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Format: Video Game|Change
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on June 5, 2014
At its heart, this game is a point and click adventure game without the pointing and clicking. Instead, you're able to control Ronan and walk him through Salem and crime scenes, picking up hundreds of collectibles to side-quests, solving other ghosts unfinished business, talking to some fairly disturbing ghosts, and, along the way, investigating crime scenes in a story-propelled narrative.

Now, one complaint a lot of reviews had was the lack of punishment when investigating crime scenes. This is true. If you answer incorrectly, nothing bad happens, the story doesn't move in a different angle, you're simply told that you chose wrong. I personally don't view this as a problem. Think of games like 'Sam and Max' or 'Tale of Monkey Island.' In both of those games, you could guess over and over again at a problem until you figured out the answer. It's just the same here. It all boils down to if you're expectations. If you're looking for more of an old-school style game, in that respect, this game delivers. Expecting something like "The Wolf Among Us" where every action can have narrative effects, look elsewhere. And continuing with that critique, a lack of punishment is a good thing, because sometimes the questions can be vague enough that you will find yourself with multiple answers that could be correct. I know I have answered incorrectly on several occasions because of such a thing, and am glad that the storyline didn't suffer because of it.

Graphics-wise, on the Xbox One, I've seen much better. I'd clock them as just slightly better than a 360 level. Environments can look bland and unreal--I'm thinking of the flowers in the church--and lip-synching switches from accurate to dubbed-over-karate-movie, depending on the conversation.

Controls: I didn't have any problem with the controls; however, I did have problems with environmental interactions. 85% of the time, there is no problem interacting with an object. As for the other times, you have to either look at it just perfectly for it to register--or stand extremely close, in some cases--and, even if it does, you might lose it and interact with something else when you hit the button. As for Demon sections, where you play a game of cat and mouse, having to execute demons from behind; the segments themselves get annoying over time, but I never had a problem with the quicktime events or accidentally doing something I didn't mean to.

Narrative: You're a ghost trying to solve your own murder. In combination with the well-crafted environment of Salem, all the little pick-ups that you can find while going from place to place, you're never left without clues and some small narrative taking place. It is an immersive game, with a cliche' here and there but not too many to ruin the story.

Length: It's on the shorter side, but I'm glad. Had they pushed for some long game, it would have been a lot of filler story, thus ruining an otherwise solid experience.

Overall, it's a game that I personally enjoyed, but it's not for everyone. Don't expect a lot of action, don't expect the story to change because of your actions, don't expect an epic quest. Just expect a well-paced game with an intriguing storyline and atmosphere that will leave you doing a lot of exploring and the occasional game of demonic cat and mouse.
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on June 3, 2014
Firstly, the visuals and sound track of this game are top notch. The world of Dusk (the Other Side) and the eery, ghastly score to accompany it was done incredibly well, and leaves a sort of isolated, displaced feeling - perfect, by the existence of a dead man.

Secondly, the gameplay is incredibly innovative. Playing as a ghost, being able to phase through walls and hide in living bodies, and create haunting distractions in the real world are all amazing mechanics, executed very well - as is the investigation system. Combat is simple and yet heart-pounding, as half of the combat mechanic is based in stealth (since Ronan is not a particularly sturdy wraith), the other half being a very short quick-time event.

There are hundreds and hundreds of collectibles in the game, anywhere from revealing the protagonist's past to uncovering the haunting ghost stories of Salem - allowing for some pretty interesting and heavy exploration of the game's environments.

Murdered certainly isn't for everyone - it is incredibly immersive and narrative heavy, with a focus driven in atmospheric chills and mystery. It isn't very action heavy, as the tense mood comes from the environments, not so much Ronan's demonic encounters. But, if you're looking for a unique and story-driven title, and especially if you're into urban horror and the supernatural, this is the best one out there.
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on June 8, 2014
I bought this game just because I wanted something new for my shiny new Xbox One. I really didn't know much about it or what type of game play it would be. I did of course watch a few trailers on the game but as you all know , trailers never give much information and only shows bright spots in the game to pump it up. The trailers did look great and made the game look exciting , so I guess the trailers did the job they were supposed to do because I bought the game and I am pleased to say that I am completely happy with my purchase.

