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on September 2, 2011
Ok, I have a type "A" personailty and I reserched the heck out of several monitors. I have been shopping around for the "perfect" monitor for months buying and returning until I have found what I want. (My son is 6 months old) I have tried several brands/types of video monitors such as Sony, Summer Infant monitors, and a Costco brand that can be used via the internet and Iphone/Ipad2. This Motorola monitor is the BEST that I have found. Money was not an issue for me as I wanted a video/audio monitor that just worked well. I do recommend spending a little more and buying the 3.5 inch monitor.

Ok, what to say that has not been covered in other positive posts.....The resolution at night is awesome as I can see my baby breathing. (VERY important) I can see everything in great detail. The camera views best when mounted on the wall close to the crib-this way it can scan straight down and straight up viewing the entire crib and room. I originally placed it on a "wall shelf" but when I scanned down I could see a bit of the shelf instead of the entire crib. Also important when you have a child that rolls all over the crib as they sleep! You need to see every inch of the crib. (On the back of the camera is a tiny hole to hang on a nail or screw.) I hung mine on my wall just above a shelf and to blend it in I placed stuffed animals on either side-very nice looking and discreet. I painted the white cord to match the wall to blend it in. When scanning from the monitor it makes absolutely no noise and doesn't wake the baby. The sound is great!

I am a light sleeper and wake at his every roll and whimper at night. I used to get NO sleep. With this monitor I can put the volume up loud to hear every little move or put the volume down low to only wake when he cries loudly. The monitor has a light indicator on top to inform you of the "loudness" of the baby's cry. Also, I live in a two story home with wireless everything (my house is Grand Central with all the wireless technology.) and this monitor does great with cell phone, wireless router, and computer reception. There is no interference at all. The battery on the monitor, when fully charged, lasts 8 to 10 hours but I recommend it plugged in to the power cord at night. There is no delay. What you see is what is happening, allowing you to get to your baby fast!

The only thing I would add is a clip to the monitor to be able to strap it to you and the time. Sometimes I like to know what time it is for feeding purposes. Awsome monitor and well worth the money as now I finally get some sleep and peace of mind at night!!!

I have now owned this monitor for year or so, and have recently encountered more problems.
- The night vision on one of the cameras has. I can barely see my son anymore, and if he didn't have dark hair, I am not sure I would even know where he was in the crib.
- The battery life of the parent unit is also dying. It used to hold a charge for about 5 hours, and now the charge lasts maybe 1 hour.
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on August 23, 2011
This monitor is amazing. Over the last 3 and a half years I have bought and returned probably 5 monitors. We ended up with a Summer monitor for the first 2.5 years, then it finally broke and replaced it with a Summer Bestview. The only problem is that model (bought in January 2011) is discontinued and with a second baby on the way we need a second camera which is no longer available. I have been researching for weeks now, reading every review on Amazon and other sites and decided to order the Motorola MBP36.

When I wrote this review a few weeks ago, a second monitor was not available anywhere. Although they are not available on Amazon yet (as of 9/1/2011), they are available online at other major baby stores where you "buy" stuff for babies (hint hint). I just ordered one today, which now makes this the perfect monitor.

- LCD Unit
First of all, the LCD screen is huge. It is 3.5" diagonally. For reference, and iPhone is also 3.5". The aspect ratio is a bit more square than an iPhone, but you get the idea. The unit is very thin, its about as thick as a typical men's wallet. It is lightweight, has a nice kick stand that seems very sturdy and nice, grippy rubber feet on the bottom that are very unobtrusive but work great. There is an antenna across the top back that can flip up if you need it to get better reception, but we have never needed it, even when two floors away. There are 4 buttons on each side of the screen, 4 directional that control camera, volume, menu navigation, a menu button, an "ok" button, a video on/off button and a microphone button. They are well placed, it is not a huge problem to have to hit the menu to get to volume, we had to do the same on the Summer Bestview and it is the first menu option (i.e. hit the menu button and it is already in the volume option, so just hit up/down from there).

