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on September 22, 2012
I bought this one week ago. I am not impressed with the new iphone specs (the hype was a turn off). Wanted a change. This is the first Android phone I have owned. I chose it for several reasons:
1. Better voice reception in my area (carrier issue). 2. Longer battery life than my previous iphone 3. Better connectivity with my office software.

I really like this phone. It took a little extra time to set it up fully - two days. Once I had it set up, it is works like a charm. For functionality, this phone is great. For the basis needs: phone, email, tasks lists, maps, google search, voice to text, etc... it is easy and user friendly. It is also fun to use. Lot of ways to customize the functions. I do not play a lot of games, no comment there.

Further pluses:
1. Looks well made and durable. Gorilla glass with Kevlar Back.
2. Size is comparable to iphone 4. Not too big, not too small. Good for the pocket.
3. Screen size is great. Bigger than iphone 4 or 5.
4. All my favorite iphone apps are on Google Play - Pulse, Zite, Evernote, Onenote. You Version.
5. The widgets are extremely functional.
6. Voicemail is better than iphone. More intuitive.
7. Audio is good. More than adequate.
8. The Motorola software add-ons seem to be useful. I don't have any experience with other handsets.
9. I like having a standard micro USB connection. The iphone cord issue is a significant bummer.

My only concerns:
1. the screen is not as clear as the iphone. Not a big issue for me... I don't like reading on a small devise.
2. will I have enough memory? Probably. I don't have a ton of extraneous apps. Added a micro SD for media.

Summary: I am very happy with this purchase. Great price. All the reviews that I have read are accurate and reliable. You can trust their advise.
Good luck. Lots of excellent choices out there.
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on September 21, 2012
PROS: ICS, Ease of use, Ability to Multi-task, price, Standard Motorola Cable

CONS: Average battery life (though not bad), off button location

I just upgraded to this from my Droid X (which is not a bad phone, either). First of all, when I saw that this phone was $50 to $150 less than many other new smartphones on the market I thought there was a significant trade-off. Well, after about 24 hours of VERY heavy usage and research I have yet to find one other than the lack of HDMI output--which I don't use. The design is very nice and the quality of the screen is beautiful. It took a little while getting used to the new OS features and settings, but only because I was coming off an older phone with Android v. 3. I love the ability to multi-task on this, by selecting from multiple screens, and that Chrome is installed as the default browser. Also, if you have an old X or Razr, your cords will work with this phone. Some of you may have known that, I was very happy to learn it. The camera is MUCH easier to use than the one on the X. There isn't as much of a lag when snapping photos, and the quality is pretty good for a smartphone. C'mon! If you want poster quality, get a digital camera! I have bluetooth in my car and the set-up on this phone was a breeze. No complaints on call quality either.

The only bad things I can say are about the battery (only slightly better than most smartphones, definitely not a deal-killer) and the location of the on/off button above the volume control. Also, there is no 'home' key for taking you back to the main home screen like X had (only a minor personal annoyance). The pre-installed ringtones are pretty terrible, but this is a non-issue as there are plenty of free alternatives on the Android market.

Bottom line: A great phone for anyone looking to upgrade, or just starting out in the smartphone sphere.
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on September 17, 2012
I purchased one of these last Friday and have had a few days to get a feel for it. I love it. It is not a monstrosity of a phone that you almost need a laptop case to carry but still has all the bells and whistles of some of the bigger phones. I really like the fact the phone is smaller but still has a nice size screen and the phone seems solid in my hands but light. I even dropped it on the cement once already, by accident, without any type of case, and I couldn't even see where it hit the cement.

The battery life so far has been good. It doesn't hold a charge like the RAZR MAXX but it will keep a charge all day if you aren't watching videos with it. I took it out for a run with me on Saturday morning, a long 2 hour run, and it was running a gps tracking app as well as playing music for two hours straight and it barely put a dent in the battery. Never had to put it on the charger to get through the day.

