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on November 20, 2012
Why I Chose to Stay with Verizon and Select the Razr Maxx HD:

When our contract obligation with Verizon came and went in May, I began looking at replacement phones for the HTC Droid Incredible phones my wife and I have enjoyed the last 2 1/2 years. I wanted to stray from Verizon and was going to choose getting S3's for the two of us on T-Mobile, as they have a bargain plan price and their HSPA+ in most of Silicon Valley where we live approaches and sometimes surpasses published local reviews of Verizon 4G LTE connection speeds.

It turned out to be my wife having a non-negotiable desire to have the newest Apple product, which was far from being announced. As you know, T-Mobile does not have access to Apple products. For myself, I preferred to choose an Android with a large screen. I had shingles in the left side of my face, and my cornea on that side is stippled, so I need reading glasses for many things, but if a screen is bright enough and with enough contrast, I can get by without trading regular glasses for my readers. If I ended up with an S3, I would have gotten a second battery so I could run the screen on crazy brightness all the time. This was a key in my decision making.

So I had to change my plans to purchasing with Sprint, ATT, or Verizon. Sprint had the HTC EVO 4G to accompany the iphone, but Sprint's network is problematic. ATT had EVO's sister HTC X, so that looked like where we were going, along with the mad HTC charging habit one must pursue when owning their otherwise fine devices. I had a long-term service complaint with Verizon regarding signal strength in our home. In the past six months, cell signal here in our home had gotten abysmal. To stay a Verizon customer, I insisted on their extension device ([...]) sans fee. They agreed, so long as we agreed to stay customers for an additional year. This obligation runs concurrent with any phone or other equipment purcheses, so my honey got a CDMA iphone5 for her birthday in mid-October.

It gave me a chance to see their Retina display at my leisure. While it looks good, the size, brightness duration, and contrast did not work for me. I heard about the Razr Maxx HD from our IT guy, and decided to see it the first week it was out. I found what many found in the bright, "over-saturated color" of this product was exactly what I need, and I will never need another battery to lug around. My local Verizon store tossed in the combined auto and home mount and stand, but I had to get the auto charger on EBay for $9.00, the only caveat of ownership thus far. Really, you'd think Tesla was brought back to life to design all things electrical for this thing. The battery life works every bit as good as promised, and the device charges faster than any phone I've seen.

I'm absolutely engaged in discovering all of the changes and improvements done to Android the past couple years. Although I did not mind HTC Sense, the scarce Motorola rebadging of ICS makes for a clean and fast experience. Syncing with all previous apps and networks has been seamless, without any quirks or problems. The phone is 6.4 ounces with the case I've selected. The thing has an indestructible solid feel to it.

Cons: I found the camera actually pretty good, unless in low-light situations on the native setting. A bit of practice can find one quick at adjusting the picture brightness level, but there is some graininess displayed that others have commented on. This in no way is a deal breaker for me.
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on October 26, 2012
This phone is amazing with the longest lasting battery life and its very durable. I owned the Droid Maxx and traded up for the Droid Maxx HD. One thing i noticed right away a longer lasting battery and the charge up time is much faster.

I have been waiting for this phone for months and so glad I got it. The bigger screen is great too going from 4.3 inches to 4.7 inches with the phone staying the same size.

I have had this phone a week and im a heavy user. This phone is very hard to lose power. I use it from 8 am to midnight during the week and still have 40 percent left.
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on November 20, 2012
I got this phone 5 days ago, so not a long time ago, but let me tell you why I love it (coming from an Iphone)

1) BATTERY LIFE, BATTERY LIFE AND BATTERY LIFE!! The battery is simply exceptional. If you are a light user it lasts 2/3 days (naturally leaving the phone on during the night), if you are a super heavy user (lot of calls, email and gps usage) you can count on the phone to bring you at the end of your day with no problems whatsoever (12 -13 hours on). It recharges from fully empty to 100% in about 3-4 hours.

2) Google goodies. Google maps and navigation first and foremost, a very nice integrated gmail app which synchronizes all your contacts on the spot and much more

3) absolutely painless bluetooth tethering with external devices (i.e. tables), so I can use the unlimited (and actually very fast) Verizon data connection with my tablet without the need of another data plan

4) Very bright and nice screen. OK I am not a teenager and I don't use the phone to play games or watch movies or other stuff, but I find it nice to look at.

