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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2012
I've used multiple Bluetooth Headsets throughout the years and I'm rating this on the upper levels. It's not the best ever, but it's on the upper echelon.

Opening it is straight forward. One of those new hard plastic tops and you slide it out. As with new headsets you can wear it just in the ear or just over the ear or both (which I do...both). During the day you move around and with just one (ear or over ear) it can fall off easily. With both I've never had it fall off.

Pairing it is easy. I have a Droid 4. Perhaps that's due to both being Motorola, but I had no problems.

I can hear people great. However I'm taking one star away due to people saying my sound quality is not crystal clear. NOTE they can hear me, and I've tested it with another and the best I can say it sounds like is like I was in the end of a tunnel. Not that "Heeelllloooooo" from deep in a tunnel. But a slight "Hellloo." Did that make sense? :-)

I feel that makes it better than most is the battery life. It lasts a good seven hours of talk. I've been going 3-4 days without charging. Does not come charged. Included Micro USB and AC adapter charger.

NOTE it's most likely you will need a extension cord. Unless you have a setup of some sort as the cord is not long to charge it.

Wearing it causes no problems. No ear irritations.

The commands for using it are the same as with other Bluetooth headsets.

Again, other than the problems with other problems hearing me, this is a good headset. That's why I take away one star.
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on December 10, 2012
1. Packaging - Great big and overdone Motorola aluminum package
2. Headset - Smallest name brand available, perfect to always carry around and discrete to use.
3. Sound Quality - Very good in general usage and light wind, not as good as others in high winds. Sometimes a little quiet
4. Features - Very good overall, My Motospeak app does simple things well, and wideband audio with A2DP makes it good for listening to music. Even NFC pairing worked, and range is excellent.
5. Recommendations - Motorola headsets are the smallest name brand around, and the flip on/off feature is great. I would recommend the H19txt as it has many useful features including extraordinary battery life, in the same small size of the H17. The H19txt does however have the same fragile boom as the H17 and H17txt that breaks easily.

1. Packaging
Motorola ships their headsets in very large overly complex aluminum and plastic packaging (that does look good and protect well, but is wasteful). Easy to open and find what you need.

2. Headset Review
I originally ordered the Motorola Elite Flip headset to replace my broken H17txt, as it has similar features to the H19txt and a better flip boom design (p.s. If you have a H17 or H19 with a broken flip boom, please call Motorola support to report it, so they will fix it on the next version). After it having many issues, I returned it and sprang for the extra cost of the H19txt. It was definitely worth it, as I have had almost no issues with the H19txt. The small design, many features, good sound and discrete colors make this the best Bluetooth around. The 9 hours of talk time is also in credible, making charging a once a week activity.

3. Sound Quality
The sound quality of this headset is as good or better than my old H17txt with the crystaltalk, dual mics, and wide-band audio. This is not as good noise cancellation as a Jawbone Era since it breaks down in high winds (which is acceptable for 99% of usage), but otherwise I have most people telling me they can't tell I am on a headset at all with clear sound quality on both sides. It is sometimes a little quiet when on a loud road.

4. Features
The features of this headset might not be the best on the market, but are the best of the Motorola line. The A2DP with the wide-band audio makes it great for listening to music, and the extra range is even noticeable without a Class 1 Bluetooth phone (yes, if your phone is not a class 1 Bluetooth which is likely, you will not get near the 300ft range). The NFC pairing actually worked on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.1.2) which was unexpected, and the My Motospeak app is a great albeit bare-bones app for texting and calling. The headset also speaks the remaining talk time for battery life, and some other useful messages.

5. Recommendations
I highly recommend buying the Motorola H19txt, as it is the smallest name brand headset on the market, and the flip on/off feature makes usage a breeze. The battery life is also as good as it gets, with 9 hours of talk time. I have yet to have less than "8 hours of talk time remaining" even with days of usage. It does have the old fragile boom design however which I have had 2 of break after a year of daily (but careful) use, so I am expecting to replace it in around a year after it breaks. Also, I am waiting to see if it has the same startup issues as the H17 and H17txt, where you would flip it open and it seemed like its battery had died, even with a full charge. The fix was just plugging it into the charger for about 5 seconds, so I believe this issue has been under reported as people probably believe it is just a dead battery. I have had all 4 of my H17x series headsets and my girlfriends H17txt have this issue, as well as have seen it in many reviews, so most people have probably seen it at some point as it is very intermittent but not noticed.

Please please please if you have either of these issues, report it to Motorola support so they might fix it in the next designs. The "manager" I talked to said he had never heard of the startup issue, and that the broken boom issue is a very small population, which I don't believe.
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on September 18, 2014
Awesome BT headset! Very impressed with the H19 This has got to be the best BT earpiece I've purchased. I've been using BT earpieces for 12 years, and this one has been the best one I've owned. I'm purchasing my 2nd one from Amazon because I want a backup/replacement earpiece in case I lose mine, and in case this earpiece is no longer available. It's rare to find a treasure, especially one that works well and is the best.

