one folder of pictures named "My public pics" and one folder of pics named "My private pics". Well, if someone pics up your phone and opens the "All Pictures" folder, they'll see every pic on the phone. File management apps seem to be the workaround if you want to keep some things private or not readily viewable on the phone.


This is one of the best features. The Droid uses Google Maps, which includes turn-by-turn GPS navigation, FREE! No subscription to navigation service is required. A side-by-side test with a Garmin proved the Droid to be just as reliable. The days of punching in addresses are over. Simply speak the address into the Droid and Google voice search will find it, map it, and even give you a street view photo of it if you choose. Another good thing is the fact that Google Maps is constantly updated. Say goodbye to purchasing map updates for your GPS. And given the fact that all of the data is fed by Google, you can pretty much find any point of interest in existence. There are a few nice car windshield mounts out there that will automatically place the Droid in navigation mode when the Droid is inserted (This feature is activated by magnets in both the mount and the Droid. Make sure you read more about that below). The Droid also has Google Latitude which will show you the location of friends with GPS enabled phones that have Latitude enabled. With Google Maps navigation and Latitude, that's two less services (VZ Navigator and Family Locator) you have to spend money on. The GPS can also be utilized by apps for everything from localized weather to cool apps that will trigger your phone to do certain things (like launch reminders, go into silent mode, etc) when you enter specific geographic areas.


Obviously, the iPhone beats the Droid hands-down in this area. Honestly, can anything really compete with an iPod turned into a telephone? The Droid features a so-so music player and standard headphone jack. Bluetooth headphones will also work. It does support quite a few formats (including MP3, WAV, AAC, MIDI, OGG, and WMA). The Droid doesn't support DRM, so you might be in trouble if you have a lot of protected iTunes music. Music is copied to the Droid through simple drag and drop from your computer (same with any other files you wish to copy to the Droid). You can either attach the Droid to your PC via the included USB cable or remove the micro-SD card and copy directly to it. I prefer the cable because the card is located inside the battery compartment under the battery. That means popping off my case and removing the battery whenever I need to transfer files. The USB cord is much simpler and faster. Once on the Droid, music is well organized and you can create playlists etc. It's like any typcial MP3 player, just not as nice as the iPod/iPhone. The Droid comes with a 16GB micro-SD card but can support cards up to 32GB.

Ergonomics and customization:

The Droid is a solidly built phone. It is a little on the heavy side. It features a slide-out keyboard, but I find the keys a little cramped with too little tactile feedback. As a result, I use the on-screen keyboard 99% of the time. The sliding design makes it a bit difficult to find nice cases for the phone that offer a perfect blend of protection and ease of use. But rule number one when looking for a Droid case is: DO NOT BUY A CASE WITH MAGNETS (sorry for shouting. Just wanted to make that clear). As I said above, the navigation mode on the Droid is automatically activated by magnets. If you place your Droid near magnets (for example, in a case with magnetic closures), it will stay in GPS mode, never sleeping, screen fully lit, and thus very quickly draining the battery. As old-fashioned as it sounds, velcro or zippers are the way to go. I opted for a two-piece Seidio fitted case for the body (which fits perfectly), and a Lowepro Volta 30 case for carrying the phone. They work nicely together and fit comfortably in my front pants pocket. The Volta is molded from rigid foam, so it offers plenty of protection for the Droid's screen. I also use screen protectors, although I've seen enough evidence that the Droid's screen is extremely scratch resistant. One brave chap even made a YouTube video of himself performing a scratch test on his new Droid by vigorously scratching his keys against the glass. The glass was unscathed but the body lost a little paint. The Droid has a large bright razor-sharp screen. The touch screen is very responsive. The home screen can be customized with different wallpapers, shortcuts, and widgets. It can can be further customized in many different ways through third party apps and widgets.

There are a lot of other features that I didn't touch on, but I've rambled long enough to hopefully give you an idea of my experience with the Droid. It's still a work in progress but I like the direction so far. Although I do wish the Droid's email was at least on par with the iPhone (which handles mail accounts and sub-folders with no problems), I'm optimistic this will be addressed in the near future. The Droid also has a few other "new kid on the block" warts, which are significantly exposed by the iPhone's polish; but the Droid also has its share of advantages over the iPhone (multitasking, interface customization, app freedom, Flash support, user-replaceable battery, and better file compatibility are a few examples). I also realize that this is Droid 1.0 vs iPhone 3GS. I can live with the Droid being the inferior music player, compared to the iPod, because that was not my primary reason for buying it. However, music playback on the Droid is not bad and it is a realistic option for those who want to consolidate devices. (Don't worry Apple, I still favor my iPod over all else for that purpose).

