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on February 8, 2009
I bought the Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffee maker a month and a half ago, and have no complaints thus far. I use the thing almost every day.

Time involvement:
I am a college student and part time employee who wakes up a different time each morning of the week, and I also like to drink tea sometimes instead of coffee. Mostly I brew coffee in the morning, but sometimes I like to see if I can go all day without a caffeine dependence, only to find I need to brew a cup late in the evening to finish my day's responsibilities. So far, this coffee maker has fit very well into my irregular coffee drinking schedule. It brews all four cups in about 5 minutes, and it only takes a few minutes to place in a filter, add coffee grounds, brew, then rinse the carafe and removable coffee filter basket. On days when I'm racing out the door, taking the small amount of time to prepare my coffee doesn't impede my rush.

I buy gourmet coffee, and I find that the coffee comes out tasting great. Sometimes I take my gourmet coffee to the brewer at work--which is a 12-cup, 2-carafe brewer--and the coffee isn't nearly as good. Since these are the only brewers I've used regularly, I'm not sure if there are any brewers that brew "cleaner," but since I don't notice any unusual tastes in my coffee, I'd say this one is pretty clean. To enhance taste, I use cold water from my Brita faucet filter--I've found that impurities in tap water are sometimes amplified when heated in coffee brewers. I use paper filters now, just because there weren't any 4-cup permanent filters at the store when I bought this, but I hear permanent filters provide even cleaner of a taste.

Speaking of the filter, I've read a few reviews complaints about the filter folding over and allowing grounds to drain into the carafe. If this is the only problem, a permanent filter will certainly take care of this. However, I have not once had this problem.

If you have more than one coffee drinker in the house, or you are someone who likes a lot of coffee to get going, you may need the 12 cup brewer. 4 cups are enough for me to put in my thermos and sip on all day at work or college, and if I ever need more, I prefer a fresh brew anyway. There's just something about the taste of reheated coffee that turns me off.

The 4-cup carafe is well built and easy to pour. I saw reviews about how hard it is to pour without spilling--I haven't had a single spill yet. Just make sure you keep the lid from flopping open. If you need to, place your thumb next to the hinge when holding it to keep it closed (if you own this, you should know what I mean). The one complaint I do have about it, though--and it's minor--is the extreme tapered shape. The taper at the top creates a little "shelf" where the last few drops of coffee get caught when pouring, and you almost have to invert the carafe completely upside down to get it out. However, the amount caught on this shelf is very small and not worth inverting to get out. I always rinse my carafe out after finishing the coffee, and it's no problem to invert the carafe over the sink.

At first, I was upset that the "delay brew" feature needed set every night. I was hoping for a brewer that you turned on once, and it would automatically brew every morning. Now I know why they built this brewer this way. There are times I'm just too busy to remember changing the filter and coffee, or I forget to replace the carafe on the heated plate after rinsing it. I'd hate to wake up the next morning and see twice brewed coffee in my carafe, or worse, all over my counter and floor! This feature is a blessing for busy and scatterbrained people. And since you need to change the coffee and filter each night to have automatic brew the next morning anyway, turning the "delay brew" button on each night isn't any more of an inconvenience.

My brewer sits between my microwave and stove, both of which have clocks. I haven't noticed the time being off on my brewer in the time I've had it, like others have experienced.

It's small, light, and the filter basket comes out so you can rinse it after each brew. I think that's important to the freshness of your coffee. I've also torn open tea bags and poured the ground leaves into the coffee filter so I could brew large batches of tea. This seems to work great and really maximizes the flavor of the tea, but since tea stains easier than coffee, I have to pay more attention when I rinse my filter basket and carafe so the tea taste doesn't linger when I'm going to brew coffee.

Now, this coffee maker seems pretty solid. However, any appliance can break early, and since I've only had this coffee maker over a month, I can't say how long these things last. But I've had no problems so far, and I recommend this coffee maker.
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VINE VOICEon September 7, 2008
04/14/2015 - Over seven years and still going strong and brewing good coffee. The clock now gains about a minute per week but really, does anyone buy a coffee maker for the clock? Two pots a day, four days a week with what I am sure is less than the recommended cleaning and care. I still think it deserves six stars.

