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Size: Dual-Camera Vest|Change
Price:$32.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on March 11, 2014
I saw the great reviews for this vest on Amazon, but was a little skeptical due to the huge price difference with the original Cotton Carrier version. I ordered both versions, this Movo version and a Cotton Carrier version at $150. The build quality and materials are almost identical. The only major difference is in the hub that attaches to the camera and slides onto the vest. Even though the only difference is in the hub, the hub itself on the Movo version is great. I packed up the Cotton Carrier and didn't even think twice on returning it. After purchasing both and comparing them side by side, the Cotton Carrier version seems like a rip off for the huge price difference. This Movo version also included the side holster which is also great! I still can't believe what a great deal this is compared to the Cotton Carrier version.
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on April 27, 2014
I adjusted the vest to fit me, and I'm on the small side so I tightened everything. The center holder sags under the weight of my camera and lens combo. If I have a second camera in the side holder and remove the first camera to use it, the weight of the second camera pulls the vest down and to the side. Kneeling down to use either camera, the vest seems to slide and dangle even more.

There is a safety strap for each camera, in case you lose your grip so your gear seems to stay safe. A small key comes with the ensemble to tighten or loosen the anchor that you affix to the underside of your camera.

For the money I think it's a good value. I'm not sure that buying the more expensive version would prevent vest sag. A vest like this made for smaller people that fit better would be ideal. If you are a bigger person with a muscular chest and a broad back (a man, basically) who could fill in this vest, it will probably be more supportive for you. Or perhaps adding something to the back that would anchor the vest to the back of one's pants or belt to keep the center piece from drooping may help. I may try to engineer something to this effect.

Even with all the sagging and such, for walking around it beats having two camera straps around my neck.

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on February 12, 2014
I use it with a Nikon D7000 hooked up to a Sigma 150-500mm. Eliminates the neck pain after a long day in the field. A bargain compared to the $150 competitor plus product this includes the holster for a second camera as well.
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on July 27, 2014
I also own a Cotton Carrier. Having used both for at least a year each, I can say that there's not really much practical difference. They're very similar. They're equally comfortable (which is to say, less uncomfortable than neck or shoulder straps - I wouldn't say either is perfect by any means).

They seem to be of comparable quality. However, after eleven months of use my Movo broke - the mount, on the front of the vest, cracked wide open and became basically unusable. My Cotton Carrier, which I've had longer, has not failed and shows no signs of impending failure. That said, I do use the Movo more often and with heavier gear, so, it's hardly a controlled test.

Additionally, when I contacted Movo to have it replaced, they made no fuss of it and were pretty quick about it, and I had a replacement vest front in my hands a week or two later. Oddly, the replacement vest front is not the same colour as the old one - it's dark blue, whereas the old was plain black.

So, kudos to Movo for standing by their product and having good service. Nonetheless, because it broke my camera was dropped multiple times (I was only a few days into a three week photography trip, and there was no way to get a replacement while travelling, so I was forced to keep trying to use it). So while I hope that it breaking is highly unusual, it is now a real concern for me. I really wish the mounts were made of metal, not plastic.

Reliability concerns aside, the only obvious differences between the Movo and the Cotton Carrier are that, for the Movo:

1. The mount that attaches to the tripod socket on your camera has the rubber washer permanently attached (glued). The Cotton Carrier's is separate and simply pinned by the screw. This makes the Cotton Carrier significantly more flexible - you can use hand-straps or other accessories with it (and it comes with just such a hand-strap, in fact).

2. The design of the mount and its locking mechanism differ slightly. The Cotton Carrier's appears clearly more robust w.r.t. wear, and is also significantly easier to operate - with the Movo vest it's often difficult to get the camera to actually slide into or out of it. Though I must say the Cotton Carrier also gets stuck randomly sometimes - usually at seemingly the worst possible time - so be prepared for occasional frustration either way.

3. Speaking of the tripod socketed mount widget, the Cotton Carrier's uses a common size Allen key to tighten and loosen it. The Movo's requires either a flat-head screwdriver, or the little facsimile there-of that it comes with, which looks like the winder for a clockwork toy. It sounds like they're as arbitrary as each other, but in practice I find the Cotton Carrier's easier to operate and more often compatible with other gear (for example, tripods typically come with Allen keys and matching screws of the exact same size as the Cotton Carrier's).

