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on October 26, 2012
Those of us who have enjoyed Robyn Carr's Virgin River series were glad to see the release of her latest book, My Kind of Christmas and to find that yet again, this author knows how to bring two people together against all odds and make it a wonderful ride for the reader.

This book has all the elements of a feel good story with two very likeable main characters, Patrick (Paddy) and Angie who are both visiting family while they recover from traumatic events in their lives. While neither one was looking for or expecting romance, it's hard to avoid it in Virgin River... it's just such a wonderful place to fall in love! Patrick is a Navy pilot and Angie is a first year medical student and they are both intelligent, honest people with strong family ties (even though sometimes those ties feel like they can strangle you) and the willingness to let one another in, even if it's only for a short while. What they aren't prepared for is to find a love so strong that it changes them both for the better, making it even harder to say goodbye when it's time to leave Virgin River.

There are so many things I enjoyed about this book. Angie and Paddy are two very strong, interesting people, Angie with a new lease on life after a near death experience that gives her the determination to live life to the fullest, and Patrick who is fighting the demons of sorrow and guilt after the loss of his best friend. It's their willingness to believe in one another and support each other unconditionally that makes for a sweet romance. The author inserts many of the characters we have come to know throughout this series and when a large majority of them gather for Christmas, it reminds you of all the best things about the magic of the season, the strength of family and the knowledge that sometimes, love brings out the best of who we really are.

If this is the last in the series then I will miss visiting this wonderful town, so I have to say thanks to Robyn Carr for bringing Virgin River and it's people to life and giving us one last trip and the pleasure of a beautiful ending.
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on October 24, 2012
Angie LeCroix, a Sheridan, is coming to Virgin River to escape the pressure of her mother. She has been in a horrible car accident and is rebuilding her life on her terms while her mother is attempting to control and protect every aspect.

Patrick Riordan has recently lost his best friend during a military operation. He feels responsible for the loss of his friend, his widow and young son. He has come to Virgin River while on mandatory leave. Patrick just wants some time alone before he commits his entire life to the promise he made to his fallen friend.

Angie and Patrick have a chance encounter at Jack's bar and immediately the sparks of romance ignite. Patrick, attempting to keep his distance, is rude to Angie but she is having none of it. She is fresh, bold, spirited and sees a fellow person in need of healing, a kindred spirit born of life's tragedy.

Everyone is afraid that Angie will be crushed by the older and world wise, Patrick. They try to warn her of...especially her Uncle Jack. But in the end Angie will make her own path and accept the consequences of her actions.

This is a heartwarming story about healing, romance, love, friendship and family. A perfectly happy, sappy romance, and I loved it. A sweet enjoyable read that touches your heart and makes you appreciate life. Sometimes you just need nice, sweet and happily ever after.

You can find more at Tome Tender.
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on October 25, 2012
Just finished My Kind of Christmas and loved it. I'm always curious about what has happened with characters in past Virgin River books and was glad to see so many of them back. I loved Rosie from Sean and Franci's book and was hoping we'd see a little more than just a mention of her in this book. She was a character. Maybe in future books. I noticed that the next three Robyn Carr Virgin River releases are original books in this series. I loved them but hope there will be will new stories to come.
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on November 22, 2012
I'm a fan of most of Robyn Carr's books. I enjoy the complexity of the stories, usually inter-woven throughout each book, as well as the layered interactions. This book had none of that, and was simple and shallow. Young college age girl had a life threatening car accident and decides to argue with her mother, move to Virgin River, and meet hunky Patrick Riordan. Unbelievably gets involved in a plastic surgery and changes her life plans.
OK. That's it.
Save your money and buy this Used, or check it out from the library. Or skip it altogether.
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on October 25, 2012
I was happy to read a book that really brings together the stories of the Sheridan and Riordan families. I have been looking forward to Patrick's story, and it does not disappoint. Is this the last book in the Virgin River series? If so, that makes me very sad, but the book does wrap some things up nicely.
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on February 9, 2013
This is a sweet Christmas romance, it's short & sweet. It's written as a part of a series, yet you can read it as a stand alone. It references a few couples from previous books (which have been added to the 2013 to be read pile of course).

