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on November 10, 2008
I'm the mom in this gamer family and I enjoyed playing the original MySims game, although I never finished it. My children are 10 and 12.

This release is a vast improvement over the previous game, with no long pauses between actions. You move seamlessly in and out of build mode. The storyline is pretty linear at first. You have few choices in your actions until you have completed about 2 hours of play. Once you level up, new islands and options open up for you. At the next level up, new tasks are available at islands you visited previously.

The islands you rebuild are visually appealing, populated with funny characters, and hold progressively more difficult puzzle challenges.

There is quite a bit of reading involved, which would make me warn parents away from buying this for very young children. My kids crack up at the jokes, and there is a lot of humor throughout, which I think will appeal to many adults too.

The game is rewarding in points and level ups, and also provides additional costumes and clothing as rewards, which is greatly appealing to my daughter. You also have the option of trading in unneeded extra essences for "mana," the form of currency required to build objects.

As in the first game, you can do unlikely tasks like plant a tree full of rockets or fish for mythical creatures. There are rare hidden objects that assist you with long-term mini-quests. You can pick up a pick axe and go mining, and like the first game, you can use a metal detector. Now you can use it anywhere in the game however, which is more convenient and fun.

My only criticism of the game would be the very linear story line in the beginning, but once past that point, it becomes very very rewarding and addictive, with lots of free choice to wander all over the map and do whatever you want the character to do.

Worth the money. An excellent, nonviolent, creative adventure game.
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on November 29, 2008
The most noticeable change is that Kingdom saves much faster than the first MySims game. There is no moving in/out of Sims. The game starts with all the Sims in place, it is the player's task to find them and help them renovate and decorate. The exterior building feature is much the same, but furniture building tasks are gone. Essences are easier find and tally up quickly. Sometimes it felt like Kingdom is actually a prequel to MySims. The graphics and tasks are more simplistic. This game will be easier for kids because the game tells you what you need to meet the task requirements. We are 45 and 32 and love the MySims games. If you like MySims, PLEASE TRY THE ANIMAL CROSSING GAMES, TOO.
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on November 11, 2008
If you liked MySims your gonna love this one. If you didn't, then you'll like this one much better! The load time is great, on the first MySims that was a huge downfall for me! You don't have to make everything piece by piece unless you really want to, which is great because that got a bit frustrating in the first one. There is a lot to do even after the credits run there are MANY more things to find and unlock. It is definatly worth it!
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on January 5, 2009
I'm in my 20s and really love sims games on the PC. I usually play them for a couple days at length and then get bored and forget about it...revisiting them occasionally. I did the entire sims castaway game and LOVED it. That one I rented and was able to finish in a week or so. Since I had already done in on the nintendo DS, I pretty much had it figured out.

I've never played my sims, but when I saw my sims kingdom coming out, it sounded really fun so I put it on my wishlist and my parents got it for me for xmas. At first I was a little unsure -- because I don't like to spend $50 on a game and then feel guilty when I don't play it. I usually get the majority of games at the library to try them out first.

I feel no guilt about my sims kingdom because I'm addicted to it. I've played for more hours then I want to admit and I think I'm still only 1/2 way thru. Also, I will mention this is a single player game and you need both the wii-mote and nunchuck to play.

In the game, you are a 'wandolier', which makes you a special person with one of the coveted wands of your kingdom. You're pretty much a public servant and go from island to island in the kingdom helping other sims rebuild, redecorate, etc. In order to get the things you need to do those tasks, you must find certain items,fish, and go mining in order to complete the scroll which allows you the 'power' to do the task ahead of you. Hopefully that doesn't all sound horribly confusing.

It is story based, and you do get screens where your sim and others will converse back and forth so that the game can give you the information you need to complete all your tasks on that particular island and open up other islands.

