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Just to give you some background, I have been an Amateur radio enthusiast for about 3 decades now. I collect radios and I am a member of a Disaster volunteer radio group. I have 2 Base Stations and dozens of professional and consumer radios of all brands spanning 3 decades.

I really wanted to give you a very detailed comparison of these 2 radios. Prior to buying these radios I called up Motorola and Giant and got information from them about these MT352R handhelds. They told me that it is generally the same as the MR350 except that it is more forgiving to bad weather and has a much better battery. I ordered them and when they arrived I did a side by side comparison with my favorite consumer radio, the Motorola MR350. I have 4 of MR350s and I have had them for about 4 years now, and they are still working great. So when I did my field test I was expecting the same performance out of both radios in terms of distance and clarity.

Here is my side by side comparison between them:

1. Menu Features - They have very similar features. Not much to write about there. The menus are the same as well. You can read about their features from Amazon. I will not waste time on this.

2. Battery - The MT352 has a superior battery. Specs say it has 15 hours of battery life as compared to the MR350 which has 9 hours. But in the field, I have never been out longer than 9 hours, so I do not think this really matters as much.

3. Size - The MR350 is hands down the better radio for carry. The MT532R is long and wide, whereas the MR350 is svelte and sleek. The MR350 design is excellent if you intend to put the radio in your pocket. You will not even know it is there.

4. Weather resistant - The MT352R says that it is Weather resistant. It has an IP-54 rating. The "5" is the dust resistance and the "4" is the Water resistance. This just says it can withstand a dusty or rainy environment. Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact. Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

WARNING: It is only Weather Resistant. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER!!!

5. Distance - see test below

******Range Comparison: MR350 vs MT352R********

Scenario: I had my daughter stand in the front of my house and she had an MR350 and a MT352R. I walked away from the house and would radio in every .1 miles. I also had an MR350 and a MT352R. I would transmit first on the MR350 which she will only use her MR350 to receive and transmit. Then we would try to transmit with the MT352R. I live in an LA neighborhood so there are many houses and trees. I believe this would be a typical scenario for most. We were also transmitting on a GMRS Channel pressing the High Power PTT button. I do have a GMRS license.

Test: 0.1 Mile
1. MR350 - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.
2. MT352R - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 0.2 Miles
1. MR350 - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.
2. MT352R - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 0.3 Miles
1. MR350 - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.
2. MT352R - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 0.4 Miles
1. MR350 - There was a little static. We could hear each other clearly.
2. MT352R - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 0.5 Miles
1. MR350 - There was a little more static. We could hear each other. I had to ask her to repeat what she said. She heard me but asked me to repeat as well. Sporadic noise, but we could still communicate.
2. MT352R - Crystal clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 0.6 Miles
1. MR350 - Her transmission was getting a little choppy. It was choppy on both sides. We both had to repeat ourselves in order to understand.
2. MT352R - There was a little noise in the background but it was still very clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 0.7 Miles
1. MR350 - Our transmission was choppy. It was very choppy on both sides. We both had to repeat ourselves in order to understand. It was very difficult to understand what she was saying.
2. MT352R - There was a little noise in the background but it was still very clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 0.8 Miles
1. MR350 - We could barely understand each other. It was extremely choppy on both sides. I could hear her trying to transmit but could not understand anything she said. She said she heard me but it was very, very choppy.
2. MT352R - There was a little noise in the background but it was still very clear on send and receive on both ends. I actually used the MT352R to check if she was having problems hearing me with the MR350.

Test: 0.9 Miles
1. MR350 - The radio channel would open once in a while, but I could not hear anything anymore. It was the same for her.
2. MT352R - There was a little noise in the background but it was still very clear on send and receive on both ends.

Test: 1 Mile
1. MR350 - Cannot send or receive anymore.
2. MT352R - There was more noise in the background but we can still communicate.

Test: 1.2 Miles
1. MR350 - Cannot send or receive anymore.
2. MT352R - Her transmission was choppy. The transmission was very noisy. It was choppy on both sides. We both had to repeat ourselves several times in order to understand.

As far as features are concerned, there is not much difference between them. And if you are like me that prefer to use Alkaline, then there is no benefit to the better battery of the MT352R.

The MT352R had about a 30%-40% range improvement over the MR350. But considering that the MT352R costs about 40% to 50% more than the MR350, the MR350 is still a better bargain.

If you are going to use this around the neighborhood, camping or having in the car, then get the MT352R.

If you are going to use this for pocket carry in the mall or department store, or where size is important, and you want to carry something sleek that has enough power, get the MR350.

If you intend to use a radio for a cruise ship, then I would prefer the MR350 because it is not bulky to carry around.