As you can tell from the pictures, the unit has pretty good industrial design too, which seems to be the trend in baby monitors now. Battery life is decent, it works enough to have a daytime nap and then use it again in the evening without charging in between. Your not going to get more than 3-4 hours out of it if you use the LCD a lot though. There is a series of LEDs across the top that indicate how much noise your kids are making, and there is a very accurate temperature display (based on reviews, sounds like Samsung temp is off by 10 degrees, but this unit matches the thermostat outside the room so I'm assuming spot on).

- Camera
The ability to scan and pan is great, very quiet and no likely to disrupt your kid. There is a small green LED on the front of the camera, but you can't see the infrared lights in the dark (unlike our Summer Bestview which looks like 10 little LEDs in the dark). The zoom is not great, kind of hard to get to on the menu and it is only a digital zoom that crops the center of the picture and doubles it. It is small and can be placed pretty much anywhere. The picture that it sends to the handheld unit is great (as far as baby monitors go). It isn't going to win a technical Oscar, but it is very clear. The huge LCD screen helps. In daylight it is incredibly crisp and vibrant. I haven't noticed any interference with WiFi, but haven't really tested either. It operates at 2.4GHz and we mostly have 5Ghz 802.11n devices, so we are in a different bandwidth that doesn't conflict.

If you have additional cameras (up to 4), you can set the monitor to manually scan through them, it will stay on each one for 12 seconds based on what it says in the manual. You can have up to 4 cameras, but there is no ability to see multiple ones on the the screen at once (like the Lorex).

I guess a minor quibble might be that you can't put batteries in the camera, but the old monitor had this functionality and we never used it in 2.5 years so not an issue for me. One other possible thing worth mentioning is that the monitor unit takes a proprietary battery, very similar to what a lot of cordless phones have. One other minor thing worth mentioning is that the infrared LEDs at night are not very bright from 10 feet away, we are just going to put a shelf near our 3 year olds bed so that it will be closer (think of the LEDs around the camera as flashlights for night vision).

I can say without reservation that this thing deserves 5 stars after a 3 full weeks with it. My wife loves the size of the screen, the light weight monitor, the portability, ease of use etc. Its a very cool product.

*Update 8/24/2011* minor spelling correction (sales to sails) and added clarifying point in final paragraph "even though it supports 4 cameras", which was already mentioned above but needed reiterating.

*Update 9/1/2011* Removed comments about additional cameras not being available since I bought one today. Added a few minor updates to the review.
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on September 11, 2011
First of all, I've tried 3 different baby monitors with the screen. What I expected/wanted from the baby monitors are these:
1) Good quality of the screen so I can see my baby (even breathing: chest going up and down at night)
2) Easy of use (I just hate anything that is a pain to use)
3) Camera pan/zoom option (My baby moves around and I like having camera close to him, so this is a really good feature to have)

So, let me explain how those three monitors performed.

First one is Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen (At Amazon regular price: 229.99)

This one is the winner. It has a good picture quality, zoom in, is really easy to use. That's it. It satisfied all those three categories. Other feature I also liked but not necessary are,, talk back, lullaby (well, kinda useless for my baby). I wish it was made with a little better quality plastic (compared to other two I've tried) and wish it had clock on the screen, which is very helpful at night when the baby wakes up! One thing I noticed though, was that battery of parent unit goes out SO QUICK when it is not plugged in, and use rechargeable battery.

Second one is Samsung Wireless Video Security Monitoring System w/ 3.5" LCD (At Amazon regular price: 179)

This one,, sigh... I really wanted to love it... I always trust Samsung quality. and YES, it comes up to that quality standard (both physical material that is made out of, and some great added features) that I look for. BUT there are a few cons that I just could not live with.
First of all, this one is LOADED with FEATURES. It has the best quality screen (almost like a digital camera! which is very impressive for a baby monitor! Both day and night time, it showed consistent great quality), talk back, Date/Time, viewable from the computer, etc etc... Just a lot!

However what threw me off was that vibration/beep when the parents unit wakes up from the sleep mode. Basically this thing goes to sleep when the baby does not make a sound or makes a sound that's not too alarming. It is trying to give parents some time to sleep unless baby cries so much. HOWEVER, I noticed that it did not pick up small cries that I also wanted to hear. And that VIOLENT vibration would just startle me every time the unit wakes itself from the sleep mode. I almost had heart attack every time it did it. I mean it is VIOLENT vibration. It is way too powerful and hear this, you can not control it, nor you can turn it off. You can either choose between vibration or loud beep, which is also annoying. I guess they did not test this out themselves. If they had a baby, they would know that just sound of a baby crying will wake parents up.

