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on May 25, 2013
I have been using the D-444 for a month now; it watches over my wildlife watering tank. Thus far I have captured several birds, a coyote, many deer, and one bobcat. The night view is excellent, it produces a clear non-distracting infared light, the critters do not flinch while being filmed. The unit is easy to program, and will last many weeks on one set of batteries. Great camera for the price.
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on July 6, 2013
Bought 2.Have had them out for 3 weeks.Night and day pics are excellent.Silent when taking photo's and no deer have noticed the low glow or even looked at the camera while being photographed at night time.So far the D-444 does all I expected it to do.Tried the 3 shots in one second setting for a few days to see if it would work well.It did,with none of the quick fired shots being blurred at all.Last checked the camera had taken about 300 pics and battery was 98%.Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because as I said earlier I have had it out only 3 weeks and I want to see if it will continue to function well with no problems and how it does on battery life.
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on June 14, 2013
I've been using this game camera for several weeks now, and it seems to capture anything moving in it's path. The IR flash is pretty cool, although the details aren't as good in the image, as the daytime color shots.
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on November 15, 2013
I'm not a hunter, but a landowner with acreage that was curious to see what wildlife roamed the property. I shopped this item hard and after a recommendation from a hunter went with the Moultrie. The D444 fit my needs and price range of $100 and one month into it has not disappointed. Easy to set up and use, good pictures and no problems. Bought a second one after a couple of weeks because the first one worked so well and wanted pics from the other end of the property. I would recommend if you are buying one for security reasons, any bad guy will notice the infra-red flash in the dark from the D444, and you may want to invest in models that black out the infrared light.
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on July 14, 2013
We are not hunters but use it to see what his stalking our chickens at night. So far we have found our dog is very vigilant and the horse likes to wander at night. The pictures are great and the camera was easy to set up and use.
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on August 29, 2013
The only thing that would make this camera better would be "no glow" rather than "low glow" infrared. It's comical to watch the rabbits notice the red glowing LEDs come on then take off running. They don't all notice, but a few do if they happen to be facing the camera. The motion sensor is very good, even picking up small birds that come into the field of view at about 20 feet. This is also very good for a security camera while you're away on a trip or vacation. Just make sure to install it high up and lock it to something so that it can't be stolen. That's the main reason I don't like the low glow infrared - although the unit is camouflaged, the night vision infrared will give the camera's location away if you happen to be looking in that direction. The infrared LEDs don't visibly light up the area, but they do glow red when a picture is being taken.

All of that said, the pictures are really clear, day or night. The unit is built ruggedly and seems very weather proof. The price was great. I would buy this again if I needed another one.
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on December 21, 2013
I bought this camera 2 weeks before bow season opened and set it out. I admit, I had it about 45 foot from my feeder at first, so it didn't catch very many pictures. But after a week, I realized I needed to move it closer and got it on another tree within 30 feet of the feeder and it started getting pictures... sometimes. There was one morning I walked down to my feeder, walked under it, pulled the battery cover, checked the settings, looked around at tracks, and left. I was there for at least 5-6 minutes, and it never got a picture of me. It did that on three different occasions. It took a ton of pictures at night when the coons and hogs showed up, (only saw two deer 4 different times, that sucks) as I had a 1 minute setting on it, and it got good pictures, sometimes blurry, but mostly good. But it seemed to barely ever take a picture in the daylight. And most of those were only in black and white. It was very slow to wake up from its sleep so it missed a lot of photos. But at night it seemed to work better. I don't know why it did that, maybe I had it facing the rising sun, I don't know, but I'd say over the course of 2 months, it took over 1200 night photos, and less than 20 daylight photos, even when I knew at least I was in the frame and range of the camera. I hate giving poor reviews, but this one deserves it.
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on May 29, 2013
This trail camera is WORTH the money!!! I have been using it in my woods and it is amazing! I love it!
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on January 10, 2014
This is my second trail cam, although my first experience is only with a friend's age-old moultrie ds-100 with regular flash (and it doesn't even work at night because the flash blows out every shot).

Having set up the camera in the house and in the yard, and I can verify that all modes work correctly. I've tried the default motion capture, video, and hybrid modes. The hybrid mode works as follows: You program a time duration (default = 3 hours) for sunrise and sunset, and a capture interval (default = 30sec, I set mine to 1 minute). Half an hour before sunrise, the camera starts taking pictures with the programmed interval for the programmed duration - in my case once a minute for 3 hours for a movie consisting of 180 frames. It does the same at sunset. Morning and night are split into two separate movies. You can then look at the files using Moutrie's PlotWatcher software. The software is simple, but works pretty well. You can draw a box around the area you're interested in, and then hit "activity search"; the program will fast forward through the frames until it finds something changing in that area. If the camera senses motion at any time, it also takes a still picture in addition to the motion capture.

As far as image quality: It's fine at the default 4MP setting. We're talking about a game camera here. Pictures are in color during the day, and B&W at night. The flash lights up a decent area, better than I expected as a matter of fact. Trigger time is also pretty quick.

In regards to the "low glow" feature for anyone that's new to game cameras: The LEDs emit mostly infrared light, but also a small amount of visible red light. Thus, instead of a bright white flash from the LEDs, you get a muted red. Most animals won't care, but if you're using it to catch people in the dead of night they'll be able to notice if they're looking at the camera. For animals it's generally not an issue because the animals most people are interested in don't "see" red light very well. There are also cameras which emit no red glow at all and are usually advertised as such.

The only complaint I have is that it uses "C" size batteries. I would have preferred D, or better yet: AA. I actually use rechargeable Eneloops and ran the camera with AA Eneloops and AA-to-C adapters. The batteries started out being rated at 55% by the camera, and after 2 days of hybrid mode they were down to 35%. I'll chalk that up to the fact that the hybrid mode uses a lot more power than the standard motion capture mode. You're basically taking 360 pictures a day, so you can figure you're using a lot of power compared to a mode where it only takes pictures when it actually detects motion.

One final note about file size: The .MLT plot watcher files in my case were ~36MB each (180 captures to make each movie), and the picture files were about 1MB for each 4MP picture. On a 4GB SD card using these settings, you'd be able to fit 4,000 pictures, or 50 days worth or plot files (or whatever combination thereof). You'd probably run down the batteries before you get to 50 days of plot files though. A ten second .AVI video clip was about 37MB.

Assuming the camera lasts, I am very happy with my first "modern" game camera.

[UPDATE August 2014] I forgot to update my review after having it out for the rest of the hunting season. I bumped the rating up to 5 stars because the camera worked extremely well in the field - especially compared to a Primos 35 that I picked up on clearance shortly after this one. Every single picture it took had animals, the daytime pictures very of very nice quality, and the nighttime ones very clear and well lit. The Primos seemed to trigger on grass blowing and took thousands of pictures of nothing. Not so with this Moultrie. It's discontinued in 2014, so keep your eye open for sales. This is a great camera!

One comment about the battery life of NiMH batteries: They seem to last a decent amount of time. I can't remember what the longest period of time was with the rechargeables, but it was long enough where I never had a complaint.
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on June 13, 2013
Would recommend this camera as the best buy for the money. Works very good. I attempted to reset some of the settings from the factory settings and found out they are smarter than I am so I had to reset.
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