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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 23, 2010
I was AMAZED when I came on here and read the reviews for this Iced Tea Maker. Literally, stunned. I got this product elsewhere, but came across it in an amazon search, so I figured I'd give my feedback.

This unit is without question one of the finer kitchen equipment purchases I've ever made. It should be right up there with the Foreman Grill. This unit makes perfect Iced Tea every time, in a matter of 9 mins (I've timed it for the 3 Quarts). The best thing about this unit is that you can make tea from tea bags, or from Loose Tea. If you're using Loose Tea, you need to use a coffee filter. I buy bulk loose tea, both green teas and herbal teas, and I find this unit makes them to absolute perfection, again, inside of 9 minutes.

I've read some reviews on this thing leaking? Not mine. Mine never leaked a drop. When the tea is brewing, it rolls right down into the pitcher perfectly. The only beef I have with the pitcher is getting the top back on. It's pretty difficult to secure the top on right, but when it's on, it's on!

I've completely stopped buying any kind of bottled drinks, because I can make my own, to my own needs. I love making Green Tea and using Wild Organic Honey to sweeten.

I HIGHLY recommend this unit to anyone who makes a lot of tea. If the price of this unit went up to $50 all of a sudden, I'd still buy it without thinking.
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on July 31, 2009
I've read the other reviews and I had to write my own since I have had nothing but a positive experience with this tea maker. First of all, I don't know why some others have experienced leaking from the front since it hasn't leaked a drip for me. All you have to do is push the pitcher in all the way and it's a perfect fit. Also, all of my water is being emptied from the reservoir and I've never had a problem with it. I actually own both, the TM3-2 and this TM70. I bought the TM3-2 first for one location and I later bought this one conveniently at Wal-Mart for $18 for home. I like the plastic used for the TM70 better since it doesn't seem as cheap, it doesn't stain as much and it's dishwasher safe. I also like how the TM70 only has one opening for the tea to leave and go into the pot. There's a possibility that one of the other reviewers had the opening plugged up to cause an overflow, a finely ground tea might cause that. That may also cause the brewer to automatically stop and not brew all of the water from the reservoir, but I don't know. The TM3-2 has an opening at the top just in case water is overflowing, but this causes the water to go straight into the pitcher without brewing the tea. There are other points I like better about the TM70 design, but I can go on about why I like the TM70 better. I guess it's different strokes for different folks. Maybe I just got lucky to buy one without any flows or it's user error.
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on June 28, 2010
I bought this product before I saw the reviews on (out of curiosity I decided to look it up on Amazon just to see if I got a good deal), so I was curios if it was as bad as many people claimed. NO WAY! It's apparent to me that most of the complaints are because people do NOT follow instructions, and do NOT make sure the pitcher is properly seated flush to the brewing unit. I did follow the guidelines for initially flushing the unit with just water, and had NO leakage. I then processed another 3 quart batch using 5 tea bags, and again NO leakage. The only issue was the type of tea I used was really for hot brewed tea, so I was not real happy with that tea being good for iced tea. Otherwise, the product worked very well. The water reservoir emptied completely, and the only "leakage" was a few drops when I removed the pitcher (water that was still seeping from the tea bags, which would be expected). Frankly, I find too often people are more willing to write a bad review (versus a good review), and all too often the bad reviews are because of "operator error" and not a bad product!!! Just had to take the time to give my opinion, and urge people to read these reviews with a grain of salt. Cheers!
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on July 15, 2013
I've been reading through the reviews for this iced tea maker, and seeing as I own this model (which sees heavy use during the summer), I really want to have my say.

I am not going to explain this machine's use, as many other reviewers have done just that. What I would like to address is the leaking and dripping "situation," which so many have complained about.

My machine has never leaked, but I can see how it might. I think that it all boils down to user carefulness. Aside from taking care in making sure that the pouring spout of the pitcher is docked so that the brewed tea will flow directly into the pitcher, I have noticed that the walls of the reservoir, where the translucent blue plastic meets the upper band of white plastic, while above the water line, might leak if the owner hurriedly poured the water into the reservoir, splashing it about and allowing it to run down the inner sides, instead of moving more slowly and pouring the stream of water directly into the reservoir.