As far as pictures, in my opinion, if you want perfection then go buy a camera. This is a smart phone.
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on September 20, 2012
In a nut shell, Moto took the Razr Maxx (minus the battery)and smashed it into this beautiful and small case.

Cons: The battery life is not as good as the Maxx, but destroys the standard Razr.

Pros: All the great things the Razr Maxx can do, but in a smaller package while maintaining the same screen size.

Bottom line: Biggest bang for the buck on the market!
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on September 19, 2012
First the bad, as everyone knows cameras aren't Moto's strong point. It's not a bad camera, it's just not as good as some of the others. But for what I use it for, it's great.

There strength is reception and all calls are crystal clear. Haven't had a drop call yet.

I didn't want a behemoth phone to carry around. This phone is just the right size. Fits in your palm, fits in your pocket ,and the price fits my budget. I'm sure some will have it free by Black Friday. The battery life is great, streamed pandora for 3 hours and I'm still at 73%. But that is really dependent on your proximity to towers, but it's much better than my previous Droid Pro. it would be dead now, and it was only a 3g phone. This phone includes a full version of Chrome, and it syncs bookmarks between it and your home and work computers. I love it. Download a flashlight app and you will be able to light up your front yard. This puppy is bright. The picture quality is amazing. The customization is great. It has what they call "smartactions", I call them triggers. I programmed it to start Pandora, when it connects to my car over Bluetooth. There are many triggers you can program. Button placement is good, it feels good in the hand, and love the fact it is splash proof. Oh, and the navigation is awsome, sounds like a real person with this version.

Another great new feature is talk and surf at the same time, something you couldn't do with older phones unless you were on AT&T. Now I can look up stuff on the internet will I'm talking to someone.
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on October 17, 2012
I first bought the Samsung Galaxy S3, while my wife got an Iphone 5. I found the size of the Samsung unwieldy, and the battery life atrocious. I couldn't get through the day without plugging it in, and I'm not a heavy telephone user. I also couldn't work it well with just a thumb while driving...the Sammy is a 2-handed phone. Finally, the Samsung had trouble connecting to wifi in some areas where the Iphone 5 had no problem. For these reasons, I returned it.

The RAZR M is just the opposite. Yesterday, I unplugged the phone at 9am. I had Bluetooth and Wifi on all day. I live in a bad service area, with 2 bars of 3G or 1 bar of 4G, and it seems to oscillate between the two, and this is exactly what is supposed to be a major battery drain. I made a couple calls over BT and downloaded and listened to several podcasts via wifi. Also installed a couple apps. When I went to plug it in at 9pm, the battery was still at 75%. That is simply amazing.

In addition, the phone is much easier to carry in a pocket and hold in the hand than the Samsung...basically the same size as the Iphone 5. Working it one-handed is no problem...seems to be the perfect size. The case also seems much better-built and stronger than on the Sammy or the Iphone (the Iphone is known to scratch).

The RAZR M has the same 1.5 GHz processor as the Sammy, but only 1GB of RAM instead of the Sammy's 2GB. I run a lot of apps and didn't notice any difference in performance. Tests show the Iphone 5 to be the fastest on the market right now, but I honestly don't see any difference in performance between my wife's Iphone 5 and either the Sammy or the RAZR M.

At 960x540, the screen resolution on the RAZR M isn't as good as the Sammy's 1280 x 720 or the Iphone's 1136 x 640, but I don't watch videos on my phone and didn't really notice the difference. If you really need a big screen, go for the new RAZR HD and HD MAXX. These have the Sammy's big screen, but with the rest of the features of the RAZR and RAZR M, including the outstanding battery life.

For you world travelers, the RAZR M is global-ready, like the a SIM card when you get to the new country and replace the Verizon one.

You might think the 8GB max. internal storage might be a problem...especially since, as with the Sammy, you can't offload apps to the microSD card. Surprise! I have a LOT of apps. I loaded them all and they only took less than 1GB of internal storage, so it wasn't really a limitation after all. In addition, you can still put all your photos, videos, etc. on the SD card.

