Multi-disc resume for DVDs? I have an older Sony DVD player that I really love, and am thinking of upgrading to this model here, but I had a question first. My current player has a multi-disc resume function, in that it can remember the last playback position for multiple discs (I think the last 6 you played). So if you stop playback, put another disc in, stop playback on that one, and put the first one back in, it will resume playback from last stop (for both movies).

I read the comments on the reviews, and one person mentioned testing that with one DVD, but I wanted to know if it can store the playback position of more than one at a time. I really like that feature. Thanks!
asked by S. Dibb on November 30, 2009
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The Sony N460 does NOT appear to have multi-disc resume. I have no idea why not. The manual says the RESUME PLAY function works as long as you do not open the tray and/or insert another title.
Kevin Johnson answered on January 15, 2010
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