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on March 15, 2009
This horror fan had a blast with the remake of 1981's My Bloody Valentine. Go check out the new uncut version of the original. Talk about added "lost" footage making a decent slasher flick really, really good. Back to the 2009 MBV. The cast is pretty good (lots of people you might recognize, but no big names), the dialogue is a little better than your average slasher and most of all the kills are very creative, with the gore taken to the extreme at times. The miner is an intimidating killer and looks scary, but sadly the movie really isn't (just some minor suspense moments). Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there are a few hot chicks and one of them runs around buck naked for nearly 5 minutes in 3-D. This flick is just sounding better and better right?

The digital 3-D presentation is a must for horror fans. The picture is crystal clear and it gives the film so much depth you really feel like you are part of the story. If buckets of blood, body parts and one mean pickaxe flying at you sounds like a good time, then go see this one before it leaves theaters. Now the regular 2-D version might be a different story.

Just to let some of you know, the DVD and Blu-ray version won't be digital 3-D like in theaters (can't wait until they perfect that), so you will get four multi-colored glasses for regular 3-D. You will also have the option of just watching it in 2-D.
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on May 14, 2009
I have not seen the original, so I didn't know what this was about. My boyfriend and I love to watch horror movies, from really good, well done ones all the way to the cheesy. We planned a movie night and sat down with the 3-D glasses(red and green paper ones that came with it) to give this a go on our 42 inch screen.

As for 3-D at home, not amazing, but did have it's moments. It seemed to fluctuate between clear with great 3-D to downright blurry for some scenes. There were a couple of times that I was jumping out of the way of a pick-axe or flying body parts and others were I was straining to figure out what exactly was on the screen. Being this DVD is double sided, it doesn't hurt to give it a try just for fun, but it's good to have the regular 2-D version for normal viewing at home.

We both love Jensen Ackles, which was why we watched this movie. We find him to be pure entertainment and really funny(supernatural is one the shows we never miss)...he did not disappointed. For once I actually had predicted a completely different killer, and that is surprising being 95%of the time I can tell you the ending within the first 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, no good special features on this one. But otherwise, the movie was gory, inventive kill scenes, amusing and suspenseful. Definitely worth a watch!
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on May 20, 2009
For those of you wondering how the DVD would carry over from the theater, dont fear...obviously the technology doesn't exist to make the crystal clear 3d image that you saw in theaters, but for the most part I felt that the 3-d in the DVD was fairly solid...I will say that I do have a LCD flat screen HDTV so that obviously helps...not sure how it would look on standard tube sets...the branch scene, the pick axe and the bullet scene were the most notable jump scenes from the movie...overall not a bad movie in its own right, fairly solid for a scary movie, and a pretty good ending...I do think that the 3-d did ultimately save this movie though
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on May 20, 2009
This is a warning to potential buyers. Lionsgate really dropped the ball with this release. It looks good at first as they included both the 2D and the 3D versions and included 4 pairs of 3D glasses. The problem however is that they used a double sided disc and just thew the glasses into the DVD case. The glasses package bounces around scratching the hell out of the top of the disc (which contains the 2D version).

The first one I bought was scratched so badly that it affected playback. I returned it. The second one was better but still very badly scratched. Since the clerk said all the discs were this way I just decided to keep the disc and have it buffed/repaired at a video store. What's funny is the clerk at the video store took one look at the title and said "all ours are also the same way." My brother who is a manager of a Movie/Music retail store says they've been taking a lot of returns on this DVD for the same problem.

Whoever at Lionsgate designed this case by throwing in the glasses to scratch up the disc should be fired. They didn't even take the time to put the glasses in an envelope and put it under the insert tabs. They just thew the glasses in without care! The next time you go to a store, shake the case and you can here the glasses shaking around. Awful

Don't even think about getting the 2 Disc version as that edition is also uses a double sided disc with the same problem.

Buyer beware....if you decide to purchase than get ready to get a very badly scratched disc.
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3D is the best I have seen(Fright Night 3D is second place) and is better than RE:Afterlife 3D and Underworld Awakening 3D which is more about depth than pop out(this movie has alot of great pop outs).

