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on February 28, 2005
After watching other classics such as Umberto Lenzi's "Cannibal Ferox" and Ruggero Deodato's "Jungle Holocaust", I decided to give this little flick a try and I've got to admit that I wasn't disappointed whatsoever! Sergio Martino's "Mountain of the Cannibal God" (AKA "Slave of the Cannibal God") is one of the best cannibal films ever made, despite the so-so acting and some weak dialogue thrown in here and there. It stars Ursula Andress (Who was also the very first Bond girl in "Dr. No" back in 1962) as beautiful Susan, who heads to New Guinea with her brother, Arthur (Antonio Marsina) in search of her husband who has been missing for three months.

With the help of anthropologist, Dr. Edward Foster (Stacy Keach) and explorer, Monolo (Claudio Cassinelli) they venture to the island of Roka, which is also the home to the Ra Ra Me. (TRANSLATION: Mountain of the Cannibal God) What they discover is the terrifying Puka, a cannibal tribe believed to have been extinct for many years. Along the way, they fall prey to all the dangerous booby-traps and cannibals lurking in the jungle in some of the most grotesque and shocking footage ever caught on film! (Who can forget the ambush and instant decapitation scene?) But when Susan and Monolo are captured by the Puka their only hope is escape, or risk becoming a sacrifice to the Cannibal God!

In my opinion, this is a VERY underrated Italian horror film and deserves more credit than what it is given. As I stated earlier, the acting is about average and the dialogue can drag here and there, but fans of the genre and gore buffs alike will definately get a kick out of the gory makeup and effects! However, as I also mentioned in my review for "Cannibal Ferox" this is absolutely NOT a movie for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended by such material! In addition, you'll also need a strong stomach to watch the whole movie and small children (Heaven forbid) should not view this film, or they may be forever traumatized! Everyone else: EAT UP! :)
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HALL OF FAMEon October 7, 2004
Sergio Martino's "Slave of the Cannibal God" is this director's entry in what ranks as one of the most fascinating horror sub-genres to ever grace the screen: the Italian cannibal craze. Starting in the early 1970s and peaking towards the end of the decade, a slew of depraved, ultragory shockers emerged from the minds of such Italian filmmakers as Ruggero Deodato and Umberto Lenzi. "Cannibal Holocaust," Deodato's grindhouse shocker and a film still considered to be one of the sickest ever made, marked the apogee of the cannibal film, but other directors continued to churn out more product. I could, and probably am, wrong in saying this, but by the time Umberto Lenzi released "Eaten Alive" in 1980, the cannibal genre was declining. Watching these films proves one immutable truth about the 1970s: this decade truly was a time when filmmakers would try anything to shake audiences up. It's impossible to even conceive of a film like this being made today unless you take into consideration the plethora of super cheap shot on video junk, which I don't. These are films shot on film, and they are definitely something to see. If you like horror pictures, be sure to check a few of these gutmunchers out. Especially since most of them have gone to DVD in the past couple of years.

Martino's film stars Ursula Andress (!) as Susan Stevenson, the wife of an intrepid explorer who went in search of a tribe of cannibals and never returned. Stevenson, concerned for the safety of her husband, begins to organize a search party. She hires Doctor Edward Foster (Stacy Keach!) to guide the expedition into the jungles of New Guinea. Susan brings along her shady brother Arthur (Antonio Marsina) to help in the search, and the group sets off with the requisite number of local guides. What follows is, sadly, a rather boring series of scenes consisting of the group endlessly tramping their way through the foliage. In true cannibal movie fashion, we do get to see several scenes of real life animal death spliced into the film stock, but we must wait awhile to see the human characters perish under nasty circumstances. Between the snake attacks on monkeys and other such useless rubbish, Foster and Stevenson stumble over a village in the interior where the group meets a European priest running a mission, and learns about a dangerous tribe of cannibals called the Puka or Puki. Keach has a run in with a couple of these guys, so the party heads back into the jungle for another interminable jaunt until they arrive at the cannibal mountain.

Stevenson gets what she wants when her expedition runs smack dab into a tribe of masked cannibals atop this mountain. We see that her husband is here too, although he's quite dead and covered in some sort of weird jelly substance. It turns out that the tribe worships this corpse as a deity, probably due to the fact that he carried a Geiger counter when he stumbled over the cannibals. This tribe is so impressed with the machine that they mounted it in his chest, where it still clicks and clacks away all these months later. Since Susan's hubby carried a picture of her in his wallet, the cannibals think she's a god too. They strip her clothes off and tie her up just as they did her husband. Finally, we see a bit of the violence that are these films' stock and trade: one of the tribal members attempts to have his way with Goddess Ursula and pays an extreme price for his insolence. A dwarf has his brains dashed out on a rock, the cannibals sit around for some good old-fashioned eating, and startling revelations about Stevenson's reasons for coming to the mountain emerge before the film glides to a watery end.