I will not replace my MR350. Depending on the need, I will use the appropriate radio.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the MT352R very much. It is a full sized, weather resistant, more powerful version of the MR350R. Consider the MR350R the more portable version of the MT352R. It is like comparing the IPAD Mini and the IPOD Touch. I value portability over power because what use is the power if I cannot bring it with me everywhere I go(like the mall). And that is why I like the MR350R over any other radio, professional or consumer.

That being said, I prefer the MT352R over my ICOM, Kenwood, or Motorola Professional radios. These MT352R are Emergency radios and they are very, very good for that purpose. The only advantage of a professional radio over these MT352R is that they are practically indestructible. But feature, function and usability, the MT352R is better.

I hope this review helped you. Hope to talk to you on the air.

*******UPDATE December 21, 2012******
The price dropped on these to almost the same price as the MR350R, in which case there is no price advantage to the MR350R anymore.

*******UPDATE May 13, 2013*******
I liked these so much that I have been giving them away as gifts to family and friends. The battery of these are better than the MR350R and the MS350R. About double the capacity. They do last longer but I still prefer to use Alkaline. I notice that with light everyday use, I have had the same Energizers on these for the past 2 months. So at least for my usage, I do not see the need for using rechargeable.

We were on a convoy and we had no problems with car to car communication on the freeways. My brother-in-law already excited the freeway and I was still 2 exits behind him and we had no problems talking. That was more than 2 miles based on the distance mentioned on the freeway exit signs. We only started having problems when he was driving in downtown LA and I was till on the freeway. But once I exited, we were back in contact. It was the tall buildings that was blocking our transmissions.

My wife refuses to use the MT352R because it does not fit her purse, unlike the svelte MR350R. So my MR350R is still in daily use by my family.

*********UPDATE March 24, 2015*********
It has been a couple of years since my last update so I decided to do another Test of the power of the Motorola MT352R.

My daughter was in Hotel room on the 16th Floor. I went all the way to the ground floor Lobby to test if the MT352R can make it all the way to the lobby. Then I would get into the elevator and transmit my floor to her and she will reply. I would then get off every 4th floor until I get to the 16th floor.

1. The Motorola MT352R made it all the way to the lobby and it was very clear.
2. There was no dead spot on the elevators on any floor.
3. There was no dead spot anywhere until the 16th floor of the whole Hotel and Casino.

I was really surprised on how clear it was and that even if this hotel is made of concrete and steel and has granite floors, the radio was able to penetrate all of this 16 floors down. I am shocked and impressed.

After several years of using these radios, I still really love them and will keep using them for many years to come. Now to actually enjoy my Las Vegas Vacation. I hope this has been of help to you. I hope to talk to you on the air.
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on December 10, 2012
**REVIEW UPDATED 12/21/2012...see end of review for updated info.**

I've been around the block with consumer-grade two-way radios that I use for backpacking, camping and general Boy Scout activities. I've tried Uniden, Midland and Motorola, but always come back to Motorola. Midlands broke and Unidens don't have great range and can't produce clear enough audio for me.

I learned after hobbling along with my last non-Moto set (Uniden G-227) that Motorola really is the way to go for clarity, range and features. Audio clarity is important to me because there's nothing more maddening than muddy audio and having to ask the person on the other end to keep repeating until you can understand what they've said.


* Robust design.
* Bright color makes it harder to lose.
* Waterproof from basic elements. Living in Florida, this is important.
* Great audio clarity.
* Decent range (certainly not 35 miles, but a more realistic one-mile+ range in forested and flat terrain).
* Richly featured for a consumer radio.
* PTT power adjustable buttons (one H, one L) means no more fidgeting with menu settings when you need higher power transmissions.
* Comes with a rechargeable battery pack for each radio.
* Emergency LED light is very handy.
* NOAA weather receiver.
* USB chargeable.


* Currently lacks charging station (allegedly to be released soon, according to Motorola).
* Wish it had a carrying case instead of the plastic belt clip.
* Wish it had more range in typical conditions, but this is not a pro radio set.

I'm a realist when it comes to consumer two-way radios. I don't expect an actual 35-mile range and don't actually need 35 miles. That's what cell phones are for, but of course, if you are in a very remote area, a cell signal may not be available.

I was impressed with the menu of features on this radio and really needed to move up to a radio with NOAA weather capabilities. When you are one of the adults responsible for as many as 75 boys on an outing, you really need to be on alert for their safety. I like the overall quality of the radio and have never been disappointed with a Moto two-way. I still have my Talkabout 250, which has been in use for close to 10 trouble-free years now. It's still crystal-clear and transmits well for a compact FRS radio, which was another reason why I came back to and will remain with Motorola.