5) Coming from an Iphone, fully configurable. You can finally choose what to do or what do not to with something you paid for. There are a lot of options I have not explored yet, and most of them probably I never will. I own a Nexus 7 tablet, so I was somehow already familiar with Android 4.0 but still, it is very user friendly.

6) I am still far from using all the 32 GB of the phone, but the knowledge that if that will ever happen I can shove in a microSD card is nice to know.

My only con, and I was aware of that, is that I don't have big hands and sometime I have trouble in handling all the option with one hand, like holding the phone and scroll down the notification bar from the top. Other than that, so far I could not find a weak spot on this magnificent phone

I am quite sure that you can find on the market faster phones, or lighter phones, or even brighter phones... but what use you have for all these fantastic features if you are constantly struggling with the battery?
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on February 23, 2013
I've been a Droid user for a few years, and I just upgraded from the Droid X2.

Any time I decide to buy a piece of technology, I review it over the course of a few months so I know I'm getting my money's worth. I was bent on getting Galaxy S3 for quite some time until a friend told me about this phone, and I ended up changing my mind within the hour.

When it comes to buying a phone, it all depends on the individual. Some people, like me, are very much into the Droid UI. Other people are ok with switching from the Droid to Samsung UI. I'd suggest going into a cell phone store and playing around with the phones, or see if your friends have it and will allow you to try it out. There's also a lot of videos on Youtube that go over each phone and compare them to others.

It's almost like buying a car. Everyone can give you suggestions on what you should buy, but it comes down to YOUR personal preferences.

I love how everything looks on this screen, the call quality is clear, and the speakerphone is nice and loud. Because I'm a Droid user, figuring out the phone wasn't all that difficult. There are some differences that I had to get used to with how the UI is put together, but those are minor things.

When it comes down to the Razr and the S3, if you're really on the fence, think about this: For the most part, they're practically the same with one major difference: The battery that so far (for me) has taken 38 hours to hit 14% from a full charge with normal use, and this includes playing a lot of Star Wars Angry Birds. The first time you use it, a lot of your battery will be eaten away from re-downloading all of your apps, setting up your accounts, and getting the Jelly Bean update. Once you get used to the phone and figure out what settings you want in Smart Actions (<--GENIUS), you don't really have to think about switching things on and off to conserve battery. One of the Youtube comparison videos I found talked about the price difference between the S3 and the Razr, and that the price of the Razr was steeper. This is true, but like I just mentioned, you get a great battery and it comes with 32g of on board storage. They do have a 32g version of the S3 that is a little cheaper, but you still don't get the amazing battery.

I have ringtones that I wanted to transfer to my Razr from my old phone, and I found it was a little different than what I thought it would be. When I hooked up my Razr to my computer, I had to set it to "Camera PTP" because mass/media storage didn't pull up the phone's folders on my computer. From there, I dropped my ringtones into my ringtone Zedge folder, and the notification sounds into the notification Zedge folder, and everything worked from there. If you do it this way, those ringtones will show up in the Android system list since you didn't download them directly from Zedge. I would recommend you save your ringtones if you want to keep them, as I found half of mine didn't show up in a Zedge search. There is a ringtone folder, but I've yet to try dumping files into that to see if they work as ringtones.

When it comes to old Zedge wallpapers, I wouldn't worry about saving them I were you. I transferred my S.H.I.E.L.D. logo I had from my X2 (downloaded through Zedge), since I couldn't find it on my Razr through the Zedge search. I ended up changing it because the photo wasn't high resolution and it looked bad as a wallpaper.

The phone physically is a beautiful thing to behold. It is a bit of a put off for some people that you can't remove the battery, because we're all used to having to take the battery out to reset the phone. If you need to reset the phone for any reason, hold the power and volume down button at the same time.

I downloaded this widget so I can see the battery percentage on my home screen. It also tells the battery temperature and you how long you've been going since your last charge: [...]

I also just got this for my car: [...]

The slight downside is where the usb port lands, but you can move the phone a little to access it if you need to charge it while you're traveling. Otherwise, it's very solid. I'm not a fan of the vent mount because of the weight of the phone and the awkward angle it sits at. The windshield mount works great.

