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on November 5, 2012
I had been hoping that the new Delerium offering (especially in light of Bill Leeb's website description of the songs) would be a bit more varied and creative, something along the lines of 'Karma'. Unfortunately, the pop-oriented path they have taken since 'Poem' has reared its head in full force here. Many songs just flow by unencumbered by any real drama or compositional left-turns. Languid, trippy.....nice to hear, but nothing really memorable on too many of these songs. With 'Poem' being my second favorite of their output, I'm not against the pop path they have taken ever since, but this time, it's just too much of what I've heard before - too bad, since the production is as good as anything I've ever heard from them (the album definitely SOUNDS great!) Or perhaps 78 minutes is just too long for this album to sustain it's interest. In fact, I think if I were to pare it down to about 55 minutes, it might be just about right. But if you're looking for the dark drama, chanting monks, choirs and Eastern mysticism of Delerium past, this ain't it.
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on November 3, 2012
There is a difference between the physical CD and the digital album. The digital album has 3 bonus tracks - "Lock Down, "Still Kill", and "Stargazing (feat. Angela McCluskey)". The physical CD only has "Lock Down" and "Still Kill" - it is missing "Stargazing".
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on February 21, 2013
By "finished" I mean "washed up", with little in terms of inspired craftmanship left in the tank. These guys haven't made a great album since "Poem", and that was 12 years ago! After "Poem" we were subjected to the sickly sweet crap of "Chimera", which had a few very good songs but was ultimely sunk by its low-quality lyrics and rank cheesiness ("Magic" is one of the worst songs I have ever heard . . . in my entire life). Then we had "Nuages Du Monde", which felt like a step in the right direction and was a decent album overall, but lacked a "wow" factor.

Now, we get "Music Box Opera", which is a true disappointment. To be fair, nothing in this album is as bad as the worst songs in "Chimera", but there's also no song here that I would classify as "great." I mean, there are 14 friggin' songs on this album and they couldn't churn out ONE new classic song? That's pretty bad. If I were making a "Best of Delerium" track list of 20 songs, NONE of the songs on this album would make the cut.

"Chrysalis Heart" and "Sky" are good, but most of the other songs felt average and generic to me. "Delerium" seems to have suffered the same fate that Sarah McLachlan did in the late 90s - they got lazy . . . really lazy. It's not like I shy away from pop music either, because I do like it if its done well. However, lazy pop music is embarrassing.

At this point in "Delerium's" career, I would rather explore their non-lyrical weird electronic music from the late 80s and early 90s. For example, "Spiritual Archives" is a fantastic, atmospheric album. It's far more satisfying and well-crafted than "Music Box Opera." I'm afraid that we will never see another great album from this band. They simply don't have the guts to make one anymore.
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on November 4, 2012
I've been a huge Delerium fan ever since the Karma album, so when I noticed that they had a new album out I snatched it up and couldn't wait to listen. It was a pleasant surprise to see new material from them since I had not heard any updates since Nuages du Monde, which I liked quite a bit. Unfortunately I had very mixed feelings about this one. I almost checked the box again to make sure I didn't accidentally buy music from a band called Music Box Opera with an album titled Delerium. The first song doesn't sound like Delerium whatsoever. I suppose the synth and beat is pretty trademark Delerium, so maybe it's the singer's top 40's teeny bopper style singing that threw me off. What is this, Cher Loyd?

