Customer Reviews: Motorola Moto Q - Smartphone - CDMA2000 1X - bar - Windows Mobile - silver - Verizon
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on June 9, 2006
I have read a lot of the reviews and spoken to a number of current owners of the Motorola Q. I have also owned and used Blackberries, Treo's, LG Phones including the LG VX9800 and the Motorola Razor. I picked one up this week and here are my initial impressions.

The phone layout and design are excellent. Compared to other devices like the Blackberry and Treo, the keys are in a much better location (about ½ up from the bottom end of the phone) making it much less stressful on the thumbs to type. The keys functions are very similar to a Blackberry. Takes a little bit of getting use to but learn very quickly.

Active Sync, which it comes with, is a breeze to set-up and start syncing. Works great with Outlook. I also have set-up my device to pull down emails from my gmail account. I read one review that said everything was being doubled when transferring. No so here. Works like a charm and very fast. Internet connections are much faster that on my Blackberry, which my work has supplied me.

The battery is another item that people tend to give bad reviews on. That may be why Verizon is currently offering a 60 dollar battery for 19 dollars. Supposedly the extended battery will give double the time which as I understand it from other users is about 2 days.

One of the big issues that people are focusing on in these reviews is the processing speed and how it is affected by having multiple applications open and the hassle of closing them once you are done with them. First, the Motorola is like any computer....having multiple applications open and running all at once will kill the processing speed of computer. Second, to close the programs is much easier than represented in these reviews. Just go to your home page and click on the top smart icons Task Manager and "Kill All" tasks running.

So far very happy with my decision.

Update: 6/12/06

After a week of using my Q, I am still pleased with my decision. I continue to monitor the other reviews and what I find interesting is the fact that many people focus on items that are very nit picky, i.e. the screen is slightly off center. Interesting...I didn't even notice until that person pointed it out. What is also interesting is that people tend to want a device that does everything exceptionally well (pda, phone, etc). I would agree that that would be the ideal but I am happy with a device that does everything good. Each person has their own preferences and what you really need to keep in mind is what you need the device to do. I just need a device that syncs with my home computer (outlook), can send text and picture messages, syncs with my email via the web and provides me occasional access to the internet. The Q does all that and more.

Update 6/16/06
Ok. I have returned my phone(s) yes, plural!! Let me explain why.

The first phone had an issue with it's bluetooth functionality/transmitter. I returned it and exchanged for another Motorola Q.

My second phone I had for one day before it completely died and nothing I or tech support could do would allow it to be restarted.

Motorola has some serious issues to overcome with their Quality Assurance program.

When I was on the phone with Verizon Tech Support I asked them which device/Smartphone they recieved the least number of calls on...they said the Treo 700w. As such, I return my Motorola Q and purchased the 700w. Wow, what a difference! The Treo is much faster and much easier to use. I would downgrade my rating but unfortunately once the stars are choosen in Amazon's rating system they cannot be changed.
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on June 15, 2006
MotoQ is a very good tool. The designers have optimized the features for people who need to be connected via voice, email, and web without carrying a briefcase full of stuff everywhere.

It's not a PC, so you will be disappointed if you intend to work extensively with a spreadsheet or other work applications. This device is also not for power PDA users that service data centers from their huge PDA's.

However, if you are on the road and want to be able to review an email, word, excel, power point, acrobat document, or quickly find information on a website from just about anywhere, this is an awesome tool. I decided to keep my MotoQ when I had to review a 4MB pdf file for work during a family outing. I was able to download the file and review it on the MotoQ. A 5 minute time out was so much better than any other options.

Something I found very delightful is the fact that I have constant access to the internet. Waiting in lines has become just a little bit more tolerable since I could surf the net instead of reading 6 month old magazines.

I was very concerned about a lack of touch screen, but within a day, the scroll & navigation keys won me over. It is very nice to be able to use only one hand.

So, why did I select the MotoQ over BlackBerry? The MotoQ is actually a very good phone with superior call quality. The bluetooth and speakerphone are the best I've used. I was quite disappointed by calls on the BlackBerry, a deal breaker for me. Please note that sending and receiving emails seem to be a bit faster on the BlackBerry, but downloading information from the web seems to take the same amount of time. For me, functionality favored the MotoQ's phone call advantage, and the aesthetics made it easy to go with the MotoQ.

