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on July 27, 2013
Out of all the dolls in the non-deluxe set Pinkie Pie is most true to character. Her face is adorable and very true to our happy-go-lucky "Pinkie." The hair is cute and super curly/fluffy. The sparseness of the plugs is a lot less noticeable than it is in the other non-deluxe dolls. It's a shame Hasbro couldn't spend half as much time on their Equestria dolls' quality as they did their design. The doll is even worth less than the retail price (probably ten clams or less)--certainly not the marked up prices going around.

These dolls are cute, but really look nothing like the characters from the "Equestria Girls" movie. They look more like a product of weird MLP Furry fanfic. Obviously, they were made before the movie came out and the creators of the movie must have decided they were too weird to appear to fit into a normal human high school. :) Some kids won't care about this, but I'm sure a number will notice it as soon as they see them and find that disappointing.

Their quality is a mixed bag. The faces are painted beautifully with glossy paint and glitter. I'm not a big fan of heavy makeup on dolls, but Hasbro made their faces a mixture of whimsical, but tasteful and cute. The styles of clothing are sweet, too. Very neat colors and designs. The dresses/skirts tend to be a bit short, but they are girly enough (in a childlike sense) that it is cute versus "sexy."

However, the positive trails stop there. The actual quality of the clothing is a nightmare! It is cheap and poorly-made. A lot of the dolls' clothes aren't hemmed and are ragged on the bottom. The seams on some of the clothes are starting to fall apart in the box. It's a shame Hasbro had to be so cheap as they already got around the clothing costs by making a lot of the dolls' tops painted on the body.

This wouldn't be a biggie as fashion doll clothes can be exchanged with other brands or hand-made by a talented child/parent/collector. However, any creativity on making future clothes is limited by the shoes. They are part of the feet. As a parent and toy collector, this trend really bothers me to begin with. It is really gross and creepy taking off the shoes on the footless dolls. It also sends the really negative messege to girls that shoes are more important than feet. Yuck! As a parent, I find this very impractical and wasteful as shoe/feet can be easily lost and you end up with a doll who forever looks she had an unfortunate accident with a machete--a lovely marketing technique to force you to buy future (cheaply-made) outfits to obtain more "feet." If you are a parent worried about this, it may be a good time to break out the super-glue. Come on, Hasbro--these girls were PONIES. They need their feet. At least make them into hooves.

Also, the bodies on the Equestria Girls in the smaller packages are very cheap. The legs are stiff plastic. Only the ones in the deluxe fashion sets bends at the knee (the more expensively-priced Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy). I never understood how toy companies could make dolls like this as it seems to be a safety hazard, but it's also low-quality and not as fun to play with. A few Barbies have legs like that, but they are either dolls for tub play (so they don't mildew) or ones that are marked well into the $5-7 range--which tells me Hasbro is trying to cut corners every way possible to make a buck and the Equestria Girls are ridiculously over-priced.

Finally we get to the hair. The plugs in the front are tight and close together, but the plugs past that are *very* sparse. Pinkie Pie looks better than the other dolls at least. However her hair is typical pony hair which is fine for a small pony who has mane that is a couple plugs wide, but a future nightmare to brush out on a fashion doll with a head full of hair. Not at all the quality you'd see in many other dolls (Barbie, Disney Store, Monster High, some Bratz, etc...).

All-in-all, I don't think I'd purchase this doll if I saw it in the store--not for these prices (or even the retail ones)--or I'd only buy my kid's favorite character (Rainbow Dash). I discourage fellow parents and toy collectors from spending any less than retail on it (if even that). This doll just came out so it "appears" scarce, but I'm sure will most likely be available and on sale at most stores than carry ponies. There are many other dolls that are higher-quality in the same retail price range or less.
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Pinkie Pie doll is not well jointed and doesn't pose as flexibly as some other dolls. She seems to be beter for display than actual play. The character is cute and my daughter and I enjoyed the Equestria Girls movie. The doll's shirt is painted on and doesn't come off, so she can't be dressed and undressed.
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VINE VOICEon November 5, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As much as I wanted to love the Equestria Girls concept and dolls... the longer I've been exposed to it the less it feels like a clever new line for slightly older girls and more like a marketing ploy.

The dolls are the best evidence of that. With a style that reminds me of Monster High and the Bratz dolls before them, they are really cute and fun but flawed. I mean... that have no actual feet for pity's sake! Pop their boots off and all you have are ball joints at mid-calf. Then there's the weird extra long bit of hair. It's so out of place even my husband asked me about it when our daughter asked for his help putting the boots back on.