The only thing I've noticed is that some islands are darker and harder to see then others. I personally liked the playful, bubbly islands better if only because it was easier to see around. Hopefully I will complete this game soon, because my boyfriend is about to admit me to a sims addiction facility.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2008
My 10-year-old daughter and I both loved the original My Sims (I actually "finished" the game with all 5 stars) This game is not just the same game with different pictures. The actual play is quite different. This game takes advantage of the wiimote, and you get to perform the actions of chopping wood, etc. (not just clicking).

The beginning is a little annoying,for someone who already knows My Sims, but probably a good tutorial for newbies. Some major differences:

* you don't have to go to your workshop to build things. It seemed like I spent most of my time going back and forth to the workshop in My Sims. This one, there is a simple 'switch' to go in building mode whenever, wherever.

* more control over actions. When you 'do something' to another sim, it's not just 'be nice' or 'be mean.' You actually choose what action you will do. I really liked this new feature.

* few options in the beginning, makes it great for new players. I remember being quite overwhelmed in the beginning of My Sims because the choices seemed endless. Here, you're given just a few choices to begin, and the farther you go in the game, the more choices you have.

* really cool pirate chic who hangs out with you and helps you. Of course, Buddy the Bellhop is still there, falling on his face.

Having completed the original My Sims, I'm looking forward to playing this game more.
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on November 23, 2008
I completely addicted to the first MySims game for Wii, but I wished they would come out with a sequel where they fixed the loading time issues and the frustrating build system. Well I was so excited to see MySims Kingdom (MSK) released, I bought it right away because the reviews said the loading time was nil and the building system was better. Well after a brief playtime I realized this was not the sequel I was waiting for.

For some reason the addictive quality of MS is not present in MSK.
Instead of getting requests to build specific pieces of furniture or buildings for people, you have to use pre-made items to fill in buildings or areas and meet certain criteria (i.e it needs to have 10 spooky items and 10 cute items). What is lost is the total customizablility that MS gives. You could design endless possibilities of types of furniture and fixtures based on blueprints or create something totally unique without a blueprint.

MSK involves getting a Scroll that requires a certain amount of Essences in order to complete. When you complete the scroll, you get more items in your inventory to use when designing rooms and spaces. After you get all the scrolls, acquiring essences is pointless. Completing tasks for people takes a few seconds and all you get are outfits to wear in your little dress-up corner. Total loss of motivating factor for me. I didn't play MS for the outfits, I played for the design and customizing element.

Also important to note that MSK takes about 2 hours to beat and after you win the tasks the Sims require of you are mundane and boring. Original MS was much longer and satisfying. If you haven't played the first one, get it instead. The only reason I play MSK is because I paid money for it and feel guilty about it sitting on the shelf.

The build system is just as frustrating as well - for example, it's near impossible to get fencing sections to make corners. While MS was frustrating too, at least it was a very intuitive system.
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on June 15, 2009
This is a super fun game. It's similar to some of my other favorite games, including Animal Crossing, the Harvest Moon games and some of the Lego PC games I played a few years back. I've never played a Sims game before because I didn't care for their style, but this MySims game has a super-cute world and characters that are very appealing (if you like cutesy games like I do).

Collecting game: There are tons of things to unlock and collect that means this game has many hours of game play.

Character customizing: This might be just me, but I love it when you can really customize your character (hair, eyes, skin, ect.) and this game also has lots of outfits you can unlock and change into whenever you want.

Lots of places to go: Many, many places to explore and they're all themed differently so no two are the same.

Building: This is not very technical, basically just building with large blocks, but it's very fun and you can pretty much change anything in the world that you want (you can just go up to someone's house and completely rebuild it!). And also all the interior decorating is super fun...

Bonus island: When you unlock all of the necessary `king points' you get your own special island and a ton of new building supplies so you can build whatever you want!

Unlimited game play: Even after you visit all the islands, you can still go back and help the characters and there are still lots of scrolls and items to collect...I've been playing this game for a while now and I don't think it ever ends...

The garbled voices (think Animal Crossing): Personally this doesn't bother me, but my parents think it's weird.

