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on September 2, 2014
Murdoch Mysteries aka the Artful Detective on the Ovation Channel is the best show on TV!! I love this show it's just great. Good story lines, superb acting and great scenery. All around good show - minus all the usual violence. Even though Detective Murdoch works only homicide cases - the murder is the final result of a truly great script. Every season is just marvelous!!!
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Go back to 1901 Toronto, Canada and visit Police Station No. 4. This is a world undergoing massive changes and science is really coming into its own. I love the series for its tons of comedy. And, of course, lots of murders.

In Season 7 you get 18 episodes averaging 44 minutes in length each, for a total of 792 minutes of wonderful murder mysteries. "Murdoch Mysteries" is a hybrid. It's a police procedural, because your protagonists are policemen. But it takes place in a time when forensic science is in its infancy. So a lot of murders are solved by good old intuition and attention to detail, as is the way in an amateur sleuth series. The historical tidbits are fascinating.

If nothing else, you will keep coming back for the characters. In particular, Constable Crabtree is a favorite, as he lends a lot of the comic touch. Totally sincere and dependable, he also loves conspiracy theories and is such fun to watch.

The DVD/BluRay boxed sets have 5 discs. The show is presented in 16:9 widescreen, stereo, with English subtitles available. With 18 episodes, I don't have room to give you a synopsis of each episode, but season 7 does continue the "Murdoch Mystery" style of introducing new scientific or medical discoveries that were coming to the fore in the early 20th century. Another hallmark of "Murdoch Mysteries" is having a true historical person show up in the script. So, I can't resist giving you a run-down of the NEW discoveries showcased in each episode and some of the REAL people who are portrayed.

In addition, I would like to give a nod to the delightful "Making Murdoch" featurettes = Bonus Features on the disc sets. Each of the 5 discs has these "making of" shorts and they are enjoyable viewing, many times giving background details to the story-lines. After you watch all the episodes on a disc, you'll enjoy watching these shorts. There's a total of 109 minutes of featurettes divided among the discs - a Bonus with a capital B for the viewer.

One question that has not yet been answered for me is just who writes and diagrams so very neatly on Murdoch's famous blackboard.

Episode 1. "Murdoch Ahoy" NEW Mouth-on-mouth resuscitation, developed by Swiss doctors, REAL Annie Taylor
In a bonus feature, Eric Conroy, Honorary Captain, talks about the SS Keewatin, the ship on which this episode was filmed. It is the "oldest surviving Edwardian steamship in the world. There were about 3,800 steamships built between 1900 and 1920, including the Titanic and the Lusitania."
Episode 2. "Tour de Murdoch" NEW Bike sprockets, Blood doping and Blood typing
Bonus: Jordan Christianson, episode writer, says that this episode explores "the beginnings of cheating in sports. We started digging around and found that bike racing was the pre-eminent sport in 1900. THE spectator sport." This may be the time for the beginnings of modern forms of sport cheating, but not cheating itself. I've read about cheating in Roman chariot racing!
Episode 3. "The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch" NEW Headphones, REAL Thomas Alva Edison
Bonus: Yannick Bisson, who plays Murdoch, says, "It's an absolute riot filming this episode. I don't think I've ever laughed more in a week."
Episode 4. "Return of Sherlock Holmes" NEW Facial reconstruction from a skull.
Episode 5. "Murdoch of the Living Dead" NEW Brain surgery lobotomy
Episode 6. "Murdochophobia" NEW Treatment of phobia as other than craziness
Bonus: Jim Lovisek, animal wrangler tells us, "One of the ways we wrangle a spider is to make sure it's at the right temperature. Because if it's too hot... it runs too quickly."
Episode 7. "Loch Ness Murdoch" NEW Snow balls, summertime treat
Bonus: Michelle Ricci, writer: "Unfortunately, we couldn't actually reference the Loch Ness Monster, because it hadn't been sighted, in the way we do today, until the 20's or 30's."
Episode 8. "Republic of Murdoch" NEW Sexual orientation as in medical study/awareness
In Episode 8 we finally get to meet Crabtree's oft-cited Aunts!
Allan Hawco plays Jacob Doyle in this "Murdoch" episode. Hawco is better known for playing Jake Doyle in "Republic of Doyle". So for "Murdoch" he is basically playing an ancestor of Jake.
Episode 9. "A Midnight Train to Kingston" This is a FABULOUS escape thriller!
Bonus: Paul Aitken, writer, says that it would have been "such a shame to kill off such a great villain." So they didn't!
Episode 10. "Murdoch in Ragtime"
Bonus: Nick Jennings, music journalist/historian explains, "The Ragtime era, which preceded the Jazz Age, was the 1890's to 1910."
Episode 11. "Journey to the Centre of Toronto" NEW Tunneling machine and "Hot Dogs"
Bonus: Great historical information. Seismographs were well established by 1901, but scientists still knew nothing of plate tectonics.
Episode 12. "Unfinished Business" Think Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train"!
Episode 13. "The Murdoch Sting" Great episode! REAL Andrew Carnegie and Cassie Chadwick
Bonus: Inspector Michael Sale, Toronto Police, retired, "What was lacking then was communication between police forces and even within police forces. ... A person would commit a crime in one jurisdiction, move to another jurisdiction, commit similar crimes, and there's be no link between the two."
Episode 14. "Friday the 13th, 1901" NEW Special curling shoes and the curling "slide"
Bonus: This was like a horror movie of a cabin-in-the-woods variety. Héléne Joy, who plays Dr. Ogden says, "It's a lot of fun. A lot of running and screaming in the woods!"
Episode 15. "The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold" NEW Fountain pen
Isn't the title a great play on words?
Episode 16. "Kung Fu Crabtree" This has a great fight sequence where Constable Crabtree is hand-cuffed to Wu Chang. Chang tells Crabtree, "Kung Fu is not a word for fighting. It is any skill achieved through diligence and hard work."
The history given is a little different from what I've read of the era surrounding the Boxer's rebellion.
Episode 17. "Blast of Silence"
Bonus: Tom Barnett, who plays Richard Welsh, the man trapped on top of the pole, comments, " 'There's going to be a little bit of a sway', they said! I didn't really know what that meant til I got up there."
Episode 18. "The Death of Dr. Ogden" This episode features puzzle/cipher solvers trying to solve a cypher created by Edgar Allen Poe, which had never been solved. REAL In 1840, Poe wrote about cyphers in "Graham's Magazine", and offered a free subscription to anyone who could send him a cypher he couldn't solve. Six months later, after solving 100 cyphers, he published two puzzles by Mr. W. B. Tyler to conclude the contest. For many years, it was assumed Poe was Tyler. It took computers to finally crack Mr. Tyler's puzzles. One was finally solved in 1992, and the other not until 2000.