The hair is gorgeous but very fine for a fashion doll so it gets ratty really fast. They do sit nicely and can stand upright thanks to those clunky boots but I'm just not very impressed with these.
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on April 23, 2014
Within days of receiving this doll, one of the legs popped off. This is not an isolated incident, as many people who purchased from Toys 'R Us also complained about the legs popping off. I feel bad for my daughter because I can't afford to replace it, and now that the other leg has also popped off, Amazon won't allow me to return it because it's been more than 60 days since I purchased it. I would not recommend this product unless it is going to stay in the box.
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on December 26, 2013
My girls love Equestria girls, but the dolls have no feet (just a stump when you take the shoe off) and my daughter's doll lost a leg on the first day of play, not even rough play! Very poor quality, but unfortunately there aren't other options for the equestria characters my girls love.
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For the past few months, every trip we made to the big-box store involved a determined march through the toy section, looking to see if the Equestria Girls dolls were yet available. My 9 year old, who watched My Little Pony endlessly, and has already watched Equestria Girls more times that I want to count, was thrilled when the dolls were finally available! Her favorite doll, by far, is the Deluxe version of Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Hairstyling Doll -- because of all that multi-colored hair. I think Pinkie Pie comes in a close second place -- again, because of all that hair. The other Equestria Girl dolls have smooth, straight hair, so Pinkie Pie's masses of pink curls are a little different and fun to play with. And her pink skin tone is a little less eerie than the purple and blue of some of the other dolls.

Pinkamena Diane Pie has sparkly eyeshadow and a "cutie mark" on her cheek, reflective of her virtue. Pinkie Pie's cutie mark consists of three balloons, and reflects her virtue of laughter. Her happy, chaotic spirit is reflected in her curly hair. There's not much in the way of accessories -- a plastic headband to tame all those curls, and a little pink hairbrush. There is only one item of clothing -- the skirt -- so I don't think that these dolls will be dressed and undressed much -- that real appeal is the hair. The boots are interchangeable, so we have switched the boots around on several of the dolls. I find the boots a little disturbing -- well actually the legs, because the doll legs end at the ankle, and the boots pop on to the ankle. Without the boots, the dolls are footless. Kind of creepy, but I guess it's better than having those teeny weeny little Barbie high heels all over the place. Pinkie Pie has a small hole in her upper back -- it's pretty well hidden under all of that hair -- but some of the other dolls come with butterfly (or angel??) wings that pop into the hole, so Pinkie Pie can borrow those wings if she's so inclined, since she too has a hole for attaching the wings. Each Equestria Girl doll also comes with a sheet of stickers and a little pamphlet -- but my daughter hasn't even looked at those, and I expect they'll end up in the trash soon. The long piece of hair is supposed to be the horse-tail, but it is odd that it has a different texture than the rest of Pinkie Pie's hair. As a mom, I thought that the hair could have been better done -- the plugs are sparse and separated, so if you don't pull Pinkie Pie's hair back just right, she looks like she just visited Hair Plugs for Men -- not pretty.

Pinkie Pie is a cute doll with a big pouf of brushable hair. Is she super high quality? Probably not. Will she be a cherished heirloom to pass down over the years? Who knows. But is she a fun plaything for an Equestria Girls fan? You bet.
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on October 24, 2013
As a feminist, this is not the type of product I would usually buy for my granddaughters, certainly nothing I ever purchased for my daughter, however, my granddaughter has seen the video and loves these characters; the message about friendship and working out difficulties is worth pushing past my own prejudices and my granddaugher loves each of these pony-turned-into-girls I've purchased for her. They are well made, colorful and fun. Grandpa purchased Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle, so the older of our granddaughters has the whole series. The two year old thought this entirely unfair. I purchased Pinkie Pie for her (as "Pinkie Pie" is one of her many nicknames), removed all the parts inappropriate for a two-year old and now she feels like a big girl like her big sister. There are ways around the age recommendations if you look for them.
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on March 27, 2015
For whatever reason, my two-year-old daughter was easily able to get the leg off this doll the week she received it. Despite my husband and my best efforts, Pinky Pie has been an amputee ever since. While my daughter plays with the doll, she's often times upset that we cannot get the leg back on. There's no way a small child should've been able to easily remove the leg, I believe we have a flawed product. Believing where would've been able to put the leg back on ourselves, we didn't take action to try to get a replacement, wishing now, a year later, we would have. We have four other a Equestria dolls, none of which it had any problems.
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on July 17, 2013
This is a highly anticipated toy! We went in search of this and the other dolls, and after 6 stores we found our beloved favorite, the upbeat and life of the party...PINKIE PIE! Her details are stunning, and unlike Rarity, her hair is very soft, she does have a painted on shirt, but the skirt is cloth. She comes with boots, brush,a hairband, collector card and stickers. She is very much as fun spirited as her pony figurine. They did an excellent job of catching her fun loving party spirit! Keep them coming Hasbro!!!!!!!!!
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on January 24, 2014
Beautiful little doll, bought this for my daughter when every toy store in my local area was out, and amazon had it in stock, free two day shipping and was cheaper than any of the local places. Was easy to open, cute doll, comes with stickers and accessories, great for anyone's My Little Pony Collection
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