Game play - This game is not a button masher / hack and slash , its not a FPS or a TPS shooter . The only combat you will see is fighting the occasional demon that only requires you to sneak up behind them , pull the right trigger then press a button and pull the left stick in the direction the game prompts. The direction and button changes during each kill but it is still easy enough. You can be killed by these demons if they see you and can't get away in time ( I've died a few times already ) . This all sounds very repetitive and boring doesn't it ? If someone had described this game to me before I bought it , I might have been reluctant to make the purchase. Here is what makes this game fun , You are killed in the beginning of the game and will play as a ghost through out the entire game trying to solve your own murder and along the way ( not to far into the game ) you will meet a girl that can see and hear you ( she is a Medium ). You and the girl are both looking for something , she is trying to find her mother and you are trying to find your killer . the killer seems to be linked to her mothers disappearance so she eventually agrees to come along and help with your investigation. This game requires patience , because you will be looking for clue after clue and along the way picking up side quests that will require you to look and find more clues to complete those small investigations. This game doesn't take a genius to play but will require you to use your brain a little bit. This game is also more like watching a movie than playing a game except it's a movie that you take part in.

Story - This is what drives this game , and like I said earlier , this game is more like playing a movie than playing a game. Each clue you find takes you a little closer to the answers / Killer you seek. This is a game that will keep you in your seat for hours at a time and you will force yourself to put the controller down , the story and pacing are just so good that you just want to play just a little bit more then a little bit more until you finally say to yourself , " STOP " !!!

Graphics - This is a pretty game and it does look much better on the Xbox One and the PS4 than it does in the 360 and ps3 , but it still may not be the next gen graphics you are looking for. This takes nothing from the game in my opinion because the graphics are still very pleasing to the eyes.

Conclusion - This is a great story driven game , if you have to have constant action like the Call of Duty games supply then look for another game. If you are the type of person that likes to look and explore every inch of a game , take your time and enjoy the art of the game and also enjoy a good story , then this game is definitely for you.

In my opinion , this is a solid 5 out of 5
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on June 7, 2014
This is a very different game, If you like shooting people this game isn't for you. Basically all you do is run around and find clues to your murder. It sounds boring and at times it can be but so far I find it addicting and fun. You are obviously a ghost and you can possess people and machines. The only time you fight is when you come into contact with demons and then you don't really even fight you just hold RT and push whatever button it tells you to push. The side missions are pretty cool they're like mini cases, in order to solve them you need to find clues. Graphics and Game play are good but why wouldn't they be its next Gen technology. Overall its a good laid back fun game. If you want excitement and loads of fun buy Watch Dogs and/or Titan Fall.
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on May 19, 2015
Ok I am a total gamer junkie, I have a 70,000 gamer score on xbox, and spend all of my time playing games when I have the free time. This game is so much fun to play. Its very story driven, almost like a Tell Tale Games game, minus the choices where you can create your own dialogue. Its not super action heavy at all also, where you go around killing a bunch of guys or beating guys up. If I had to relate it to other games, its kind of like LA Noire meets Heavy Rain, meets a Tell Tale Games company game.

You play a character who was just killed by a serial killer and you go around trying to find clues to figure out who your killer was, while also finding clues for other past murdered people, and it tells the story of the killer, as well as the victims of the killer.

Its such a simple game in that its mostly story driven, but there is the action of trying to avoid demons who want to suck up your soul, but you get some action when you try to sneak around and kill the demons.

I found myself completely engrossed in the story of this game and having so much fun learning the stories, and trying to piece together clues to figure out my next move (that's where its like LA Noire).

I LOVE this game, and recommend it to anyone who's looking for just a fun story. There's also a light suspense factor to it with the demons and trying to evade, hide, or kill them.

I would say this is worth at most, $30, but not worth anymore.
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on July 14, 2014
Murdered: Soul Suspect is a really cool game. The visuals are very nice, and the mood is as creepy and spooky as the premise of the game, itself. You play the role of a dead/murdered detective, and you're tasked with solving your own murder. During your journey to track down your killer, you are presented with other mysteries to solve (as presented to you by other ghosts that you run across in the game). You cannot shoot anything. You cannot pick up anything. You are a ghost. This is not an action game. It is a slow paced, story based, mystery solving game. If you're looking for a first person shooter, or, a zombie shoot 'em up, then, this is not your game. If you're looking for a creepy, very interesting murder mystery, then this game is right up your alley.

