Moxi 2-Tuner 500GB HD Digital Recorder (2008 Model)
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Moxi external hard drive I have the Moxi HD DVR 3012 from Charter Cable. I need an external hard drive but not sure which one to buy. I have an old one now, but when I tried to use it I get an error message saying it is not compatible. Anyone found a good one that works?

asked by David Taylor on April 9, 2010
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from AVS forums which is a great place for info on this DVR:
*" Rear also has an SATA port for connecting an eSata external drive (up to 1TB) for expanded storage. This replaces the USB external storage function of the older models. USB externals cannot be used on the 3012. You must use a 7200rpm / 16mb buffered drive. User should avoid "green" hard drives and many people have had bad experiences with them due to variable speed rates and power saving features of the drives."

I have the 1TB Lacie drive on two different 3012's and they work great.
Phillip W. Sheridan answered on April 16, 2010
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