The range you will get with this earpiece as well is phenomenal with most phones made within the last 3-4 years. You can walk at least 50 Feet or more or leaving your phone in one room of the house and walk just about anywhere else in the house and your still connected Also this earpiece is one of the very few that actually stays in my ear without the ear hook, and it's comfortable.

Can't believe the awesome battery life. 1 of the best, especially given the size; that's just for starters. 1 thing you need to keep in mind however, is that amount of actual talk time you get out of any earpiece depends on usage of the earpiece itself.

If you have your earpiece on or are wearing it all day, and you receive calls periodically throughout the day, your not going to get a full 8 hours+ of talk time. Which there is nothing wrong with that. The 8 hours+ would primarily apply to perhaps 1 - 2 phone calls back to back to would total close to 8 hours. Or if you use your earpiece as needed. Meaning taking a call then when your done, turning the earpiece off. Then you'll get close to 8 hours. Your have to keep in mind, the earpiece being turned on in standby, all day, does utilize a little bit juice throughout the day. Nothing wrong with that. Just common sense. However, I can go all day with just one charge with it turned on and staying in my ear. I'll get numerous calls throughout the day, that will last on average anywhere from 5 mins - 25mins+. This earpiece lasts ALL DAY. I get realistically about 1-2 days of use with receiving many phone calls, before I have to charge it.

When I used to be a delivery & passenger driver, I would have to call everyone or business location upon departure enroute, and arrival to location. Getting on average of 19 deliveries a day calling each one, or repeated calls to the same person when getting directions, etc. You can imagine all those calls, not to mention personal calls throughout the day. I DID NOT have to recharge my earpiece at all. Most days, I could go about 2 days or so before having to recharge. Other earpieces, that are 2-3X the size of the H19 last perhaps, maybe half the battery life and not as many features and creature comforts as the H19 gives. Also, if your at a 0% charge, this earpiece takes around 45 - 60 mins to recharge fully. Which is nice.

Lastly, I've had well over 12 different phones that I've used this particular earpiece model with. And the performance has been consistent with every single phone.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on September 25, 2012
The first thing I loved about this, was the packaging! It came in a small box that was easy to open (I wish more manufacturers would realize simple, easy, packaging is appreciated!). The directions were simple and straight forward.
The headset didn't come charged, so I had to charge it first. After it charged, I paired it with my iPhone which was totally simple. All I did was go into my settings, opened "Blue Tooth" and (after turning on the headset), set it to discover the device - it did immediately and I didn't have to type in the security code (located in the instructions). It's crystal clear when speaking, and I have small ears, so often, things don't fit well in my ear, but this wasn't a problem. It does have a great range. I was wearing it all day and while in the garage (and my iPhone was in the upstairs bedroom) - I almost had a heart attack when my ear "rang" - it's quite comfortable and I forgot I was wearing it.
The only criticism I have, is that the light that tells you if it's on or off/battery/status - is really tiny. I'd say people who can't see very well would have a very hard time with the light.
All in all, it does a great job, very clear, (I even tried it while driving with the sun roof open and no complaints from the people on the other end of the headset) and it's been 3 days and I still haven't had to re-charge it.
So far, 5 stars! As always, if I run into any problems, I'll edit my review.
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VINE VOICEon October 24, 2012
I got the Motorola headset because I have a Motorola cell phone so I only have to carry one charger with me when I travel. (Yes, I know I could get a universal charger, but this works, too.) The headset comes with several ear pieces, so you can pick whichever one works best for you. I actually preferred the headset "as delivered" with the plain round ear piece. The plastic piece that fits over the ear is a little flimsy, but it has been holding without problems so I can't complain.

When you use it, it picks up calls very quickly and I love (really love) the way it almost instantly picks up calls. I use it mostly so I can talk on my cell phone hands free and it has been flawless. One of the things I like most is that the little microphone can "flip shut" to turn off and then flip open to turn on. Other headsets I've used had an on/off button and in trying to turn it on, I was constantly pressing the volume and messing it up. That is not a problem with this headset, thank goodness. That alone makes me prefer this headset (and other Motorola headsets since they all seem similar in this regard.)

The range also seems pretty good - I've used the headset while cooking dinner and walking around the house while my cellphone was on the counter and I haven't had any drops, although I probably did not stray more than 25' (maybe 50') away.

All-in-all, I've been very pleased with this headset and recommend it, particularly if you already have other Motorola products.
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on January 26, 2013
This is the second H19txt I got because I thought the problem I have with it was because of a faulty unit. Not so. This as well as my previous unit both drop the connection a minute or so into the conversation. It gives you a short beep or shriek and that is your cue for going to your phone, switching to speaker or iPhone, and then switching back to Bluetooth. Then you can hear your party again. Fortunately it does not drop the call but I am getting sick of interrupting my conversation all the time and excusing myself to the other party asking to recap because " I lost the signal for a couple seconds".