Another thing that made me return this unit: lack of zoom and pan feature. OK. I should have read before purchasing this one, but so sad it did not have this feature, while having all other useless ones?! weird.

The Last thing I wanna point out on this: freaking annoying to go around the menu and hard to use! This thing is loaded with features (a lot of not so necessary) and but failed to organize it successfully under the menu. Also, it has way too many buttons around the parents unit that I do not think are the "most-used" buttons for parents. Once again, did they really test this thing with real parents with real babies?!! It's like having a cell phone, trying to figure out where/what category the feature I want to use might be hidden under. A lot of them were where it did not make sense to me. Basically, very annoying to use.

Third one is Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor (At Amazon regular price: 199.99)

I had a high hope for this one, as I heard good things about Summer Infant baby monitors. I will make it short. It has the best "Ease of use" amongst all three. The parents unit had buttons (shapes and placements) that made most sense out of three I've tried. Plastic (or any other material that were used) quality was great. It does not have bells and whistles as other ones, such as talk back, lullaby, etc etc. It also has zoom in/panning feature that is very helpful.

BUT, this is why I returned this thing: the BAD, BAD, I mean BAAAAAAAAAAAD screen quality, especially at night. It made my baby look like those "ghost pictures" people take. Like those grainy pictures that people claim that they have captured the ghost in the picture... Get what I mean? It is super grainy I could not recognize my own baby's face! My baby's face filled up the whole screen (I'm saying this to say that I did not have the camera far from my baby) but still I had to guess, oh those two black blobs would be his eyes.. and another one below them is his nose?? no,, mouth??? Yes, basically, if you are looking for a baby monitor with a screen, why would you waste money on a screen that is useless? Move onto other monitors.

Finally, after using three, I realized that Motorolla had to be the winner, and I've been using it over a month and very pleased with it. Hope my review helped.
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on October 10, 2011
The Minutiae of 2 Monitors: Motorola MBP36 & Summer Infant Touch
Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen
Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor
This review discusses the minutiae, good and bad, of both monitors. (Same review under both products).
Summary: Motorola: 4 stars, SI: 4.5 stars. Both monitors are great and fit the bill for a pan/tilt monitor. It's the little details and personal preference that will determine the best monitor for you. FYI, we come from a history of owning the Summer Infant BestView-pre2011. We would have just added a 2nd camera to our unit if it were still available. Where applicable, we noted where SI has improved some things from the BestView to the Touch.

Both monitors have a 3.5" screen. The pictures in both daytime and night vision are very good. The sound and talk back on both units is good. The pan/tilt is quiet overall on both cameras. The biggest difference is how to access the features you feel are most important to you. Below are some notable differences between the two units.

Overall layout (see labeled pictures):
Video On/Off: external button on both
Volume: in menu on Motorola, dedicated top toggle on SI
Pan/Tilt: external (Left) buttons on Motorola, in a menu with touch arrows on SI
Zoom: in a menu on both
Scan: external button on Motorola, in a menu on SI

Buttons: SI wins this hands down. Unless you are awake every time you use the monitor, you cannot easily find and press the correct button, one-handed, in a dark room/semi-sleep state. For us, this design difference is what sealed the deal for SI over Motorola. We can easily find the Video On/Off and volume with tactile sense. We would have resorted to making a raised surface on the 3rd button if we chose to keep the Motorola.

SI touch screen: Many people commented that you can brush up against the screen anywhere and turn the menu on/select items. This doesn't seem to be totally the case. You not only have to have the video ON, but you also have to press on the very right or bottom strip of the picture/screen to bring up the menu. A random touch anywhere on the screen will not bring the menu up. Also of note, accessing the main functions (Video On/Off and Volume) does not require the touch menu since these buttons are located on the OUTSIDE of the unit. We are fine with going into a menu for less-common functions such as pan/zoom/scan because we will not be doing this nearly as often as turning the video on/off and adjusting volume. (And the SI volume toggle does NOT activate the touch screen so the monitor can stay dark while you adjust volume.)