In addition to the making-of bonus featurettes, Disc 5 of the boxed sets has a Photo Gallery. It is a slide show of rehearsal and film stills that takes about a minute to run through.

A very recommended murder mystery series. Light-hearted yet touches on serious stuff, great puzzles and great fun!

Did you know that there was a set of mystery movies that proceeded this TV show? The actor playing Murdoch is different and it's set in Winnipeg. But still very good with lots of humor. A new release will soon be available on amazon:
The Murdoch Mysteries Movie Collection

Happy Reader
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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on September 7, 2014
This is truly one of the best T.V shows out there!!! I love every one of them. I can't wait to see what happens next! Great job to the producers.
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on September 17, 2014
This series is absolutely fantastic.. The group of actors seems like a real family. Murdoch is so soft spoken yet so powerful in his reaction to problems. I love the characters from history and future inventions that are brought into the stories. Latest is Sherlock Holmes and hopefully
will be int more stories. The romance between the Dr. and Murdoch is something that keeps me watching.. I love this series, I bought the whole series, seasons 1-7 for my husband for Christmas...
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon September 21, 2014
Awesome 1900-01 sets, props & costumes. Realistically gritty. Multiple plots in this historical Toronto suspense & crime drama. Includes fictional unveiling of [then-new inventions, science and forensics beginnings, and new merchandise.] Murdoch's path often crosses with historic personalities. Charming entertainment amidst suspense. Toss in a bit of romance, and much comedy.
Older episodes seasons 1-6 are combined in a catch-up set.
Murdoch Mysteries Bundle Package
Season 7 can be viewed as stand-alone, but you DO WANT every episode.

Yannick Bisson's leading role is rejoined with his boss, Brackenreid (Thomas Craig); Crabtree (Jonny Harris, a comic genius) smitten for sexy forensic Dr. Grace (Georgina Reilly) who replaced Dr. Ogden (Helen Joy) who now is a psychologist; & Constable Higgins (Lachlan Murdoch).
Each episode has about a 6 min "making of" bonus adding almost as much as the length of 2.5 more features. Added to the 18 episodes in this set, this is a lengthy 5-disc set packed with award winning entertainment. Definitely in my top-10, right there beside Downton Abbey.

