Customer Reviews: My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, Book 3)
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on April 15, 2012
After her last trip to the Netherworld, Kaylee Cavanaugh wasn't exactly jumping at the chance to return. But when Demon's breath, a highly addictive and extremely deadly Netherworld substance turns up in the hands of a couple of the boys from school, going back there may be the only way to stop it from coming through.

A substance so dangerous that just one breath can cause addiction, insanity or even death, if Kaylee doesn't find the answers she needs quickly, it could be too late to save them. And she may just have to sing for yet another soul.

But when her search for answers uncovers a shocking secret about someone she cares about, she will have to be stronger than ever in order to find the source of the Demon's breath and keep her friends safe. Which will not be easy. Especially when the Netherworld has other plans.


In a series that's already incredibly addictive, action-packed, fast-paced and exciting, My Soul to Keep adds surprising twists and turns and a roller coaster of emotion that will leave readers heartbroken. With a new and deadly threat to the students at Eastlake High, an even more chilling visit to the Netherworld and a shocking betrayal, this installment in the series is the most riveting yet.

Picking up just a few weeks after the events in My Soul to Save, Kaylee discovers that Emma's new boyfriend is using Demon's breath, an extremely addictive substance from the Netherworld. Worried about how Demon's breath crossed over, but even more worried for her friends, Kaylee is determined to find out where it's coming from so she can stop it at its source.

But solving the mystery behind the Demon's breath isn't the only challenge she has to face. Terrifying nightmares that leave her exhausted and a shocking betrayal that leaves her questioning everything, will put Kaylee's strength and her willingness to risk herself to the test.

My Soul to Keep is a game-changer that takes this series to a whole new level. It's even darker. More chilling. More nerve-wracking. More devastating. And unbelievably heartbreaking.

And with an even longer look at the Netherworld, the addition of a new character, the unexpected return of another and a jaw-dropping turn of events, this installment will keep readers hooked on the series.

Author Rachel Vincent does not disappoint with this third book in her Soul Screamers series. It is both familiar and new and exciting. Her characters at their core remain true to who they are and yet they adapt and change, which keeps them interesting and makes them easy to stay connected to.

And while My Soul to Keep builds upon its predecessors, the surprise twist sets this one apart, making this a pivotal book in the series and an absolute must read. It grips you, it rips you apart, it keeps you hanging and leaves you desperate for more.
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on July 28, 2015
This book was a one an done! I picked it up an couldn't put it down. I sat an read through it all in just over 2 1/2 hours. The writing ropes you in an gripes you tight. Can not wait to get the rest of the series!!!
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on May 10, 2012
I didn't think a book in this series could be more infuriating than the last one. I was wrong.

Nash has begun to redeem himself. But I was so obsessed with hating Sabine that I almost didn't see it. That girl is a real piece of work. And yet, I understand her. I admire her for the strength and determination she has when it comes to getting what she wants. I don't have nearly the balls she does. But I hated her for how she treated Kaylee. There is no other word to describe her than bitch.

Tod is getting close to crossing a line. It's becoming more and more evident that he has feelings for Kaylee (like I haven't seen that coming since the first book). And telling Kaylee to let Nash go was so self-serving that I'm not sure what I think about it. On the one hand, he made some very logical points (as did Sabine) about why Kaylee and Nash shouldn't be together.


Trying to use your head and think about love is just about one of the worst things you can do.

And sure- I do think Tod and Kaylee could make a good couple; I just don't want them to because, despite his mistakes, I adore Nash. Plus, I'm not sure Kaylee would ever be able to see Tod that way.

The most annoying thing about the book, however, is that I have a suspicion that I'm going to end up liking Sabine in future books.

And I am not okay with that.
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on January 4, 2011
(may include spoilers from previous books in the series)

Just when I think I know where this series is going, Rachel Vincent throws all of my ideas out the window and takes the series on a roller coaster ride I never saw coming. This series is quickly moving up on my favorites list with each book. They are so unique and enjoyable.

In this book we get to see what Nash's addiction to Demon's Breath has done to his relationship with Kaylee. Her trust is gone, and she can't seem to get it back. It doesn't help when Nash's ex girlfriend shows up and becomes determined to get Nash back.