Interference: we had problems with our old SI (BestView) and wireless interference. The Motorola had much less interference than the SI Touch, the SI Touch seemed to have the same interference as the SI BestView. We opted to upgrade/change routers to solve this problem instead of compromising on any monitors. A router is a cheaper electronic piece to swap out than a monitor system (esp with multiple cameras).

Camera range: we placed each camera on the same peg over the bed. The SI showed ¾ of the bed, the Motorola showed a little less than ½. For us that meant HAVING TO pan the Motorola each time to see where baby rolled. We have the camera at the max height on the wall. The camera could easily be placed at a different angle relative to the bed to avoid panning. This is just to compare how the video outputs differ relative to each other. (The specs are undoubtedly written in the manuals somewhere describing the camera lens type.)

Night vision LEDs: both the Motorola and SI Touch have 'invisible' LED lights to provide night vision. On the monitors, this looks like a spotlight with darker edges that look like they're `in the shade.' This is subtle and not really noticeable except at the lowest screen brightness setting. For reference, the old SI BestView had a circle of red LED lights around the lens that resulted in a more evenly-lit monitor picture.

Speaker: located in the back of the unit on the Motorola. The SI speaker is redesigned but still on the front of the monitor. Both units have an 8-level sound bar and each level between the 2 brands seems about equal. Several have been concerned that the volume does NOT go to zero on the Motorola. However, the speaker is on the back of the unit and makes the lowest setting almost equivalent to a mute setting. In testing it, we found that the rear speaker placement helped block the background rustling/movement that we didn't want to hear, but did not hinder us hearing the louder baby noises that we did want to hear. (Also for comparison's sake, the Motorola and SI Touch level 4 is equivalent to SI BestView level 2 so there is improved ability to adjust the lower/quieter sound levels; the quiet sounds are quieter and loud sounds (above level 4) are still loud. ...a great change for SI fans.

Cameras: The Motorola has nice rubber feet at the base that keep the camera from sliding where placed. The SI has a light plastic feel and the base is so light it feels like the camera will topple over. (But it doesn't.) We put ours on the wall (not on a shelf) since that's the best way for us to use the pan/tilt, so the padded bottom is a non-issue (although the SI vibration against the wall was loud until we placed a felt pad sticker on it).

Monitors: The Motorola monitor also has the nice rubber grips on the bottom. It stays in place on a tabletop making it easier for you to grab. And you WILL need to grab it...with BOTH order to press the correct button(s) to activate any function. The SI comes with a little saucer-like magnetic recharging base. It's so light and plastic-y that it hangs on to the monitor when trying to break the magnetic connection. Because you need adequate pressure for the touch screen, you'll need to get your hands on the monitor to work the touch screen functions. Put the fancy saucer base in the trash and just use the charger port on the left side of the monitor unit itself. Overall, the Motorola is a niiiice monitor to hold. It's thick and chunky, like a portable game unit (think psp), and you can thumb the left and right buttons very, very easily. The SI is thinner and more sleek (fake chrome cover) and less comfortable to hold. And because you need to hold it length-wise (buttons on the top of the unit get in the way...), it's a little harder to balance than a touch phone that you may be used to holding.

The SI comes with a cordless click-on base for the camera. It takes 4 AA batteries, advertising a 10hr battery life. The batteries do NOT come with the unit and we think that you CANNOT use the power cord to charge the base, eg rechargeable batteries need to be taken out of the unit to be recharged. This is different than stated on the Amazon description. We have not tested this, but it's directly from the manufacturer info.

Motorola has a temp gauge. Never had it before and it's a nice feature to have. The temp of the Motorola is accurate since the camera doesn't run hot (goes up a few degrees temporarily when you move the camera) unlike reviews of other brands.

Motorola has an audible beep when the battery is low. Most people like this. We do not. A flashing light is adequate. We'd be pissed if this woke us up in the night, so any monitor stays plugged in during the overnight hours for this reason. (Plus the manufacturer recommends running the battery down during the day and charging at night to keep the battery life optimal.)

SI turns the video off in 3min if not plugged in. Motorola takes longer by about 1-1.5min.

Again, both units are great for a pan/tilt multi-camera setup. What you're used to in a monitor and what makes life easier for you in daily use will tip your scales one way or the other. But you cannot go wrong with either of these choices. We hope these little itty bitty details of these two units help someone.

