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on March 1, 2002
MY LIFE, the autobiography of actor Burt Reynolds, was published just a year or two too soon. The book came out shortly after Reynolds' public battle with former wife Loni Anderson, when people were talking more about his love life than his movies. Had Reynolds published this after his work in the film BOOGIE NIGHTS put him back on top, it would have been a more satisfying conclusion to the story.

When illness and gossip threatened an end to Burt Reynolds' acting career, he recalled the words of his former girlfriend Dinah Shore, who had assured him that sooner or later his talent would win back what he had lost. As BOOGIE NIGHTS earned Reynolds an Oscar nomination, how right the late Ms. Shore proved to be. (As I write this, 3/1/02, it would have been Dinah's 85th birthday.)

If you like movies, Burt Reynolds, or both, you can't miss with MY LIFE. The fire in the man's soul and his desire for life's finer things (including the finest women) have made for some incredible ups and downs. And when you're Burt Reynolds, you have a thousand tales of the fantasy life to tell.

Other MY LIFE reviews question the actor's willingness to take a swing at those who upset him. In Reynolds' defense, he never ran from a fight even when he knew he was outmatched. That's the difference between a coward and a man's man: the will to fight with no guarantee you will win. While Reynolds admits passing on man-handling an ex-football player who was in a group of acting students he was throwing out of a class, he also tells about the time he took on Tony "Two Ton" Galento with no hope of winning. That's a tough guy.

Read MY LIFE - or Burt'll come after you!
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on July 26, 2007
This book was pretty good but I gave it 4 stars because Burt did not talk about his relationship with Tammy Wynette I read in Tammy's book about it and wanted to hear Burt's side.
He does tell us a lot about the women that have passed through his life it was pretty interesting. I never would have thought Sally was so petty.
and Loni was after money. I think the only woman who really loved Burt was Dinah Shore. I think maybe that was the only woman Burt really loved too.
He tells us the age difference got in the way.
He let other people put doubts in his head about Dinah he should of not listened to others but followed his heart.
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on October 23, 1999
Burt Reynolds' biography is a truly joyride!I've read this book, because I always admired Burt Reynolds, definitively one of the last real movie stars around in the business, and by reading My Life, I discovered that his life was more exciting, outrageous and worth-of-living than I thought. In the book, Burt talks about his childhood, about his family and specially about his father, who was a honest, tough and brilliant man. There is a chapter in which Reynolds talks about him that really impressed me: in one ocasion, one gangster from New York came to his father's office and offered money in order to the police let the gangsters work in their illegal operations. Burt Sr. grabbed the man and forced him to eat every bill. Now I understand how Burt Reynolds went so far in his life and career, he had the example and the strengh of an extraordinary man.And then there are the movies and a behind-the-scenes look into Hollywood's golden era, the time of real stars such as Steve McQueen, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and so many others. Reynolds talks about how he made some terrible mistakes (like turning down 007's role, or Jack Nicholson's role in Terms of Endertainment, and also the part Kevin Kline played in Soapdish), and how he regreet the fact that he did not marry the most important woman in his life, the woman who taught him a lot about life in short time, Dinah Shore.My Life is an adventure that careens from Broadway to Warner Brothers studios, so exciting as a moonshine running away from the cops!written with kindness and love, Burt Reynolds' My Life is the best book I read in a lot of years. And I must use a line of the book, because that's it is all about: "Like his movies, this book delivers one helluva good time!!".
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on December 3, 2010
After his very public divorce battle with Loni Anderson, Burt Reynolds decided to set the record straight by writing his long-awaited memoirs. In "My Life" Reynolds discusess his career and personal life in debth and gives the reader an insight into what makes Burt Reynolds tick.

Burt discusses his various relationships with actress Sally Field, talk show diva Dinah Shore, his marriage to Loni Anderson and the terrible breakup the ensued and how Anderson tried to take him to the cleaners, and other affairs with various women. He writes about his long career and chats about some of his most famous films like "Deliverance" and "Starting Over", roles that should have garnered Burt Oscars but didn't.

