Customer Reviews: My Amityville Horror
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on December 11, 2015
Good documentary. Compelling testimony by Danny Lutz. It's pretty clear that this boy (now in his 40's) has been through a lot! If you are into the original back story behind the Amityville haunting, then you should really like this documentary.
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on March 17, 2013
I have always been fascinated with the Amityville horror story and anything supernatural/paranormal. There were really no really big bombshells or anything but there were a few things brought to light that i was previously unaware of. It was I felt an honest telling of the story from Danny's point of view. It is very intriguing to get the story from someone who was there. Can't say if I believe everything but I have an open mind and can say it is a definite possibility that these things can and do happen. It is worth a watch.
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on March 15, 2013
I was very interested in this documentary the moment I heard about it. Hearing about what supposedly happened from one of the children only leaves more questions though. I felt it was very informative and keeps the mystery going. If you're looking for explanations you won't find them here.
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on January 25, 2015
I'm a big fan of anything haunted house or paranormal related. And the Amityville story is fascinating, but it's told here by a only one member of the family who has his own interpretation of those events. I was hoping there would at least be a few interviews with other family members who could substantiate or refute his claims-but there are none. We hear solely from Daniel Lutz and a few of the journalists and investigators who were present, and they don't contribute much. Disappointing. I'd love to see am in depth doc that includes more people who lived through this.
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on March 21, 2013
We have all heard the stories or seen the movies. But I was very intrested to see this movie when I heard that one of the kids from the house was doing the interviews to tell you what happened first hand. There were things I already knew, and things I hadn't known yet. Through the eyes of Danny Lutz you feel what he went through. The story is awesome. The only downer is that torwards the end it seemed to drag on a bit. May have been because it was late and I was tired though. But if you are intrigued by the story then this is a must watch!
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on April 1, 2013
Daniel Lutz is probably the most annoying person I have ever seen in a documentary. He comes off as obnoxious and immature. To make matters worse it seemed like a vanity piece for him and because of that the rest of the movie felt and probably was a sham. It was just a way for him to make a quick buck and get some attention. The shots of him playing guitar were totally unnecessary and I really could not find one likeable thing about this man. I have never seen a documentary where the main subject has not one redeeming quality. Well, this was a first for me because by the end I still couldn’t see anything about Mr. Lutz that made me want to root for him. In fact it was quite the opposite. I hope this was his 15 minutes and we never have to hear or see from him again.

It was very hard to sit through and I didn’t believe one word he said. He actually reminded me of a prison inmate that would say anything to get parole.
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VINE VOICEon April 15, 2013
I have always been intrigued by the Amityville killings and the hauntings (i.e. "Horror"). I have found the film itself to be one of the better made horror films in its genre due to its supposed true story. I even red the Jay Ansen book and found that just as scary. Even if in the back of my mind, my beliefs through the years have turned a little cynical with the validity of this tale, my child-brain still believes in a fascinated way. So I continue to explore some new information.

This new entry into the world of the Amityville Drama is about Daniel Lutz, step-son of George and son Kathy Lutz. Throughout the film, Daniel emphasizes his hate towards George. He is filled with anger at almost every step and seems to never let go of this, despite his therapeutic efforts to either resolve the issue or at least get to the truth of it.

This documentary does neither to explore the truth or his own personal anger, but rather carries the torch that George and Kathy had started out in 1979 about the hauntings of the house. His descriptions of the happenings in the house are virtually a verbatim of either the book or the movie. If anyone knows anything about Hollywood "true stories" they almost never follow the reality in favor of embellishment for the entertainment value, as well never follow the narrative of a book as some things are unfit for movie adaptations for purposes of translating. So what we are left with is an angry guy who decides to take his own cut of the Amityville Horror in the wake of his parents death.

The documentary filmmaker, Lauren Dido (?), does not seem to uncover anything. Nor does she ask the right questions. But just incites Daniel half of the time. It is almost as if this is just another scam, in the same way George, Kathy and Jay put together the book and later the movie. This telling, however, is much less successful. I think for those who just need to find out what is in this documentary will want to watch it despite any review will have to decide for themselves about what is in this. Even though I fall into that category, I personally found it dull, boring and insulting.
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on March 31, 2013
If you are looking for evidence that the story of The Amityville Horror is true, you won't find that answered here. However, if you want some evidence of the real lives affected by the events at Amityville, this doc sheds some light.

Told through the perspective of Daniel Lutz, one of the children living in the house during the time of the notable possession, My Amityville Horror dissects the dynamic that George Lutz brought to their lives once he married into the family and adopted the kids.

Using a series of emotionally charged and honest interviews with Dan (along with several other people involved with the family during that time), the filmmakers paint one picture of a very warped childhood. A childhood that some might say shaped the the way Daniel perceived the events at the time of the haunting versus what might have really happened.

I don't want to give away too much. Daniel Lutz is a riveting subject and the filmmakers really dig below the surface of who he is, allowing the viewer to see a multi-faceted man. A man who is dealing with a lot of pain and confusion that is well beyond just being "the kid who lived in a haunted house."

I was thrilled that the film was smarter than what you might think a doc on this subject would be. Rather than breakdown the events in the same procedural way we've seen countless times, the filmmakers took a personal approach to uncover who Daniel Lutz was and has become due to the events in his life.

Beautifully shot and edited, My Amityville horror gets to the heart of this story for one man. It's where the humanity of Amityville lives, which to me is far more compelling than someone trying to explain how green slime can be found in a boathouse.
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on September 7, 2013
Don't go into this documentary thinking you're going to get another hyped-up ghost story. Of the movie's running time, I'd say maybe fifteen minutes are actually dedicated to repeating what the Lutzes claim(ed) to have happened in that house, but it's probably enough to keep the uninitiated from getting lost. Likewise, don't go into this documentary thinking it's going to try to persuade you that something did or did not happen.

Oh, and while we're in full disclosure mode, I should say that I'm an atheist with an interest in the paranormal. I don't believe a word of it, or at least, not in a literal sense; the stories just fascinate me, and I do believe the Lutzes believe what they say.

What this documentary does is examine Daniel Lutz and the effect the Amityville incident has had on his life. It's even-handed, but sympathetic. It's not hard to imagine why: here is a grade-school kid, angry because his family has just come apart and reassembled with a new (and, if we are to believe Daniel and Christopher, rough) male authority figure. Whatever happens in the house happens, and then he has to grow up under the weight of the media whirlwind, the story told, re-told, exaggerated, called a lie, and generally hammered into the ground. The result of this is an angry child growing into an angry man, and the purpose of this documentary is to let him get it off his chest so he can move on.

Is Daniel an intense character here? Sure. But he's got a pretty good reason to be.

If you're interested in the Amityville story, then I highly recommend this. It's not sensationalist, it's very sober--refreshingly so, in fact--and as I said, it does not try to convince you either way.

The only reason I'm giving this four stars instead of five is because the pacing is a bit slow.

One last thing: Daniel plays a pretty mean guitar.
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on August 7, 2013
This was an entertaining documentary, but Daniel Lutz himself comes across as a bitter, angry, smug jerk --- so much so that it's hard to enjoy the film. When 2 of the camera men reveal that they are agnostics, the look on his face reeks of self-righteous judgmentalism. He scowls, frowns, curses, and throws fits of temper all throughout the film, and is highly unlikeable. At the end he admits that he simply wants people to believe him, expressing frustration when they don't. Sorry, pal --- you can't treat people like crap, then turn around and expect them to have sympathy for you. Maybe they would give your story a little credibility if you weren't such a jerk. The documentary itself, however, is well done and informative.
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