*UPDATE* 11/10/11 We really wanted to like the Motorola because it had a more compact and nicer camera and the monitor design was superior to SI and had a great feel to it, but the accessibility of some features won out on the SI vs the Motorola. We've had the SI monitor for a month now and everything is still behaving. The only thing to add to the above information for the SI is that the touch screen is a little better than expected. As stated above, it is activated only if you push the menu button on the right side of the unit (very inconvenient location for one-handed use) or tap along the bottom/right of the touchscreen (like old-school digital picture frames). The nice thing is that once activated, the screen is very responsive to one-handed touch when sitting upright (eg on a nightstand). It's very easy to reach over and adjust brightness or use the arrow buttons with one finger and not knock it over. The only negative is in selecting items. Once you select the menu item (eg Brightness or Camera), you need to use the arrow buttons in the popup menu to get to and highlight what you want. For example, under Brightness you cannot just tap a higher level and have it go from 2 to 7. Instead, you have to tap the arrow up incrementally. The menu items of Brightness, Scan, and Switch Camera do this. (FYI in comparison, the Motorola has the same menu system but instead of tapping on the initial menu icon you needed to arrow thru all the menu icons to get to what you want. As mentioned in the original review, the VOLUME was one of these embedded menu items so it took 3-4 button clicks to adjust volume once you pulled up the menu.) Too bad these two monitoring systems can't have a child and make the PERFECT user-friendly system.
review image review image
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131 of 160 people found the following review helpful
on June 21, 2012
I usually don't write a review unless the product is very good or I have had a really bad experience. Well buying this product has been a really bad experience in terms of customer service. First of all, I did a lot of research on baby monitors and thought this monitor would be great for us. At first it was, but after only a few months the level of clarity diminished and before I returned it the night camera failed completely. I understand some times there are defective products out there, mine was one. But what really angers me is the time it took for Motorola to get back to me when I told them what my camera was doing. From the time I contacted them about the defective monitor it took 4 days for someone to respond, in turn that person turned me over to another person and it took an additional 5 days for that person to contact me. Since it was taking so long through email I called them to try and expedite this, since I felt having a functional monitor again was very important to me and for the safety of my baby. I spoke with a Motorola agent and they said I would have a return number in a couple hours and it took almost another day to get that just so I could mail out my defective monitor. On top of that I had to pay shipping just to send it back. Many companies I know allow me to print a return label online and they cover return fees. I am still waiting on my replacement almost a week after they received it and I had to contact them again just to make sure they had it because the tracking number said it was delivered. Don't you think they would of let me know that they received it and had given me a delivery date? This is a baby monitor, this is a product that is used for safety and monitoring the well being of your baby, you would think this process would be a little faster and urgent? I am so disgusted with Motorola that I will never, ever buy another product from them. I want to let customers know what I experienced so they don't have the same experience I had.

Update: I am still waiting for a response from Motorola 11 days after they received my defective baby monitor on June 15th. I've sent numerous emails and even called and no one has told me the status of when I should get the monitor. I left a message with a team leader and I have yet to hear back. This is unacceptable Motorola.

Update: I finally received my new replacement baby monitor on July 2nd. I initially sent an email May 29th regarding my issue, so we are talking over a month before I received my replacement baby monitor. That's unacceptable and I just wan't consumers to know about my experience, and I hope it doesn't happen to you. I wish I could do something about it, companies need to be held accountable for such poor service or practices. Another thing that bothers me is that I actually paid for shipping to send it and not once did Motorola say they were sorry for the delay or say they would take care of the shipping costs. Motorola lost a customer for life and I will make sure and tell as many people as I can about my experience.

Update: Greg Reichman VP of Sales contacted me because of my frustration and experience I had in getting a new monitor. I was pleasantly surprised when he offered to send me another camera at no charge. This is definitely a good gesture that will help get Motorola back in my good graces.
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on September 8, 2011
After having a horrible experience with a Levana Safe and See, and disappointment with the Mobi, I had very high hopes for this Motorola. I wanted to love it. Sadly after 2 nights it stopped working and it is in a box and going back to Amazon.


