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Format: Video GameChange
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131 of 143 people found the following review helpful
on November 21, 2013
Great game play and graphics are a real step forward. As other reviews have stated VC is becoming more and more a part of the game as well a requirement that you be to be connected to the 2k servers to play various game modes. It is almost to a point where you need to purchase VC to advance at a reasonable pace. Additionally, the game modes are not near as robust as 2k14 for the xbox 360 or ps3 but the modes which are included are done significantly better than their prior gen games.

Hoping either 2k takes away the emphasis of micro transaction or EA puts out a decent product to force their hand. All and all a fun game and the only game in town for a basketball game fan.

MY NOTE TO 2k Games after playing for a month

I have been a loyal NBA 2k player since 2008 purchasing the game at release each and every year. I have been enjoying how the franchise has matured over the years and the efforts the development team has put into enhancing the product. Unfortunately, this is likely the last year i will be purchasing NBA 2k. The VC system has risen to a level where the game feels like it is pay to play with "pay-walls" in each and every mode (i.e. My Career, My Team, My GM) .

For example, i was really enjoying the nuance of My GM mode. I have been slowly acquiring upgrades and am now six season in to my GM Career and thought i would be getting close to purchasing my franchise. I learned that it required 50,000.00 VC to purchase a franchise. In total, between the upgrades needed, plus the team purchase it will require a total of approximately 120,000.00 VC in monetary terms this equates to nearly $40.00. In terms of the time required, VC is paid out at 375.00 per game played. If you were to play the games, this would require 320 games played. This would be just to finish and accomplish the trophies in one mode.

I have noticed similar patterns for my career and an even harsher pay to play system for my MY TEAM Mode. As an avid achievement/trophy hunter as well as being a home owner, married, and employed full time, the ability to obtain the all or the majority of the trophies without paying money is non-existent for me.

This is the first year this is the case although the challenge had increased significant due to the game moving towards pay to play from NBA 2k12 to NBA 2k13 it still felt manageable in 2k13. The payouts for VC have consistently gone down from year to year and the cost of the upgrades has gone up and up. Now it feels like it cannot be obtained and much of the fun and sense of accomplishment associated with finishing a well made game is gong and simply and an unmanageable grind. I hope your team rethinks its approach as it has taken the fun out of the one of the finest sports franchise.

While i know you will point to promotion etc. regarding VC, the truth is i don't have a facebook account or view any pages. I don't have a twitter account and the game is my escape. and down time at the end of the evening where i have time to play for 1 to 2 hrs. Being married with a full time job and responsibility does not give me the ability to track follow and hunt VC. I would simply like a game i can pick up, enjoy and progress. Seems like i cannot get that from NBA 2k anymore. If i were to purchase the VC to complete all the modes it looks like it would cost in excess of $120.00 to accomplish (and maybe more after MY TEAM collection achievements are taken into account)


Former Customer.
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83 of 96 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2013
It seems that the next generation of gaming is here, and developers apparently weren't happy with DLC, Premium Memberships, Season Passes and other addons to gaming experiences.

Meet Virtual Currency. Sound familiar? Yeah I have a few Free to Play game apps on my phone too

Selling stat upgrades to your My Player is sleazy. It's made sleazier by the fact that you would have to play dozens of hours of basketball to get your My Player up to a decent level to play at star caliber. So thank god 2k Sports introduced a way for us to pay $20 to save us all that time to upgrade quicker! Not everyone wants their player to start the same way. Some people want to start from the gutter (D-League) and work their way up. Some of us would like to start as a potential upcoming Jordan or First Round Pick. 2k Insists we all start off the same way, and then we buy the level where we want to be.

Too bad really. Because they are still the king of basketball. Great graphics, fun gameplay, and lots of modes to dig into. But it's becoming more apparent than ever that 2k Games really needs EA to compete with them to keep some of the greed in check.

