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on August 6, 2015
The first My Fitness was not good. But, I adore the concept and hoped they learned from mistakes and worked out bugs with version 2. The first scheduled me for 5 days a week, after a yr I googled and found out you can't advance in the game without working out at least 8 days in a row. Then why set me up for 5 days a week and make me feel a failure? This 2nd edition really is worse. First you weigh yourself. The game said my weight was 110. That would be nice but I'm 140. There was no option to change it to my correct weight.. The first exercise was jumping jacks. I followed but at the end the prompt said I only did 4 but I'd done all.. That is where I took the game out and threw it away. I typically donate to charity but I could not put another human though this torture on purpose. Trying to exercise in itself is hard enough without a glitchy game like this holding you back.
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on January 13, 2012
I read the reviews & was prepared for the worst when I bought it. I decided to give it a try in hopes there would be something good about it. I'm glad I did. Granted, I would not have been happy paying the original full price, however I feel it's well worth the current amazon price of $7.00. I just finished a quick workout focusing on my chosen goal of "bums, tums & legs" & yes I do indeed feel the effect on my muscles so the exercises seem to target correctly. This is originally from the UK, although there's no british accent. I consider this workout to be slow & controlled & I like that it uses the Wii Fit board & the motion plus remote. I purposely slouched on some of the exercises to see if it would detect me slightly messing up & it did (the orb went from green to yellow to red in upper right corner of screen). There are only 4 backgrounds, I wish there were more interior backgrounds than just the gym but that's the one I selected & it's ok). 2 male trainers & 2 female trainers to choose. I chose the female (I always do on these games as I get annoyed at men telling me what to do & being critical - even virtual men. :) Both females have pleasant voices & are encouraging. The instrumental not-memorable music is ok (not great but not annoying). I chose a vegetarian eating lifestyle to see what it would come up with in the nutrition part. I don't like to cook & I'm leaning toward veggie life more & more as I get older so I figured I 'd pretend I'm already vegan. It actually came up with interesting facts about various veggies & fruits. I didn't bother looking at the recipes, however I did learn a little I didn't know about. (yes, I could find that info on line if I wanted to research it, but it's ok being on the game since it'll show you this info if you click on that part of menu - otherwise I can focus on exercises, progress & goals. The menus are very fancy but you need a little patience to navigate when first playing this game. I think the biggest complaint most reviewers on here have is that it is absolutely nothing like its predecessor. I absolutely love the original my fitness coach & wish there really were a follow-up game to continue with Maya & her personality, exercises, music choices, time limit & more adorable backgrounds. This game should have been named something entirely different as it seems the company wanted to cash in on a successful game by using the same cover & name. I am sure there were a lot of disappointed buyers when this game first came out. I'm not disappointed because I read all the reviews ahead of time & mentally prepared myself for a game that would be completely not what the cover implied. I'm glad there's a lot of usefulness in its exercises & I'm okay with the slowness of it. Probably because I'm aching from the faster exercise games a couple days ago. I recommend this game as an alternate exercise routine for when you want a change in your regular routines. I consider this to be low-impact, although I noticed immediately that being forced to move slower on the lunging, push-ups, etc, I couldn't possibly rely on momentum to cheat, so it's actually more effective than the same exercises at a faster speed. I didn't do the cardio yet, I only did the basic exercises. (I prefer my cardio to be at the speed of Wii Zumba 1 & 2 or else I get bored).

In summary:

Cons: False advertising with the title would be a total turn-off if I had not been prepared that it's nothing like the first.
Music could have been more upbeat
Should have been at least 10 backgrounds to choose from - preferably 20. Only 3 outdoor backgrounds & 1 indoor background isn't enough.
No virtual trainer Maya & nothing like the predecessor. I wish they had continued with same format.

Pros: Uses wii motion control remote & wii balance board correctly.
Has a basic feedback orb to let you know you're needing to duplicate trainer's moves better.
Plenty of goals to choose from that will put the applicable exercises together in a workout.
Tutorials for each exercise that you can skip by pressing A if you don't need instructions.
Is a good exercise game for those days when you're not feeling physically ready to tackle fast high-impact exercise games.
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on February 23, 2010
My wife and I had the original MFC and when we saw MFC2 we were excited thinking they took the old one and added some new things... WRONG! I can barely get warmed up doing the workout programs and the constant stopping between workouts is just annoying. The best part of the first MFC was the fact it was a cardio workout so you actually were burning more calories and toning because you were going at it full force with short rests towards the end. The MFC2 game is nothing more the Wii fit with out the balance games and added nutrition information that is readily available online. If you played the original like my wife and I stay away from this game. You will be extremely disappointed and just wasting money. Since you have a balance board you'd have Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus and so you already have what this game offers for quality of work out.

To end on a positive the graphics were extremely improved from the first.
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on May 11, 2010
I'm a big fan of WII fitness games. I have several -- Wii Fit Plus, Active (I and II), Gold's Gym, to name the best. I was hesitant about buying this one because of the reviews. I was pleasantly surprised to find My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition a great program.