In summary I do think the Cotton Carrier is superior in absolute terms, possibly stronger & more durable, and does come with more in the box (e.g. the hand strap). But it is of course multiple times the price of the Movo. The Movo is better value, but if you're not bothered by the price either way, I recommend the Cotton Carrier.
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on September 11, 2015
This was an AWESOME way to keep my Nikon D3100 handy on a backpacking trip! I wasn't sure if the strap would fit around my backpack's thicker straps, but it did. I love the ease of taking the camera on and off the track, but also knowing that it's secure with the backup strap. Seriously, I highly recommend this for other backpackers or anyone that wants quick access to their camera!!! I plan on getting one for my dad for our next hiking trip - he was really envious of mine! I have attached 2 pictures - the first shows the holster without the camera in it (being used, obviously). The second isn't as clear, but you can see the camera hanging on the strap. And incase you're wondering, it never felt like it was in my way. Just don't forget about it when you take your pack off!
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on January 6, 2016
I wanted to get a camera carrying vest to use with my cameras. I have a Nikon D750 and a Nikon D810. I use a Manfrotto RC4 tripod mount with these cameras. I like the RC4 - it's solid and easy to use. I looked at vest from Cotton Carrier (635RTL-S), Opteka (MCH-25) and Movo (MB1000). They all looked the same, but the difference in cost was significant. The Cotton Carrier came with a Universal Adapter Plate, but I would still need to buy a Manfrotto RC4 camera plate to use with it ($149 & $18.29). The Cotton Carrier was set up for one camera. Both the Opteka and Movo came with an extra holster for a second camera. They did not come with a tripod adapter. The Opteka cost $5 more than the Movo - other than that I could not see a difference. You could also get upgraded metal mounts to use with the Opteka and Movo ($14.95).
I opted for the Movo with the upgraded mounts and a Manfrotto 394 RC4 adapter that included the plate for both the camera and a tripod. My order total was $92.97 delivered to my home. This saved me $74.32 over the Cotton Carrier and $5 over the Opteka with the same accessories, but I also got a belt holster to use with a second camera. An extra belt holster from Cotton Carrier would have cost me an extra $40.
Before I ordered anything I tried talking to support staff from each company. I could not find a phone number for Opteka anywhere. I found a phone number for Movo and they answered their phone and were very helpful. They even suggested that I not get the upgraded mounts until I first tried the ones that came with the MB1000 - they didn't think I would need them. It took numerous calls to speak with someone at Cotton Carrier. The message on their machine was not accurate. When I did speak to people they gave me conflicting information and one rep even contradicted himself in his emails to me. There's more to it, but I don't need to elaborate further.
So, I bought the least expensive rig with the most available and most helpful support staff. I have no regrets. My setup is solid. It works like a charm. My RC4 tripod plate stays on the vest. I have not had to change a single thing on my camera - it has the RC4 camera plate I've always had on it. I can go from vest to tripod without a problem and the camera is centered over the tripod because the Movo does not offset the mounting plate from the camera base like the Cotton Carrier's Universal Adapter Plate does.
This was a no-brainer for me. I've attached some photos so you can see what I'm talking about. If I were using a different tripod mount other than the RC4, I would buy that to use with the MB1000.
Most of the reviews for the Opteka and Movo listed the lack of a tripod adapter as a negative. Just buy a tripod adapter - save the bucks - go out for a 4 star meal with the money you save.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 2, 2014
I really like this vest. I bought it for hiking and this fits the need. The quality is good. It fits me (I wear XXL shirts). The clip is sturdy enough to safely hold the cameras in place. The safety straps add extra security and allow easy access and use of the camera. Great price. I can't see paying more for basically the same vest (other vendor) when this one does the job so well.
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on June 2, 2014
I bought this in the hopes it would be good for wearing my heavy camera around when I'm close to home/car and don't need all of my equipment with me. It's a great concept, and I would have used it, except the strap on the holster came apart at the seam. It's possible this is a rare occurrence....but it certainly made me question the integrity of the rest of the seams... too bad as it's really very comfortable. I really wanted to use this, but it's going back as 'damaged'.
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on December 12, 2013
Very nice product, actually was quite surprised at the quality, compared to a similar vest on the market that sells for nearly 5 times as much, it is nearly identical, only real difference is the camera locking lug and vest slot are different so each uses their own unique camera hub/lug, other than that if they didn't have a brand name affixed it would be hard to tell them apart in my opinion.
Happy MOVO customer.
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on February 16, 2014
If your in the market for a carrying vest this is a great alternative to the more expensive compititon. I am very happy with the construction and comfort. I would defiantly recommend.
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