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Motorola RAZR V3 Pink (AT&T)

3.5 out of 5 stars 33 customer reviews

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  • Exclusive Pink Anodized Aluminum Shell
  • Ultra Thin With Feather-Touch Precision Crafted Keypad
  • Long-Range Bluetooth Capability
  • Vibrant, Beautiful Dual Color Screens
  • 4x Digital Zoom Camera
Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 3.36 ounces
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Product Description

Product Description

The Moto Razr V3 is expertly crafted to deliver exceptional performance. Inside the ultra-thin design are advanced features like MPEG4 video playback, Bluetooth® wireless technology, a digital camera and more. And with the precision-cut keypad, minimalist styling and metal finish, the V3 looks just as beautiful as it performs. The real difference is in the details. See who’s calling, in color, without opening your phone — the large internal display is complemented by an impressive external display. The precision-cut metal keypad reacts to the lightest of touches. And the features you can't always see are equally impressive, like quad-band GSM — for global calls where GSM network coverage and roaming agreements are present.

Thin is definitely in. At just over a half-inch thick, the Motorola RAZR V3 is the perfect combination of sleek design and powerful features. With long-range Bluetooth, support for video playback, a VGA (640 x 480) camera, and a gorgeous color screen, the RAZR V3 is everything you're looking for in a stylish mobile companion. The Motorola RAZR V3 is truly an impressive quad-band phone. And now it is available in gorgeous pink (some folks call it magenta) for those who want to kick up the style and get the most out of their Cingular service.

Take a closer look at the pink RAZR V3's functions.
The RAZR V3's design takes the standard clamshell form factor to the next level with an impressive, anodized aluminum construction. A large 176 x 220 color display with 262,000 colors dominates the inside of the top cover. The outside cover of the handset sports a supplementary 96 x 80 full-color display that can display pictures, time, call information, battery and signal strength, and more. The VGA camera lens is housed above this display. Up/down buttons are placed on the left side for volume control, and a voice button on the right side of the unit allows you to enter voice memos and create voice dialing profiles. Most of the phone's features and onscreen menus are controlled by a five-way center button on the handset's backlit control pad, which is precision cut from a single sheet of nickel-plated copper alloy. A charging port and USB data cable port is located on the bottom of the phone.

Calling Features
The RAZR V3's internal phone book can hold up to 1,000 contacts, and the phone's picture ID system allows you to assign pictures to your most common callers. It also supports polyphonic ringtones as well as MP3 ringers, allowing you to use portions of your favorite songs to alert you to incoming calls. A number of ringtones come preloaded on the phone, and more ringtones can be downloaded from Cingular Wireless's MEdia service. There's even an included application, MotoMixer, that lets you mix your own ringtones. For times when you want to be discreet, there's a vibrating alert. A built-in speakerphone makes it easy to talk without having the phone to your ear, and voice-activated dialing makes calling your friends, family, and associates as easy as saying their names.

Because the RAZR V3 is Bluetooth enabled, wireless headsets can be configured with the phone for total hands-free operation.

Messaging, Internet, and Tools
The RAZR V3 is a messaging and wireless Internet powerhouse. Support is built in for sending and receiving pictures, text, graphics, sound, and video via messages. When used in combination with the phone's built-in still and video camera, MMS opens up a whole new world of messaging fun. Instant messaging is also supported via AOL Instant Messenger, and the phone ships with a built-in e-mail client with support for POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP protocols (Cingular messaging charges apply). There's also a built-in Web browser for MEdia downloads and mobile Web browsing. Cingular's MEdia service lets you receive and send e-mails, read news headlines, get weather updates, download games and ringtones, and more. iTap text entry, which is a technology that makes it easier to enter words and text on handsets, is built in to the unit--a plus for mobile e-mail and text messaging users.

Getting on the Internet is easy with the RAZR V3 as it supports Cingular's GSM-based Wireless Internet Express service. When used with a Cingular data plan and the phone's Bluetooth or USB data capability, the phone can be used as a wireless modem for laptops and PDAs.

A number of handy software tools are bundled with the RAZR V3, including a voice memo recorder, a calculator with currency converter, a calendar, and an alarm clock. Use the phone's Bluetooth capability to set up a wireless link with a Bluetooth accessory or to connect to a computer or hand-held device to exchange and synchronize data. The phone also supports the SyncML PC synchronization standard, which can be used with Motorola's Mobile Phone Tools PC application to manage and synchronize contacts, calendar, and other data with your PC.

Imaging and Entertainment
With 5 MB of internal memory storage, the RAZR V3 shines in the entertainment department. The phone's VGA camera features a 4x zoom, image quality options, and an auto-timer so you can be in your pictures, too. Capture stills and then send them to your friends via MMS messaging or e-mail or to your PC via USB or Bluetooth. The phone is capable of MPEG4 video playback when you receive a video message or if you upload video to the phone via USB or Bluetooth. The RAZR V3 also supports custom graphics for wallpapers, so you can dress up the phone to suit your fancy.

Support for gaming is built into the phone and games are available for download via the Cingular MEdia service.

Operating the RAZR Battery Door
The RAZR V3's battery cover is designed to have a very tight fit with the phone case. You may need to use your fingernail or a very thin instrument to depress the small battery cover release button. When replacing the cover, make sure the cover securely snaps into place before operating the phone.