The most telling parts of the book are his chapters on "Deliverance" and "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". While writing about "Deliverance" Burt states that Ned Beatty was nearly raped for real in the infamous rape scene. The actor portraying the rapist was apparently a "method" actor and it was obvious to Burt and other members of the company that he "wanted" Beatty for his own pleasure. In "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" Reynolds doesn't confirm or deny that he and co-star Dolly Parton had a sexual relationship. He does state how hilarious Dolly can be, especially after telling Burt how she told a guy off one night after he came on to her. What Dolly responds with is too explicit to write here, but you won't forget it after reading those pages!

A fun read I enjoyed "My Life" tremendously and its a good autobiography written by one of the most famous actors of all-time.
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on January 29, 2014
I'm in the middle of the book now:) if you want to know more about Burt Reynolds (as I did) this is the boo k for you:)
He is a wonderful writer, really lets you get inside his head:) I have been a fan of mr Reynolds since I was a teenage girl, now at 47, I still find him the sexiest man ever to walk the planet still.....
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on November 24, 2015
I'm in love with Burt Reynolds all over again!!! Come visit New Orleans Mr Reynolds, we can write another book!
He is funny, caring, warm, and yes, a bit of a bad boy with ladies. What a life he has had. Love all the stories. It even made me watch a few movies again I hadn't seen in years. Hustle was always one of my favs and so glad Amazon had it to rent. This was fun read and kept me very interested. The pictures didn't hurt either, what a great looking man!
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on June 22, 2015
I have always like Burt Reynolds and was anxious to read his book. I wasn't disappointed, lots of interesting info, I had thought he and Sally made such a cute couple and it sounds like they enjoyed their time together, too bad it didn't last and maybe he never would have gotten involved with Loni. She sounds like the typical golddigger to me I hope to read his new book when it comes out in November.
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A bit dark in places, with insight to a more mature, calculating, less giggly Burt. He's really not at all like Bandit in real life except he does have that strong wit. No holding back, this book is full of interesting occurrences and events in his early life. Well written, there is no bogging down or boredom.
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on August 22, 2015
This superbly written book gives us a keen understanding @ what makes a great actor like Burt tick before and after entering Hollywood. In a sense - what his DNA is. He always followed what he believed to be high road. A wonderfully brilliant and honest man, this book is so good - that it should be re-released. Perhaps a movie. It is sad, funny, utterly genuine, and extremely well-written. Burt is brutally honest to a fault with his successes as well as failures and throughout the book / until the end - . one gets a sense that he takes satisfaction in giving the reader a fully honest /raw appraisal of his life, severe pain killer addiction, loves, his son and films. A superior celebrity of all time - he was and is a good man who followed his heart - to a fault. His road to do the right thing, often backfired. He chose the beautiful but wholesome /grounded women - over the showgirl/ centerfold model / groupie types ( which he easily could have had.. even later in his career) - and always had a very good perspective on his least until Yoko (Loni) arrived on the scene and until a bad stunt event which led to his use of 50- or more pain killers a day, for years nearly led to his demise. A true survivor - things @ life can be learned here. I look forward to reading his new book - next month. However - this should be re released.....great stories, funny and heartfelt situations and great behind the films/scenes/moments. In another time w/ some political savvy I think Burt could have been another Ron Reagan. Maybe better. Greg
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VINE VOICEon August 10, 2010
I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I thought it would be a lot about his football days, but it was mainly about his acting career and the women in his life. I would have liked to read more about Loni. I read this book after reading Loni's book, my life in high heels, of course they both blame the other for infidelity and breaking up the marriage, and I would think that they are both to blame. Burt acts like he was faithful to Loni throughout their romance, but in Loni's book, countless people told her he always had another girlfriend while he was dating Loni. But it was an interesting book and gives you an insight into the hollywood business.
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