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on January 14, 2002
At a time when movie-goers reward high budget, formulaic, Hollywood concoctions, I am grateful for this creative, unconventional, genre-defying movie. By genre, I don't mean musical or drama. I mean film, theater, opera, circus. Somehow the director had so much vision he managed to take so many unsavory elements (unoriginal love story, singing, dancing, so much lace and ruffles, a bit of campiness)and turned them into breath-taking entertainment. The first time I saw it, it did strange things to my pulse, but it was the second time that I let myself enjoy it. I feel sorry for all the critics and movie-goers who expected it to be what movies are 'supposed' to be and so didnt have anything to compare it to or knew how to relate to it. There really has never been anything like it. For those who have not seen it, I suggest approaching it as you would a roller-coaster ride (dont expect to be in control).
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on December 14, 2001
I must admit that when I first went to see Mouln Rouge in the theaters, I was most reluctant. It looked cheesy to me, but I kept hearing good things about it. So finally I went, and was blown away. This movie, from a writing aspect, breaks no new ground, but visually,it is astonishing. The beautiful thing about film is that the same story can be told over and over in different styles. And Baz Luhrman's style is most definitely unique. The movie pulls you in from it's opening moments, and rarely lets go. I did find the movie slightly over-indulgent at times, as though Baz was throwing certain visual effects in for the sake of throwing them in. But the acting all around is incredible, and the music is absolutely genius. Many may have a problem with what could be describe as a 2 hour music video, but I loved it. It is definitely geared towards the MTV generation, but I think it can be enjoyed by all. All in all, it is the best movie I have seen in a long time.
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on June 5, 2001
I went into the cinema expecting to be amazed with the costumes and scenery, in awe of the singing, and enthralled in the story. Basically I went into Moulin Rouge with unreachable expectations.
I wasn't disappointed!
The movie was unlike anything I've ever seen. The camera angles, and difficult shots are at times dizzying and overwhelming, but in the fantasy world that Baz Lurhmann has created it all works. The music is beautiful and inspiring and funny all at the same time.
Nicole doesn't have the most powerful or experienced voice, but it only adds to the poignancy of her character. I found that she fit the part far better than I expected. Her rendition of "One Day I'll Fly Away" was especially nice.
As for Ewan, he can *really* sing! His voice was clear and powerful, and the Elephant love melody duet was probably one of my favourite sequences. That last scene (*sniffs)...Wow.
I laughed (never I thought I'd enjoy Madonna's "Like a Virgin" quite so much!) and I cried, and I left the theatre shaking. I haven't felt that way since...I've never felt that way. I sincerly hope this film does well, because it is so unique and beautiful and touching.
I heartily recommend Moulin Rouge to everyone. It's truly a movie lover's movie. It's a movie, and you never once forget it. It's flashy and loud and fake. But the fact that it just doesn't make sense is what makes it make sense. It's a movie and it's art at the same time.
Stop reading already, and go see Moulin Rouge!
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return."
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on January 1, 2011
I really don't like writing reviews, but for this blu-ray I just HAVE to.

As a HUGE Moulin Rouge! fan (I've seen it 54 times... yes, I'm a crazy person, hehe) I can tell you that this blu-ray transfer is beyond perfect.

When I bought it I knew it was gonna look great. I mean, this movie was made for blu-ray. But boy! did I underestimated its power?

The image is crystal clear and the colors pop like nothing you've ever seen. All the blues are bright royal blue. The reds look extra passionate. And the blacks are extraordinarily deep. The amount of grain is just perfect. And the image is so sharp you can see everything from the smallest scratch on the floor, to the tiniest crack on the walls, to the pores on the actors skins and even the small veins in Kidman's eyes.

The sound is rich and absolutely delicious. You can hear every.single.whisper in the background. And the music sounds even better.

The extras are the same as those in the DVD Collector's Edition, so they're great and a lot.

And well, I won't even begin to describe the movie itself cause you could get 50 pages or more of me describing how amazing and perfect it is. So I'll just stick to the quality of the transfer and disc.

I have enjoyed a large variety of blu-rays which looked absolutely stunning (Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Pirates of The Caribbean, etc.), but I've never seen anything like this.

I have a 46-inch TV so the quality of the image sometimes suffers a tiny bit because of the size, but with this blu-ray I didn't perceive the tiniest flaw.