I think that some folks are naturally in a hurry, and this causes leakage. As for the leaking of tea around the spout, I wonder if some owners' pitchers are warped - Mr. Coffee stresses that ice should always be in the pitcher when brewing. Hot tea may warp the pitcher.

Some have complained that the "drip stop feature" (like drip coffee makers have) does not work. There is no drip stop on the filter basket. The mechanism that folks think stops drips is actually what controls the strength of brew, slowing down the flow into the pot. If one were to yank the pitcher out of the machine immediately after brewing, residual tea in the basket will leak out. My simple fix for that is to be patient, and wait for about five minutes for every last bit of tea to drain from the basket, into the pot. That being done, I never drip tea on my counter.

As I see it, leaks and drips are due to user carelessness and haste.

There is one bit of dripping that I have experienced, and that is the condensation, which builds up on the lid, will run down the back of the machine when the lid is raised. I solved that by holding a towel on the rear of the machine, when opening the lid after brewing - no more drips on the counter from the rear of the machine.

As one who believes that "haste makes waste," I believe that slowing down, and treating our appliances with a little care, makes for satisfied users. Just my two cents take on things, as I wanted to speak up for the good of this brewer.
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on November 20, 2011
There is an obvious design flaw that can cause the drip from the basket to leak around the pitcher instead of going into the pitcher.
See the two photos I posted above. The tea outlet nozzle is oval and off-center. For some reason, as the tea drips through this nozzle it tends to pull to one side. Under the best of conditions, this dripping tea just BARELY stays below the edge of the pitcher lip. If the pitcher is not fully inserted as far as it will go, the tea could drip around the lip, and onto the counter. This design flaw is two-fold: first, the oval nozzle is off center; second, the pitcher pouring lip is not quite tall enough, nor is it quite shaped the way it should be to minimize the chance of drip. Short of reshaping the lip of the pitcher to allow it to better conform to the outlet of the tea brewer, the quickest solution is to raise the pitcher approximately 1/4" by putting something (such as a mouse pad) underneath it.

As far as any drips or leaks from the back side (opposite where the outlet nozzle is) that others have commented about, I did not encounter those, but there is an overflow port on that side. If the water chamber is overfilled, or if it is moved too quickly while full, water will leak out this overflow (as it is designed to do). Besides this particular port, some other leaks that others have commented about sound like they are due to leaking fittings in the water chamber.
review image review image
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on January 9, 2010
I had an earlier Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker before this one and it was awesome. I loved it. The only problem was that it just got old from lots of use and the pitcher and tea bag holder started breaking. So I bought a new one for Christmas this year. This model. And it is absolutely horrible. The problem appears to be that as the tea is coming down out of the top of the unit and trying to drop into the pitcher, the unit starts acting up and the hot tea starts getting distributed onto the sides of the unit around the end of the pitcher, instead of falling directly into the end of the pitcher, and it leaks all over the counter. Horrible, horrible design. I do not understand how Mr. Coffee hasn't been sued over this piece of crap model yet from having it burn someone. I'm returning mine and I'll think twice about buying another Mr. Coffee model again.
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on August 31, 2010
I've had many Mr Coffee Tea makers but this one isn't like those. It's very cheaply made and it leaks all over the place. Plus it is really hard to use and then keep up with water running out the front and the back. I'm sending mine back. I should have listen to the ratings!
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on April 9, 2016
Brewing tea in the Mr. Coffee TM70 3 quart Iced Tea Maker is certainly easier and faster than doing it on the stove, but it is not without a few minor issues. Please keep in mind that these opinions are based on my experiences at my household, though I think we are typical enough.