Update: 6/17/2006

As with previous reviewers, the honeymoon is already over. I am finding that none of my prior PocketPC applications will install on this phone. If you are migrating, you should seriously consider this. Fortunately, there is only one application I really use frequently, and there are other less convenient ways to compensate for my application.

Also, if you use the bluetooth headphone a lot, you really need the big battery or charge it frequently. I was surprised to get a low battery warning on the MotoQ mid-day when my Razr would last the full day with similar usage. The large capacity battery makes the phone look much less attractive, and it will no longer fit well in the nice fitted case.

On the other hand, I've received several compliments on the sound quality of the phone on the handset, bluetooth headset, and speaker phone. I don't remember getting so many positive comments on other cell phones I've used.

I've got a few more days before the full refund expires if I opt for an annulment. So, I'll keep it for now and post how I decide.

Update: 6/22/2006

OK. I am keeping the MotoQ. Let me go through my decision process in case it is of some use to you.

First, more problems I encountered:
(Please note that I am not tech support, and I am limiting my time on solving MotoQ problems. So, there might be better solutions. If you have them, I hope you will post.)

(1) If you get an attachment in the email, you cannot save it to the storage card. This is lame. There is a work around: you can save the message into your Draft folder and view it later so that it doesn't disappear from your Inbox post-PC_download-send/receive. If you have a lot of documents, your memory will fill up fast since the Draft folder is part of your internal storage.

(2) You cannot edit documents (word, excel, powerpoint). You can only view them. Perhaps there might be 3rd party software that can do this. For me, only real bummer is that the spreadsheets could be useful sometimes for simple math such as adding a bunch of numbers.

(3) Windows Mobile OS almost survived a week without crashing, but crash it did. Minor inconvenience, it just needed to be power cycled. (Update: Windows Mobile OS has been crashing about once per month, not bad for MS)

(4) For security code, you can only enter numbers. And, because you have to press the activate-numbers-key, you cannot unlock the phone one handed. This is really lame. (Update: you can press the "ALT" key twice to lock it in the number key mode, so you can do this with one hand.)

(5) I've been able to find all the PDA programs I used on my Dell Axim with comparable replacements for the MotoQ. However, I've had to purchase all of them, and I have now spent a big chunk of the MotoQ discount on replacement software.

Something obvious in retrospect:
The MotoQ is a "smartphone", not a PocketPC PDA with a phone. This was not a distinction that was clear to me with the fuzzy marketing; also smart since I probably would not have tried the MotoQ if this was obvious. So, migrating from my Dell Axim to MotoQ was easy; nothing could be saved... buyer beware!

Why I am keeping the MotoQ:

I've identified more cons than pros so far, but there is a very positive and significant thing about the MotoQ: I use it all the time. My wife noticed that the only other devices I've used as much were my Palm V & Sony Clie; may they both rest in peace.

In spite of all the problems, the MotoQ is very convenient, so I use it. I feel a little bit more organized and connected; more in control over my schedule. I have some similar flashbacks of the switching pains from the big Flanklin planner to the Palm V.

It is nice to quickly and easily see my calendar to check for schedule conflicts, instead of asking people to wait until I return to my office. I like being able to spell a name to make a quick phone call from my contact list, instead of waiting to return to my office to find the number. And, I really like being able to check my email to see if an important message arrived during a flight and being able to search for information w/o looking for a hotspot. Yes, it is another leash, but one that helps me achieve higher efficiency and save time that I can later spend with my family.

What was interesting is that when my Sony Clie died from old age & high mileage, I replaced it with a much more powerful Dell Axim. But, I did not use it. Even with Wifi, Bluetooth, functional office apps, etc, it sat in my desk or briefcase, only to be used a couple of times per week. I could point out a lot of detailed reasons for this, but they all come down to the device being a little bit inconvenient (does not fit well in pocket, takes a couple of seconds too long to turn on & switch apps) to use, just enough of a barrier to keep it from being really needed or wanted.