I guess next generation is the age if when iPhone Free to Play gimmicks fused with a $60 game. Very tragic.
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63 of 73 people found the following review helpful
on November 21, 2013
The regular gameplay is fun, and much improved. However, these little micro transactions that are needed to purchase skills, clothes, etc. Are NOT the future of gaming for me. I was really excited and impressed when I started the MY Career, but then my excitement died within 30 minutes after realizing I was going to have to play an absurd amount of My Career games to accumulate any amount of money to "better" my player. The only way to truly play this game is to throw 10-15 dollars extra at 2k for a lump of "game money"

Not my style. I expected more from 2k in terms of My Career, and this damages my outlook on the future of their games with all the "game money"
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2014
It's a good game but there's just so many mind boggling things that occur which really detract from the experience.

Consider that in career mode, your player just put the game into overtime. For some odd reason, this game decides to put you in with 1 second left in OT with you down by 8 points.

Magnetic passes and movements still occur. You're trying you're hardest to play good defense and yet a bullet pass from up top will miraculously make it to the hands of the offensive player and the spacing becomes 10 feet in game.

You'll be down by 20 points and the goal will be for you to catch up and get the lead but limited to the last 2 or 3 minutes of the next 3 quarters. Tacked on with goals of no turnovers or holding your opponent to no points for the next quarter. I don't think of I've ever completed all 3 of the dynamic goals. Especially not when things seem to be pushed on top of you to near impossible levels. Sometimes, it's simply not enough time regardless of what happens.

Defense is so frustratingly bad as well. Just watch your centers play defense. Half the time they don't even jump or put a hand up.

In the rookie all star game, you have to outplay your arch nemesis. However, even with my own A playing grade and scoring 30 points, everything seems to go in for the computer. 6-7 from 3 pointers, 31 points to your 30, fadeaway jumper made with 2 defenders on him, lucky bounce on 2 shots. It's ridiculous.

Your rival, apparently shoots 96% from the free throw line, making him one of the greatest if not the greatest free throw shooter of all time, in his rookie season..

Reaction times to button presses are sometimes ridiculous. Your player will jump for the rebound about 2 seconds after you press the button. Trying for steals also look ridiculous since half the time you're lunging full body after the ball.

Career mode is so transaction based that you would have to play hundreds of games just to buy the stats for your characters. Forget dressing them up when a pair of sneakers cost 7500 in game points. Consider that a good game will earn you 500 or so. This is based upon shorter quarters and regular level play (1x or 1.25x multiplier difficulty bonus)

Do you like watching your center grabbing the rebound and then dribbling past half court and doing some crossovers? No, well too bad, it happens a lot.

It seems like 50% of shots always fall within the last 5 seconds of the clock. I can hear the ticking of the shot clock nearly every other play. Weird thing is, it goes in quite often too. I've never seen an NBA game where shots fall more often in the last 5 seconds than during an actual designed play.

Calling for the ball when you're open when they won't pass to you in the first place is a negative and will lower your grade, who knew..

AI loves to drive into a crowd of 3 people and then get blocked

A good pass to your center often leads to them losing the ball whether it be blocked or just lost. Centers for some reason go up for layups when they are in dunking range, specifically right under the rim. The speed at which they go up for an open basket is ridiculous. I've never seen so many centers do finger rolls in a game. Power moves are often absolutely too slow to be believable and makes me wonder if certain PF or center have an explosiveness at all.

BY FAR the funniest and most laughable thing I've seen: Just a normal play with plenty of time left on the clock and 20 seconds on the shot clock, every single player will stay stationary in their positions whether offense of defense man to man. The man with the ball is 6 feet outside the top of the 3 point line, dribble down the clock to the last 2 seconds, heaves it up and makes it with a hand in his face. Unbelievable..

Character customization is crap. Faces are pre-made things like arm sleeves and tattoos have to be bought. A created character, can't even be used in Quick Play mode against your friends. In fact, if servers are down, some things are unavailable for you to even play.