This radio set deserves five stars for its performance and deep feature list, but more importantly, for me, being able to hear transmissions clearly is a key element. I'm happy with this radio for what it is: an effective communications tool.

** 12/21/2012 UPDATE **

Not changing the five stars rating, especially after taking the radios camping in dense woodlands this past weekend. My daughter went hiking with her girlfriend and was well beyond a mile away when she called me on the radio. Her voice was loud and crystal clear. She also found the built-in LED light very helpful when she couldn't find her own flashlight. Honestly, I didn't think much about the radio's emergency light, but it came in handy!
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on July 26, 2013
We purchased these radios to replace a couple of older first generation FRS radios we've been carrying with us on camping / hiking / biking trips for some time now and quite honestly they've never really lived up to my expectations so it was time for some new radios. Our old radios used 4 alkaline AAA batteries and I wanted something with rechargeable batteries which these units have.. Granted they use NiMh rechargeable batteries whereas I'd rather they have the more modern Li-Ions but beggars can't be choosers I suppose and I'd imagine Li-Ion would increase the price of the radios at least a bit but at any rate, at least they're rechargeable and they do seem to hold a good charge.

Our first trip was to our favorite campground where on past trips we'd attempted to use our older radios with not-so-good results. By the time I hiked / kayaked to my fishing hole a few miles from camp I'd radio back to my wife to let her know I was there only to hear a choppy, incomprehensible response from her. Very frustrating to say the least. On our first trip with our new Motorola MT350R radios I went to my favorite fishing spot and radioed back to my wife. I figured I'd try to the low transmission button at first to see how it did. I wasn't expecting a reply and figured I'd have to try the high transmission mode next but to my surprise my wife responded to me (also in low transmission mode on her end) loud and clear. I was amazed because our old radios, even in high power mode, couldn't reach. It was really cool knowing I had a line of communication in the remote area of Alaska where we camp, where there is no cell service or any other means of communicating.

Range - Anyone who has dealt with these type of radios in the past knows that the advertised range is pretty much never going to be achievable unless you find an ideal location where you have a 35 mile unimpeded line-of-sight shot with optimal conditions but considering that my old radios advertised a 20 mile range but couldn't ever reach me a few miles across the lake from camp while these radios, with their 35 mile advertised range, do so with ease, has me thoroughly impressed. Maybe someday we'll push the limits a bit to see what type of range we can get out of them but for now I'm more than happy with these units for what we've used them for.

weatherproofing' - During our hike and my kayaking around the lake I got these units a little damp with no ill effects therefore I can say that the "weatherproof" nature of the radios seems to hold up. The specifications specifically point out that "weatherproof" doesn't mean "waterproof" so I didn't want to push my luck and sink these in the lake to see how they'd hold up but they do seem to have what it takes to hold up to a little dampness. All the ports (headset, charging port..) are covered by a rubber flap to keep out moisture.

Charging and battery life - these units came with a single plug-in charger that has two charging leads so that you can charge both at the same time which is nice. Seems like there is demand for a charging base of some kind but honestly I find the current charging solution to be more than adequate. The battery life is more than adequate out of the box but my experience with NiMh is that, although better than NiCd in many ways, are not as good as Li-Ion in long term power output and overall charge cycles before the battery life starts to decline but again, it's hard to complain considering the price and the battery life out of the box is adequate for our usage so far.

VOX, WX stations - we have not used these units with any sort of headset at this point so I can't comment on how well that functionality works. Also we have not used the weather radio function either so again, no comment on this function.

Cons - about the only issue I have with these units is the method of carrying them. I don't find the belt clip to be all that great, especially while kayaking, so I carry it in one of my zip-up pockets to ensure that I don't dunk it along the way. Regardless of how 'weatherproof' Motorola claims these units are, I really hate testing such claims while miles from camp and in the middle of a lake. The buttons are so sensitive that I find myself constantly false-transmitting or "butt-dialing", as my wife calls it, on accident. One of the features the WiFi phones that we use at the hospital I work at is a "lock-key" functionality which, albeit a small thing, would be a nice function on these units. While the lock-keys function is turned on the radio wouldn't transmit no matter what button my big rear end pushed but I'd still be able to keep it on in order to receive transmissions. It's a small thing but I do find the two methods of transport (belt-clip or no belt-clip) a bit lacking and either a more sturdy carry case or a way to lockout the transmit buttons while in transport would be nice.

