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on December 20, 2008
For backpacking, you can't beat the weight savings of freeze-dried food. For some reason, the Mtn House rice doesn't agree with me, so I got the can of Diced Chicken. It's actually cheaper--in bulk--instead of buying their pro-paks. Plus, Mtn House puts way too much rice in their pro-paks.

The taste is, well, the taste of manufactured, cooked chicken. What do you expect? Don't get me wrong; it tastes well enough to eat, and on the trail it tastes better.

One serving (on my scales) weighs 1 oz. Amazing. Unbeatable.

I bought some Lipton freeze-dried chicken fried rice and will divide it up with the chicken for easy, on-the-trail food-making (in those Ziplock ZipnSteam bags).

If you don't have your own dehydrator, the weight savings alone is incredible--and worth it. Highly recommended for backpacking!
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2009
The food quality is good and it's quite tasty. Obviously this is too expensive for anything but times when you need lightweight, high quality food. That would be backpacking.

Rice & Chicken : tasted good, I'd add a little black pepper or hot sauce
Beef Stroganoff : very good
Rice & wild rice pilaf : excellent
Chicken a la king : too sweet for my taste, but other folks liked it
Pasta primavera : excellent, good crispness on the veggies
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on October 26, 2008
I bought the beef teriyaki with rice and am happy to say it is quite tasty. It looks a little mushy after you mix it up but thats not a problem really. The texture in your mouth is good and there is a quite satisfying teriyaki sauce taste to it. This is important because if you've had real teriyaki you know that the sauce really defines it and if they skimp on that it becomes an issue. That is not a problem here.

The only con is its a little tricky to mix and get prepared just right. The beef chunks are large enough that sometimes water doesn't seep in and reconstitute it like it should and you end up getting a beef chunk that is partially dry and crunchy inside. This is easily solved though by ensuring to mix with the full 3/4 cup of boiling water and mixing it better than normal before covering it to heat.
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VINE VOICEon August 6, 2010
I've had Mountain House freeze-dried food before in the single and double serving bags on camping and backpacking trips, but usually as back-up food. I say back-up as I usually try to make my own grub when I'm on the trail but I've mis-calculated before and I can tell you it's no fun to run out of food in the back country. That's something that only happens once to you before you make sure it never happens again. That, and my wife won't eat it. I've had it, though, and I can tell you that it is really quite good. Is it as good as what you can make at home in your gourmet kitchen? Well, that depends on your cooking skill, but I'll guess probably not.

That shouldn't steer anyone away, however, as I'm always shocked at how good this tastes. I haven't tried every one of their menu items, but I've had well over a dozen and they are consistently good - surprisingly good considering this is freeze-dried pack food. Mountain House provides meals that reconstitute very easily with boiling water and are satisfying to eat after a long day on the trail. (The satisfaction quotient rises exponentially when you discover a couple packets of this food after you discover your regular grub is all gone)

These in particular, in the #10 cans, work just as well on the trail, but you've got to open them up and pour the contents you need into plastic zip bags. Compared to the single and double serving packets, these are a really good deal, per serving. For reference, a #10 can is equivalent in dimension to a large can of coffee.

Where these really shine, though, is for your disaster and emergency preparedness kit. Being packed in these large cans the food is in a durable container and the fact that they are flushed with nitrogen gas enables them to have a shelf life of 25 years from the date of manufacture. 25 years? It's true. I can't hazard a guess what the years would do to the freshness factor of the food, but for purposes of emergency food supply that is truly outstanding. All the cans I ordered were only a month or two old - these are not surplus items that have been sitting in a warehouse for years. Being in these large cans makes them ideal for your earthquake or emergency supply as they are durable and easy to stack and store.

I think the price for these is reasonable, especially when one considers that many are fully prepared meals, rather than just corn, or just peas, etc. (though they have those, too) These form the foundation for an effective emergency supply for you and your family in the event of a natural disaster. Having some of these stocked away gives me peace of mind knowing that the food is there and that it won't go bad after a couple of years.
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on June 22, 2009
We brought a can of Lasagna with Meat Sauce on our overnight backpacking trip. It fed two adults, twice. It was filling and tasted pretty good, even with strings of cheese. The can was a little too bulky for a backpack, though. Next time we purchase Mountain Home foods, we will get the 2-serving packs.
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on November 20, 2010
Looking at freeze dried foods to supplement can goods as part of tuning up our level of household preparedness. We have five children and can't worry about a $500 loaf of bread or closed supermarkets that it appears our politicians are going to be bringing to a neighborhood near you through their gross misbehavior.

The mountain house products are amazing! From a picky eater, this is a rave. I have tried many varieties, and have yet to run across anything inedible.

