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on September 5, 2013
The good news: The Time Travelers and Beyond the Time Barrier finally get a legitimate DVD release! Will all those crummy bootleg DVDs online disappear? I hope so! (These titles are NOT in public domain, BTW, no matter what the bootleggers claim!) More good news: Time Travelers is presented in its correct 1.66:1 widescreen aspect ratio (cropped from the original 4x3 full-frame negative, as it would have been projected in theaters in 1964.)

The not-so-good news: fitting 310 minutes onto one single-sided DVD means that the encode data rate is very low. The first three films are "okay" looking, considering this, but the last film, the very fun Angry Red Planet, suffers from some very heavy blocking and compression artifacts in places (take a look after the 27 minute mark for some sections that are below VHS quality and break up considerably.)

I can't figure out the business decision to add two films that have been widely released before with the two that have not, and then cramming them all onto one DVD in less-than-optimal quality. What makes the decision even stranger is that the two "new" films, Time Travelers and Time Barrier, are sourced from really high quality recent HD film transfers, from great original film sources. Both have been available recently on either Netflix or Amazon online (in quality that seems better than on this DVD), and they show in HD on the MGM cable TV channel (not available everywhere). Are these films being "saved" for eventual Blu Ray release in high quality? That's the only logical reason, perhaps, for this crammed low-resolution DVD.

Still, at (about) $5 this release is welcome! But I'm betting that the vast majority of fans, like me, are more than willing to pay real money to have Time Travelers and Time Barrier on stand-alone DVD or Blu Ray in better quality. Please, Timeless/Shout Factory, let consumers know what your plans are.
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2013
As a longtime fan and collector of sci-fi films, I was very surprised to see a major studio offering this collection at a dirt-cheap price. One might expect to pay the current price ($5.00) for ONE barely-known film from public-domain outfits like Alpha Video. But FOUR fairly well-known b-movies, from MGM, for less than the price of one? I took a chance and pre-ordered my collection, and I'm glad I did.

"Movies 4 U: Sci-Fi Classics" represents the major-studio DVD debut of both Beyond the Time Barrier and The Time Travelers. Most of us collectors would gladly have paid more just to finally get good copies of these films. The other two (Man from Planet X and Angry Red Planet) were previously released as part of MGM'S Midnite Movies series. All four films look great. I haven't done a side-by-side comparison of the latter two films with my Midnite Movies copies, but they seem to look just as good as the previous releases (why would the studio not use the same prints if they already owned them, right?). This was my first time viewing The Time Travelers, and although I'd have to say it's the least of bunch (in terms of the film itself, I mean), it is the only one offered in the widescreen format. The print used for Beyond the Time Barrier is a huge improvement over the Sinister Cinema release that's been floating around for years.

I'm also a collector of sci-fi film trailers, and I have to say I was a little disappointed that these were not included, especially since trailers were included on the MM releases, and trailers for the other 2 films are easy to find on the internet.

As for the films themselves, Angry Red Planet is certainly the best, with its far-out visuals and memorable creatures. The Man From Planet X, although it's rarely mentioned in discussions of serious sci-fi films of its era, is also very well-made and suspenseful. It's interesting to see veteran actor William Schallert in a rare villain role. Beyond the Time Barrier is strictly Saturday-matinee stuff, but has plenty of action and is generally well-acted. The Time Travelers, as stated above, is my least favorite of the four. But it's still a fun (and very 60's) trip, and should not be overlooked.

All in all, this is a great little package for budget-minded collectors who refuse to settle for murky public-domain prints of these almost-forgotten little gems.
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on September 5, 2013
Four shlock sci-fi flicks on one disc at a super bargain price! They are all on one dual layer disc (allowing only about 2 GB disc space per title) but they all look pretty good. Only negative is that only one of the films "The Time Travelers" is anamorphic wide screen although three out of four were made in the wide screen era and should be presented in wide screen format, either letterbox or (preferably) anamorphic. "Man From Planet X" was made in 1951 before the 1953 widespread aspect ratio change so it's 1.37:1 ratio is correct. With the other two non widescreen open matte titles you can set your widescreen HDTV to "Zoom" (not "Stretch") and see them more or less as they were intended to be seen. "Angry Red Planet" definitely looks more grainy and soft that way take your choice! Only extra is a still gallery, wish there were trailers but there aren't! I doubt we'll see these looking any better anytime soon so I'd say grab them while you have the chance...especially at this cheap price! The companion disc "Movies 4 You - More Sci Fi Classics" is even better with three out of four of the films (including "Brain That Wouldn't Die"!) anamorphic wide screen! Get them both!
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on September 4, 2013
Unlike at least one other reviewer, I waited to actually get this DVD before reviewing it. It is great seeing these old sci-fi movies in crystal-clear versions, rather than the multi-generational bootlegs that have proliferated over the years. The Angry Red Planet has been on DVD before, but I don't think the others have had legal releases yet. The Time Travelers is presented in 1:66-1 widescreen format, while the others are all full-screen (1:33-1). The only one that normally would've been anamorphic is ARP, but I think most people aren't going to care either way on that one. The other three movies are the reason to get this DVD.