In this novel we meet with Angie & Paddy who are both recovering from traumatic events in their lives, Angie almost died & it's forcing her to re-evaluate her wants & needs. Many of her goals & plans are ones her parents pushed her into & she wants to see if they are the right ones for her or has she been living for them this whole time. Her mother pushes really hard for her to get back to 'normal' as fast as possible not even seeing that maybe this is a new normal. I liked that Angie was willing to fight for her own needs & took the chance to go & re-evaluate and not just jump back in because it would help others feel more comfortable. Although this rebellion led to some serious fireworks between her & her mother.

Patrick (Paddy) is trying to decide if being up in the air is still his love & dream. After watching his best friend being shot down he is understandably having a hard time. He takes sometime to rethink his life plan & also reconcile his new life goals with what he is going to do to protect & provide for his best friend's widow & son. Ohhh Paddy is so sweet, to even have that as an idea is sweet (misguided) but sweet non the less.

When they meet they hit it off immediately because Angie has decided she won't let life slide by her anymore. Her family in town especially her Uncle Jake who still thinks of her as a little kid has a cow
Jake cringed " Ah, dammit he's playing around with her hair!!
Luke laughed a little harder "I've played with've played with hair..."
"She's too young!! I don't want that to happen" he said glumly.
"Out of my hand. He's a Riordan, That fact that he's always been a real docile & sweet Riordan makes no difference at all. That Riordan..if he's got his eye on a target__hey nothing any of us can do" Luke says
Can i say how much I laughed at this scene?? I could so see this happening. I laughed really well reading this book. This would make a great Christmas movie especially with the little miracle that gets thrown in, which helps Angie back onto her path. This wasn't cheesy or forced, it was a good read & the extended families?? had me cracking up. Especially when Paddy asks his brothers if they felt like dirty old men for marrying younger women. I swear the author knows my mother, the bossiness must be a mother trait.

I had fun reading this book it was a really good straight up romance, no weird action thrown in, or weird crazy happenings, just a good romance and a reason for each of them to go back to their lives healed & happy. I loved it & the ending of course just cinched it more for me. I can't wait to read the other 19 books especially Jake's & Luke's stories because they are interesting & fun characters.
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on October 25, 2012
Never wear mascara when reading Robyn Carr!! I love her books, especially the Virgin River series. Have all her books. Will not miss a single one. This one is especially heart warming. Excellent story. Can't wait for the next installment.
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on October 28, 2012
I got hooked on Robyn Carr and her fictional town of Virgin River a little over a year ago. It took me weeks to read the 16 books that were part of the series at that time. Over the last year she has released an additional four books in the series getting it to 20. Based on her facebook page I think this may be the end but I am hoping that is not the case. When you read a series of books, especially one this long you have your favorites and the ones that didn't leave much of an impression. In general I loved all of the Virgin River books but there are a few that really stick out in my memory and this is one of them. It was very sweet and you should have a kleenex ready while reading it. Both Patrick Riordan and Angela LaCroix have been through extremely difficult times recently and as crisis often does it has led both to re-examine their lives. They story begins just after Thanksgiving and both characters plan to spend the time up to Christmas in Virgin River to come to terms with their life issues. Love intervenes and they find each other. I don't want to give away the end but this one really touched me. Angela was wise beyond her years and Patrick is an incredibly caring,dedicated and faithful man.
This is a beautiful story. I highly recommend it, especially on a cold winter night.
Robyn...please don't let this be the end of Virgin River!
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on November 8, 2012
Robyn Carr's latest book, a heartwarming Christmas release further deepens the bond between the Riordan and Sheridan family.

Eight months ago Angie Lecroix, Jack Sheridan's niece was involved in a motor vehicle accident and almost died. She suffered a major head injury, requiring a shunt. She also lost her spleen, had a collapsed lung and a broken left femur, repaired by the placement of a titanium rod.

The accident made her take a long look at her life. She realized that being on the on the academic treadmill, has resulted in study partners, but few friends. She has taken some time off from medical school, giving herself permission to deal with her uncertainty about her life's goals but her mother is convinced she is suffering a personality change from her head injury. To evade her mother's irritating, "I know what is best for you" attitude she escapes to the safety of Virgin River. While her uncle Jack is just as protective, at least Mel, and Bree, her aunts can run interference.