For one, it's completely different than My Fitness Coach (which I still love) and should be looked on as a complement, not a replacement, for it. MFC 2 has a completely different way of doing things. You still create a profile (though so far, after 2 weeks of doing it, not the physical challenge of MFC 1.). It creates an exercise program for you based on your goals, which you can change at any time. You can pick your workout location (which seem to be more limited than MFC 1, based on my early experience with it) and trainers (four, instead of just Myra of MFC 1).

Each day's workout (which you find under the Fitness tab), eases you in at the beginning. If that's not enough, there are several shorter workouts you can do (Quick Workout, Before Breakfast, Before Lunch, After Dinner) in addition. Plus the Next Day's Workout is available in another tab if you still want to work out. There are also a series of challenges you can do which are at, for me, a higher level, but something to work into.

Even though the workout is short (15 to 20 minutes early on), one thing I did notice that I like over MFC 1 -- the exercises seem to be more challenging. There were actually a couple I'll need to work a while to get through. I didn't have that problem with MFC 1.

There is also nutritional information and recipes, based on your input of foods you like. The recipes look great, though I wish there was a way to print the recipes and shopping lists from the WII.

All in all, I'm very very pleased with this game. As I said, it's not MFC 1. Don't buy it expecting that. One factor in WII fitness games is the response of the game to the remote. In my experience, the sensitivity is not perfect. That said, I still really love this game and recommend it. It's a well rounded system that will work you out. You may find you need to do more than one exercise routine a day, but that's no big deal really. It's a well rounded program with exercises and nutrition info to help you improve your life. It's helping me in the short time I've had it.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS AFTER 100 WORKOUTS: I have really grown to like this program. For those who are concerned about the length of the workouts, I treat them as a circuit, rather than a full-fledged workout. And I discovered by accident if you go back to do a second workout right after the first one, you get a different workout tailored to your second goal. And if you go back and do a third, you get another workout tailored to your first goal that will not be the same as the first workout you did. So you don't get the same workouts if you do more than one circuit at a time.

The sensitivity of Wii balance board gets better as you do, at least in my experience. If you don't do the exercises completely correct or are straining to do them, the system will mark you off. In other words, it pushes you to do better. I've never been much on upper body strength and muscles, but this program is really working me hard there. (The press-ups are my daily hell, but I know they're really good for me.)

All in all, I like this program even better than ever. Don't be swayed by the comments complaining about the intensity. It's very intense, but you need to do more than one circuit to get there.
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on January 26, 2010
The first one was perfect in that you could incorporate fitness equipment you had on hand. This one used the Wii Fit Board...I like that...and the Wii remote to track your progress. Sometimes you swear you are doing it right, and it doesn't pick it up. There is no other way to change the difficulty level other than start a new profile. I like the addition of live people as the trainers, but I wish the instructions were a bit more detailed for each excercise. I like it, but don't love it. They should have worked on it a bit more and made it more like the original but updated. I'd save my cash and get EA Fit or Wii Fit Plus. The shopping list/meal planner and the fact it weighs you are a definite plus, but not enough to make it worth the [...].
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on December 27, 2010
I have read tons of reviews regarding this game and I was skeptical as well. I just purchased My Fitness Coach 2 last week and yes Maya isn't a part of this version and the graphics are totally different, but give it a chance. I took the advice of someone who also rated this game on this site and that person stated that you should do 2-3 workouts per workout session. I tried the cardio challenge and my regular workout and I worked up a real sweat! Even the army challenge has tons of exercises you can do in addition to your regular workout. I love this because it switches things up and you actually do different exercises than in MFC1. Although different than MFC1, I actually like this game!

Kim in Chicago
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on April 11, 2013
I don't like this. It only has 4 very unrealistic backgrounds. I don't like any of the 4 trainers. Even when I was doing the exercises correctly, it said I wasn't. It would start the exercises before I was ready and I couldn't pause it. This is definitely not for anyone over 40 years old. The recipes that I looked at contained food I would never use. I've been using the original My Fitness Coach for about 3 1/2 years. I like it a lot better.
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on January 25, 2010
Why can't someone make a great work out for the WII? My Fitness Coach, the original, is SO CLOSE to "just right" that I had to try this one. The daily workouts consist of 8 exercises....that's it. And if the controller doesn't communicate with the unit, well, eventually it becomes annoying. I was hoping for a good workout that could progressively get more challenging as I got better. I need the "company" during my workouts to help me keep focused and motivated. This is just not the tool I was looking for. Even with its minor flaws, the original is still the best one for the money. I'm really disappointed!
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on February 1, 2010
I bought the second version of My Fitness Coach because I enjoyed the first one so much. It was a total disappointment. There is no place to add what equipment I own, no place to control the duration of the workouts or how challenging they are. The workouts are too short. I like the fact that I can use the Wii board and monitor the weight; however, I don't like the new set up with the instructors and I don't use the nutrition part. Total waste of my money!
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on January 7, 2014
I like this wii fitness program. It has a lot of options, also offers a nutricional plan divided by meals and your personal choices of foods, it even helps with the supermarket list. Also you can choose between trainers, the sessions are easy but effective it doesn't take a lot of time, it offers tutorials for each exercise and even a quick session if you are in a hurry. It keeps track of your progress, you can choose a target área an an alternartive one and both will be exercise in paralell.
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