Slightly tricky building controls: Sometimes when you try to build the piece you're holding starts flipping around and attaching itself to things you don't want it to. This is especially a problem when you're building with pipes, but you can fix it by changing your camera view.

Overall this is a super fun game with lots of opportunities for the player to be creative. The game play itself might be a bit tricky for a younger player, but other then that it's a great game. Also, the credits apear when you get your own island, but don't worry, the game isn't over. Though, the credits are really cute (all the characters dance) and it's fun to whatch.
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on December 2, 2008
I really love MySims. I bought MySims for the Wii and fell completely in love with it so also bought the sister game for the Nintendo DS before buying this game. I most likely will also buy the MySims Kingdom game for the DS as well but haven't yet. Having an avatar that I control directly really makes me feel more like I'm actually "in" the game. I kind of liked The Sims game franchise on the PC but I never really loved it like I do MySims. I always hated dealing with their needs all the time and I felt more like I was playing with an elaborate doll house then actually "in" the game. I also like the fact with MySims that you are trying to improve a run-down town or kingdom. It gave a more social/humanitarian feel to the game versus the more selfish/needy sims in The Sims games. Also the sims in MySims are just adorably cute.

As far as MySims versus MySims Kingdom, I did like the fact that there was more of a storyline in the MySims Kingdom game versus the MySims game. It was more of an adventure game versus a pure sim game and that was interesting. However, now that I have my kingdom up to 5 stars and finished all the tasks that the sims had for me, there doesn't seem to be as much to do as with the original MySims game. Of course I can still renovate and redecorate everyone's houses and find all the collectables but that holds only so much interest for me.

Since there were about 80 different sims to meet in the original MySims, I was able to spend quite a bit of time trying to meet all of them even after I got to 5 stars. After about 80 hours of game play I think I've finally met them all and now I can spend even more time making me their best friend (as well as building and decorating their houses). However, with MySims Kingdom I've spent only about 25 hours playing, gone to all the islands now and I believe I've met all the sims. Also, after doing all the tasks for the sims, most of them are already my best friend. With the original MySims, I usually had to do a little more work for the sims even after I did all their tasks in order to become their best friend.

In MySims Kingdom, how I become their best friend is also a little ambiguous. In the original MySims after you were nice to a sim or gave them stuff they got green ++ over their heads to let you know they were happy with you (and had red minus minus if they were unhappy with you). In MySims Kingdom I only noticed the ++ after I did a task for them. I'm not sure how to make the rest of the sims my best friends now that I finished all the tasks for them. Do I do the same as in MySims and be nice to them and give them stuff? Or is that it now that I've finished all their tasks?

The controls in general for MySims Kingdom are just as good as in the original MySims besides a very glaring exception noted below. Moving my avatar around with the nunchuck joystick and using the wii remote to interact makes a lot of sense and is very intuitive. I wish there were a few more button shortcuts but there is only so many buttons on the wii remote and nunchuck. Trying to select prospecting off the new drop down menu in the top right of the screen can just be a pain sometimes since the wii remote isn't as precise as a PC mouse is (maybe the wii motion plus will help?). I'm happy that the B button isn't used anymore while fishing with MySims Kingdom. Moving the bobber around with the nunchuck and then pulling up with the wii remote to "catch" the fish makes more sense then "grabbing" the fish with the B button and then pulling up. After a while of fishing in the original MySims game my hand would get tired from trying to hold the B button and pulling up at the same time. However, using the B button to "grab" trees and "shake" them still makes I lot of sense and works well.