If they can resolve the email issues and a few other minor annoyances, The Droid would be the perfect phone. The upcoming Android 2.1 update has me very optimistic that most of my minor gripes will be resolved. Regardless of the few quirks, the Droid is a ton of fun to use and is almost impossible to put down once you start playing around on it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This is a GREAT phone!!!!, November 25, 2009
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
If you are thinking about buying this phone...DO IT. This phone is simply great! Everything is SO easy to use, especially if you have a Google account. I use Google for everything and had recently backed up my contacts on my old phone using Google Contacts. As soon as I typed in my username and password all my contacts, calender, Google talk, and GMail was synced STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. The internet browser is also GREAT full HTML and is faster than the iPhone browser on Verizon's 3G network (I tested it).

The touch screen is GREAT. Very responsive, accurate, and sensitive. The auto-correct/suggestive typing provided with the phone is very very good. And there are lots of great free apps to choose from.

I have been meaning to good smartphone for a while and I am COMPLETELY satisfied. So happy I went with this phone over the Blackberry. The battery life is a little short. It won't last a whole day if you are using it a lot.

The menus also take a little getting used to and sometimes hard to navigate but these issues are really very minor. If I could I would have rated the phone 4 1/2 stars but, to be honest, the pros of this phone HUGELY outweigh the cons.

PROS: Ease of use, Synced to Google right out of the box, great features, free GPS and maps

CONS: Short battery life, Menus a little difficult to navigate.
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5.0 out of 5 stars better than my blackberry curve, November 11, 2009
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
Motorola and Verizon have a winner in this phone. I have had it a few days and can report that it is a much better phone than my Blackberry Curve and more fun to use. The touch screen is great and crystal clear. Even the touch screen keyboard is nice. I do prefer an actual keyboard but this one does just fine for short messages. For the longer messages, I use the slide out keyboard. I have downloaded a few apps( ie weather, AP News and an Altimeter) and all of them run flawlessly with great graphics. A really fun feature is the Google Voice search. Push the search icon, press the microphone icon and say what it is you want to find ( grocery store, McDonalds, whatever...) and it finds the nearest ones to your location. Press " Get Directions" and it will give you turn by turn instructions. Very cool. I also setup my email, through AOL, to be picked up on this phone and it was very easy to do so I have only had this phone a few days but so far, I am in love. I really think this phone will give the iPhone a good run for the money.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Handy, Yet Problematic Keyboard, August 2, 2011
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
I received my first Motorola Droid in July of 2010. Out of the box, I loved the phone. It had a solid feel without being too heavy, and the slide for the keyboard was without wiggle or shift as many past sliders have been prone to. The touchscreen was reactive enough for me, although I noticed it seemed markedly LESS sensitive when unlocking the phone (although I suppose that could be placed in the "pros" column... it prevented a lot of pocket dialing.) Vibrant colors lit off the screen,the speaker was nice and loud, and the processor was FAST (please bear in mind that this was last year.)

I spent about two weeks in geeky gadget bliss.

Now, I've had five (FIVE) ??? of these phones in the past year. That's four warranty replacements. Let's run down what happened, shall we? The first phone lost call quality after about the third week, eventually it became impossible to speak to anyone because they all sounded like the adults from Peanuts. Wah-wah-wah-wh-wh-whaaaa... Returned the phone after some extensive troubleshooting, no problem.

Droid number two began developing keyboard issues almost immediately. Doouubbllee lleetttteerrss were the catch of the day. Returned the phone to a very apologetic Verizon.

Numbers three, four, and five... same issue. All within a month of owning the phone. Either I have the worst luck in the world, or the Droid's keyboard is a consistent failure. You be the judge.