Pays alot of homage to the original.

Good pacing of the story.

Great popcorn flick.

Does make some minor tweaks to the story for a remake, most remakes are total copy and paste.

On your first time veiwing it really keeps your attention right up until the end.

Excellent video and sound quality when watching the movie.


Predictable in alot of ways.

Outside of minor tweaks to some of the story,its more of the same.

Horrible,low sound quality when characters are talking in the deleted scenes and loud sound effects.

No new extra features for the blu ray release.

Overall: Its a great movie, especially if you never seen this or the original. The movie introduces a different spin of the killer which gets my respect for not being a 100 % exact copy of the original just updated for modern times and the 3D is so awesome with tons of pop out. Just pop some popcorn and get ready to enjoy a decent slasher film with great 3D.

3D: 5/5
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on February 24, 2013
This is a review for the steroscopic version of My Bloody Valentine on Bluray 3D as opposed to the anaglyph version.
The difference being the anaglyph versions of this film come with small 3D glasses,and the film will look red and blue while watching.
That's what I call "old school" 3D so to speak.
My review is for the Bluray 3D version that requires a 3D TV.

With all the technical jargon out of the way here we go.

This remake starts out strong giving us quiet a bit of gore straight from the get go. unfortunately, My Bloody Valentine 3D only seems to decline the further you get into it,which is a crying shame considering the first half is so vicious. The best analogy that comes to mind is a heavy weight boxer with mediocre cardio. He'll hit you hard the first few rounds but after that the fight in him slows down dramatically. By the end, it almost feels like a Scooby Doo whodunit with a mix of Scream for good measure.
It's not as "trippy" as the original in it's presentation and though it's more visceral than Urban Legend or I know What You Did Last Summer, it still,by the ending,feels like it's riding on the coat tails of those franchises rather than adding something refreshing to the genre. At times it has that old spirit of the classic 80's slashers but the glimpses are only fleeting.

The 3D.

The 3D in this film for me helps make the sell. It's simply great,and you can find this movie for damn near pennies. I found it at a local used movie shop for 5.99,and yes that was for the 3D Bluray. It has everything you would want from a horror movie in 3D. The occasional pop out effect,with enough depth to keep it from feeling simply like a gimmick.
If you're new to 3D movies and TV's,with a budget that isn't very large you can't go wrong by picking this movie up. The 3D certainly adds to the experience and for that reason alone I would recommend this movie for any 3D library.
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on May 25, 2009
Movie: 4/5 Packaging: 1/5 Special Features: 1/5 3D: 1/5

I'm really not going to waste any time tackling the movie itself. Overall, this actually ranks up there with one of the better modern horror re-makes I`ve seen. I didn't care too much for the ending, but I'm willing to let it slide because, frankly, I've seen so many crappy horror flicks lately, that anything that doesn't leave me wanting to throw the dvd in the garbage gets a passing grade.

Since Amazon reviews are suppose to be based on the product as a whole, not just the movie itself, I'm going to tackle my complaints with this release, many of which have nothing to do with the movie itself:

Packaging: As several people have mentioned, this dvd was carelessly put together. In an effort to cut manufacturing costs, Linesgate opted for a doubled sided dvd instead of a 2 dvd set. This wouldn't have been a big deal had it not been for the 4 pairs of fancy 3D glasses included with the movie. While I had no issues with my copy, I've read dozens of posts from people that have stated the top side of their DVD had been scratched to the point of either being unplayable or needing repair before watching because the glasses were loose in the case. What I'd suggest to people yet to purchase the dvd is to shake the case before buying. If you hear something moving around in there, there's a good chance the dvd's damaged.

Special Features: In order to bilk fans out of their hard earned money, Lionsgate released two versions of this film on dvd. Version one, which is the version I bought, features the 2D and 3D versions and a whopping zero special features (I'm sorry, but I just don't count commentary tracks as "special features") Version 2, which sold for $10 more, contained all the special features you'd expect to find on a standard, big budget dvd release. The argument could be made that Lionsgate gave fans the option of purchasing this film at a reduced price sans features, but I'm still calling bull. Their "special two disc deluxe edition" contains nothing more than your typical one disc, regular priced dvd.

