Customer Reviews: Mr. Show: The Complete Collection (DVD)
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on July 15, 2007
In Australia we're very backwards in non-mainstream comedies. One such standout comedy I believe, with mixed reviews, is Tom Goes To The Mayor. Which I think is brilliant. When watching the show I always wondered who is Bob Odenkirk and why he keeps on popping up in the show. When listening to the commentry I found out about Mr Show.

I watched a couple skits on Youtube and they blew my socks off, especially two skits: Globochem and It's Insane, This Guys Taint.

After getting the box set watching every episode again, it's all gold with very few misses. It's a strange thing to see such a good American sketch show run for such a short time, almost as long as British counterparts. Which means very little recycled comedy and relativley low amount of misses.

It's a very adult comedy with the cast using almost every expletive under the sun with no beeps, another touch of realism. This is definatly a show the FCC would frown upon as every sketch pushed the boundries.

Well worth the purchase!
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VINE VOICEon February 11, 2006
A quick tip for all readers: I love Amazon and everything, but is currently selling this DVD collection for the incredible price of $39.99, which is barely more expensive than purchasing a single season DVD. Take advantage before they realize it and hike the price way up.

Mr. Show was one of my favorite shows when it was on HBO. The comedy is so strange and eccentric that it stands in a class of its own. Individually, Bob Odenkirk is a very talented comedy writer and David Cross is an equally talented stand-up comedian. Together, these two comedic minds created a unique showcase of off-beat comedy sketches. This show also introduced the world to other comedic talents such as Jack Black, Sarah Silverman and Brian Posehn.

Getting all four seasons together is a great deal. You get to see how the show progressed and became more collected by the time they reached the 4th season. By that point, the comic duo had perfected their teaming and were shelling out some seriously memorable material.

Great show and a great DVD collection to have.
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#1 HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon December 27, 2009
Mr. Show: The Complete Collection is a great sketch comedy show that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the genre. This show is reminiscent of Monty Python's Flying Circus in its free flowing style, but is also ground-breaking in both structure and content. The skits often border on "stupid-humor" that can be easily enjoyed by those with a short-attention span. But when you peel back the layers, it is clear that there are deeper satirical meanings to many of those silly skits.

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross used their HBO show to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in humor and television. They brought significant writing chops with them, having written for SNL and the Ben Stiller show, and drawing on their connections with the Second City comedy troup. Some of the stars who get face time here include Jack Black, Sarah Silverman and Brian Posein.

For four seasons, they beat the odds and despite a terrible time slot (Monday's at midnight) gathered a cult following. While I never got to see much of the show while it was on TV, I was familiar with the show and I jumped at the chance to buy the complete set. I am really glad that I did.

This show is definitely not for everybody, but for those with open-minded experiemental taste in humor, it is well worth watching. No taboo is untouched, including sex, race and religion. So watching this show requires you to reserve judgement. However, be warned that there are plenty of parental advisories. There is gratuitous cursing and plenty of sexual skits that are not going to appeal to those who are easily offended.


Seasons one and two are crammed into one set, while seasons three and four are each in their own two-disk sets. Season 1 includes four episodes, and season two includes 6. Both seasons 3 and 4 are 10 episodes each. That gives you about 900 minutes of TV, 900 minutes of commentary, and probably almost 3 hours of additional special features among the various disks. At this point I have watched every episode (some multiple times) and every special feature. I haven't listened to all the commentary yet. Suffice it to say that the commentary is also often sarcastic and satirical in nature. Some commentaries are completely seperate episodes. Bob and David perform other characters and have other cast and writers join in.


There are some strange aspects in the way these disks were authored. For one thing, only the first set (seasons one and two) includes subtitles. Seasons three and four do not include subtitles. None of these disks provide languages other than English. This makes this set impractical for sharing with those who don't speak English.

The menus are also strange. The first set includes the "Mr. Show" icon to show you which item you've selected. But the other disks include strange colors that make it difficult to know which item is selected before you press enter.