SDH SUBTITLES for all episodes.
==1 Murdoch Ahoy ==Murdoch and Brackenreid are asked aboard SS Keewatin on Victoria Day when owner MacFarlane is threatened. They remain since Dr Ogden's aboard. [wireless telegraph] [mouth-on-mouth resuscitation]
==2 Tour de Murdoch ==A bicycle race favorite dies while Murdoch tests his new [gear shifter.] [blood typing]
==3 The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch ==A [talkie] viewing ends with suspect Thomas Edison suspect in a real murder. Murdoch stars, and not just as detective. A favorite episode.
==4 Return of Sherlock Holmes ==Holmes (Andrew Gower -well played) beats Murdoch to the scene of a murder. 2 cops team up when the crime turns serial. [facial reconstruction] [Identity theft] Fun episode.
==5 Murdoch of the Living Dead ==A river death finds Murdoch suspecting the stoic catatonic spouse. Zombie? Demonized? [tissue x-ray]
==6 Murdochophobia ==Dr Ogden's treating phobia terror patients but loses one in the most fatal way. Who is at fault?
==7 Loch Ness Murdoch ==A hot day brings a death on Lake Ontario beach under investigation while Dr Ogden and Brackenreid relax in period swimwear. Brackenreid been drinking and spots a lake monster, but it's confirmed. [friz-brim aka Frisbee]
==8 Republic of Murdoch ==Newfoundland man's body sends Murdoch & Crabtree off to St. John's chasing the suspect (Allan Hawco -`Republic of Doyle' another must watch Canadian series). They even meet Marconi. [Scrabble] [GTO]
==9 A Midnight Train to Kingston ==Murdoch, Brackenreid, Crabtree, Dr Ogden & other cops train to Kingston prison with prisoner Gillies (Michael Seater) for his execution--of course not without a problem or two.
==10 Murdoch in Ragtime ==Murdoch searches through the choir when the music director is killed. Robbery? Racist?
==11 Journey to the Centre of Toronto ==A mysterious hole in the ground is linked to a jewelry store theft. Is it subterranean life form? [hot dogs] [seismograph]
==12 Unfinished Business ==A deathbed confession but the found skeleton raises questions. Episode set in 1901 based on an 8-yr-old case date.
==13 The Murdoch Sting ==In 1901 a missing banker, his fiancée-stolen identity or not-, Andrew Carnegie, and 2 Constabulary Station #4 romances all combine for a fast pace episode.
==14 Friday the 13th, 1901 ==Two Dr's & friends enjoy an island cabin party until one of the gals is killed. Crabtree discovers curling. [Nordic Games] [Winter Olympics]
==15 The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold ==USA President McKinley shot in 1901 and Murdoch and team are in the thick of the assassin manhunt that involves spies and international conspiracy. Canada deploys a top agent to Toronto (Peter Keleghan -`Red Green Show'). [Regis Skyline #7 pen - aka Eversharp]
==16 Kung Fu Crabtree ==Crabtree subs as investigator for a China official's death by shrimp paste. Murdoch and Dr Ogden search for the dead-or-alive Gillies who threatens them. [ballistics] Truly WILD fight scenes.
==17 Blast of Silence ==A sound activated bomb tied to a prominent local industrialist is a case needing immediate action. Mum's the word in Toronto. [personality profile]
==18 The Death of Dr. Ogden ==It is quite a puzzle Murdoch turns over to Crabtree and Brackenreid to find the killer of Hoyle, a possible solver of a puzzle published by Edgar Allen Poe. It's not the only death in this episode.
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VINE VOICEon October 30, 2014
MURDOCH MYSTERIES, SERIES 7. This award-winning Canadian television series of crime dramas seems actually to have at least some roots in the United Kingdom, as ITV, a British creator of TV material, gets a producing credit. It’s an early-days police procedural, set in Toronto, in the late 1800s, to as late as 1901 that provides a good-humored twist on crime procedurals. Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) pushes the boundaries of Victorian-era criminal science using then radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city's most baffling, gruesome murders. He is a kind, soft-spoken, religious, honest,hard-working and disciplined sort of man, by no means one of the roistering detectives we so frequently see today. In his work, Murdoch is ably assisted by coroner Dr. Julia Ogden and Constable George Crabtree as he introduces such concepts as finger marks and lie detecting machines. The detective has in this the support of his somewhat doubtful superior, Inspector Brackenreid, though at times, even Brackenreid finds Murdoch's methods - and claims – somewhat overwhelming.