Nash, previously one of my favorite characters in the series (after Tod of course!), made me so mad that I was ready to pull him out of the book and beat him to death! I cannot begin to describe how upset he made me throughout this entire book.
Kaylee was a lot less annoying to me this time. She's normally a great character, but a little high strung. This time I just felt so bad for her the whole time! I think she handled the whole situation better than I would have.
Tod was his normal sarcastic, charming self. I think I fall more in love with that boy with every word I read about him (swoon).

Overall, this was a great addition to the series. The drama kept me turning the pages and the mystery kept me guessing until the end. I can't wait until the next book to see what happens next.
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on May 26, 2012
In this exciting third book Kaylee's fight against the Netherworld is a little more personal. Nash's friends are getting high on Demon's Breath, slowly but surely rotting their souls. Not only that but they could be infecting their girlfriends too, which are Emma and Sophie. They seem to be getting it from a Netherworld dealer who brings the substance inside balloons, a trick they learned from Kaylee. She plans to bring a stop to the whole operation, but dealing with a suddenly pushy and moody Nash is really getting to her. Add to the mix how her powers seem to be going out of control - now she can't even fall asleep without crossing over - and you've got one explosive story in your hands. Kaylee will need the help of some suspicious sources, and Tod, to be able to save the day.

At all times the possibility of things going to hell (literally) keeps you engaged. Kaylee is as fierceless as ever, and even more here where she has to make some really tough decisions. Though there wasn't much Tod in this book, I couldn't help but love each of his appearances. Haha the phrase of the day is "Damn it Tod!" There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments for me, but also many sad ones. Although I never really rooted for him, the end really tore my heart apart into little pieces. I can't wait to start the next one to see how this all gets fixed or further damaged.
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on April 12, 2011
My Soul to Steal picks up a couple of weeks after the end of My Soul to Keep. Nash is off of Demon's Breath, but still fighting cravings for it, and Kaylee is determined not to take him back until she feels sure that she can trust him again, which she worries will never happen. As if that wasn't enough, Sabine, an old girlfriend of Nash's, transfers to their school and, not only does she make no bones about wanting Nash back, there's also more to her than meets the eye, which causes Kaylee some sleepless nights. Literally.

Alec, the guy who was enslaved by Avari in the Netherworld for 25 years, is staying with Kaylee and her dad while he tries to adjust to life in the 21st century, and we learn more about him in this book. As with the other books, Tod has a role in this one and takes Kaylee's side against his brother for what he did, and let Avari do, to her.

Thrown into the mix are the sudden deaths of some teachers at Eastlake High. Kaylee's not sure if they have something to do with the sudden appearance of Nash's ex, if they're Netherworld related or if they're simply a horrible coincidence. While trying to figure out what's going on, Kaylee has to deal with Sabine who's subtly, and at times not so subtly, throwing herself at Nash. Nash, meanwhile, is trying, with varying degrees of success, to prove he's trustworthy to Kaylee. She's also trying to keep her best friend Emma, who still doesn't know she was possessed by Avari, out of harm's way, all while fighting sleep deprivation and an increasingly weird vibe at school.

I really like this series; if I hadn't started it during the week and been interrupted by boring things like work and sleep, I'm pretty sure I would've read it in one sitting. Each book has been better than the one before and My Soul to Steal is no exception.. Without giving anything away, while there's no huge cliffhanger for the next book (which I like), I think there could be some interesting developments in the relationships between several of the characters. I have definite opinions about how I'd like things to go, but I'm really interested in seeing how everything plays out. If you've liked the rest of the series I don't think you'll be disappointed with My Soul to Steal and I can't wait for If I Die.
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on May 19, 2010
There were a few things that drove me crazy about this book. I hate not being able to give Rachel Vincent a glowing review, I enjoy her work, I follow her blog, and I still look forward to the next installment.

Good things first: For the most part this (up until the end) was likely the best Soul Screamers book so far. Kaylee has come a long way as a character, Vincent does a good job in Soul Screamers, and her Shifters series of taking these very weak and occasionally whiny female leads and tuning them into protagonists we can all be proud of. I think Vincent has a way of changing boring ordinary things into fun new things, and is a good story teller that is why I continue to read her books.

Now the bad: There were two places I was literally drove to the point of putting the book down. To avoid making this spoilery lets just say Kaylee 'forgets' some information she had just received a few a chapters back and is horrified all over. By forget I mean it was an error, the author wrote almost the same line word for word twice and no one caught it. I shrugged it off, I have no idea if Vincent's editor is the same for both her YA and Adult books but I notice more mistakes in her work than any one else I read. It's very disheartening it see a good book mauled by errors that could have easily been caught. I know she writes in a limited amount of time but I noticed them and I read the book in four hours. The most unforgiving mistake made the whole end of the book just foggy for me. The bad guy needed some thing that was taken from him, but Kaylee proclaims at some point he had found it. Then a couple of pages later she claims it was STILL missing. The final scene is a massive cliff hanger, which I am usually completely fine with. This one however, I was not. It seemed remarkably unfinished.