02/25/2013 - Hard to believe this little coffee maker has been with me for over five years now. It's been through a move to my offsight office and back to my main office. The clock still keeps excellent time. The only thing to report is that the little tab inside that holds the lid down is starting to wear out. I just put my mug on the top while it's brewing coffee (so the steam doesn't escape) and keep on rolling. Best money I've ever spent on a coffee maker. I think it deserves six stars (the extra star for reliability and longevity).

09/02/2010 - Two year follow-up and the DRX5 is still working great. The clock gains maybe a minute per year if that. This is the best small coffee maker I've ever owned and has led to several other people in my office purchasing like model.

09/07/2008 - I've been using my Mr. Coffee DRX5 coffee maker for eight months now and I really like it. I wanted a small coffee maker for my desk at work and this one has really fit the bill. It has a very small footprint so it works great on my desk, it has not leaked a drop which is also good, and it makes pretty good coffee. (I use a heaping 2 tablespoon scoop for four cups.) I chose the black color so it doesn't show the stains. The unit has a removable filter basket so I don't spill grounds when emptying and the water level sight "glass" (which is plastic) is really handy since I fill it out of a water bottle rather than using the carafe. The clock is a great feature as I don't have one at my desk. (I notice that others have mentioned having problems with the clock but mine works just fine.) The output when I make a full pot fills my coffee cup about twice which I find is about the right amount of coffee for me.

I only have minor complains. You have to pour slowly so the carafe doesn't spill and one hour shut off doesn't give me enough time. (Some mornings I make coffee at 6:30 and don't have a chance to touch it until after 8:00.) You can hit start again and it will warm up the carafe.

Overall, this is a great little unit and it has inspired others in my office to purchase this model as well. Making my own coffee is much cheaper than paying a $1.00 for a 16 oz. cup in the cafeteria and I love the smell when the coffee is brewing. Having this unit allows me to drink the specialized coffee I prefer. The small size means making a second pot isn't so much of a chore on those days when one pot isn't going to cut it. I recommend the Mr. Coffee DRX5 to people who like fresh coffee with a minimum of fuss, either at home or at work.
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on June 8, 2010
I read many of the previous reviews, some of which were not very flattering to this specific coffee maker. I decided to try it out and come up with my own conclusion. Here is my opinion on the Mr. Coffee 4-cup Programmable Coffeemaker. I purchased two of them, one for my husband who likes coffee and one for me who favors tea (although on occassion I will make a pot of coffee). Some remarks were that the coffee had a "plastic" taste. When we first took the coffeemaker out of the box it certainly had a "plastic" smell to it, oh, but of course, it is made of plastic. Thank goodness it had that "NEW" plastic smell, otherwise I might think it was previously used. The coffee and the tea did not have any plastic taste to it.
Then I read that it takes too long to brew. I did not find this to be true, it took just the right amount of time to make a great pot of coffee/tea, probably less than 4 minutes. But then, I do multitask in the morning allowing the pot to brew. So, I found no issue with brewing time.
On the responses that made pouring an issue and that it was found that the 4-cup would not fill 2 large mugs, here is what I found. Absolutely no problem with pouring. I have had larger coffeemakers in the past that seemed to have this problem no matter what I tried, so I do understand the issue. But this one is perfect. Next, I do have a large mug and what I found works for me is when I fill my first mug up, I add just a small amount of water to the pot so that when I came back for my next refill, it is just enough to fill my mug. Also, by doing this the tea and the coffee are not too strong and bitter, as can happen when they sit and continue brewing.
So far I have had no issue with the clock settings. I am neither gaining or losing time. But even if it gets to that point, I have to tell you, I did not buy the coffeemaker for the clock, I have plenty of them around the house, including a watch that I wear. Yes, I realize that if the clock does not keep perfect time, when you program the coffeemaker it could be off by a few minutes. For me, not an issue.
This is only my experience and opinion on the Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker. We are very pleased with the product. I was worried about the other comments that I read, but the issues that bothered others did not, thankfully, manifest with us. I hope this helps others to decide for themselves on which coffeemaker to purchase, and that you find your way to that wonderful cup of coffee or tea.
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on January 11, 2006
We all know that too much coffee is terrible for the body in several ways. So, instead of using the 12-cup coffee maker, we decided to go with a smaller one - to force me to drink less coffee. I love this product for a number of reasons.