And, even though he is occupied with enforcing the law, Murdoch often crosses paths with famous figures of the time, including, in earlier series, Arthur Conan Doyle, Houdini, and H.G. Wells, and in the current series, such figures as Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Emma Goldman and Sherlock Holmes – apparently not always entirely fictional. The series is based on the popular novels by Maureen Jennings, was seen on public television and on Ovation as The Artful Detective. The entertainment is available both in streaming format and on DVD. The box set consists of 18 episodes on five discs, running approximately 792 minutes plus 109 minutes of bonus programming including making Murdoch featurettes and a photo gallery. And, thank goodness, subtitles, as some of the local dialects of Canada are on display. I received this as a review copy.

The Montreal-born Bisson, a handsome man, plays the gently pious Montreal-born Murdoch, who crosses himself when he comes to a death scene, and understands that, as a French Canadian in bigoted Toronto, city of the Family Compact, he will never be promoted. He and the supporting actors around him create an entertaining, warm ensemble. Thomas Craig, born in Yorkshire, whose natives are famed for their blunt, bluff nature, plays the blunt, bluff Insp. Thomas Brackenreid. The lovely Helene Joy, born in Perth, Australia, portrays Murdoch’s on again/off again love interest, Dr. Julia Ogden, formerly the coroner, now a psychiatrist, a character who is, unfortunately, somewhat bland. The same could never be said of the Newfoundland-born standup comic Jonny Harris, who plays the highly entertaining Newfoundland-born Constable George Crabtree with his own native accent, and who seems to be getting more and more screen time as the series progresses: one episode of this series brings him back to his native province, which was apparently not yet a full province back then. Georgina Reilly, born in the Home Counties, U.K. plays the pretty and lively Dr. Emily Grace, Dr. Ogden’s replacement as coroner, and Crabtree’s on-again/off-again love interest.

The episodes are:
Disc 1
Episode 1: Murdoch Ahoy
It's Victoria Day and the SS Keewatinis is about to embark on her maiden voyage—but not before a potentially deadly threat arises. Detective Murdoch and Chief Inspector Brackenreid are called to investigate; Murdoch decides to stay aboard to keep an eye on the passengers, including Dr. Ogden.

Episode 2: Tour de Murdoch
Murdoch decides to participate in a bicycle race; doesn't expect one of his competitors to end up dead. Meanwhile, Julia, while trying to sell her recently-deceased husband's house, comes home to an unexpected visitor.

Episode 3: The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch
A man is shot dead at the premiere of a moving picture boasting new sound technology; no one notices until the lights come back on. Murdoch must delve into the burgeoning world of Canadian film to solve the murder. The director decides to make a film starring Murdoch himself.

Episode 4: Return of Sherlock Holmes
Murdoch is called to the scene of a murder only to find another detective already there, the great Sherlock Holmes—or at least someone calling himself the beloved detective. Another man is murdered in a similar fashion, a third body is uncovered.

Disc 2
Episode 5: Murdoch of the Living Dead
A woman is found dead in a river; Murdoch’s suspicion falls upon her husband. The man shows no emotion; Murdoch is confused by an admission from the man's daughter. Murdoch’s suspicion grows when he discovers that the man's neighbors are afraid to talk.

Episode 6: Murdochophobia
To treat her patients' intense phobias, Julia has been using a precursor of behaviorism, a new method that exposes them to the objects of their fear, in hopes that their terrors will diminish over time. However, after a patient falls out of her window to her death, Murdoch's investigation forces him to confront some of his own fears.

Episode 7: Loch Ness Murdoch
The middle of a heat wave; a woman turns up dead on the beach of Lake Ontario. It’s discovered that she was a contestant at a ‘purity’ beauty pageant; the cops’ attention turns to her competition. But why does Brackenreid keep talking about a sea monster?

Episode 8: Republic of Murdoch
When the body of a Newfoundland man is found, Inspector Crabtree —from Newfoundland himself—chases the only suspect but can't quite keep up. It becomes clear that no answers will be found in Toronto; Crabtree and Murdoch travel to the colony to solve the mystery.

Disc 3
Episode 9: A Midnight Train to Kingston
Murdoch and the team are bringing their nemesis James Gillies to the city of Kingston to execute him. But plans for the prisoner’s transfer are upended; the cops must scramble, and Gillies must be put in the same car as passengers.

Episode 10: Murdoch in Ragtime
The director of a vocal group is found dead on the docks; Murdoch turns to the rest of the choir in search of answers. He visits the jazz club where they perform, discovers the group has some secrets to hide.

Episode 11: Journey to the Center of Toronto
A jewelry shop is robbed; the only clue is a hole in the ground that could not have been dug by hand. Hours later another jewelry shop is robbed in the same manner. Meanwhile, a scientist at the museum is sharing her research. She believes an intelligent species lives in the hollows of the earth, a belief which was apparently then widespread.