This problem is well documented in blogs so look it up if you want more info. I am sure it is some software incompatibility on the iphone part. I am just holding on to it because I hope the next iOS update will fix the problem.

Other that this huge inconvenience the headset does everything else perfectly. That is why I still give it 2 stars and not 5.
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on October 24, 2013
I ordered Motorola Bluetooth H19txt and very disappointed to find out that it was a very questionable and obviously not a brand new because the packaging seal was broken and there was a missing accessories. The sellers is not in good faith dealing business.
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on November 7, 2012
The headset is great, I have it connected to two phones my Galaxy 3 and Iphone 5. It works perfect with the galaxy three, but when it comes to the iphone 5, does not work great. It drops the call and then occassionally gives a loud busy sound when it drops connection to the iphone 5. It driving me a little crazy because its not the keeping the connection. So if you have an iphone 5 not the best choice.

I gave it a four star because of the iphone 5 connection problem, but other than that it has been a great headset for the galaxy 3.
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on October 22, 2012
I purchased this bluetooth headset when it first came out on Amazon. I really like the design: it's very comfortable, the ability to flip the boom on/off is very handy, and the battery life is excellent. But I've had some issues with it and, unfortunately, finally decided to return it.

1. I wanted a device that can multipair with my iPhone 5 and my Windows 7 laptop (for Skype calls). When I pair with the laptop, it initially pairs, but then I receive an error "Device driver software was not successfully installed". There is a message that says "No driver found" for the Bluetooth peripheral device. I have tried to pair with two different laptops and I receive the same error message. I have contacted Motorola technical support two different times and they have been no help at all to solve the problem.

2. Call Quality: With the iPhone 5, I can hear others through the headset fairly well. Other people say they can hear me and the volume is good, but they complain about the clarity of my voice. One person said it sounds like I'm "in a tunnel".

3. Lost connection: On multiple occasions, I've been on a call using the headset, and suddenly the headset audio will stop working (the person on the other end can hear me, but I can no longer hear them). On the iPhone, I just select Audio Source on the call screen, temporarily switch audio back to the iPhone, switch back to the headset, and then it starts working again. But this is not an acceptable workaround in my opinion.

For almost $100, I really expected this device to be excellent. But there were just too many issues for me to accept this over the long term.
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on March 25, 2013
I purchased this headset almost 2 weeks ago and I must say that it is somewhat disappointing. My last tried and true bluetooth headset was the H17txt, so when it finally conked out on me and I saw this newer model I was excited to try it out. So here is my review on the upgraded txt model:

Longer Range than the H17txt: I often can walk from my parking space to the entrance of the store and forget I left my phone in the car and it's not until I hear the phone 1 disconnected voice prompt that I realize I left my phone. This can be a good thing if you are doing multiple things around the house and don't want to worry about carrying your phone around, but can also be bad (for instance, you left your phone on the bus and the bus is on the next block pulling off already then you finally realize you left your phone).

Sound Quality: I must say I agree with other users who have reviewed this headset and say that the sound is definitely average. I honestly don't think it's better than the previous model. I still have some trouble hearing people at times and for the price and with the advertising of all this HD audio, I definitely expected better sound performance. I have already had some people tell me they couldn't hear me while using it.

Connectivity: The pairing the first time was pretty quick, but I notice that at times the connectivity gets lost when you flip open the boom it will say ready to pair instead of connecting to my already paired device. I did seem to have this issue with prior Android phone models with the H17txt so maybe this is just normal for these models. I sometimes have to go to my bluetooth devices on my phone settings and then click H19txt in order to get it to connect. This is rather annoying and inconvenient especially while driving.

The Android App (My Motospeak): Downloading the app is rather pointless I have found because it hardly recognizes my commands when text messages come through and it asks if you want to listen now. Whether I say yes or no I have had to repeat myself more than once at times. Also, the H17txt MotoSpeak app was able to announce the callers by contact name. Apparently, Motorola has not updated this app for newer Android versions so anything beyond Android 2.3 we are stuck with just hearing the phone numbers announced digit by digit. Motorola definitely loses a star for this. If you are going to release a newer model of an accessory, you must keep the matching app up to date!

Battery Life: The battery life lasts for hours I can use it all day. I have yet to find any other bluetooth that matches the battery life of Motorola's txt models, so this is still a plus with this newer model.

Finally, what's in the box: Motorola for some reason decided to shorten the length of the usb cord that attaches to the plug to charge this headset. The usb plus is about 2 inches long. I'm not sure the thinking behind that but it's rather inconvenient.

For the price this bluetooth costs, I would definitely not recommend it. I paid $55 for it and feel that it should not be much more in price than the prior model. At this point, unfortunately I cannot say that I would 100% recommend this product. Motorola has definitely let me down with the release of this model, I expected more.
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