Holy hell, wait til you see the menus. If you haven't played the modes before, there is absolutely no explanation of certain things. I only play MyCareer. MyTeam and MyGM I haven't even touched because some things are just too confusing as I haven't played previous versions. Menus are very difficult to navigate and not intuitive at all.

The game just feels incomplete and repetitive, especially career mode. Good graphics cannot make up for sub-par game play and design. For $60 MSRP at time of release, it's really outrageous how such a mediocre flagship game could make it out to market by removing key attributes from their own prior versions! It's like buying a 2014 car will roll down windows, ridonkulous.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on February 5, 2014
Such a shame! You can clearly see the massive amount of potential in this game! Start a quick game with a friend and you will think that is the best Sportsgame ever made. The graphics are crisp, and really next gen so is the physique even AI does allright.

But as soon as you start a My GM, My Carreer or My Team mode you will change your mind. This game feels like a free to play game for your phone where you can only progress in a reasonable time if you are willing to pay. You have to spent VC for everything from advancing your created player to the ability to trade or even to change your lineup!

Sure you can log in on facebook or an mobile app to gather some vc here and there but i just want to play the game!
I am so happy i still have the ps3 version where you can still just play a normal association mode, even with ore than one team.
If 2k does not change their microtransaction mentality they lost my as a customer

Another point is that you cant play a season together with one of your friends anymore (you can only chose 1 Team)
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2014
This game is fully tied into on-line elements and 2k servers are buggy and often not available. I had a GM reach level 35 only to have a 2k "error" and he was reset to 0. I opened a case on their support sight and its been sitting there for weeks with no update. Trust me, you don't want to be involved with this mickey mouse organization.

Edit: Here is my communication with 2K regarding the issue.

* December 30, 2013 13:31
I was unable to get into my save games for the past two days. Issues that I attribute to your servers. If that's not frustrating enough, today I get prompted to create a new "myplayer" at start, which I do. When I log into my save game it works, finally, but my GM is now level 0 again. He was level 35!! I want him restored to his proper level or currency added so that I can re-establish his level ASAP. These issues are unacceptable, and from what I am reading on the Internet common.
January 02, 2014 09:25
This has been outstanding for some time. Is someone going to address this issue?
January 04, 2014 11:53
Today I went out and posted negative reviews on Amazon, Gamespot, and several other sites warning people not to buy your product. This is sad. I have purchased and played NBA2k for YEARS as a LOYAL FAN of your franchise. The way you treat your customers I can only hope you lose the NBA rights the same way you lost the NFL. At some point I will screen shot this ticket and plaster it all over the Internet as you continue to ignore it.
Alec H.last Wednesday at 09:16
We apologize for the extended response time.
The purpose of this email is to see if you are still experiencing problems with our servers. It seems that they were undergoing some routine maintenance at the time of your request. If you are still experiencing issues, please respond to this email so that we may assist you further.
As always, if you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Thank you for contacting 2K Sports Technical Support. Have a great day.
Yesterday at 18:42
Nothing has changed. Can't your team check your logs/stats???? You could have verified if this was fixed on the back end. As stated originally I had a GM at level 35 before your server issues. He is now level 0. I have achievements on PS4 indicating he was level 35. Please restore him to his proper level or add commensurate currency ASAP. I have been waiting since December 30 of LAST YEAR.
Alec H.Today at 09:55
Thank you for contacting Technical Support.
Ensure your PS4s firmware is up to date (settings > system update - on the main menu).
If it is up to date then delete the game data (go to Game > game data utility and find the problem game (if it is just one) - press triangle and select delete) - NOTE this is the game's install data and not the save game so you will not lose your progress.
Next follow the steps below:
1. Turn off Playstation®4.
2. Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again.
3. Once the System has been shut-down, re-press you finger until your hear 2 consecutive beeps
4. When you hear the 2 beeps take finger off power button.
5. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via usb and then hit the PS button
6. The Recovery menu will pop up.
7. Select Restore File system
8. Repeat from step one and select Rebuild Database from the Recovery menu.
Once finished, make sure your PS4 is connected to the internet so it can download any game updates and then launch the game
These two options will not delete any content on your HDD, but it will delete all your sent and received messages as well as music playlists you have. If you edited track information on any mp3s, (renaming them away from track #), the names and other altered data will revert. For any messages you want to save, it is recommended to send them to another account you have, then send them back later.
If this is still happening let's try this on a second PS4 to see if the same issue is occurring.
Kindest Regards,
Today at 11:43
Alec, what you are saying makes no sense. I can get into my GM games. My team record is intact. I can play games. My GM was level 35, he was reset to 0. I have VC to spend but have not, pending this issue. The issue is ON THE BACK END. HAVE YOU REVIEWED MY ACCOUNT ON THE BACK END? IS MY GM LEVEL35. Also, a simpler test would be to create a NEW GM franchise and see if my GM is level 35 (which he will not be). MY PS4 is working great. Asking me to recover my PS4 is insanity. Please have someone else review my issue, you are bad.
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14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2014
I held off on reviewing this game with the hope that things would improve with patches, but so far that has not been the case. I have purchased the NBA 2K games for years, and this is the first time I've had a bad experience, but wow has this experience been terrible. The servers for this game go down very frequently, which means that many game features/modes are inaccessible much of the time. The patches so far have not addressed the server problems. Kotaku has posted articles about these issues. If companies insist upon these horrible "always connected" requirements (which I hate), the least that they could do would be to provide servers that work most of the time. If they are unable to do so, as is sadly the case with this game, then they need to drop the connection requirements.