3D: Like many, I wasn't lucky enough to catch the 3D version in theaters. The city I live in got the 2D version. Going in to this, I knew the dvd 3D wasn't going to be as impressive in the comfort of my own home as it was in theaters, but I didn't realize how bad it would be. Where the 3D was successful was in adding dimension to the screen. The at-home 3D was also good at... wait... no...that's pretty much it. Nearly all the gags that involved things flying towards the screen failed. The 3D version was colorless and more times than not, blurry. I found it necessary to take my glasses off for a few seconds every 20 minutes or so to relieve the eye strain or, in some cases, figure out what the heck I was looking at. As an added NON-bonus, the 3D glasses don't fit over regular glasses very well. I thought this may have taken away from my 3D viewing enjoyment, but my wife, who has 20/20 vision echoed all of my complaints.

The following day I watched the 2D version of the film and found it much more enjoyable. There are only a handful of gags that seem really ridiculous in 2D (like the scene during the bar fight where a guy punches a mirror). I'll probably never watch the 3D version again, but I do see myself pulling out the 2D version from time to time.
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on January 23, 2009
I'm rating this four stars as a theatrical experience alone. 3-D technology looks great here and although at times used shamelessly, it is also used to control atmosphere and build suspense. My Bloody Valentine is a remake of a mediocre 1981 slasher film. This one probably deserves a two or three star rating without the 3-D, so the impact of the visuals alone was pretty substantial in my view. I get the impression we will see much more from 3-D in the near future.

For those who don't know, this is a slasher film so we get all kinds of body parts flying at us throughout the film. I literally felt like I may have got some blood sprayed on me while watching, so take that for it is. I laughed and was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. There was even plenty of nudity in an attempt to harken back to slasher movies of yesteryear. The nudity was so gratuitous I had to believe they were joking. The actress was literally full body naked for five or so minutes onscreen. I'm oddly pleased to see the film not earn an NC-17 rating for that but I'm not sure what else there is to say. It is what it is I suppose. Two years ago the film would not have made it through with an R. Three cheers for Kirby Dick!

My Bloody Valentine follows a group of friends living in a small mining town that experiences several violent tragedies; including a cave-in followed by the loan survivor being accused of killing everyone else, a massive killing spree after that, and then another killing spree ten years later. The latter of those events making up most of the film we see here. There is very little attempt to make the story or events believable but this is exploitation horror we are talking about here. Not to say that makes it somehow forgiveable, just that those are typically the expectations. To actually credit some of the actors and perhaps even the writers, I actually cared about the scooby-doo-esque kind of ending by the time we got there.

Anyway, amazing effects here, and a whole new level of 3-D visuals. If that sounds good to you see it in the theater before it's gone. If you miss it, let's all keep our fingers crossed that we get some good 3-D technology for our home cinemas.
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on May 26, 2015
Fun 3D movie for horror fans out there. There are two 3D Blu-ray versions for this film. One is a standard 3D which comes with a pair of 3D glasses and you don't have to have the 3D player and 3D TV to view it. This Blu-ray version is the 3D rendered release where you have to have the 3D player and 3D TV to view it. The standard is ok but this rendered version is a little better on the eyes with its clarity.
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on December 26, 2012
This is not the same as the original My Bloody Valentine made in the early 80's. There have been changes made to the original story line and I'm partial to not telling what the differences are, but the argument could be made that both versions are basically different with only elements of the basic story line remaining the same. Having seen both, and enjoyed both, this version is NOT as gory as the original. So if you're looking for gore, this won't have much. I did like this film though. I liked it enough to buy it.

It looks as if it was specifically shot to be seen in 3-D too, you can tell that certain things would have been VERY neat looking in 3-D when you watch the 2-D version (which is still great even in 2-D). I didn't like the way everything felt like it was shot digitally I think, and parts of it look a little low budget video but overall, it's a small price to pay for what turned out to be amazing 3-D fun. The packaging is fine, it comes with glasses (neat!) and the usual extra baggage. Shipping was fine, the price was reasonable.
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