1. Excellent picture quality on a big 3.5" screen

2. The pan/ tilt function worked brilliantly

3. Good battery life


1. The previous version of this monitor (the MBP 30) had voice activation (VOX). Motorola decided to remove the technology for the new version. VOX is a very basic feature of higher end monitors and was a MUST for me.

2. Feel like turning the volume up a notch int he middle of the night? Too bad. You can't adjust the volume without navigating through the internal menu, thus you have to turn on a light in your bedroom (the buttons are not back lit) and thumb through several screens. Try doing that at 4 AM. No thanks.

3. The screen stopped transmitting images on night 2. You see, the unit has a screen saver function when the battery is in use, where the screen goes black. One time the screen blacked out, and never went back. I have unplugged/ replugged the unit, taken out the battery, pushed every damn button. It just stopped working.

Honestly, if Motorola added VOX to this monitor, and fixed a few glitches, it could corner the market. The quality of the video blew those non tech co monitors (Levana, Summers Infant, Mobi) out of the water. But for now, I will remain as frustrated as ever in my search for the perfect baby monitor.



I'm getting a lot of peer pressure (!!!) from other customers on Amazon to change my reviews to more than 1 star. I'm sorry but the monitor stopped working after 2 days. In my humble opinion, a $209 that stops working after 2 days is not worthy of more stars.
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on November 25, 2013
We received this as a baby shower gift and loved it while it worked. For the $250 this costs the reliability of this monitor has been a major problem.

We ended up exchanging the first one within a month of receiving it because the sound stopped working. The replacement unit worked for about 9 months before the sound on that went out as well.

I contacted Motorola and they had no problem sending out a replacement unit, but turnaround times are 1 week + with a receipt and 3 weeks + without a receipt. It seems like this is a fairly common problem related to faulty wiring within the parent unit. For something in this price range it is unacceptable and ridiculous that a warranty replacement take this long. A working and reliable baby monitor is critical.

We ended up buying an Infant Optics DXR-8 since we couldn't wait. So far it has been excellent. From what I can tell the menu structure on the parent unit is almost identical to the Motorola. If you didn't know your were using the Infant Optics you would think it was the MB36. The display on the infant optics seems to be much sharper and the overall build quality seems better. The micro USB charging port on the parent unit is a big plus. We can use any of the other cell phone and tablet chargers we have.

I would stay away from the Motorola and consider the Infant Optics DXR-8 instead.

---Update - 19 days since calling---

Called Motorola for an update and was told I should be receiving the replacement tomorrow. I informed the rep that I was unsatisfied by the time it has taken and feel it unacceptable for it to take so long to replace a $250 monitor that most parents would find difficult to be without. The rep was nice enough to inform me that it is only meant to be a tool and I shouldn't be relying on it to monitor my baby. The rep also informed me that they are the only office in the country that handles returns for the US and Canada and are extremely busy and she didn't see a problem with it taking this long.

Definitely would recommend staying away and spending your money on something else. We are still loving our Infant Optics Infant Optics Dxr-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5" Video Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens we bought as a replacement since we couldn't wait.
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on December 11, 2014
My husband and I selected this monitor because it seemed to be the best product to ensure the safety of our child. It was certainly the most expensive with the most features (most unnecessary) and the most advertising. When we first brought our son home from the NICU, we were especially grateful for the peace of mind this monitor offered us. Our son was not processing oxygen properly and when he cried his oxygen level would drop, resulting in breathing difficulty. It was important that we be able to hear his cries and see his breathing patterns. For the first year, this monitor was everything we hoped it to be.

Then we discovered that the Motorola monitor was not quite as reliable and wonderful as we had come to believe. In the middle of the night, the speaker suddenly stopped working. My husband and I slept soundly, believing our son was as well. But he wasn't. He was crying himself into a frenzy, taking deep hitching breaths and gasping for air between watery sobs. I am so very thankful I woke up to use the bathroom and glanced at the monitor that night. I saw the lights at the top blinking into the red and realized my son was not breathing normally. I can only imagine how long he must have shrieked and struggled to breathe just down the hall from us, while we felt so reassured by that monitor. In the morning, when we had all settled down and caught our breath, my husband and I examined the monitor and camera. Everything was still properly secured and plugged in, nothing had ever been moved or mishandled. We contacted Motorola Customer Service, who seemed happy to assist us. We emphasized how much we loved our monitor and were eager to have it working properly again, as it was literally a lifesaver for the first year with our son. Then Customer Service informed us that the monitor was no longer under warranty and they could not help us.