So, if you really wanna completely enjoy the full capacities of your Full HD TV, this is the disc to buy.

I'm still in awe of how perfect everything looked and sound.

A must-have for any Moulin Rouge! fan, any movie fan, and any HD fan.
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on June 9, 2001
If you like musicals, fantasies and romantic dramas, you'll go nuts for Moulin Rouge. With unique camera action, wierd, wacky and wonderful sets, delightfully surprising musical adaptations and more than a touch of the fantastic, Moulin Rouge is sure to please. McGregor's performance, both dramatic and vocal, is to die for. How can one person be so shamelessly multi-talented?
Kidman does an excellent job as the courtesan "Satine". Though her singing did not have the "wow" factor of McGregor's, it was more than adequate for the task. And many of the hopeless love songs she performed seemed quite touching when one recalls her present situation in real life.
If you don't like musicals, see Moulin Rouge anyway. You'll be treated to a film that doesn't fit the usual, ho-hum summer offerings. Instead it provides a rare treat for the jaded and bored movie goer.
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on January 1, 2002
I have never written an online review about a movie before. I usually just read reviews from others. Today, reading some of these low-rating reviews inspired me to write my own review. Several other reviewers said this was the worst movie ever. I however, feel it is the BEST movie ever!!!! Many people criticized Kidman and McGregor for their lack of musical talent. I have a degree from a hightly-respected conservatory. I have also taught music lessons. I have heard the best and the worst. They absolutely are not the best but let me tell you, I've heard a lot worse. I think they did pretty well for their first vocal performances.
This movie is probably greater appreciated by people who love music, art, theater, etc. Although, if you are not one of those people, you should challenge yourself to see this movie anyway. This is a MODERN MUSICAL. Baz is trying to take new things (like the modern music) and marry it with the old in an attempt to reach a new audience that maybe has less exposre to musicals. The way the music tells the story is absolutely amazing. If you were to listen only to the music you would be able to feel the emotions of what is happening in the movie.
I have to admit, when they began to perform "Roxanne" I thought this was a little over the top. My mind was soon changed. The anger, turmoil, distress, and conflict of this movie came to it's climax through this song. No movie has ever made me feel so deeply the emotions of the characters. The music of this song is so perfectly matched to each increasingly dramatic mini-scene. It's almost sensory overload!!
This movie, in addition, does not have the "Happily-ever-after Hollywood" ending. It's a movie about love and "real" (in a fairy-tale sense) life. It's raw: life, love, motivation, inspiration, talent, friendship, fortune, desire and tragedy.
In this movie the scenes are beautiful; the use of color is astonishing. Luhrman uses some incredible effects that make you feel like you are living in a fairy tale land.
An interesting side note is that Director Baz Luhrmann has made this the third movie of a trilogy. The first being Stictly Ballroom, in which he used dance to tell his story. In Romeo and Juliet he used language and finally in Moulin Rouge he used music/song.
This is not the movie for you if you want to critique the actors on their new-found singing abilities or you hate doing "artsy" things. If you prefer the traditional, middle-of-the-road, happily-ever-after movies, don't see this movie.
This is the movie for you if you want to expand your horizons or if you love drama, art, dance, beauty and music. If you are open-minded at all . . . then open up your mind and your heart and let this wonderfully moving and creative movie in. It's a movie that makes you laugh and cry. To me, that's the best kind.
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on May 24, 2001
Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl.
That's basically the plotline of "Moulin Rouge" in a nutshell, but the way Baz Luhrmann interprets this story on screen has to be seen to be believed.
Lots of lavish color, movement, sights and sounds explode on the screen like a Toulouse Lautrec painting on acid.
Baz has captured all the excitement and decadence of 1800s Paris, given it a modern twist and reinvented the classic movie musicals of days gone by. And the result? A truly unique cinematic experience that will be talked about for years to come!
The first frenetic 30 minutes will have you clutching your seat and gasping for breath. It's like a white-knuckle ride at your favorite theme park - it's almost too much to take. But what a ride!
"Moulin Rouge" is a movie to be viewed more than once....if only to take in what you missed the first time.
You'll either love or loathe it. But if you choose the latter, quickly take your pulse and check that you're still in the land of the living!
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2011
Moulin Rouge was already a film with a huge cult following before its appearance on blu ray. A blu ray transfer of a film when done correctly is an amazing experience and raises a films clarity and quality stratospheres of levels. But when not done well a film can even look worse than the dvd. So for a film as lush and dynamic as Moulin Rouge it would seem it was made for blu ray. So - how does it look and sound? There are no words to describe how amazing it is. This film truly was made for blu ray and all its qualities are made that much better.
Moulin Rouge may not be for everyone's taste but it is truly an artistic masterpiece made with great ambition. That cannot be denied. It is a big, bold and clever extravaganza. It also miraculously used top 40 tunes from various decades to tell a beautiful, romantic love story and in the process bring the musical back to a place of relevance. Old and new comes together and visually and musically the film soars from beginning to end. The cast is superb with major star turns by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. Tour de force performasnces by both.