Most recently, I was upgraded to the Motorola Droid X2, because the folks at Verizon were beginning to know me by name. That's a review for another time.
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5.0 out of 5 stars BEST PHONE EVER, May 19, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
This phone is amazing!!
It has everything I need and its true that "DROID DOES"

pro's: Very easy to use.. I have never really liked touch screen phones. I always feel like my fingers are too fat or something haha.. The Droid however has an awesome big screen and is very accurate. There is just about every app you could ever want in the android market and more come every day. The slid out full qwerty keyboard is awesome and very useful in long texts or emails.

con's: (before I list my con's id like to state that none of these are a problem to me but some might find them a bit of an annoyance)The phone is a bit heavy due to its all aluminum construction.. to me that just makes me feel like its built tough.. The battery life could be better. I have "rooted" my phone and overclocked the processor making it extremely fast but also kills the battery life.. stock processor speeds i have to charge about every 20 hrs of heavy use (browsing the web, watching youtube vids, playing games) the biggest drain on the battery is the screen so if you can adjust the brightness down I would.

All in all this phone is awesome and I wouldnt trade it for any iPhone, Nexus one, or DROID Incredible ever.... well maybe for a N1 lol
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5.0 out of 5 stars THE BEST!, May 5, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
So glad I chose this over the iPhone. Also glad that I didn't choose the newer competitor DROID. This is an outstanding product. I actually love the physical keyboard and have found the dual processor really speed things up. This one is going to be the leader for a long time! Look out competitors, this is a well thought out design.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Droid, April 15, 2010
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
Awesome phone. What else can I say? Although I am a tech junkee at heart (and an engineer), I have never owned a smart phone because I have enough to play with already. Moreover, as a rule I don't buy Apple because of the lack of flexibility and monopolization of their products. There are some bugs with the apps and it could possible have some minor ergonomic issues, but for the most part its perfect. I wish they had an application or feature where it was easier to answer a phone call such as a voice command or a double tap on the screen etc. The slide buttons require me to look down which is not so good when you are doing something else. It would also be cool if someone built a phone with a solar trickle charger in the extreme event you had nothing else. Also, the battery time would last much longer which is another small issue. If you are trying to decide whether or not you are going to buy this phone in lieu of something, I would say "BUY IT!". Relatively speaking, the $200.00 it took me to upgrade is not much, but of course you can get it cheaper from here.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Phone that keeps getting better.., April 13, 2010
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
This is by FAR the best phone I have ever owned. I am a loyal Verizon customer, since I know service from other carriers (cough::ATT::cough) is no where near as good.. atleast in my location in the Northeast. Which is why I refused to dig in for the notorious iPhone. Although I do not have an iPhone.. I do have a iPod Touch 2G 32GB, which is almost its equal (minus the texting, calling, etc.) And you may ask why I talk rubbish against competitors' services; it is because my family/close friends have ATT/Sprint/T-Mobile/Boost.. all of which they have complained about numerously with their dropped calls and lack of service in areas.
So, as for the phone itself, it is everything I could possibly want in a phone.
-The display is BEAUTIFUL.. (more pixels than the iPhone)
-The Android OS is wonderful.. very easy to customize and to use.
-The Browser is fast and the best I have seen on a phone. (Yes, better than the iPhone's.. especially since the 2.1 update has multitouch to zoom, and still has the zoom in/out buttons on screen, which by the way, allows you to read text much better since it perfectly aligns the text on screen so you do not have to scroll left/right.)
-The 3G on this phone is almost as fast as WiFi.. and yes, I use both constantly.
-The GPS is the best GPS I've ever used, thanks to Google Maps. Better than Garmin and TomTom.. hands down.
-The App Store (Marketplace) is just as good, if not better than Apple's. I have an app that has every major TV show, every season, every episode. (app is called JetFlicks) I use it everyday at work.. Shhh! My boss hasn't caught on yet. (I'm watching Lost right now at work as I write this.) I also have atleast 50 other apps, most of them are free.
-The physical keyboard is a major plus.. at first I didn't like it or use it much.. now that I am use to it, I use it ALL the time. Very convenient.
-The camera is the best I've used on a phone.. the video recorder as well. Isn't a replacement for a real digital camera, but it definitely works for those times you don't have one in hand. 5MP is very good for a phone, in my opinion.
-Speakerphone and the regular listening to in-calls is superior to any other phone I've had.
Many other PROS.. but can't think of them right now.
-Battery Life is a little low.. which is obvious since of the great display. I offset some of this using the Advanced Task Killer (free on the mktplace) and such.. but still burns pretty well. I bought another battery on Amazon for $10 to carry with me at times. Can't do that with the infamous iPhone..
-The phone is a bit heavy.. heaviest phone I have ever had, but this is most likely since it seems so sturdy. Its made of all metal and glass.
-Sometimes the phone lags when too many apps are running. It also needs to reboot sometimes by taking the battery in and out (this happens about once every 2wks.) Not a major problem in my opinion.
-The volume rocker can easily be touched, which is noted in many reviews I've seen.
To be honest, I can't think of any other Cons at the moment. I'm sure there might be a couple more, but nothing serious.