It took me about 8 hours to play through the entire game; and I spent time searching around for collectibles. The game is not difficult, but, the cool and interesting story, along with the side stories that you stumble across keep this game very fresh. The game has been getting mixed reviews by journalists, because the publisher and now defunct developer had promised more features and a robust "upgrade" system, which didn't make it into the game. I went into the game with no expectations, and I came out of it wanting to play it again to catch things that I had missed the first time around.

I really enjoyed this game, and I would (and have) recommended it to all of my friends. If you're looking for a new, interesting, experience, then, Murdered: Soul Suspect is for you! Enjoy!
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on November 12, 2015
If you love Telltale Game's The Walking Dead games you should check this title out!
I think it runs circles around those two games
If you are a fan of WGN's Salem gets this game you'll appreciate it more and understand a great deal of it

The Story: is the selling point
It's a very competent story driven game...... (If you have a.d.d. this game isn't for you)
It's a story about Witches, Ghosts, Serial Killers, and being a newly murdered homicide detective
That can't move on until he solves his own murder

Controls: are pretty straight forward very responsive, easy to pick up and play

Graphics: it's a weak next gen title mostly due to Square Enix putting it out on cross platforms
the XBone and PS4 version's of this game suffered from that alone! It's a straight port from the 360 version the only major positive is the great audio

The audio is A+++ all the voice over cast is really good plus you have these cool "Ghost Stories" you collect pieces of them then when you get all off them you play the story and all of it's told to you from a different actor/actress (every one of these stories are flawless mostly due to the v/o actor/actress selling the story they could've gone the cheap route and had these be text) plus the game is decoded in DTS 5.1

The concept/idea of this game is very unique it's a point and click adventure but, it's not it's very easy to dismiss this game
but, you can't say it wasn't ambitious and tried to be different

I really enjoy this game even though it has minor flaws it's a real buried treasure! That deserves a second chance there's a hell of a lot there if you take the time to look for it! 9/10
P.S. If any gamer says this game sucks but, the two Walking Dead games are poetry in motion then they are a complete hypocrite and a W.D. fanboy that just has to gush over anything with that brand on it! This game isn't a series of down endings
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on June 8, 2014
Don't believe/listen to the "professional" reviews. The game is a solid example of good storytelling. I didn't buy the game for the action even though there is a bit involved. The story is what drew me to this experience and it grabbed from the opening scene. Airtight did a good job involving the player in tracking down your own killer. Like other reviews posted if you enjoyed L.A. Noire or Heavy Rain you most likely will find a unique experience with this game. Between posessing a cat to reach out of sight locations or helping stranded souls move on it never got old. Yes, some things have been done already in other games but it doesn't matter. What matters is the fun you have finding clues and piecing together facts. The graphics are good not great. I have a feeling this is due to it being a cross-gen title. Audio is nice, the music at times sets the mood. Controls can be a little unforgiving at times like when you are looking for a clue and you can easily pass it buy since you have to have the camera in the perfect location to spot the item. I enjoy this more L.A. Noire since you do not get penalized if you pick an incorrect clue in your investigation. I am glad the developers chose this route. It is more about the experience and the story.

If you are looking for an interesting story and a game you can take your time with give this one a try. It is really not deserving of anything less than a 7 out of 10.
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on July 6, 2014
I really enjoyed this game, though I understand why some people did not. It's a very linear structure, and more of a "point and click" type game than one that requires sophisticated controls. However, I really enjoyed the mystery aspect, and finding all of the collectable items which revealed horror stories as you play. I would have liked a little more complexity, especially in regards to possessing other characters in the game. Often, reading their minds served no real purpose, whereas it could have had some neat implications if you could do more while possessing someone. Still, I really enjoyed playing the game and found it scary and engaging.
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The game was unexpectedly more entertaining then I first thought. While there isn't any gun fights or melee action like with Sleeping Dogs or Batman the games story and gameplay make it a lot of fun. Playing the main protagonist who has recently joined the afterlife world you seek to find out who killed you and why as well as find out the reason for a string of murders that has been going on in the city of Salem which you were previously investigating before your forced introduction into the spirit world. As a spirit you can now do certain things like go through walls and other objects once the building has been opened to you as well as minor possessions of people and animals though you're only able to control the body of animals and not humans. Of course there are new dangers in your new spirit life such as dark spirits or demons that seek to take the souls of those still around who have yet to find closure to what chains them and pass over to their final rest.

The graphics and audio are fantastic showing that the Gen8 console are worth getting so if you like games of the supernatural or puzzle solving games or just looking for an entertaining game here's one worthy of taking a look and at a great deal right now too.
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