Now to the blu ray transfer. The video is truly a stunning presentation here and shows blu ray to its true best capability. The colors are so vibrant and seem to jump off the screen. The black levels, skin tones and overall clarity of picture are just truly amazing. And then you add in the audio which would either make or break this film. Well rest easy Moulin Rouge fans for the audio is rich and expansive. Dialogue is very strong and clear and the music takes a life of its own. This beautiful audio transfer makes use of all the speakers even when there is no music. This blu ray presentation honestly will make you feel as if you are inside Moulin Rouge. With this movie music and its use in a film are also brought to a new level. The film is magical, creative and a truly romantic fantasy experience. The blu ray transfer is beautiful and makes this a must have for fans and will definitely bring new admirers to this movie through its magic. Highly recommended.
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on May 25, 2001
Baz Lurmann has crafted an intoxicating mess from musicals, movies, pop songs, and romances each of us know by heart. His movie jumps off the screen, and is unlike any other movie I have ever seen. No matter how you respond to the truly dizzying camera work, the off-kilter, obvious sets, and the often painfully obvious love story, you cannot deny the spectacular artistic vision of the creator. To boot, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor are enchanting, and they invest 100% into their crossed-lovers roles; they sing (well!) and they look ravishing. The jaw-dropping arrangements of such familiar pop fare as Your Song, Roxanne, Up Where We Belong, and many, many others, is somehow simultaneously hilarious and entirely appropriate in this anachronistic, created world that has nothing to do with Paris in 1900. More an over-the-top music video in style and substance than a feature length film, this movie nevertheless does revive the musical film -- the music and the chemistry of the stars draw you in at every turn. And the tributes paid to the pop poetry of Elton John and many others makes the words and music glow with a new light. Baz's hat is tipped often to such enduring classics as The Sound Of Music and La Boheme; the choreography and sheer dazzle are often overhwhelming and so glittery and crazily shot that they give you the sensation of being on a rollercoaster that is turning upside down. To the movie's credit, it is hard to shake the dark, swirling camera from your head once you have been to this Moulin Rouge.
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on December 5, 2001
Could this be the dawning for a new age of the movie-musical? From the opening curtain to the closing credits, MOULIN ROUGE was pure pleasure. The critics had me entering the theatre with low expectations... cue the opening dance sequence, and my senses are overwhelmed with sheer entertainment. Director Baz Luhrmann blows you away with brilliant tour de force and a love story that it sure to capture even the coldest of hearts.
Ewan McGregor (Christian) truly shines in ROUGE. With flawless acting and a surprisingly ravishing voice, he gives his best and most notable performance to date. Belting out the 1970 Elton John hit, "Your Song," McGregor gives the classic a new found glory and flare after 30 years. His voice commands the not quite original score (it was originally penned for 1996's ROMEO + JULIET), "Come What May," with beauty and style. McGregor is indeed a rising talent that holds much more in store.
Nicole Kidman (Satine) lights up the silver screen with charisma and flavor. Debuting her vocal talents, Kidman cuts loose with dance numbers and duets; not to mention a dramatic performance nothing short of excellent. Solos such as "Some Day I'll Fly Away" and "Sparkling Diamonds" showcase her musical onset (There has been talk of a future album from Kidman).
Ewan and Nicole have an on-screen chemistry that even Romeo and Juliet would envy. Dazzling audiences with romantic duets, you will find yourself singing "Come what may..." and humming the tune of "Elephant Love Medley" long after you exit the theatre. Hence, an amazing movie makes for a beautiful soundtrack.
This is definitely my favorite movie of the year. The National Board of Review seems to agree, naming it Best Film of 2001. I'd bet on McGregor, Luhrmann, and the film itself taking home the hardware on Oscar night.
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