So what are you waiting for?! Go get the MOTO DROID!!!! DROID DOES (more than you think)!!!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars A855 and purchase process, April 2, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
I am not going to say anything that hasn't been clearly written in the other reviews. The phone is great. No problems, actually pretty impressed. This is my first smart phone. My wife's first thought was it was heavy.
I wanted to write a note on how the approval/activation process worked when you purchase your phone with the plan from Amazon. You must submit your personal information for approval. As long as you are approved the purchase will go thru and you will get shipping status.
When you receive the phone you are to charge it. After it is charged there is a step by step for activation. My phones called the activation line for me. And that was it. At this point the phone is ready for use in accordance to your plan. I am stilling waiting for my first Verizon bill. Not sure how long it takes to get the first bill. Enjoy
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Great Utility Phone, March 30, 2010
This review is from: Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)
I got the Motorola Android about 2 weeks ago, and I'm very happy with it.

I came from a BB storm that was fairly dependable, but sluggish and basically good for emails and phone calls. I had hoped the iPhone was coming to Verizon but since it didn't, I checked out the Droid, and I think I got a fair amount of the things that I wanted from an iPhone, and some things that aren't currently available on an iPhone.

I'm not saying it is better than an iPhone, or even as polished. But it definitely works for me.

I now have a phone that runs lots of useful apps (most of which cost nothing), integrates well with Google services, and is something I'd be unhappy to leave at home.

I use Gmail for my primary email account (and forward other email to my Gmail account), and checking, navigating, searching, categorizing, etc. my email from my phone is convenient and easy.

Google Voice integrates very well with this phone, even if you just want to use it to transcribe your voice mail and send the text to your email. I rarely have to sit and listen to dozens of voice mails anymore, just read through them and play the audio only when necessary (yay!).

Maps for navigation is outstanding, at least as long as you have a connection. I've used it several times on trips and gotten great results. While streaming music through Pandora, the turn by turn navigation would pop in and give the next set of directions, then go immediately back to the music :)

Voice recognition is usually amazingly good. I downloaded an app that made voice input available anywhere, but I understand that the upcoming 2.1 OS update is supposed to take care of this anyway.

Using the browser (I actually use the third party Dolphin browser, with multi touch support), is something I do many times a day. It is fast and quite usable - on my old phone I avoided using the browser except in rare circumstances.

Video is beautiful and performance makes viewing vids in hi def a feasible choice - I usually do this unless I'm somewhere with a weak signal (and that happens pretty rarely in my area luckily).

Recorded video looks and sounds pretty darn good for a smart phone, in my opinion. The camera interface is pretty basic, but I'm hoping for an update soon to take better advantage of the hardware.

I sometimes use the physical keyboard, but I find the on-screen keyboard more convenient usually, in landscape mode that is. In portrait mode I just can't hit the little on-screen keys reliably enough.

Apps - this is the one thing I missed the most on my old phone, and there are enough available for the Droid to soothe my iPhone envy. The ones like Shazam, barcode scanners, keyrings, that sort of thing that my iPhone bearing friends constantly showed off - there are versions of many of those apps for the Droid. With a nice bookreader app, a few games, fast browser etc. , I'm much less impatient waiting for the Dentist and such these days.

I mostly listen to Pandora for music, so I can't specifically speak to the complaints about the music player - it really does seem pretty basic though. I haven't really looked for a third party app for that yet, which is the first thing I would do if I started playing a lot of purchased music.

Battery - yeah, if I use the phone heavily without charging I will find myself low on power before the day is done. Usually it isn't a problem because when I'm at my desk or in my car I just plug in. But at some point I might consider an extended life battery or maybe just a backup.

Another point in favor of this phone is that my wife, who is kind of impatient with technology and really insisted that she just wanted to stay with her basic phone, is pretty hooked on her Droid too (I got her one at the same time that I got mine).

Bottom line is, if in a year Verizon gets the iPhone I'll actually have a decision to make - that is pretty surprising for me considering how badly I'd been hoping for that to happen.
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