Finally, and perhaps most annoying of all, these disks do not include a "play all" feature for the episodes. For each episode, you must click through the episode list, select your episode, and then click "Yes" or "No" to hear the commentary. This a time-consuming hastle.


Season one is on one disk and includes "The Fuzz" musical about Ronnie Dobbs. This feature is one of the best. The only problem with it is that it includes footage that is recycled in a later episode. This is a common complaint I have about the complete series. There are a lot of recycled skits.

The "Before it was a show" feature is a grainy collection of stand-up footage. The "Best of Mr Show" includes a variety of skits with a faux voice-over news broadcast. One of the better skits is the "Titanica" skit that is also recycled in a later episode.

The original TV spots are also included. Most of the spots are 30 seconds but there is one extended spot, "Behind the scenes with Mr. Show."

There are also hilarious text bios of Bob and David. The season two disk does not include any special features.

The season three special features include a great onstage sketch with mock hecklers from the 1997 comedy arts festival. There is also a funny recycling of the "Drugachusettes" skit that includes the music but none of the dialogue. The 8 TV spots that are included show how willing they were to make fun of themselves. There's a great boxing parody, "Bob vs. David," and the calendar spot pokes fun at the show's unusual time-slot.

The second disk of season three also includes some more text bios and a feature that is a collection of Mr. Show skits from seasons one and two. As a part of this complete collection it is redundant.

Season four includes a bloopers feature comprised of a lot of re-takes from seasons 1-3 with various cursing montages mixed in. There's also an unseen version of a Ronnie Dobbs arrest.

The best feature from season four is the "Mr. Show Jukebox." The songs featured in the show are accessible via a menu. Unlike the episodes themselves, they actually do include a "play all" feature with the jukebox.


Most of the time, packaging is an afterthought. With DVD sets, packaging matters. This set's packaging has both positives and negatives. The disks themselves are held in place by locking plastic holders within folding cardboard books. The disks are protected from being scratched. However, those cardboard books have to be slid in and out of cardboard sleeves for each season. These sleeves are easily frayed and not the best design for easy access to these disks. Actually removing the disks is also hard because the plastic locking mechanisms are almost too secure. All the seasons fit in a convenient box. I just wish those cases had been replaced with a better design.


This set is a great value for those who enjoy satire and sketch comedy, and aren't afraid of vulgar or politically incorrect humor. Considering the amount of content, it's a great value. It can certainly be a gift for anybody that likes unorthodox comedy or satire. I wish they would have improved the DVD authoring and included more features, but the content is worth having despite those minor annoyances. Give this show a try.

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on October 5, 2008
I love this show. My favourite sketch show of all time. So well done even from the very first episode. So forward thinking and intelligent yet not pretentious. I just wish HBO had let the to a few more seasons because I think by the third season they had really hit their stride. If you do not like this show at first. Do not worry it can be a grower for some. But in saying that though, everyone who I have played this to has instantly found this hilarious.
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on January 21, 2006
It's refreshing to see people who can make fun of everything and don't hold any prejudice against any one sect. These guys comedy holds no limits to who or what they target. A must have for anyone who loves realistic comedy. When I saw they were releasing all their seasons in one box set I was sold. If you haven't seem Mr. Show don't waste your time picking out one season at a time to see if your going to like it just buy the whole set because you will end up buying them all eventually. Comic genius's they guys are.
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on July 10, 2014
I love this stuff so madly.

My wife tried to get rid of our set by deliberately loaning them to a college student well known for irresponsibility.

I bought it again.
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on October 27, 2013
I was turned to this show by an ex girlfriend. I broke up with the girl but I loved the show/ Mr Show is much like Monty Python and SCTV in that their comedy went beyond joke driven short skits and into longer evolving storylines with their comedy. SCTV Network 90 had some comedy storylines (called runners) which spanned much of an entire hour. They even went so far as to do a soap oera spoof which last a full season and a half. Monty Python had entire episodes based on a single storyline or character (Dennis Moore, Bicycle Trip and my favorite (Science Fiction Sketch). Mr Show does not go that far with their sketches but they go into their comedy with the same approach.