How often did I use the excel spreadsheet on the Dell Axim to do simple math? about 5 times in 3 years. How many meetings did I miss because the Axim was on my desk and not in my pocket? too many to count! How often am I using the MotoQ? Enough to require a battery recharge every night... :)

Update: 8/24/2006

I am still happy with the MotoQ. My MotoQ is 1 of 5 that my company purchased for some of the employees. Of this group, 4 out of 5 really like this device; the 5th is OK with it. The 5th person "downgraded" from the Treo 650, and she really seems to prefer the Palm OS. None of us experienced the catastrophic problems mentioned in other reviews for this product.
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on August 4, 2006
My first statement right off the bat is that those who are writing negative comments seem not to understand the difference between the PocketPC and Smartphone operating systems. I have personally been using both since the introductions of both PocketPC (with the original iPAQ) and with Smartphone (with the original Orange SPV). I am switching to the Motorola Q from the i-mate K-JAM (aka the T-Mobile MDA/Cingular 8125); some of my more recent devices include the Treo 650 (Verizon), Samsung i600, Orange SPV, and the i-mate Smartpone2, as well as several iPAQs: the 4150, the 2215, and the older models as well. I will say off the bat that I agree, the Smartphone OS is much more simplistic, and I honestly LOVE it that way because that's what a phone OS should be like. I definitely loved the PocketPC Phone Edition with the K-JAM but found myself wanting something smaller that would handle my contacts, calendar, To-Do list, multimedia, occasional gaming, occasional eBook reading, heavy web browsing and some light document viewing. Enter the Motorola Q. It does everything and it does it well. I love the Smart Dial for instance: start typing in a name OR number and it will immediately start searching your contacts database for a match from which you can directly dial. Try doing that with one hand on a PocketPC. You can do it, but it's cumbersome (for the K-JAM/HTC Wizard, install SmartKeys from for some improved one-handedness).

In fact, anything can be managed with one hand because THAT'S how Microsoft designed the operating system. I admit off the bat that I truly do not like Windows XP and I am a Mac user. [I synchronize my MotoQ with my black MacBook using Missing/Sync and have not had any problems synchronizing via USB (occasional trouble via Bluetooth).]

Microsoft's mobile OS, on the other hand, I am a great fan of. To those complaining that you can't edit Microsoft Office documents, WHY would you want to on a screen this small? It's not meant for that. You can do some TXT editing as well as some light spreadsheet editing (using PTabs...check

The PIM organization is nearly identical on both the PocketPC and Smartphone: if you want improved management of Tasks (as well as a better Calendar), I HIGHLY recommend Papyrus or Pocket Informant (both adapted from the PocketPC apps, and both are identical on the Smartphone). Also, I highly recommend FACADE (again, check Handango or, which enables a much more detailed (and TABBED) view of your schedule and To-Do list on your homescreen.

For multimedia, the Q cannot be beat...the experience is much better than the Palm OS (the best multimedia app on the Treo 650, TCPMP, is better on the Smartphone). I use TCPMP for video (it handles iPod-encoded MP4 video that is NOT purchased flawlessly). For music, I use PocketPlayer 2.8 from Conduits (which displays a library screen similar to my iPOD's, with Album/Artist/Album Artist/Genre/etc. categories). Sound quality using a 2.5mm to 3.5mm headset adapter and my iPOD headphones is excellent and sounds fuller than my iPOD, albeit with a lesser volume. The Q supports Bluetooth stereo / A2DP as well; I have not yet tested this out.

Other apps I highly recommend: CityTime Alarms SP (for a top of the line alarm clock application), PocketNES (NES emulator for the occasional Mario), MobiPocket Reader (for eBooks that you can purchase or, if using a Windows computer, convert with their free desktop importer-->I currently have The Kite Runner, The Devil Wears Prada, and The World Is Flat... on my device). Agile Messenger is a great IM program. SlingPlayer is a MUST for SlinBox owners and works flawlessly over EVDO (just be careful not to use 10+GB of data per month, or Verizon will terminate you based on their TOS). Finally, Virtual Earth Mobile is PERFECT for a 411/directions app all in's sort of like mini Google Earth. Excellent for a free app. Finally, PhatNotes from [...] is a top of the line notes application for jotting things down on the can add text, voice, pictures, links, etc.

On data: EVDO speeds in the NYC area are excellent and extremely fast, much to my surprise. I don't miss WiFi much and love having fast internet wherever I go. I use the EVDO for slinging, web browsing, Wikipedia searching for research information, for everything Google (including access to my personalized homepage and news and GMail), Virtual Earth Mobile for directions, maps, and 411 lookup-type features, Agile Messenger for AIM conversations, and NewsBreaker for RSS feeds.