It started getting a little better after the first song but some of it was still really questionable. It's like some kind of poppy trip hop. I really got the impression that they're trying to be more mainstream. If you like that type of music, by all means you may really enjoy this album. I wouldn't say it's bad; a lot of the songs were very boring and forgettable to me, not at all what I expected, but a good portion of the songs are great, especially the instrumentals. Kirtsty Thirsk is a goddess as always. But seriously, if you played me most of the songs on this album and didn't say who it was, I would have guessed Morcheeba or Sleepthief remixed by Bill Leeb. Take that as you will.
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on December 8, 2012
A great addition to the Delerium library. A few songs that aren't quite as good as others (Hammer, Lockdown) and a few songs that I especially like (Consciousness of Love, Chrysalis Heart, Monarch, Light Your LIght, Sky, Awakening). However, what's keeping this from being 5 stars is that there are some misprints. First, there's a missing song! Stargazing is listed as a bonus song in the CD case jacket, but it's not on the CD. [...] says the track is for the digital release only, but the CD case doesn't say that - and why put it on the CD case if it's not for the physical release? I've tried contacting Delerium about Stargazing through their facebook and twitter accounts as well as through nettwerk's site (their distributor), but got no responses. Second, the case lists a couple of the songs in the wrong order - not as big of a deal, but reduces the quality of the package.
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on November 1, 2012
I get to submit the first review (I hope it is, anyway) and Amazon so kindly notified me that the album had been released the day after! Sadly, I missed their last album's initial release and was really bummed when I finally happened upon info that it had been released months earlier. After 6 long years, Delerium delivers on an album that is the happy balance between new material but keeping their signature sound & style. IMO, music marketing in general seems to be more and more focused on singles, so I don't buy many albums these days and when I do, I often think that I should have just bought the single that took me there. Not the case here. I have probably cycled through all of Delerium's main albums & remixes literally 50 times and half of that while I was finishing our basement several years back. When I first put on this album, I though to myself "Hmm, who has a basement needing finishing..." and that is high praise! I will, of course, listen to this everywhere and often, as well as the Monarch Remixes album, both of which were very reasonable here at Amazon! Between the two, it was $11 for 24 total songs (Monarch, the album version, is in both sets) plus a cool PDF cover art booklet for this album. I am a happy man!!
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on November 3, 2012
After a six year wait, my favorite electronica act Delerium returns with a new music album Music Box Opera. When I first heard the first single "Monarch" several weeks ago, I knew it was going to be something special.I then had the opportunity to stream the album in its entirety last week and I loved every single second of it. Music Box Opera definitely makes up for the lackluster Nuages Du Monde. I was so pleased that Music Box Opera was the exact opposite of its predecessor. Love the choices in singers selected for the tracks especially Stef Lang and Nadina.It is really hard for me to pick a favorite song off the album. They all sound amazing. I can certainly hear elements of early Delerium (from Semantic Spaces and on).I do wish though that I had ordered the version of Music Box Opera with the bonus tracks.
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on November 19, 2012
as with just about anyone else here reviewing, i've been a long time Delerium fan. There are hints of the delerium i've grown to love found herein, and i understand that bands need to evolve. I just wish they had done so more towards Enigma in sound rather than Britney Spears (while it's a stretch...but i'm just giving strong examples of if they were going to evolve, going pop-ish wasn't the way). Maybe it's because i'm a 29-year-old male...and this band is targeted mostly to women? i don't know. Anyway, it's not a bad CD, just not the evolution i was quite expecting from them. I won't dessuade you guys that are interested in picking this up, however. Just be warned.
I still recommend this :)
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on January 28, 2013
I've always been a die hard Delerium fan but at first listen, I can't honestly say that I am in love with album. The pop direction is far more pronounced, and has taken a distinct turn from the former ethereal, visionary style of the project. I have to confess that the early works are still my favorites (Flatlands, Metaphor, Heaven's Earth, etc), but I can completely appreciate an artist's need for growth and creative expression. For my personal tastes, as a whole, the album misses the mark.

This being said, and my personal tastes excluded, I will say that the album is definitely worth a listen, especially if you're looking for a creative, refreshing tilt on disposable pop music of today. I don't think you'll be disappointed in the upbeat vibes, soothing harmonies, and lulling vocals (Thirsk is always like hearing an old friend's voice).

As always, whether I love it or not, it's wonderful to hear the new energies of a long-time favorite project. Just don't go too far into pop land, Bill and Rhys!!

After listening to this CD over and over again, I must say that it is growing on me. Still a bit more pop than I'd like but I really do adore the songs, and it was quite a good deal when I purchased it. I'm very glad that I did.
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on April 3, 2013
... amazing, exotic-sounding, catchy, bass-laden vocal trance.

This album follows in the footsteps of its brilliant predecessors: Chimera, Nuages du Monda, Poem, Karma and Semantic Spaces, each laden with Delerium's blend of world music, pop, electronica and drum and bass with seamless production and top-notch vocals.

It's a rich, addictive album which should appeal to fans of the genre (including such acts as Conjure One, Hybrid, BT and Royksopp) as well as general electronic music fans who like a good pop tune with an other-worldly twist.
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