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on June 22, 2014
You don't need a separate e-reader, Calibre recognizes the Kindle and converts the books. I've sent a few books downloaded from Project Gutenberg.

I'm using the latest Calibre 1.41 64-bit on Win7 with a Kindle Fire HD (2012). In Calibre Companion, connect as wireless, not to the server. Once you are connected, on your computer, right click on the book in Calibre. Send to device, send to main memory. Answer yes on the popup to convert. Books go straight to your carousel. You can also find them in Books > Device. The covers on the converted books are mostly generic, don't know if there is a way to prettify them before converting.

It doesn't say Kindle, just "device" so you can only connect one device at a time.

Calibre only works with non-DRM books, and I do have one non-DRM book of short stories that I bought from Kobo. It converted, but not the index. A few other e-reader apps couldn't see the index either for this book, so not sure what's causing the problem.
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on December 9, 2013
If you know anything about Calibre, you know they constantly update, and they deliver an amazing way to get your Mobi, EPub, AZW3, & PDF files converted and onto your device.

I'm using the Kindle Fire HDX 7" & it works great as a wire free way to access my Calibre Mac App. I can send e-books, update meta-data, and it works seamlessly with Moon+ e-reader. Get the most out of your ebooks. GET CALIBRE.

Note: this is a companion app, you WILL NEED a computer with the full size Calibre App, and Wi-Fi access.
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on March 21, 2013
I love this app as it allows me to transfer books to my tablet from my computer even easier than easytether! I can catalog and set up my own library within my tablet and read more than one book at a time.
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on April 10, 2014
I love Calibre Companion (CC), because it is a great companion to Calibre. Duh. With ~2,000 books in Calibre, I can't imagine using anything else to manage them all. And having CC makes it easy to transfer books to my Fire without having to plug it in. That's a big plus since the weak link in any Fire is that Micro USB cable connection. The more you use it, the more likely it will eventually fail. Plus, CC lets me see all the metadata associated with a book, which formats I have available, and all sorts of other useful things. This very well supported app is regularly updated, and the updates in the Amazon store appear to be keeping up to date with those on Google Play, which is good. And the Fire automatically updates without intervention on my part, even better.

A tip for new CC users: Change the default folder to the Kindle or Books folder so that your books show in both CC and the native Books interface. This is easy to set -- go to Formats and Folders at the top of the Settings menu and change the location to /mnt/sdcard/Books. (It's different on the FireHDX but it's still <internalstorage>/Books, I just don't have my HDX in front of me to remember what the <internalstorage> folder is.)
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on December 2, 2014
And surprised...Amazon missed the boat on this one! I know I'm not the only book lover with over 5000 did they think we were supposed to manage and have easy access to so many books? &#34;Manage Your Kindle&#34;? Really? I rarely use this feature, and it won't find a title if, in the search bar, I leave off an apostrophe in the title. Even Collections doesn't work the same anymore since the latest upgrades. It seems they traded the ability to read the synopsis of a book with the authors bio and a link to Goodreads. If I want to see what a book is about, I now have to leave the book and go the Amazon store. I thInk it's great those features were added, but don't take away the books description and make us jump through hoops to get to something that should be pretty standard! Whose bright idea was that, anyway? SMH...

Anyway, this calibre app is awesome!! Within seconds, I had a listing of all the titles from my previous kindle, books that I'd even forgotten I had! Tagged and categorized just the way they are on my desktop version!! Oh, and metadata is right there too! I don't have to open another tab, go to Amazon's kindle page and search for the book to see what it's about. I can't wait to play around with this baby to see what else it can do!

Amazon, you need a panel of real life readers from across the board to give you true feedback on what we need. And then follow through! Calibre, this app is worth way more than $3.99, look for a donation from me soon! Thank you!
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on June 19, 2016
I tried the free demo app first and loved it so much I bought the full app. If you're unsure about whether or not you'll like this app, I highly recommend trying the free demo version before you buy the full version. They work exactly the same. The only difference is that you can only transfer 20 books at a time with the demo version. (You can delete the first 20 books and add 20 more but the demo app will never hold more than 20 books at a time.)

I have more than 3,000 books on my PC and couldn't survive without the Calibre program. I use this app to wirelessly move books from my Calibre program on my PC to my Kindle Fire HD7. (2015) It works great. I've transferred books that I purchased from many different sources with no problem. (All of the books that I've transferred have been properly converted/formatted within the Calibre program before I transferred them.)

I noticed that if the cover picture in Calibre was too small it wouldn't show up on my Kindle. (A generic photo and the title appeared on my Kindle in place of the "real" cover.) When I discovered the problem, I went back to Calibre and edited the metadata for the book with the missing cover. I replaced the small cover photo with a larger one, and sent the new version to my Kindle, the cover appeared correctly. (Cover photos need to be about 600 x 800 pixels in size to show up correctly.)