- Perfect size for a single coffee drinker.

- Timer is great. Every other 4-cup maker that I found were switch based without a timer setting. Timer settings are really helpful when you want to just get your coffee and go.

- Easy to clean. This product has a removeable filter cup for easy cleaning. Also, the auto-pause in brewing is helpful to both allow for quick removal and less spilling.


- It takes a little longer to brew 4 cups with this maker as it does in a larger maker. This may simply be due to the size of the product.


- I really like this product. It makes coffee perfectly. It is compact and takes up very little space. It is perfect for my coffee needs.
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on January 3, 2015
While this is a 4-cup capacity coffee machine, it's measured in "coffee cups", which are 5 oz., not standard metric cups, which are 8 oz. This means the total capacity is around 20 oz., not 32 oz. I wish the total capacity would have been listed in ounces more prominently.
review image
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on February 10, 2015
I love this little coffee pot! To use, I fill my mug up with water, pour it in, use 3 level tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and brew. I pulled out the pause 'n serve plug so it can brew directly into my mug. My mug fits perfectly, it's a 16 ounce stoneware, so no problems having it on the warming plate. My mug is from Blue Eagle Pottery, just google it, pricey, but it's the perfect mug.
review image review image
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on September 29, 2007
If you are an infrequent coffee drinker, this coffee maker is a real bargain. At 20 bucks a pop, this is a cheap appliance that looks nice and makes great hot coffee.

Even if you are not a coffee drinker, this is smart choice for those who host an occassional guest or two. It takes up little space on the counter and looks nice considering how inexpensive it is. I've noticed no problems with the clock keeping accurate time.


1. Seems to take almost as long to brew as most larger capacity coffee makers. About 4 minutes.

2. The filters are hard to come by but are available on the Internet. Suggestion: purchase 1 or 2 permanent filters and your set.

3. This "4 cup" maker will produce 2.5 fluid cups of coffee. This equates to about 3-4 "small" coffee cups- or 1.5 jumbo coffee cups.

4. You may get addicted to coffee once you try it- and then you will long for a larger capacity maker!
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on April 29, 2015
I purchased this product on January 28, 2015 and today, on 4/29/2015 the light turns on but does not brew. In addition, 25% of the nonstick covering had flaked off already in its short life. Previously I had their DCM18S Brew 'n Go that died in several months as well. After posting a negative review, the manufacturer contacted me and I received a replacement that was DOA. I give up with this inferior Chinese-made Mr. Coma brand.
review image
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on October 21, 2013
It's a nice little coffee maker and worked well, however, two days ago the mechanism through which the water travels and drips over the coffee grounds broke off. The coffee maker is now useless. I purchased it only 7 months ago. I am fed up with plastic products from China that are not built to last more than a few months.
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on March 13, 2006
I bought this to make my daily cup of coffee. The clock fell behind gradually and I had to adjust it several times as others complained, then finally about 3 months later it wouldn't heat the water. I figured Mr. Coffee is a good brand so it must just have been a bad unit, so I got another one and had the same clock problem and it also wouldn't heat 3 months later. I didn't keep the receipt either time because I figured it was inexpensive, but now it has cost me over 60 bucks and I have to replace it yet again. I am amazed that a company that is named for coffee cannot make a reliable coffee-maker. I will probably never buy a Mr. Coffee product again.
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