Patrick Riordan is doing his own soul searching. Jake, his best friend died on their last mission together. He realizes that he is suffering from survival guilt but he also gave his oath to Jake that if anything happened to him he would be there for Jake's family. But Marie, Jake widow has moved to Oklahoma with her small son. Patrick hasn't been able to work out the logistics of having a naval career and keeping his promise to his best friend. Maybe it is time to leave the service?

With both their lives in turmoil, now is the worst time to fall in love or is it?

I enjoyed this story, but several plot devices didn't quite work for me. Patrick and Angie have an ten year age difference and the set up seems like a recycle version of Luke Riordan and Shelby McIntyre's story in Temptation Ridge even down to the fact that Angie initiates the flirtation like Shelby did. Patrick feels that she is too young too, even calling her passionate girl - after they make love, which gave me a little ick feeling. However once the age difference is put aside the romance is enjoyable.

There is a secondary plot involving Megan Thickson, the young girl featured in Bring Me Home for Christmas. In the last year Megan had a deep facial laceration resulting in a horrific disfiguring scar. The scar contractures have caused severe distortion even pulling down her lower eye lid. I had a difficult time suspending belief that Mel or even Becca, the heroine from Bring Me Home for Christmas who developed such a close relationship with her hadn't done more to get help for her. And honestly it made me sad, that Megan who had her self-esteem eroded by a discontented teacher last year, had to face another confidence eroding situation. Still, the meticulous research about this type of an injury-, plus the realization that yes, many families' don't have the money for cosmetic surgery made this an interesting plot.

And while this is not one of my favorite books, I still liked it. Ms. Carr knows how to pull on your heartstrings. And nothing is more heartwarming then family and friends coming together for the holiday. When you add into the mix the gift of giving then it makes the book even more meaningful.
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on October 24, 2012
4 STARS If your a fan of Virgin River books you will not be disappointed. If your new enjoy this then go and read the rest of the Virgin River novels. I think they need to build a big building for family gatherings. With all the ties to each other. Patrick Riordan is the youngest of the Riordan brothers. He just lost his best friend and saw his airplain get hit. He is having nightmares so he has 6 weeks of leave before he can go back to flying planes if that is what he still wants. He promised his friend Jake that he would be thier for his family. Patrick borrowed Aiden's family cabin to spend leave in. He did not want to stay in Luke's cabin or with Colin at Jilly's farm with them. He wanted to have space when he needed it. He also did not want to wake either of them up with his nightmares. He planned to go visit Jake's widow for Christmas while his family all plans to get together in San Diego. Angie LeCroix has come to Virgin River to stay close to her Uncle Jack & his family plus her Aunt Bree and her family. She wants to stay at Jack's cabin so she can be alone to decide what to do next in her life. Angie was so involved in her schooling that she did not have much life outside of it. She finshed her first year of medical school. Then she was in a bad accident which almost ended her life and a brain injury. She is healed but she wants to do something to help others thinking maybe the Peace core or something simalar. Her mom was great dealing with her injury and healing but now wants her daughter to go back to medical school. She is a little too much bossy right now for Angie. So she got out of town and came to Virgin River. First night at the bar she meets Patrick and starts flirting with him. Things get hot and heavy between them fast. Patrick is so worried about being older than her. They know that they will only have this short time together. They decide to try and keep thier relationship private but right away people are guessing. Thier families keep getting involved starts with the ones in Virgin River but don't end their. Get to see and hear about old familar families how they are doing. I love how close those that live in Virgin River are. They still have thier Christmas traditions and helping those in need, Angie gets involved in the clinic with Mel. She meets a little girl who got injured and it was not bad but she saw her face and has a big scar that is older that is interfering with her eyesight soon. She wants to help. Mel told her all about the stumbling blocks to be overcome before she can get the help so Angie asks to take over and see what she can do for her. Thier is a lot of love scenes that I just skip over but thier is a full story line that is not part of the love scenes. I laughed, cried a little at this moving story. It was good to revisit old friends in Virgin River. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 10/30/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA
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