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on May 8, 2010
This might be the most annoying thing I've ever purchased. But read on I give some good advice, I just don't complain...

My wife bought the Mueller "One Size" (model 6455-1) from the local Walgreens. It's a cool product that you can adjust (according to the chart printed on the back) from 12 to 21 inches. -- It was just a bit too small.

She went on Amazon and found the Mueller model #3333XL. The back of that box (and description on-line) says 20-24 inches. I was thrilled because that SHOULD HAVE fit me just fine.

Only one problem.

*Both braces are the EXACT same size.*

No Joke, I have them both in front of me. If you hold them up, the material is the EXACT same width. How the same manufacturer (of medical devices no less) can be this inconsistent in their sizing is beyond me.

Rather than order this (which is not real adjustable) you may as well go ahead and order the "One Size" which has different pockets to move the hinges according to your leg size. That way if it is too big you can adjust down or if someone else needs it, they can use it. - And it's 5 bucks cheaper to boot!

*** If you're buying this in extra large because the 'regular' size ones don't fit, then don't bother. ***

I gave it a single star because -silly me- I think a product should be the size they say it is.

BUT having said that, I can tell just by the look and feel it is a high quality product.

And if you're sure of your size and you never think someone a different size will get any use out of it, the quality of the 3333XL is better than the One Size. (6455-1)

But unless you're positive of the size, just get the adjustable one, the quality is fine and you'll save 5 bucks.

I hope this review saves someone a few days of pain the poor sizing chart caused me.
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on May 29, 2009
I have a problem with my knee, I can walk for hours and hours and I can even use the elliptical machines at the gym with zero discomfort but every time I run and hit the 2 mile mark my knee pain becomes unbearable, pain in the ligaments and joints until I can't run anymore. This brace has completely stopped that!!! I don't even feel sore afterwards. I have been using it now for 2 months. So far, so good. It irritates the back of my leg a little bit because of the material chaffing my skin but that is to be expected. I would totally recommend this brace to anyone suffering from similar pain to what I am I feel like it has given me back my knee.
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on July 1, 2009
I have worn different braces, but this is the Bentley of knee-braces. Doesn't shift around, doesn't bunch up, and very comfortable.

My only complaint is the material can make you a little itchy but that is standard with knee braces.

I wouldn't recommend it for sports though as it restricts motion too much. I would go for the same brand but a "softer" model for full motion.

This is a great injury/recovery brace, and you should have one just in case you hurt your knee anyway.
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on September 29, 2010
I've damaged my knees several times over 53 years of living, especially the right knee. I've started the Couch to 5K program several times, but always had to stop because my knees would get sore, swell, get stiff, and generally made it impossible to continue much past week 3.

So when the Week 3 blues set in, I looked at the mound of old knee braces I had and realized none of them had done me much good, primarily because none of them had done anything to support my collateral ligaments and prevent side-to-side wobble. I went looking for recommendations, and the Mueller #3333 braces were mentioned quite often in positive terms.

I ordered them and received them yesterday. I tried them on and was immediately impressed with the solidity of the hinges and the ingenious system of the strapping -- you have the usual overlapping velcro straps, but Mueller has done away with the annoying back-of-the-knee strap in this model and replaced it instead with a donut ring to stabilize the patella and straps above and below the knee to further tighten and secure the body of the brace.

Today I started week 4 of the C25K program, which features two 3 min and two 5 min runs interleaved with 90 sec and 2:30 sec walks, and wore these braces. My knees feel fantastic! Of course I iced them after and took Tylenol, but before I wore these braces I would still get stiff and sore. It's 5 hours after the workout, and my knees still feel loose and normal.

I definitely recommend these braces. Plus, they actually fit!
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on April 7, 2010
I'm afraid I can't speak to the effectiveness of this product. It appears to be well constructed and would provide helpful support for my knee - if I could wear it. Unfortunately, even though I ordered the largest available size, the brace does not fit my thigh. It fits below my knee just fine, but I can only get it to go around my thigh by stretching it to it's maximum and barely catching the velcro on the body of the brace used to hold it in place. The velcro straps are long enough, but without being able to close the body of the brace on my leg it won't stay in place and certainly is not comfortable.

Wearing the brace with the thigh barely fitting, I did walk around a bit and it seemed to help support my arthritic knee. I wish I were able to give it more of a trial but it is unwearable with this fit. Yes, I'm not a small man - pushing 300 pounds and 6' 1" - but I thought that the largest size would have been sure to fit; there are plenty of men much larger than I that need knee support. I may try finding some kind of wide velcro strapping that could extend the velcro on the thigh part of the brace, so will not return it.
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on August 31, 2008
This was the biggest knee brace I could find anywhere online. I still had to add a couple of inches of velcro of my own to make them fit my thighs because I'm an ex-football player and weightlifter. I weigh 420#, so finding this brace was great. With the added velcro it fits well and gives me great support. I can now do things on my feet that I couldn't do just a few months ago (i.e. shopping, yardwork, housework,etc..). Will buy again when these wear out unless someone comes out with an even bigger size!
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on June 12, 2010
As many other reviewers have pointed out, measurements for knee braces should include measurements for the leg just above the knee. The brace (XL) was too tight until I bought a piece of 4-inch hook and loop tape for about $5 to extend the upper fastening. Otherwise, a good brace, although I suggest wearing a cotton stocking or T-shirt sleeve under it to prevent irritating the skin.
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on March 24, 2010
The knee bract itself works fine. The problem is that the back of the brace is open, which I thought would be a good thing. No such luck-- the back edges dig into the skin and really scraped up the back of my knees in under a week of running three miles a day. I am going to switech to a different brace.
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on December 3, 2009
This brace is really solid and will keep all your knee parts in place! I definitely recommend it. Just order a size up: I am a 16" knee and I ordered a Large, which is supposed to be for 16-20"--it just barely fits. I don't think a 20" knee would fit.
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on January 11, 2012
I had the kneecap removed from my right knee in 1966 with nothing to replace it. It worked pretty well until a month or so ago when I stressed it while getting into a rental car with insufficient legroom (it had been sprained in a previous car accident in 3/08 so it was set up to be only a matter of time before it gave out on me).

The x-ray showed that my knee is full of arthritis. They gave me a shot intended to make it better (temporarily); but the remarkable thing is, is how this brace stabilizes my knee and helps me able to use my knee with less pain and greater confidence. For sure, in my situation a total knee replacement is inevitable, but my hope is I can hold off on it as long as possible. This brace is probably one of the best devices around for achieving that purpose.

It does buckle a little behind the knee, but this happens mainly when sitting. When walking it is not a problem. It straps up perfectly with no slippage or tendency to move at all with respect to its alignment or position on my leg. Also it does not itch or get too hot, something other reviewers have positively stated as well.

As other reviewers have suggested, it might be wise to order one size larger. I measured for a large, but following that suggestion I ordered an extra large and it is almost a perfect fit. The multiple-part hinge on the sides makes the bend in the brace smooth and seem completely natural. Furthermore, it has no wobble to it.

I don't think that unless a brace is custom made it will work exactly as one might want it to. This is for no other reason than because of differences inherent in the thighs and calf muscles and the shape of the knee of each person. Although I've only used this brace for a relatively short period of time, the relief and greater confidence it gives, for example, by steadying my knee when walking is wonderful.

For me it simply can't be expected to be a cure-all, yet what it has done so far is much more than I ever would have expected.
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