Now, here is my biggest complaint about MySims Kingdom (and the controls for MySims Kingdom) -- building and decorating houses. I really, really don't like the fact that you are still "in" the world when trying to build and decorate versus going to a separate mode like the original MySims did. There were quite a few times where that just made building and decorating so much more frustrating then in the original MySims game for several reasons:

1) The sims themselves would get in the way. There were quite a few times I found myself actually yelling at my TV in frustration because my in-game companions Lindsay and Buddy were in the way AGAIN especially when I was building bridges or in other tight quarters. Also, my own avatar would sometime get in the way as well and I would have to move her first before placing a piece of furniture where I wanted it. In tight quarters, having at least 3 sims around cluttering up the place just made it harder. Also, sometimes a cliff or other piece of scenery would be in the way which would make it very hard to get exactly the right angle to place things where I wanted to.

2) In order to see all sides most of the time I would have to have my avatar walk around the building AND rotate the building as well just to get the right angle. In the original MySims, I just rotated the building. In MySims Kingdom having your avatar walk around too just seems like a lot of double work for not much benefit.

3) The nunchuck joystick is being used for moving my avatar so isn't available for use when building. I really liked using the joystick for rotating the building/room and zooming in and out. In the original MySims I found the joystick worked very smoothly and most of the time I didn't even realize I was using it along with the wii remote to scroll the screen to view exactly what I wanted. I find using the D pad awkward to rotate the building and I tend to accidentally press more then one button at a time so when I try to zoom in I'll zoom in AND rotate to the right which is very frustrating. The nunchuck is more precise and I can get it to do what I want more easily then the D pad.

4) Viewing the top of a building is very hard. In the original MySims game I could zoom in and out and also use the wii remote to scroll the screen up so I could see all sides (including the top) of a building or a piece of furniture I was building. In MySims Kingdom, unless I build temporary scaffolding to allow my sim to climb higher, it's very hard to see the top of a building and takes more than a bit of fussing to get the right camera angle.

I'm sure some people would actually like this "in-game" building mode, but it would be nice if there was an option to use either "in-game" build or a separate building mode. I just found the "in-game" mode too frustrating. By the way, I did like the fact that the "copy the block your placing" button moved from the B button to the C button. That makes a lot more sense. In the original MySims I was constantly deleting the block I was holding since I would accidentally let go of the B button or I would actually reach over with my left hand to use the D pad to rotate the item since trying to reach up to the D pad with my right hand while still holding the B button was just too awkward.

I was very happy to see that all the slow downs/stutterings were fixed with MySims Kingdom (like after loading an area or going from day to night/night to day). I also liked the fact there is very few loading screens anymore like when going into houses and such. There is a little boat interlude when going from one island to the next, but it makes complete sense and didn't feel out of place. However, since most of the loading sections are gone with MySims Kingdom the places they still are just stand out more. The clothing is divided into several different categories (which kind of make sense), but every time I want to go to a different category I have to wait for it to load. It's not a long load, but it's just annoying since there really isn't any other loads besides the initial load of the game. When I'm looking at my clothing and costumes I want to see them all, I don't want to have to wait to view the next category.

Now don't get me wrong. Even with the complaints I have about MySims Kingdom I still love the game and really enjoyed playing it. Just like any other adventure game though once you get to the end there's just not as much to do (though MySims Kingdom does have more than any other adventure game since it is still mostly a simulation game). I just think that the original MySims will continue to keep my interest for a lot longer than MySims Kingdom. However, I do not regret buying it and I can't wait to see what's next for MySims.
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on July 27, 2009
my name is lucy. i am 8. this game is pretty good but a little hard,the hard part is you have to use pipes and stuff to make things funtion in the game.besides that, the game is good. if you are gunna get a wii game, get this one!:)
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on December 27, 2009
My Sims Kingdom may be geared more for the younger set but this middle aged woman has an absolute blast playing this game. You start out rounding up pigs and end up being the Wandolier of the kingdom. You run around the world with your pals and rebuild all that has been broken and run down so that the people become happy again. There is no fighting monsters for a change (you do catch fish for your scrolls, though). And you solve mysteries, like who is stealing stuff on Cowboy Junction. Good, clean game, fun to play and watch. My eight-year old thinks it is super, super, awesome fun. Let's go with that.
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