About my only complaint is that the white RAZR M has a black foreground around the screen, inside the white case. Result: If you put a black case around it, you no longer have a white phone (unless the case is white, obviously). The Iphone and the Samsung white models look sharp with a different-color case against the white foreground...there is no such contrast with the white RAZR M.

Overall, this is easily the best phone I've owned, and I'm happy to recommend it to you. Best of all, it is AT LEAST $100 cheaper than the Iphone 5 or the Galaxy S3.
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on September 15, 2012
I just got this yesterday, so it obviously won't be a really in-depth review. I switched from a Droid Charge to this, and the difference is unbelievable. This little phone blazes - it's so fast it's kind of ridiculous - the dual-core processor makes a MASSIVE difference. It is smaller than the Charge, but the screen is exactly the same size. It's a wonderfully solid-feeling device, and the kevlar on the back is a brilliant idea - it feels very secure in your hand. The camera has gotten some bad press, but I've taken several photos, inside and out, dark and bright, flash and no, and I'm quite pleased with the quality.

Will come back and update once I've had it a couple of months, but so far I LOVE IT.
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on October 12, 2012
I originally upgraded to the Razr Maxx after having the HTC Thunderbolt for a year and I was pleased with it other than the fact that the phone is HUGE. So, when the Razr M came out it seemed perfect for my needs. I am a very experienced Droid user and I think this phone is great. My sister just got the Iphone 5 and has yet to find a feature on her phone (other than SIRI) that my phone doesn't have. In fact, the google maps on my phone is waaaay better than her maps. Not to mention that on Droids you get free GPS navigation (not paying attention to data costs). All that being said I will list out the pros and cons. With any phone there will be both.

-OS is lightening fast
-Screen is crystal clear (do not get matte screen protector if you care about screen clarity)
-Weight is very light, especially for the monster battery (Iphone 5 is lighter, but the battery life pales in comparison)
-Battery life is great, I used a ton of data, I am on the phone for work and personal use constantly, I watch Youtube, stream spotify, go on facebook, email, you name it. My battery last 2 days.
-Screen size is great, I like how small the phone is yet I can watch videos with 4.3 inch screen in HD!
-Phone size is small and thin, whole new world of large screened phones.
-Fully customizable like all Droids
-Beautiful sleek look, aluminum border, kevlar backing, Corning gorilla glass

-because the border is aluminum painted black it will show silver at the edges of the screen with time, but no biggy
-not a huge selection of cases and covers available, which is to be expected with any brand new phone
-Smart actions app doesn't always work and drains a significant amount of battery life. Cool idea, but it just uses to much power
-Now to the only really bad part-For some reason the camera program that comes preloaded in the Razr M doesn't take good pictures at all! But there is a solution my fellow droid users, go to google play store and download ICS+ Camera app. It is only $2.99 and takes perfect pictures. Also it adds a panoramic picture taking function to the phone (Iphone 5 already has preloaded, but o well)

Wrap up:
All in all, great phone! Best Droid on the market when you consider, screen size, weight, size of phone, os, and battery life. I highly recommend it and let me know if you have any more questions. This was just a general description, but I have info about down and upload speeds, hotspot speeds and camparisons to the Iphone 5.

Get this very smart phone!
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on September 26, 2012
Honestly-- I haven't felt such a child-like sense of wonder since I was... well... a child. I just turned in my Droid BIONIC to upgrade to the Droid RAZR M and I couldn't be more excited! The phone is comfortable, well-built, EXTREMELY fast, and has all the bells and whistles. Most impressive, I think, is the SmartActions functionality. Not only can you program your phone to run all your standard functions automatically... but it even recognizes patterns in behavior and recommends SmartActions without even telling it to! This is much more than just a smartphone... it is intuitive to its user and adapts itself to be your perfect phone. The battery is much improved over my old BIONIC as well. And for the price???? It feels like grand theft larceny. Snap this up before it becomes a highly sought-after commodity. This is it.