The bad:
1) It is not guaranteed that all the tea will go directly into the pitcher. You must be very careful to align the two components perfectly or you could have a mess on the counter. As easy as this sounds, I have done it wrong several times already. You only have to mess this up a tiny bit to have a problem. It hasn't been a disaster or anything, just a slight nuisance, but I say it couldn't have cost that much to have made the two components with a more positive link-up system. Maybe make them "snap" or "click" into place or something. Or perhaps just add a downward lip on the brewer that overlaps into the pitcher spout. It isn't rocket science, Mr. Coffee. Please remember this when you do an upgrade.
2) You can't make sweet tea straight from the appliance - at least not "Southern" sweet tea. After reading the manual, I understood this to be okay, but when I dumped in sugar to my family's ages-old recipe' it just turned into a blanket of sludge and the tea came out almost clear. If you want "real" sweet tea you will just have to stir it in at the end.
3) It takes up precious counter space. It isn't fun at all washing, drying and hiding it all the time. So if you rarely ever make tea, a stove pot can actually be more practical, unless you have a couple of square feet of counter space needing a full time appliance. I don't think you could beat it for households that really go through some tea though. Besides, tea is a staple worth sacrificing for in my house.
4) NEWSFLASH - 3 quarts is not a gallon! EVERYTHING comes in gallon quantities, so why not Mr. Coffee iced tea? You will just have to learn how to make it strong and top it off to the gallon mark with cool water. I did get the hang of this pretty quickly.

Now here are some good points I discovered:

1) The TM70 is quick, safe and easy compared to boiling water in pots. It only takes about 10 minutes to have fresh tea every time and you don't have to watch it or juggle hot, sloshing water. Basically, you just pour cool water into the appliance, add tea, align the pitcher, press the button, and walk away - for hours if you need to. It will be okay. It turns itself off automatically. I can't tell you how many times a pot of water has boiled over on our stove. Several times we have forgotten and had pots boil themselves dry and nearly melt! That is no fun at all. The TM70 is GREAT in this regard.
2) The brewing pitcher has a pointy spout and is perfect for filling gallon milk jugs without a mess. Now we have a never-ending supply of clean, fresh, disposable tea containers. When one jug starts to look slightly stained we just toss it and grab another, way before the tea starts tasting funny. We have both sweet and un-sweet tea drinkers in our family and we just use the Mr. Coffee pitcher for brewing and pouring into the respective containers.
3) Use tea bags or freshly ground with a coffee filter. We do like the option of using loose, "gourmet" ground tea and we do plan to give this a try very soon.
4) Price! At a mere $28 on Amazon, this a very inexpensive kitchen appliance and there is really nothing serious to complain about. Keep the packaging and if you don't like it give it to a friend or relative as a gift.
5) Though I didn't see it mentioned in the product description when I bought it, according to the manual you can use just cool water in the pitcher instead of ice as a temperature buffer when brewing tea. (I assume either is used to rapidly cool the piping hot tea as soon as it lands in the pitcher for several good reasons.) This means you can plan for a warmer blend in the pitcher if you need to stir in sugar. The ice is just for instant "iced" tea.

All in all, the good does out-weigh the bad. We are enjoying out Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and do recommend it. It is best for large families that go through lots of tea, like ours!
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on November 18, 2015
I have had no trouble with this iced tea maker! No leaking or anything. I've made about 5 batches of tea so far.

It requires ice, so get ice trays in your amazon order if you need them. I purchased a second ice tray and an ice bucket for the freezer since my freezer doesn't make ice. I use about 4 trays of ice for a 3 quart batch of tea.

My only complaint is I wish the lid swiveled, so it would be able to close and keep the tea fresh and any fridge odors out.
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on March 21, 2016
I'm extremely happy with my purchase of this. I use it almost daily, and it is very simple for me or my preteen daughter to use to make a nice big pitcher of tea. Because of the water+ice method it uses, the iced tea is ready to drink immediately. The pitcher fits into the refrigerator just fine and the ice stays frozen at least overnight, sometimes 24 hours.

I've been keeping an eye out for leaks or drips as described by some reviewers. I had an issue once with the spouts not aligning and the tea running onto the counter, so now I leave the lid off when brewing the tea. The only other issue I've seen is when I leave the filter and tea in the filter holder after removing the pitcher, so I now empty that promptly, rinse it in warm water, and replace it. Couldn't be much easier!
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