One last note about Smart Actions: I have it set to go into "work mode" when my phone's GPS senses that I'm at my place of employment. I'm an audio visual technician and I set my work profile wallpaper to a picture of headphones. After I got in this morning, I went to go check something and BOOM, it was already in work mode. It's pretty B.A. if you ask me.
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on January 8, 2013
This is my second smartphone. I've had an HTC Thunderbolt for the past two years which I've liked a lot despite its minor annoyances. I've used my Razr Maxx HD for a month now, and I didn't realize how annoying my Thunderbolt was until I started using this phone.

Physical Design:
The phone looks a little lackluster in the pictures, but seeing it and holding it in person gives a better indication of its quality. It doesn't have quite the polished jewel appearance of an iPhone, but it has a solid and rugged feel to it. It seems industrial and masculine. The backing looks and feels rubberized and easy to grip, the sides look rugged, the gorilla class is nicely shaped into the phone and almost seems somewhat fingerprint resistant. It looks simple an elegant. I LOVE the buttons on this phone. The thunderbolt buttons were smooth and mushy, but this phone has definitive presses, and the power button is rough with ridges (so you know it's the power button and not the volume button), and the volume rocker has sharp points on each end so you know where you're pressing the volume. They're both nicely positioned on the side of the phone. The headphone back is nicely positioned, and the charge port has no issues.

The rear speaker sounds great and the ear piece is very clear.

The screen has good color and sharpness, but it still isn't on par with a Retina display. It is high definition, but I can notice tiny little black dots between the pixels of color and light, like there are tiny blank gaps (dots) between pixels. Retina displays are rich and seamless. It doesn't bother me and it is still a bright, colorful, and sharp display, but it isn't top notch.

Battery life on this thing is amazing. I can use it ALL DAY and intensively as I want, and not run it down (starting at 7:00am and going until midnight). I can go multiple days without charging it. I wouldn't skimp and only get the Razr HD. Battery life is crucial to a smartphone, so even if the Maxx seems like overkill, it's a great feature of this phone to absolutely stop worrying about battery life and use it AS MUCH as you want. This was the primary reason I chose this phone over the Droid DNA, and I don't regret my choice.

I love the necked Android appearance of this phone. Aside from the occasional slow down when opening/closing apps, it performs very well. Page scrolling is responsive and HD video plays with no problems. I like how I can create only as many home screens as I want (I only have two, and have apps to category folders). So I don't feel obligated to fill up all 5-7 homescreens with junk, or have big empty voids. I used to have a home screen immediately to the left with only settings widgets on my Thunderbolt, so the Maxx's far left configuration screen makes me feel right at home - I think it's a great design.

Voice recognition works surprisingly well when using voice commands or doing searches. Keyboard is pretty typical of Android - no issues to speak of. All of the text message and contacts navigation works well and is easy to search and organize. I haven't gotten used to the Chrome internet browser, and so far, I still miss the browser on my Thunderbolt.

The camera is decent. It has good features (panoramic, rapid shot). The picture quality isn't on par with the iphone, but it isn't bad (the Thunderbolt camera WAS bad).

I'm not happy about Verizon's new plans. Unlimited talk and text is pointless to me, and 1GB of data feels limiting, especially since I now have a phone that isn't limited by battery life (you never win). I went with Verizon only because I wanted THIS specific phone, and I can kinda make the plan work. But I almost opted out. I feel like I'm paying a hefty premium to have this phone on Verizon's plan, but so far, it has been worth the compromise... 1GB of data for $90/mo annoys me though.
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on May 15, 2013
I upgraded to this phone in February 2013. I've been using mobile phones for 18 years and I've owned a smart phone since the original Droid. This phone is by far the best phone I've ever owned.

My last phone upgrade experience (almost 2 years ago) was an absolutely miserable experience! My g/f and I both upgraded to the HTC Thunderbolt at the same time. After that, I will never consider another HTC product. I went through 3 Thunderbolts before finally switching to a different phone and ultimately landed with the DroidX2. I have several friends that use iPhones and I own an iPad, so I'm very familiar with Apple devices, iOS and Siri. So, I have a lot of experience with other phones, past and present.