I still recommend this book as Vincent tells a unique story that can take her audience away from the brooding vampires that clog the bookstore shelves these days.
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on April 24, 2011
Ok so just to start some of you will not like this review just a warning. I liked the book I really did but as someone who dated an alcholic I felt myself projecting onto Kaylee a little to much.

I know most of you are pulling for her and Nash to get back together but, honestly I'm not. I wish there was a way for her to be with Tod because lets be frank he's in love with her. Kaylee doesn't trust Nash anymore because of his addiction and what he did to her when he was high, and that trust is hard to earn back if al all. Once someone does that to you it's hard to ever forget.

On to the story I'm not going to spoil anything for those of you who haven't read it yet so here goes. While trying to cope with Nash's addiction, Sabine Nash's ex comes to town to stir up some havoc she's a mara a literal walking nightmare (you can read more about Sabine in Kiss Me Deadly 13 Tales of Paranormal Love Rachel has a short story in there). So Kaylee has to deal with Nash and Sabine and wether she wants to take Nash back. There's not much action in this story it's more about the characters growing up and accepting their destiny. The way Rachel writes though is so good even without the action your eyes are glued to the page. You feel these characters pain and you root for them each seperately to achieve their goals whatever they may be.

I'm really excited to read the next book in the Soul Screamers series to see what happens.
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on December 27, 2010
My Soul to Steal continues just weeks after Kaylee Cavanaugh learned that her boyfriend and fellow bean sidhe Nash had become addicted to Demon's Breath, had traded his memories with Kaylee for the "drug," and had allowed Avari, a Netherworld demon, to possess her.

Still reeling from Nash's betrayal, attempting to pick up the pieces of her shattered trust and trying to come to terms with all that has happened to her, Kaylee has enough to contend with.

Although Nash is slowly beginning to recover from his addiction and hoping to regain her trust and her love, Kaylee has yet to make up her mind. Were his actions beyond forgiveness? His brother, the reaper, Tod seems to think so. Kaylee is still uncertain.

But will the appearance of Nash's first love, Sabine, who is hell-bent on getting Nash back for herself, force Kaylee to decide quickly or risk losing him? Sabine has confidence where Kaylee does not. And while Nash no longer has his memory of his first kiss with Kaylee, he has all of his memories of Sabine.

Add to this the fact that Sabine is a mara, a being that can get inside dreams and turn fears into nightmares, and Kaylee has a rival who will stop at nothing to win.

But Sabine isn't the only thing that Kaylee has to worry about. Teachers at her school keep dying, and if their deaths aren't Sabine's doing, then whose?

Rachel Vincent's Souls Screamers series is highly addictive. Her characters are both tormented and tormenting. And, Kaylee's relationship with Nash throughout will leave readers infuriated, frustrated and heart-broken, in a good way. The author's sarcasm and wit, especially in the interactions between Tod and Kaylee, add yet another layer to this series that is already multifaceted.

The series moves fluidly from one book to the next. Where one story ends the other begins with hardly a pause, making it nearly impossible for the reader to stop until they've devoured all four-and-a-half books.

My Soul to Steal is a quick read, but one that will keep the reader twisted in knots from beginning to end as Kaylee fights for Nash, for Emma, and for her soul.

The next book in the series, If I Die, comes out in the fall of 2011.
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on March 20, 2012
So I started this book wary after book 2 fell short of my expectations. This book brought them back and beyond. This book was written so well and just the pure creativity in the storyline had me hooked and deserves 5 stars.

Kaylee and all of our other favorite characters are back and a few of them are hooked on "Frost" or Demons Breath which we learned about at the end of book 2. This book was really truly great. The ending was bittersweet but the best part is since it's a series, that doesn't matter we can go on and find out more... I followed this book with Reaper the Novella about Tod and then book 4 because that's the order of the series.

The hellion Avari is back with a vengeance in this one. You will be shocked at what happens, who is hooked on frost, and how far Avari will take things to get to Kaylee. Yay, 5 Stars!!!
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