Vital Statistics
The Motorola RAZR V3 weighs 3.35 ounces and measures 3.86 by 2.09 by 0.54 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 6.67 hours of digital talk time and up to 250 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS frequencies. The phone comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 3.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • ASIN: B000EBM60M
  • Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (33 customer reviews)
  • Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

This is a very good cell phone and gives the best deal. But, you can't transfer your old phone number from different provider to Cingular through If you transfer your old phone number, you won't get your rebate. Please read rebate rules carefully!!!

You can read about how to transfer your number through this link :
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I am not really going to review the phone but my intent is to inform others about another "review" on this phone.

There is a review of this phone below that says you can get an unlocked phone for free. That is misleading... To get the "free" RAZR, you must answer a lenghty survey, and then subscribe to certain offers that you choose from. I got all the way to the end of the survey, having selected trial offers of tooth whitening strips, Blockbuster Online, Columbia House video, and cosmetique makeup. Certainly I would be able to subscribe to those and then cancel my subscription. On the last page, I was required to choose 4 offers, but they all cost way too much. I quit at that point because I have no need for home wine delivery, foreclosure listings, or the like.
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I definitely get lots of attention for having the phone. Women want to hold it and men think it's sexy; even kids are facinated by it. I purchased mine within the first week that Cingular had them available and even then, I had not seen any of the T-Mobile phones in person. So, I have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Unfortunately, I paid the original price and I am one of the victims of the recalled phones. The phone is very cute and compact, but that is not much of a trade off for the lack of quality, durability and function.

This is my third camera phone and the picture quality is worse than my first, which is now about a hundred years old in tech time. These features should be improving, not regressing. All of my phones, since '97 have been Motorola, so it is not a company issue. This deficit is specific to this phone. I have not even bothered with the video camera.

The earpiece is not very loud, even on its highest setting. This is just downright annoying. Because the phone is so flat, there is no contour to the face while talking. This makes the poor volume seem like even more of an issue. I use the wireless earpiece most of the time, even when both hands are free.

I say the phone is not durable, but perhaps it is. When I drop it, pieces bounce off or break completely (not durable). Somehow, after replacing the battery cover, powering off, then on, everyhting is OK expcept for the scratches in the pink paint (durable). I figure that by the time I am finished with the phone, I will have knicked away so much color, that it will be just a regular old silver Razr.

All in all, I'm glad that I purchased the phone, because I never would have believed that such a cute phone would be so terrible without actually owning it myself. Now that I do, I am trying to convey to everyone else how absolutely overrated this phone is. Beyond it's external design, it's been a major disappointment.
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I first went with the Verizon pink razr, since I already had Verizon service and I was very displeased with it. So after dealing with their terrible costumer service for too long I went to cingular the day my contract ended! I got the Cingular pink razr and I love it!!!

It takes a little getting used to, but that's the case with every new phone. I don't think it's hard to get to menu options, and one of my favorite features it that you can personalize all the quick keys, you can put just about any menu option on any quick key you want. The exterior screen shows the time,signal strength and battery level. And I love Cingulars "My Account" feature in the menu, which takes you to your info like how many minutes you've used and how many you have left!!I also love the color, it's much cuter than Verizon's light pink almost purple looking razr.

Overall I'm very pleased with this phone and with a little time and a brother that can do anything with a computer, you can hack this phone to get rid of all the junk they put on it and personalize it even replace the little Cingular guy that shows up on the exterior screen when the phone is open with any image you want!!! =)
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I wanted a razr when they first came out, did all the research, and narrowed my choice between the nokia 6102 and the Razr. I was scared off by all the negative feedback the razr got, and bought the Nokia. I thought it was a great phone,until it broke 6 months into my contract. The phone could no longer stay open, it flopped so if you didn't hold it open, you would hang up on people. Well, it wasn't covered under the warranty, because when it broke, the black sticky strip came off, thus voiding the warranty... to make a long story short... I ended up getting a new pink razr last week. I LOVE IT! Of course the color is just the greatest! The sound quality is sooo much better than the nokia, it feels like a sturdy phone! It has been easy to learn to use, and I get comments on it all the time. So, for those of you who are still on the fence about getting a razr. Go ahead! You'll be glad you did!
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When the pink razrs came out, I knew I had to have one. They looked really cool. So, I waited patiently til I was eligible for my upgrade (Cingular) and then ordered it immediately!

It seemed to work fine at first. I had some trouble recording the names for the voice recognition dialing (no trouble doing other recording on it, just couldn't get the darn recordings to get stored right in the address book, so I gave up).

The screen is really great. The colors are amazing. I don't think I like the analog clock on the inside screen though. That bugs me.

This phone did not come with ANY games. All it has is a DEMO for bejeweled. Big DEAL. My daughter's free Samsung came with 4 games.

I was happy with the sound quality at first. Now, 2 months later, all of a sudden, the voices on the receiving end are cutting out. This occurs if the person on the other end is talking to me on a landline or cell phone. It isn't a "reception" issue either as there is nothing different in the reception of my house or anywhere else I am using this phone. It's so bad now that I am only getting like every other word of the person. It's AGGRAVATING! I am going to call Cingular about it but feel like they will just have me "send it in" for replacement and I'll get another Razr back that has different issues as that seems to be its reputation.

My advice: DON'T buy the Razr V3. If you want a cool looking phone, do your research and buy a quality phone without all the bugs and just decorate it with a cool cover or something.
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