While there is SNL alumni here, the SNL influence on the show does not really show itself. This show is an improvement on SNL mostly because it's tape and the writers have time to develop their ideas and the performers have time to really act their parts. SNL is written in a week and the performers are up there doing bits they learned within 72 hours. You have repeat characters but little else.

Mr. Show also is a freer show than SCTV and Monty Python in the sense that they really were not afraid to go very nearly too far in alot of their sketches (it helps that Mr Show was on cable too, Monty Python and most of SCTV was on network television). This puts Mr Show on par with The Kids in the Hall (the show Mr Show basically replaced on HBO after it was moved to NBC). They approach jumping over the line with tortured slave writing comedy skits, CS Lewis Jr (modeled after Hank Williams Jr) singing the praises of the USA on the brink of their plan to blow up the moon and of course the Titannica sketch but they manage to avoid crossing the line.

Finally, the performers are all good actors. Bob Odenkirk, David Cross and the cast all had a long history of performing and in this show, you can see quality acting on their parts.

Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jack Black, and Sarah Silverman are the major stars you'll notice here. There are a few minor guest appearances here and there as well.

Every episode has audio commentary which starts out with Bob and Dave mostly but eventually features much (if not all) of the cast appearing in each episode.


If you become REALLY hooked on this show, recommend, Mr. Show: What Happened?! The Complete Story and Episode Guide and Hollywood Said No!: Orphaned Film Scripts, Bastard Scenes, and Abandoned Darlings from the Creators of Mr. Show
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on December 27, 2005
Cheerfully blending a gee-golly, "let's put on a show" sweetness with a brazenly filthy sense of humor, "Mr. Show" is arguably the funniest and most original sketch comedy show since Monty Python. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross lead a talented cast -- and guest stars like Jack Black and Sarah Silverman -- through increasingly loony sketches that seamlessly blend into one another, stream-of-consciousness style. You could call it "mashup comedy," as much of the series' hilarious punch comes from fusing two disparate elements -- the Pope and the O.J. Simpson trial, for example -- into one bizarre whole. Highlights include the folksy proprietors of a Mom-and-Pop porn shop; an infomercial for pans which rapidly becomes a twisted psychological nightmare; Jack Black in a slacker pardoy of "Jesus Christ Superstar"; America's quest to blow up the moon; a group of mobsters arguing over what the biggest number is; and a Jerry Springer-like talk show set on a life raft adrift in the ocean. "Mr. Show's" definitely not for everyone, but if you've got adventurous tastes in comedy, you're all but certain to love it.
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on December 30, 2005
I remember the first time I saw this show; it was after they had already stopped making new episodes, but HBO was rerunning the old ones every weeknight. I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing. It was easily the hardest I had ever laughed at a television show.

These guys did edgy, smart comedy before such stuff became fairly commonplace. I really believe that these guys are going to influence the future of comedy.

This set is marvelous. Buy it. It is offensive, it can be crude and absurd, but it is always hilarious.
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on January 8, 2013
I have to thank my friends for introducing Mr. Show to me a few years back. If it wasn't for them I would never have had the pleasure of seeing this hilarious and often brilliant sketch comedy show. I love all the seasons but number 3 is just amazing. Almost every single segment in every single episode is comedy gold. I was and still am getting tired of other sketch comedy shows always relying on cheap jokes about current events and pop stars.
Even though there are a handful of obscure and random jokes throughout the series that go over my head I always am amazed at how well Bob and David thought outside the box to deliver something different and hilarious. I recommend giving the show a try for any fan of comedy. Especially the 3rd season. Im pretty confident you'll find something to like and laugh about.
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