What I love about the Droid Razr Maxx HD:
* Battery Life - this can't be emphasized enough. NO OTHER phone on the market compares.
* Very nice screen, looks great and I'm very happy with the size; not too big (Samsung Galaxy Note) and not too small (iPhone).
* There are no hard buttons or soft buttons on the screen of this phone. I was skeptical about this at first, but I really like the added screen real estate that it provides.
* The phone switches between 4G, 3G, & WiFi seamlessly and quickly. Best I've seen on phones I've owned.
* Smart Actions! - I've wanted this feature for years and it works really well.
* Speaker Phone - best I've had on a phone since the original Droid.
* It has a front facing light sensor to auto-adjust the screen brightness. It's a small, little detail that really adds to the user experience.
* I have no complaints about the camera on this phone, but admittedly, I don't have high expectations for a camera on a phone. When I want to take real pictures, I use a real camera.
* Voice Recognition is better than Apple's (IMO) - I use it for searches, texting, etc.
* It also has some Siri-like capabilities. e.g. I can tell my phone to "remind me to call mom in 30 minutes" or "meet with Joe at 2:00pm tomorrow" or "open chrome" - I'm not sure if this capability is specific to this phone or to Android Jellybean.
* It's been my experience over the years that Motorola phones have the best antennas on the market, and this phone is no exception. In fact, I have better reception at home than my last Motorola phone and there are no dead spots like there were with the HTC.

* As a side note, not specific to this phone, but in comparison to Apple devices I get to choose my own keyboard! Swiftkey reigns supreme!

I have no complaints or cons to mention about this phone. I love it and I highly recommend it. Thank you Motorola!
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on April 17, 2013
Smartphone designers are always claiming that people are wanting slim phones and because of this it limits the size of battery they can put in it, which is usually like 2100 or less with a few exceptions. Then comes the razr maxx which has a miniscule added thickness compared to the Galaxy S3, One x, optimus G (infact I had the optimus G before this and they are almost exactly the same size). This keeps those good specs, thinness, and has a vastly larger battery.

I'm big on batteries, usually when I get a phone, if i can I will get the extended battery for it, but that sucks you usually end up with something that's shaped like a cheese wedge and is awkward to hold. Not to mention the battery cover that comes with those third party batteries usually sucks and is more likely to break. I hate the thinking that I should be turning things off or I should wait to do something on my phone because I'm afraid it will die to soon. Who wants to go plug their phone in on lunch break or whenever they get in the car?

The Razr Maxx in words is the phone for me (or you if you agree with the above paragraph) in terms of battery. Now I could slap a huge battery on an LG Chocolate but that wouldn't necessarily make it a good phone.

Decent design, especially looking at the previous Razr generation with their ugly chrome accent, it is really a decent looking phone. The front looks good with a great huge multicolored notification light. Sides are aluminum and the back is the Kevlar which is great and does not hold finger prints!
It's heavier than your average phone, but it really makes it feel more solid and better in the hand. One annoyance though is you need a special tool to open the port for your sim card/micro sd. The sim card makes sense, by why the micro sd??

Screen: Honestly they all mostly look the same, it looks good and works well in sunlight!

Camera: Like other said, not the best but i think if people are that worried about the camera they should get a standalone. The camera works for facebook, video chat and picture messaging fine.

Performance: Seems to be up there with the others. I've used the S3, optimus, and one x and its comparable. I wish it had 2gb of ram but it doesn't make a huge difference. I get slowdowns sometimes, using chrome it lags starting up, and typing sometimes lags behind when doing things, a few hicups here and there but nothing major.

Software: Like said before, mostly stock, I didn't like the homepage they had, it was kind of slow and the homescreens were oddly set with swiping to the left giving me a power management access thing, so i just use NOVA. I am not a huge fan of the digital home, back, multitask buttons I would rather have them below the screen but its not a huge annoyance.

Battery: Like I said this is why I got it, the battery is great, I'm at like the 7 hour mark with around 2 hours screen time probably, maybe a little less and it is at 75% which is leaps and bounds above most. I would be around 30% or less with 2 hours and a workdays amount of standby with my optimus G.