Summary: This is my 4th Droid and easily the best purchase I've ever made. It stands head and shoulders above any device I've played with (save for the S3) but at an impossibly low price point.
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on November 28, 2012
Previous phone was an iphone 3gs. I had it since it came out. I am not one to buy a new phone just becuz the new version is out. Apple did not break any new ground with their updated phones so I stayed with the 3gs. After time android caught up and surpassed iOS in my opinion. I was tired of iOS but android was also an unknown.

After considerable research in best bang for buck and my 3gs refused to recognize all the charging cords I had for it I pulled the trigger on the Razr M shortly after it was released. Amazon had it for $50 and that was a hell of a deal to me. Amazon has it for .01 cents now. Wow!!!

In short its a great awesome phone and I love it. Get it. Its a breathe of fresh air compared to iOS. It's small and sleek, has a great screen, and hasn't dropped a call yet. Read on for the negatives.

There is a learning curve. If you are remotely tech savy its easy and refreshing. If not, than stick with iOS. I don't mean that as a knock on iOS. Apple products are just easier. Rudimentary but easy. Anyways, I had big problems dealing with SD cards. Major hassle. I sent 2 phones back to Amazon becuz of issues. Let me explain.

The 1st phone I received from Amazon had fingerprints and gunk on it. WTH? I called them and asked them if they sent me a refurbed phone. They said they dont do that but they would replace the one I had via the 30 day return policy. I never even turned it on. I just put it back in the box, printed the return label, sealed it, and sent it back.

The 2nd phone arrived. It came in a cushioned envelope... not an Amazon box. Odd i thought, but it was still in the Motorola box and was at least clean. I turned it on and I was happy. Until......

I had it for about 2 days and loved playing with my new phone. Then I decided to get a micro SD card for it. 16gb class 10 for about $20 at Fry's. I put the SD card in. Everything was ok until I decided to take a picture and set the default to save to the external SD card. Bad news kid. Phone crashed and locked up. The phone hated the SD card. I exchanged the micro SD card at Fry's thinking it was messing up my phone. No dice on the new card. Phone kept locking up. Bought a new Sandisk SD card from Office Depot thinking the off brand was the culprit. Phone locked up again and kept doing so. In desperation I reformatted the phone. I got the hang of doing so everytime it crashed. Which was every time I tried to access the external memory. I was pissed. So.....

Called Amazon and complained thinking maybe I got a bum phone. What luck huh? Begrudgingly they agreed to send a 3rd one. Kudos to Amazon I suppose. 3rd phone arrived. In preparation I researched online about my problem. It was a 2-3 week old phone so not much was out there about it. I read a little about micro SD cards and came across a thread about the SD card and how the phone was tested using a class 4 SD card. I bought one at Office depot for about $16. 16gb, class 4 micro SD card, and waited for my phone to arrive. Crossing fingers and trying to get my 3gs to charge.

Phone came. New Amazon box, new Motorola box, clean phone. So far so good. Popped the 16gb class 4 micro SD card in and fired the phone up. Took a picture with the default set to save to the external SD card and crossed my fingers............

Its been a little over 2 months now and I love this phone. The lesser classed SD card did the trick. It takes pics fine and saves to the SD card fine and fast. With the class 10 SD card the phone would lock up every time an app would try to access it. Now with the class 4 SD card, everything is fine and this phone is awesome and I mean that in a tech way. Its sleek, sturdy, and high tech.

I even bought the Motorola car dock and use the Smart Actions. I learned how to use Smart actions and vehicle mode. I updated to Jelly Bean. This phone amazes like watching your dog behave in public. Jelly Bean and Smart Actions make this phone do tricks you wouldn't expect. Sometimes u have to setup some stuff up but doing so helps it learn you faster. I love the android Navigation and Jelly Bean voice. I find ways to use the Navigation. The android voice gives directions as if I had my own personal Cortana!

Sorry for the long review but I hope this rant helps some who might have had problems with the SD card thing as well. Get a class 4 or similiar card and be happy with this phone. I am.
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