Episode 12 Unfinished Business
A man on his deathbed confesses to murder; Murdoch and the team find the bones of his victim. However, after Dr. Grace examines the remains, there seem to be some inconsistencies in the man's story. Murdoch and Julia partner to solve the crime; as they delve deeper, the mystery begins to resemble a cold case from their past.

Disc 4
Episode 13: The Murdoch Sting
The president of the Canadian Bank goes missing, along with his mysterious fiancée Cassie Chadwick. Reports come in of multiple Cassie Chadwicks in the area; it seems that this case could be mistaken identity. Crabtree and Murdoch find themselves grappling with romantic challenges as the team concocts a scheme to find the truth, for they are familiar with the work of this Cassie Chadwick, whoever she is.

Episode 14: Friday the 13th, 1901
Julia, Emily, and several friends weekend in a cabin on a secluded island to celebrate a bachelorette party. One of the party is suddenly found dead. Other deaths follow. Back home in Toronto, Crabtree challenges a romantic rival to a curling match.

Episode 15: The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold
The president of the United States is shot at Buffalo’s Pan-American Exposition. While President McKinley barely clings to life, Murdoch looks for those behind the assassination attempt.

Disc 5
Episode 16: Kung Fu Crabtree
Chinese officials are in town searching for rebels who have fled to Toronto. At a dinner with local police, one Chinese official is murdered; Crabtree is put on the case. But as he gets to know the prime suspect, the constable wonders if the Chinese is innocent.

Episode 17: Blast of Silence
A big-name city industrialist is found atop a telephone pole with a noise-activated bomb strapped to him; Murdoch does all he can to keep the area quiet. The mayor of the town is found in a similar situation; Murdoch knows he must find the culprit before these men become martyrs to progress.

Episode 18: The Death of Dr. Ogden
Crabtree and Brackenreid are on the case to find the killer of a talented competitive puzzle-solver. However, as no clear suspect emerges, the pair is forced to muddle through. Meanwhile, Julia visits her father, only to learn that he has passed away before she could get there.

I have previously reviewed Murdoch Mysteries Series 1 and 2 on their respective pages, and loved them. The earlier series do offer some backstory, but it is possible to pick the production up at any point. Murdoch is an interesting character: troubled, yet talented, while the interplay of the characters at the cop shop is touching and entertaining. The turn of the twentieth century environment seems well presented, in clothing, social life, standards, interiors, transportation, the mix of automobile and horse-drawn vehicles on the roads. Highly recommended.
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on August 14, 2014
I don't have this yet, as it is due out in Oct of 2014. However I have viewed several episodes online and have enjoyed every one of them.

Can't wait to receive my own DVD set in Oct.!
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on November 11, 2014
I love the series but the soap opera content between Murdoch and Julia is getting to be a little stale. She is too progressive for him and he does not seem to want to change from his stiff-necked view of life, etc. The disintegration of the romance between George and Emily saddens me as to the hardness given to the character of George. But at least it doesn't have the wishy-washy of Murdoch and Julia. The costumes are beautiful and the scenery of Canada is awe-inspiring and makes me want to go to Canada for a vacation. I hope they get back to the nitty gritty of police work and dispense with all this domestic stuff. Hope season 8 is better or I am a long forgotten fan. Also, the morgue scenes are getting a bit too graphic for even me. Let's get back to the seasons 1-5 like the Newfoundland one was. Beautiful scenery, good mystery and a feel good show.
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on October 15, 2014
If possible, this charming series just gets better and better. Yannick Bisson's tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the thoughtful, clever detective makes you wish he was the head of a current day law enforcement agency, bicycle and all. This season's adventures include the return of Sherlock Holmes, a tangle with the Loch Ness monster, a presidential assassination and improbable as it seems, Thomas Edison as a crime suspect. Every episode reminds us of the wonders of uncovering clues and solving crimes in an era long before the forensic work of TV shows became ordinary. If you've found that the CSI-NCIS-Law&Order franchises seem a bit shopworn, spending time with Murdoch and his team will revive your enthusiasm. This Acorn set includes 'making of' featurettes for the series, giving an added dose of fun. Can't wait for the next season!
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on April 16, 2015
As a big fan of period pieces and crime shows I came upon this show one night while surfing hulu. I immediately took to it and am now an avid fan! It is certainly funny how the writers bring in "inventions" and some of histories most known characters. I have now finished all 7 seasons in less than a month as it's a show I could watch almost every night. It's just a fun show to watch and I look forward to the next season. If you enjoy a good crime drama set in the 1800s, you'll not want to miss this one.
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