There's no big quality loss here with four movies on one disc, and all look good on both my laptop and TV. This is definitely worth the $5 price tag (plus shipping), especially for the science fiction fan out there.
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Great movies from back-in-the-day, when there were more DRIVE-IN MOVIES than

The transfers through my blu-ray player into my 55" TV were just fine, and not
suffering from any resolution loss; though there are no chapter or time indicator
features on this, or the OTHER 4 film collections. Bring an egg timer, eh?


======> "THE MAN FROM PLANET X" pleads for help from a Scottish Reporter.
1.33:1, B & W, 1951

======> An American Pilot crashes "BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER" to the year 2024... after the 1971 plague!
1.33:1, B & W, 1959

======> "THE ANGRY RED PLANET" has unfriendly Martian plants and some GIANT, weird-lookin', mouse/spider-thing.
1.33:1, Color, 1960

======> "THE TIME TRAVELLERS" go 107 years ahead when a post apocalypse, few, "normal people" are mutant food.
1.66:1, Color, 1964

310 minutes on a --- single-sided --- DVD

A joint MGM/Shout!Factory collaboration.

I enjoyed all of these the first time I saw them as a child (I graduated in 1968), when TRIPLE FEATURES
the norm... at DRIVE-IN ----and walk-in---- theaters.

Appropriately, it cost about a buck to see THREE movies, then... $5 for 4 ain't TOO shabby!

Thanks MGM!
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on October 25, 2013
This is a movie pack that should please enough for the fans of the genre...but just enough.
I enjoyed really enjoyed the The Time Traveler and Beyond the Time Barrier. The rest were just not good enough for me. However, reading the reviews I guess it is purely subjective.
At the price, buy it and see. I hope they keep putting out these packs at this price, some are keepers some are not. The price is keeper.
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on July 23, 2014
Finally got around to viewing this DVD and must say, the results are rather mixed. Content-wise all 4 of these flicks are entertaining rainy day low budget early science fiction fare. They offer up some good-natured thrills and FX shots that only old cheapies can give you. Plenty B movies of their day are an absolute snoozefest so I'll give this particular set of films 5 stars for the selection.

But it's certainly true the image quality leaves much to be desired; largely thanks to the silly decision of bitstarving the video by cramming over 5 hours onto 1 dual layer disc. Most affected seem to be The Man From Planet X and The Angry Red Planet - the 2 films previously released on DVD a decade ago as part of MGMs "Midnite Movies" line. Not only do they appear to get the worst of the pixelization, but they are also entirely too dark. Some scenes are almost unwatchable as most details disappear into a black void. I compared both of them to their Netflix streaming versions and the difference was quite literally night and day. Using my mediocre internet connection with Netflix yielded a much better viewing experience.

The true gems on here are Beyond the Time Barrier and The Time Travelers. They are not dark at all and seem to not suffer as much from compression in my eyes. Time Travelers is even presented anamorphically in it's original 1.66:1 aspect ratio - something I wish was done more often in this proper manner. As many others have noted, this is the only official release of these 2 on DVD and a worthy upgrade to almost any bootleg you'd see.

Ultimately, I wouldn't bother watching Man From Planet X or Angry Red Planet on this disc - there are better viewing options out there and they aren't costly. I'd have much preferred if this release included just the 2 previously unreleased time travel films. At a $5 retail price, it's worth it for those 2 as long as you keep your expectations within reason.
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on January 4, 2015
Four films compressed onto a single DL-DVD, so video-quality is less than the films' original single-DVD releases. That said, I doubt anyone can detect lesser video quality itself. The films are generally bad enough to smooth over any video-loss!

MAN FROM PLANET X is a favorite film so I can't be objective about liking it's staging or the story.

I actually purchased this for the two time-traveler films, neither of which will replace similar-taled Twilight Zone episodes or George Pal & Rod Taylor's endeavor. ANGRY RED PLANET uses red-filtered cameras for their outdoor effects in a film that touts monsters but the film itself is the biggest 'monster' - turkey - of all.
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on November 8, 2013
Always a big fan of the Time Travellers which amusingly mixed scifi, special effects, scale models, and even a little stage magic to create a story of travel through time from 1965 to the post-Holocaust future where they are received by scrawny guys in helmets and chicks in miniskirts. Includes a cameo by Forry Ackerman. In one scene, a mutant is encountered loose in the tunnels. The actor was in fact a reportedly very bright guy with a birth defect...two-clawed hands... who approached the producers to suggest he play a mutant. The other movies were okay...Red Planet Mars used some interesting camera effects but ultimately the ending was unsatisfying, the Man from Planet X was an interesting early scifi exercise with great atmosphere, and the other time travel movie with its twist ending is widely known but I'd never seen it. It was all right, but I still prefer the Time Travellers which was my primnary reason for buying. Love these 4-in-1s though. All in all, a very good collection.
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on December 6, 2013
Nice selection of old Sci-Fi B-movies BUT they really should have put these on two discs. The compression is really noticeable on my 50" tv. But if I sit back they don't look too bad. And for $5 it's are worth the price just for Time Travelers (great color) and Beyond Time Barrier. Man from Planet X looks okay but Angry Red Planet suffers the worst. If you already have Man or Angry (as I do) this is still worth the getting for the others. All in all, a nice collection but I'd still rather pay $10 for 2 discs to get better bit rates and PQ as I really dig this old junk ;)
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