Battery and performance: I was disappointed at first with battery and took advantage of Verizon's extended battery offer. I have ceased to use the battery since buying it, however. I can now use my Q for 2 days (with all of the above being used regularly, i.e. music for 45 minutes while jogging, browsing, eBook reading, PIM, etc.) on the STANDARD battery. The biggest battery saver is a registry hack found on which enables EVDO time-out disconnects; without it, the Q remains dormantly connected to EVDO until you turn Flight Mode on or reboot the phone. I saw a significant increase in battery life. Note, this modification is not for those who use Wireless Sync. For those who are concerned, pick up a car charger from for $8.99. As for performance, the Q is SPEEDY, particularly if you disable the Key Tones (under Sounds in Settings) and if you use a Registry editor to increase the GlyphCache (again, see The performance of the camera is excellent for a camera phone and, in solid daylight, the pictures are truly print-quality (with fuzziness of course, but printworthy nonetheless in 4x6).

Overall, I have owned many mobile devices and love almost all of them; none of them have been as much fun to use as the Q, and none have seen the amount of use I get out of the Q (largely due to its size and ease of transport). I highly recommend it to everyone who is not seeking a full-fledged mobile Microsoft Office editor; also, I recommend it to those who are at least somewhat tech savvy. It requires a litte bit of work, but so did all of my devices. Please do your research before slamming a device for not doing what it was not meant to do!
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on July 7, 2006
first off if you're looking for a hardcore pda to manage your business or whatever, this may not be what you are looking for so do some research first before posting a review that this isn't the PalmOS that you can run your corporate office out of.

This is a smartphone, and it lives up to exactly what I thought I would get out of it. The functionality and design and weight are perfect for gadget hounds and the feature set is a good step up from a regular phone meets mp3/video/photo player meets a simpler office need interface. The audio quality both on calls and during playback is really surprising and crisp.



- - lightweight and great design

- - excellent audio quality for a smartphone

- - advanced voice recognition and other features a great bonus

- - great introductory price



- - battery life. check with Verizon on the extended battery. right now they are offerring a deal on it for like $19.99 (reg $60.00). Also remember the usb that comes with the phone to jack into your computer can be used to maintain the current charge level (not recharge the phone).

- - pocket pc applications must be purchased and seem to run $19.99 each whereas I see people saying palOS ones are free etc. I really only needed the streaming audio station one and maybe 1 more for what I do with it so it wasnt a deal breaker for me.

- - does not come out of the box with an SD ram unless I was missing something !

- - maybe its my area or throttling but the ev-do connection seems slow for $40 a month.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- someone listed there are not recurring events in the calendar and it sucks. This person did a.) not read the manual or b.) not play with it enough. At the end of the calendar entry form there is an occurs: option to select the item as a weekly, monthly etc re-occurrence

- someone above listed you cannot save email attachments and it sucks. Again this person did not a.) read the manual or b.) play with the synching in any way. The wizard guides you through setting up synching and to save an email attachment simply mark that mail with the attachment to save it and the next active synch it will be saved to the Q.

Personally I'm glad I got it so far and did some more research rather than blindly listening to what some of the reviews here said.
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on August 23, 2006
This seems to be a frequent issue with many of my recent purchases, out of the box few of my recent toys are up to spec. But after a some well spent minutes at [...] everything is good again.

As with my Axim X51V, and Olympus E500 SLR, TRD Supercharger, these things need tweaking out of the box for them to work as one wishes.

After making the mentioned changes this device not only flys but it has made up for itself many times over.

I am shocked that nobody has mentioned its Bluetooth PC Remote, you can control the mouse/desktop/powerpoint/mediaplayer using your Q via a bluetooth enabled PC.

I find myself traveling frequnetly attending lectures and presentations mainly by industry leading professionals. Yesterday our VP was presenting to a large room and got VERY bothered by the fact that the admin did not have a wireless controller for the slide show he was presenting. 20 minutes into his 2 hour presentation we had a break, and I wirelessly connected my phone to the bluetooth laptop and offered him its use. Not only was he grateful but blown away (I am known at the office for my tech savy, but its always nice to see its practical implementation in such context).

Just had to share that..

Other great features are its blazing EVDO connection, it is just as quick as my blackberry from work when browsing the web, and the interface handles webpages better then my BBERRY does.