Overall - we are very happy with the Motorola MT350R radios and we're very happy with the price we paid for them here on Amazon. They shipped fast and arrived well packaged and in excellent condition, as we expected.
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on September 26, 2012
These radios are great for the price. We use them for camera crews working different areas of large convention centers. Fair communication indoors up to 1/2 mile, nothing beyond that. Still much better than other lesser distance radios. No interferance either way with pro audio equipment. I recommend you buy better headsets, the supplied units all only worked intermittantly, not dependable. battery life needed watching, would go from 2/3 down to zero. Seemed like the display was not refreshing often enough to help, just charge them daily for heavy use, every other day for random day use. great product for this semi-pro price range.
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on August 8, 2013
I really wanted a way to keep up with my family on our cruise ship and thought 2 way radios might be the best option. I was worried that they may not work on a cruise ship, but figured the seller/manufacturer might know, so I emailed the seller to ask - because I really didn't want to spend $120 if they wouldn't work.

I was really disappointed with the seller, Electronic Resources's short and to the point answer: "I am not sure if this will work on a boat sorry." Being a salesperson myself, I was thinking if they really wanted to sell their products that they might go the extra mile and ask the manufacturer if they didn't know the answer, but they didn't... but this review is about the product and not the seller. :-) Once I found a different seller, I bit the bullet and ended up buying them without an answer to my question.

● Water resistant
● Long talking range (up to 35 miles, but we didn't get nearly that far away from each other)
● Long Battery life
● Light weight but solid
● Vibrating ringer if you prefer that over an actual ring tone
● clear reception

● Minor, but worth mentioning. There is a bit of a delay when you press the talk button, so be sure to press the button - wait a second - then start talking - wait a second - then release the talk button
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on October 18, 2013
I bought about 10 for my operations crew because they were waterproof and they could use a cabana clip to fix it to their belt while they were working. In less than 2 months half of them were having button issues like randomly turning off, not turning off and other buttons not reacting to being pressed etc. If you are expecting them to be used daily then they will not last the warranty period.
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on September 15, 2013
I purchased these with the hopes of being able to communicate between two mobile homes and throughout the 5 acre rural property I live on and they work GREAT! The instructions were very clear and I was able to set all three up quickly with a locked in channel, interference eliminator code, call tone, and talk confirmation tone and also my local NOAA weather channel. Very easy to use and reception is very clear throughout my property. I only have them set on an FRS channel at present and am only using the low power PTT switch but they work fine. I am waiting for the FCC to send my GMRS license and then will see how much distance I can get from them on a higher power channel. Bottom line...well worth the money. The only negative aspect is that you get three radios but only two chargers and they take quite a while to initially charge. However, pop in 3 AA alkaline batteries and you are ready to go immediately. Somewhat related is the fact that you can buy a two unit drop in charger but not a 3 unit one...Motorola needs to make one if they are selling 3 unit radio packages. However, neither of these negative factors affect the solid operation of the radios themselves.

Update---My mistake...the radios come with two handles a single radio and the other is a twin charger for two, you can charge all three radios at the same time.
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on October 31, 2012
As advertised they are truly waterproof. A teenager dropped one overboard the first week I owned these units. IT FLOATS! (thank you Lord)

Communication is crisp and clear. VOX operation works very well.

To all who are new to quality two way communication be aware.....

Radio licensing is a painless function that can be done online.

If you need quality communication these are the radios.
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on January 2, 2013
Love them! I bought a pair of these walkie-talkies for my boys (ages 4 and 6), knowing that the novelty would wear off pretty quickly for them, and I'd be left with a decent pair of radios for driving, hunting, fishing and other cool activities. But, man... I didn't know how great these things were when I ordered them.

Their range and clarity is startling. They have a built in LED flashlight that is really handy and more bells and whistles than I'll ever use. They are weatherproof, which has already come in handy when one of my knuckleheaded ankle-biters left his radio in the backyard where it was hit with our sprinklers, a light rain shower and a massive amount of dew on one night and a hard frost the next. I found the radio, turned it on and it worked like a charm.

The only problem so far is how much my boys LOVE these things. I may never get to put them in my "Outdoor" bag as I'd hoped when I ordered them.

They are big, easily the size of a full-grown man's hand, and they are rechargeable. In a perfect world, I'd like them to be a bit more compact and allow me to replace the batteries rather than recharge them (when I'm camping or fishing, I have access to loose batteries, but no electricity for charging.). But, these are still outstanding consumer-level radios that won't disappoint.
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on August 23, 2012
We own a few radios but this is the best one yet. The audio clarity is great! Flashlight is a cool addition and the fact that it charges through mini-usb. I hated those bulky chargers, never liked carrying those along and never understood why they would not do the same as they do for their cellphones.
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