"Slave of the Cannibal God" is bound to disappoint hardcore followers of the cannibal sub-genre due simply to the fact that Martino restrained himself in the gore department. If you've seen "Cannibal Holocaust" and "Eaten Alive," you won't believe how tame this film is by comparison. Nothing much happens except for animal violence and the flurry of activity at the end. Sure, we see a couple of native guys buy the farm during a leg of the trek, and dinnertime at the mountain took on decidedly queasy dimensions, but it's not enough to keep us gorehounds interested. I suspect with a cast including Andress and Keach, Martino felt he should throttle back on the extreme gore. Too bad and too sad. I did take pleasure in seeing Ursula bare her heart and soul in preparation for her deification ceremony, and I enjoyed seeing Keach turn in a solid performance. I also liked the beautiful shots of the jungle and that waterfall the expedition had to climb to get to the cannibal lair. "Slave of the Cannibal God" succeeded in one central element common to this sub-genre, namely that Europeans in the jungle are only there to engage in evil acts. I thought Martino pulled off this plot point--revealed in full at the end--quite nicely. But I must doggedly return to the central premise of an Italian cannibal picture: it should contain over the top gore, and Martino's effort failed in that area big time.

Surprisingly, the DVD edition of the film contained a thirteen-minute interview with Sergio Martino. The other extra was a poster and stills gallery. Picture and audio quality were sharp for a film this old. Ultimately, I must recommend that "Slave of the Cannibal God" is a film best suited for newcomers who wish to understand the general themes involved in these movies. Then move on to Deodato's and Lenzi's pukers. Since I already saw "Cannibal Holocaust," "Cannibal Ferox," and "Eaten Alive" before Martino's effort, this film left me wanting more.
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on April 10, 2015
This was a fairly lame cannibal exploitation film. Susan (Ursula Andress) and her obnoxious brother head off to an island of New Guinea to search for her missing husband. Stacy Keach and stock animal footage are employed along the way. The government doesn't allow expeditions in this area. They take a helicopter to a mountain, then walk to a beach (a nice wide one where a helicopter could land) then take a boat to an island. Plot continuity was not part of the plan. The plan was to get Ursala Andress stripped naked, tied up and greased down similar to what Bo Derek would later do in "Tarzan". We now know John Derek's fetish. Bo er ah Ursala doesn't encounter the cannibals until the last 20 minutes of the film.

In the 1970's this was great stuff. By today's standard it is really ho-hum. A few animals may have been killed for this film. There are better Ursala Andress films out there.
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on October 21, 2002
Mountain of the Cannibal God, is basic, exploitation/sexploitation cannibal fare. It is an interesting story of sexy Ursula Andress, looking for her lost husband, and a trip she takes into the Amazon to find him, and the Uranium he was originally looking for. The safari party is eventually captured on the mountain (more like a cavern) by said cannibals, and Ursula is turned into a goddess, while the cannibals feast on human and reptile flesh. In this uncut version, there is a scene of sexual depravity on the first night of Ursula's capture that must be seen to be believed. First, Ursula is stripped, tied up, and sensuously painted by two native girls. Then we cut to a scene of a woman mastrubating while a native rapes a pig? Okay, I didnt write this stuff, I am only reviewing the film. Not exactly my cup of tea, I would have rather seen a love scene between Ursula and the male lead, but thats just me. Still, with a title like MOTCG, one cannot expect the memoirs of Emily Post.
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on October 24, 2010
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on December 30, 2001
Average cannibal film. Great extras, fantastic price. Get it if you're into Italian cannibal films. Not as good as 'Ferox' or 'Holocaust', but well worth a look.
Another thing -- everyone that's crying about the animal violence should grow-up and get a life. If you've seen this or other cannibal-themed films, you knew well before about the scenes with animals. Why don't you quit posting your PETA propaganda and find some leather jackets to slash.
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on May 20, 2002
Ok, I get started.
I saw the last 10 minutes of this flick on my local Tv and when I saw the lead girl I thought wow she's a beauty.
She was getting stripped and painted with blood to prepare her to be the cannibals godness and to sent her to her dead husband who she was looking.
When I saw that the flick was avaliable on Dvd I immediatly ordered.It has a good and reasonable prize and was full of extras and contains the restored version of the film uncut and uncensored.
Susan Stevenson(Andress) fly to New Guinea to find her missing husband who were on a expedition to find a sacred mountain full of cannibals and uranium.
The British consulate refuses helping her because of political issues,they led to a mysterious man Dr Edward Foster(a young Stacy Keach) a colleague of her husband and former expiditioner.
She convinces him to help her and organizes a expedition to find her husband.
When there they are attacked by animals,traps and loose all their men until they met Manolo and saves Susan from a cannibal.
In a helpful village they rested until another cannibal and former expeditioner kills a native girl and hurts Edward on his knee.
Instead of this flaw he decides to go further after the villagers expulse them from the village.
In the climb in the waterfalls Arthur doesn't help Edward and he feels down and dies.
When Manolo knows the true intentions of the mission they are captured by the cannibals.
The cannibals kills Arthur and eat all his flesh and keep Manolo tied up.
Finally they escaped via the river.
The flick contains graphic violence and sex equally given.
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on January 24, 2002
This was a good movie but for the new DVD Anchor Bay have inserted some new scenes, most notably a cannibal raping a pig, and and it is VERY graphic and offensive. I would rather buy the foreign DVD or a bootleg copy of this movie, just to stay away from that damned pig raping scene!
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