The Bberrys interface was much snappier out of the box but by applying a few quick tweaks from its within competition.

Somebody mentioned the rubber flaps are weak, not true, they are the same flaps that are used on my E500 Olympus SLR camera, and my brothers 2,000 Canon SLR.

And with the recent updated from Motorola you can wirelessly (bluetooth) tether it to your laptop and you can access the internet on the road!!

These are the main topics that I felt were not covered at all, everything else you will find in the other reviews..

Also this may even replace my Axim X51V permanently.. time will tell Ill update this again in about a month.

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on October 4, 2006
I've had a Smartphone for about two years, so I'm not one of those people who didn't like the "Q" because I expected PocketPC features on it. I switched from Cingular to Verizon for service reasons, and the Q seemed like the closest phone to the Audiovox SMT-5600 that I had and liked. It was definitely wider, but thinner, which seemed like a reasonable tradeoff.

In my opinion, it turned out not to be. The phone was really too big to carry in a pocket easily. Once I decided that I needed to carry it on my belt, I decided to get the XV6700 instead. It's a lot thicker, but it has a slide-out keyboard with much bigger keys, plus a stylus/touchscreen and the PocketPC features. I'm very happy with that choice. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't sell that phone for Verizon (though they have the Sprint version).

Other things I disliked about the Q:

- The keys are impossibly small. I used a small blackberry for a long time and was fine with it, but some combination of the size and the feel of the keys made it very hard to use.

- There are no dedicated keys for phone use. The whole point of a smartphone is to be a great phone first. Dialing a number on the Q is just plain hard to do. Finding the * and # keys is even harder! Finally, if you need to find any letter equivalents of the number keys, you're out of luck unless you've memorized them all.

Good luck with whatever you purchase.
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on August 29, 2006
Having previously owned the LG VX9800 (one of the best phones EVER made) for nearly a year, I was hesitant at first to switch over to a PDA/Smartphone format...but I'm glad I finally did. The Motorola Q is a must-have for anyone who needs both Internet access and PDA productivity features wherever they go. Most PDA phones are bulky and quite clumsy for the task of conversing without the aid of a headset. This phone, however, is short and slim enough to make that problem negligible. It fits in an ordinary shirt or pants pocket with plenty of room to spare. The speakerphone is of good quality, so if you don't have a headset and don't like pressing a PDA to your face, phone conversations still come through very clear. Windows Mobile 5.0 has many useful features, but accessing them can be somewhat tedious work at times. The keys are very tiny and I was disappointed that the Q doesn't have dedicated number keys, unlike the VX9800. Also, the plastic cover on the mini-SD slot is hard to remove and practically requires a pair of small tweezers just to open. Those are my main gripes about the phone, but overall the positives outnumber the negatives. The camera takes decent pictures and the side scroll wheel comes in very handy for navigating around the screen. Speaking of the screen, its very bright and crisp...though using it in direct sunlight may prove a little challenging. As I stated at the beginning, the Internet features are oustanding. I have Verizon's unlimited data plan and despite the fact EVDO is not yet available where I live, I can still stream radio stations flawlessly over the built-in Windows Media Player. In fact, the Q multi-tasks like a champion: One time I was listening to a streaming audio feed, surfing the Internet, and sending a text message all at the same time without a trace of hesitation from the CPU. Non-Internet applications like Pocket Streets and Trips also run smoothly. With a gadget like the Q, laptops are suddenly looking more and more like desktops.
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on October 2, 2006
I'm a full time student, I work full time, and am involved in an industry where I always have to be connected. I use the internet on my phone constantly, have to keep up-to-date contacts, and use the calender as my main planner.

I've had the phone since August 12th- so I'm almost at the two month mark and I've had VERY few problems with the phone.

My main pro's and con's-


+The phone is VERY lighweight and compact- its less cumbersome that my previous motorola flip phone which was just a year old.

+The extended batter provides a good, full day and a half- two days of battery life.

+Instant Messaging Application is great and convinient, AND the IM's don't count as text messages.

+Keyboard is functional and easy-to-use. It's hard to use with one hand, if you're a text-while-you-drive kinda person (god forbid), but it can be done, nonetheless.

+The phone works just fine. I haven't had problems hearing anybody or having anybody hear me.

+Screen is great. I bought a screen protector and there are no scratches and it's very easy to clean.