Mac and Cheese - top notch and better than you get from one of those boxes.

Beef Stew - not quite what you'd expect as everything is cut in uniform size cubes - carrots, potatoes, beef all about pea sized. Other than that visual effect, texture is fine and taste is great.

Bacon and Eggs - least favorite so far. Eggs are fine, no real texture issue and taste is correct. The bacon however is basically bacon dust which isn't a problem - but the flavor has a very strong I guess smoky flavor to it. Throws it off a bit but again - edible.

Bacon and Ham with Peppers - eggs fine, ham is in those pea sized cubes, peppers and what not make a nice combination.

Pasta Primavera - not what I expected, more like a cream of chicken soup with pasta and vegetables but that aside, flavor was really very good.

Granola and Blueberries - excellent. Maybe a tad sweet for us older folks but really was just like having granola, blueberries and milk.

Word on serving size - I think they pretty much stick to this 300 or so calorie serving which, for the Pasta primavera is a little bowl. If you're a big boy you are going to want three servings . . . . .

All in all, great product and a 35 year shelf life to boot in the #10 cans.
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on November 20, 2009
I am blown away that anyone would complain about Mountain House products...On a PACIFIC TRAIL CLIMB glacier/cold weather I had the chicken breasts and mashed potatoes with green beans that tasted garden fresh. The 2 other climbers used other products and tasted my dinner and could not believe the quality. My wife and I love the SeaFood Chowder when the power goes out at home. We use our jetboil climbing stove to heat water and have a great hot meal. A bit too much sodium in the food, otherwise the best! We have a years supply of mixed emergency food items from Mountain House stored.
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on November 13, 2010
I've taken the lasagna twice on camping trips and it was a hit! My friends brought regular food and laughed at my "freeze dried food" UNTIL THEY TRIED IT. I practically had to stab them with my fork to keep them away from the Mt. House lasagna.

I just bought my second #10 can of spaghetti. Originally I came to amazon to purchase the lasagna, not for camping or survival food but just because I like it. I saw the spaghetti was cheaper so I bought that instead and I loved it too. To be honest the lasagna is better but more expensive. I ate the #10 can of spaghetti over a period of a couple weeks. I would make a "mug" of the spaghetti as a special treat for myself. Sometimes I would just pop a small handful of the dried spaghetti in my mouth. It sounds weird but it is eerily good. (Don't knock it till you try it) Soon it was all gone.

I was craving the spaghetti over the last year or so and finally couldn't take it anymore and just ordered another can. When it gets here I'm going to have a huge plate of it.

With the free super-saver shipping and discounted price I think this spaghetti costs the same or cheaper than other convenience foods and anybody who has ever made spaghetti from scratch knows how expensive that is- I think this is a DELICIOUS BARGAIN. But stay away from my #10 can of spaghetti when it gets here or I might stab you with my fork.

I've also tried the Mountain House beef stew. Also great but not as good as the spaghetti or lasagna. Next time I'm going to try the beef strockingoff.
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VINE VOICEon August 19, 2010
I expected this to be "roughing it" food and for the most part that's true. You're mostly going to eat these when camping, or in a power outage/disaster situation (e.g., Hurricane Katrina) that persists for a while and you've already burned through other supplies. Generally speaking, you won't be eating these every day. But surprisingly, the taste is good enough that you won't feel like you're scrimping when you make a meal with them.

I've only tried the Beef Stroganoff and Beef Stew so far, but a couple of weeks back I opened a #10 of each and went for several days eating only these for lunch and dinner. For freeze-dried instant meals they're both quite good in my opinion and I was looking forward to the next meal (at least for the first two or three days...after that, anything can get old). Obviously, it's not the same as cooking these dishes up from scratch, but I certainly think one could do worse. Take a few servings of these with you on a camping trip and you'll have a good-tasting, lightweight, easy-to-pack entree to replace some of those snack bars.
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on November 6, 2010
OK, we've so far tried the beef stroganoff and the sweet and sour pork with rice as well as one of the scrambled egg dishes. We purchased the 72 hour kit so we had some different things to try before deciding which #10 cans to purchase with things we liked. Both of the entrées were excellent. We stretched a one serving package by adding one of the vegetable packets that came with the other samples. The veggies were also fine and we had enough for both my wife and I to eat.

The eggs were a different story. Although I wouldn't say they tasted worse than Styrofoam as another reviewer stated, they were not up to the level of the dinner entrées. They tasted OK at best. Of course I have my own chickens so I'm spoiled. The egg dish is why this review is a 4 and not a 5. I have already ordered several cans of the beef stroganoff to use as part of my back up food supply and will order the pork also. Overall I'm impressed the quality of the Mountain House food. Good stuff!
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