When you first install the app on your Kindle, it will locate and list all of the "non-Amazon," DRM free, books currently on your device. So if you have a lot of books on your device that are DRM free and did not come from Amazon, it may take awhile for the app to completely install. It will "not" list any books already on your device that were downloaded directly from Amazon. Once the app is installed, it "will" list "any" book that's been correctly converted and sent from the Calibre program on your computer.

This app allows you to transfer books three ways, either as a wireless device, as a content server or a cloud server. To use either of the first two methods, you have to have your Calibre program open on your computer. (On the computer click "connect/share" at the top, then from the drop down menu, click "start wireless" and then click "start content server.") In the Calibre Companion app (CC) on your Kindle, tap "connect" at the top on the right. Then from the drop-down menu choose how to use the app, "as Wireless Device," "To Content Server" or "to Cloud". (I haven't done anything with the cloud.)

Choosing "as Wireless Device" means you'll be using the Calibre program on your computer to transfer your books. After you tap "as Wireless Device" the app will connect to your Calibre program and you can set your Kindle aside. Go to the Calibre program on your computer and click the book/books you want to send to your Kindle and then simply click the large "Send to Device" icon on the top menu. A drop-down screen will pop up, allowing you to choose the format you wish to send. Click the correct format for your Kindle (or other device) and the book will be sent to your Kindle. (If the correct format isn't available, Calibre will give you the option to convert the book to the correct format before sending it.) The books will appear on your Kindle within the app and also in your "book" library on your Kindle.

In the CC app, if you tap "connect" and then choose "To Content Server," you'll be adding books to your Kindle directly from the Kindle, itself. (You'll still have to have your PC on and connected to Calibre.You'll just being doing all the work from the Kindle instead of the PC. I think this method is slower if you have a lot of books.) A menu will appear on your Kindle screen with various options for finding the books in your Calibre program that you want to transfer. (For example, you can search Calibre by "title, " "author," "most recent" and so on.) Once you choose how you want to search your books, you can then select the books to be transferred to your Kindle by simply using a "long" tap on "download." Once again, the books will appear on your Kindle within the app and also in the "book" library on your Kindle. (If you have more than one library in your Calibre PC program, the correct library must be open for the app to find and transfer your books.)

Once your books are transferred, you can close the app and read your books in your Kindle library just as if they'd been sent from Amazon.

The app doesn't allow you to search your "virtual" libraries in your Calibre program without doing a bit of programming on the Calibre program itself. Other than that the app works well. For additional help with the app, just Google "Calibre Companion Android App instructions" and select "Calibre Companion FAQ."
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on January 1, 2016
I just wasted $3.99 buying this app that I can't use on my new Kindle Fire 7 2015 version. If I would have known that you can only use it on an android device, I never would have bought it. The only reader program you can use on the new basic Kindle Fire 7, is the Kindle reader that comes on the device. I just don't understand why the app even downloads on non-android devices. This Calibre Companion should have it's own built in reader for all devices, android and non-android. It wirelessly imports all the books you have on the PC Calibre program, but doesn't let you read any of them on your Kindle Fire 7.
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on January 5, 2014
I have used Calibre on my laptop for years. I got a new Kindle Fire :( and could suddenly no longer use Calibre to put my books on my new Kindle. Until I found Calibre Companion, I was dead in the water on reading. This $2.99 app has been great. Just as easy to get my books onto my kindle fire as it was on my old kindle using a USB cable. I recommend it.
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on January 4, 2014
I keep my ebook library on a Mac desktop, constantly running Calibre (the freeware ebook catalog - a must-have app). The app allows me to reach out to the library and download books no matter where I am.
1. Download, install and run Calibre on a mac/pc/linux device on your home LAN where you keep all your ebooks. This is your Calibre server and will run 24/7.
2. Pay a yearly fee ($35 I think) to to apply a domain name to your router's IP address (i.e."")
3. Pick an unused port and set up a forwarding on your router for that port directly to your calibre server. Pick a good username and password and set them up inside Calibre.
4. Download this app to your smartphone or tablet and set it up so that wherever you are in the world, it will always connect to your calibre server via the port you set up (i.e.
As long as your server is running at home, this app will reach out to your server and let you choose books to download from a menu (sorted by title, author, series, etc.) to read with a separate ereader (I use coolreader). When you're done reading the book, delete it and download another. Why waste your phone's memory carrying around your entire collection when you can download each book as you need it?
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on July 22, 2014
Absolutely love this!!!! I used to have a nook before getting my kindle and I purchased tons upon tons of books for it. Well I got my kindle and all of a sudden all of that money was wasted. I found calibre, uploaded my nook books onto my computer and into calibre and converted them to MOBI format. When I plugged my kindle into my computer for some reason it wasn't being recognized, even when I was just trying to load my pdfs for school or my documents onto it I couldn't do it! So I put everything in calibre, downloaded this app and now I can move it all onto there wirelessly!!!! It was a pocketbook and life saver! I recommend this app and calibre desktop to EVERYONE!
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