+The scroll button and "back" button on the side is a nice feature

+The home screen convinently shows the links to the most previously used applications, and also shows the date, time, number of messages in your inbox (text and voicemail), in addition to showing your next appointment.

+It is easy to use, and I DO use it. I also looked at the Treo 700 and for the price, the Q was the obvious choice. One thing to be mindful of, though. You can view word, excel, pdf files on the Q BUT unlike the 700 you cannot edit any word or excel documents.

+Verizon's Ev-Do high-speed wireless network is great. While there is no wi-fi on the phone, this feature definitely compensates. I have no problem browsing even large webpages. Make sure to get the unlimited data plan if you are going to spend any amount of time online, though- which you should be if you buy this phone- because a data package is REQUIRED.

+Speakerphone is clear and loud- works nicely and theres a one-touch button that enables it as well.

+Camera takes nice clear camera-phone-quality pictures.


-I bought a 3rd party calender application, "Extreme Agenda", and it would not load or install properly. Waste of 25$.

-The processing time is a TAD slow. Not a real problem for me at all, but not razor sharp.

-Price - data plans are expensive through verizon. There are only a few available and with a 1000 texts per month bundle, insurance on the phone, the data plan(unlimited), and minute plan(1350 anytime), the total, with tax at the end of the month is always upwards of 130$.

-1 or 2 calls dropped here and there. Really not an issue by any means- may have been lost service. Has happened only happened twice in two months.

-Voice Record function sucks- the quality of the sound isn't very good.

-3rd party applications are a bit expensive

It's a great phone- durable (unfortunately i HAVE dropped it once or twice, but no real scratches or damage), sleek, and functional. Definitely the best cell phone i've owned.
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on August 30, 2006
All these people complaining about the phone are clowns. The following are the reasons why.
They are expecting something that the phone does not promise. They want a blackberry device, but purchase this instead? Where is the logic in that?
Also, it should be noted that this is a Smartphone, not a PocketPC. However, people are constantly complaining that their PocketPC applications will not install. Of course they will not install! They are not the same thing! Thats like someone complaining that their DVD player wont play their VHS tapes.
I also see people complaining that their device freezes, or locks up. My device did that also. Then, I called verizon wireless, and the tech reps were very helpful. They made a phone call to the local verizon store, and told them to replace my phone with a brand new one. The new one i recieved worked like a charm, and never once froze. Unfortunately, my phone was stolen from me a week ago, but I love this device so much, accompanied with Verizon's service, that i actually bought another Moto Q.
It is true, the battery life is short if you push the tool to its limits, there is no denying that. However, what exactly do you expect? This is a cell phone and you're browsing the internet, reading E-Mail, Chatting on MSN Mesenger, taking photos, video clips, listening to MP3's, Watching movies or shows on Windows Media Player, and maybe even playing games. The fact that this little device can do all that on a small battery is pretty impressive. All the nay-sayers are just expecting something that no phone can deliver to this date.
Lastly, Motorola has just released a firmware update for the Q giving the device improved bluetooth support, SMS-to-Email functionality, and Dial-Up-Networking, just to name a few.
I almost forgot. "B. Lim" complains that the phone no longer fits in the holster with the extended battery. This made me literally laugh out loud. His Moto Q is not fitting in the holster, because the screen-side goes into the holster, not to be confused with the camera-side.
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on October 4, 2006
-- The screen clarity is exceptional, much better than a PDA I own.

-- It's not cheap. Verizon unlimited data -- on top of a phone service -- is $44.00. If you have 900 minutes and unlimited data you may be paying around $130 a month. Also, be aware that although Verizon advertises "unlimited broadband" it isn't selling unlimited broadband. The agreement's fine print includes prohibitions against streaming and downloading large files. You can't use this a substitute for a cable modem/dsl connection if you stream heavily.

-- Battery life is no good. I bought two extended batteries, which I use full-time. The extended batteries change the shape and size of the Q but, honestly, I don't mind. Plan on buying extra batteries right away.

-- The sound quality is excellent. The best I've ever had.

-- The Windows software is a little buggy. Weird things pop up every now and then, but nothing that gets me excited. I haven't upgraded yet.

-- Cool thing: The voice recognition actually works with the bluetooth headset. If you are walking in the wind there may be issues, but I've found the voice recognition to be surprisingly responsive, not perfect, but usually good.
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