So, we Googled. And we discovered that the speaker issue is a VERY common malfunction with this monitor. For no reason, the speaker will stop working. Some customers experienced this after only a few days! Multiple customers claimed to receive replacements (under warranty) only to have the same problem with the new ones, sometimes multiple times until the warranty ran out and Motorola said "sorry". It is evident that there is a serious fault in the speaker of this product, but the company has done nothing to warn parents about the danger is poses or to remedy the situation with new models. And if your monitor is no longer under warranty, bringing this information to their attention results in responses of "sorry we can't help". But they CAN help. They can admit that their monitor may - at any moment - stop working, resulting in a potentially unnoticed injury or death of a child. They can stand behind their product and offer some option for resolving the issue beyond "sorry". A $300 monitor should function properly for well over a year, but Motorola seems to believe that it is perfectly acceptable for the product to break at any moment for any reason, even if the product itself is at fault. Sorry.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. It is simply not worth the risk of wondering if your monitor will last as long as you need it to supervise your child's safety. For us, it didn't. For us, our son could have cried until he was unable to catch his breath and we would have discovered him the following morning. But I am not only writing this review for us. I'm writing this for all of the other parents who experienced that terrifying night when the monitor stopped working. When the security they felt was untrue, and their child could have been in danger without their knowledge. I'm writing this for all of the other parents who are considering purchasing this monitor, because you should know that your money is not buying safety or peace of mind... it is buying a product that may or may NOT alert you if your child needs you, if your child is hurt, if your child is crying all night long while you sleep. This is not an acceptable product flaw, whether the monitor works properly for a day or a year. Parents purchase Motorola monitors with the false belief that they will increase safety and security for their child. We purchase Motorola monitors so we can sleep easier at night, but I need you to know that purchasing a Motorola monitor is taking a risk, it's gambling with your child's safety.

If you have experienced a problem with a Motorola monitor - especially related to the sudden stop of speaker function - please post your own review with as much information regarding your experience as possible. I hope to prove to Motorola that it is necessary for them to take action. They are responsible for the malfunction and fault in their product and something must be done to alert parents of this danger. Until that time, I will be contacting stores that sell Motorola monitors to inform them of this risk, and sharing my experience on parenting boards and social networks.
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on August 8, 2011
I purchased this video monitor weary, because the last one I bought boasted all the same details but was a horrible purchase experience. i ended up returning the samsung video monitor model and opted for this. just arrived, and i've been playing with it for the past two hours. first off, let me say that this little thing is S-E-X-Y. it is sleek, well made, and doesn't look like your average baby monitor. the picture was SO clear and might have a millisecond of a delay but what monitor doesn't? when i say millisecond, i mean millisecond. the two way talk feature was excellent and my daughter and I have been playing i spy on it for the last half hour. :) its very user friendly, and i love that it actually FUNCTIONS! the pan feature is AMAZING and the sound is soooo clear. i love that you can shut off the video with a click of a button and just hear sounds.

MY ONLY, and I mean ONLY regret with this product is that I can't seem to find where to purchase an additional camera. I called Motorola and they told me I needed to buy it from amazon or somewhere else. which sucks. but this product is so great, so sleek, so functional, and so SEXY!, that I will not take away a star for it!

Hope this review helps!
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on September 16, 2013
Really, Really Disappointed.

Bought this problem 1/2012. Worked great - was happy with the video quality, range, etc. The battery has been starting to discharge quickly - will no longer last through a nap. So - you have to keep it plugged in all the time, which is annoying, but livable.

However - on/off button just broke. And - a friend of mine who I had recommended this to - the sound stopped working.

My friend called Moto - and they did not seem surprised, sent out a new one - it was still under the year warranty.

However for me - since it was passed 1 year, the cust service would not do anything. After expressing to them that I paid up for this expensive model, only to get poor quality in return, was put on hold while the rep "talked to a supervisor" or more probably "got a cup of coffee" there was again nothing they could do.

All I can do is share the poor quality with others in the hope you will find a quality product to buy.
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