I would recommend this to anyone who feels like I do about battery life, looking for great build quality and good specs. It may not be the fastest, the thinnest, best screen or best camera but all those things it still does great, along with keeping you alive all day during them.

UPDATE: After a few more days of use, I have found the battery standby to not be as good as the LG Optimus and its newer processor. It seems that the newer Krait quad cores have great standby, not to say this ones is bad. However I do notice how much better the MAXX's battery is when using it, I tried Netflix and got i think a bit above an hour per 10% which is awesome.
I still notice performance dips here and there, i downloaded Ram manager pro and it's helped, there is a decent amount of bloatware on the phone that is always loaded into my memory taking up alot of it. For instance it won't let me get rid of Slacker, I uninstall it and it redownloads, I get rid of it with root manager and it keeps popping up with errors.
I love the feel of the phone more every day and love still not having to worry about my battery!
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on November 8, 2012
This phone is amazing.
I bought it because I wanted a bigger screen with long battery life. This phone does NOT disappoint!
During the work week I can go a day and a half before I have to charge. That is with 4G and since I am a in the car more than I am in any one place this device is my phone and computer in one. The point being I use the hell out of it during the week. It really proved it self on my last business trip. At the end of the night my buddies are all trying to find outlets at a bar to charge their phones and mine was still on 45%.
During the weekends since my usage is much less it will go from Friday AM until Sunday late afternoon before I need to plug it in.
That's all I can say about the is awesome.

The mechanical design of the phone is just as impressive. Some may say it is a little hefty, but I like that the phone is built solid and doesn't have the cheap plastic feeling.

NO MOTO BLUR!! Thank you Motorola or should I say Google (since they own Motorola now). Blur was such a pain it is nice they got rid of that piece of software.

It was very easy to import iTunes songs into this device and the 32GB comes in handy for that. I haven't even had to put in my 16GB Micro SD card yet.

Lastly I had to switch carriers to get this phone. Verizon has been so much better in call quality and coverage than AT&T. Also the LTE (True 4G) coverage area is HUGE!

I can't say enough about this phone. I tell everyone I see they have to get it.

The one down side is I don't have Jelly Bean yet, but that is scheduled to roll out by years end. And from what I hear the battery life will improve more with that update. I can't wait.
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on December 1, 2012
First off I have been an apple fanboy since the iPhone 4 came out and I always loved their products. However, I felt it was time for a change to a more open operating system with many more features. And let me tell you this phone delivers! When I first started using it I could noticeably tell how much faster it was than my previous phone (iPhone 4). I expected as much because it is packing a lot more hardware than an iPhone. Also, I did not notice any of that typical android lag I have heard so much about. Overall I would highly recommend this phone to anyone, especially those who are switching from the Apple Cult.

Great Battery Life! I get about 21 hours with heavy usage (frequent web browsing, downloading apps, youtube, games, texting)
It is very fast and responsive
Screen is just as good as the iPhone, but larger. I have also noticed fingerprints can be wiped away easily, and it is very resistant to them
The design is very durable and the phone feels solid. Plus it is water resistant
The operating system is vey close to vinilla android
The speaker is very loud
Call quality is good
Motorola Smartactions

Verizon Bloatware
Ships with 4.0.4 ICS, but the update is coming this week (12/3/12)
Verizon does not allow Google Wallet so I really don't get the point of NFC.
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on December 1, 2012
I got the Droid X the first day Verizon sold it. It was OK but never spectacular. This phone is spectacular. If you are productivity obsessed, get this phone.

Battery: The battery is worth every penny. It's at 50% after two days of light use .. partly because of the SmartActions app; When I connect my bluetooth it shuts down WIFI and switches on "Drivesmart" announcing texts and calls, toggles on mobile data, and turns on GPS. When I'm home it switches off GPS and mobile data and switches on WIFI. At night it shuts down even more.

Security: The facial recognition software is flawless. Works fast, and worked the first time. I hate password protecting my phone, but it's idiotic not to. This makes being secure way less burdensome.

Processing speed: I have 9,000 contacts and this looks them up faster than i can type. The Droid X processor would lag for seconds, and the voice lookup crashed every time I used it.

Voice recognition: I have a deep voice. Siri does not understand me, Droid does. 'nuff said.

There's way more to like, but after a week using this thing, I have no regrets.
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