Also, the pay-to-play in this game is ridiculous. To do much of anything, especially in the career mode, you have to pay extra money.

This game also lacks features that previous versions of the game had. For example, you can only play one team at a time in the MyGM (Season) mode now. In previous versions, you could play multiple teams, which was much more fun. You can have a few different save files in order to play more than one team (up to four if you also have a MyCareer save), but each season is completely separate, which is a pain.

The features they added do not impress me at all. The extra talking and other superficial material added in MyGM mode is lame. I want to play the games as opposed to engaging in silly, poorly done chats with players, etc.

The graphics are nice, but this game takes up almost 10% of the space on your PS4 hard drive. I guess that's fine if you only want to get a handful of games for your PS4, ever, but this game is not worth losing all that storage space.

The in-game menus have never been a strength with this series, but they are the worst ever this time.

I doubt that I will purchase future versions of this game unless I see evidence that 2K gets back to the quality of previous entries in this series. However, that would also mean less pay-to-play, which does not seem to be the direction these game developers want to go. It's a shame to see this great series ruined by greed and poor servers. Perhaps they will sell enough add-ons to make up for losing future customers, but is it really worth the risk of alienating customers who have been so loyal in the past?
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28 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on December 30, 2013
This is my first NBA 2K game, though I've played other games from the developer. It pains me to have to give this game this review, because the gameplay itself is great. However, the game is a glitchy, unstable, and at times downright broken mess that i honestly can't believe made it onto market.At launch, the Park online mode was downright broken, being nearly impossibe to get into a game and seemingly impossible to exit from without returning to the PS4 home menu and closing the game. On top of that, the game has crashed on me several times, at one point corrupting my MyCareer file, forcing me to start over. On another occasion, it would load up the main menu with no menu options. After trying a few more times, and even waiting a few hours before trying again, I eventually had to delete the game from my hard drive and reinstall it.

And then there's the baffling decision to require an online connection if you want to continue a file you started online. "Always online" software and hardware has been the point of some controversy in gaming lately, and with the constant 2K server issues keeping people from continuing their save files in this game, we're seeing a prime example of why it's a terrible idea. Currently, if you want to play this game online, too bad. Want to play MyTeam mode? Sorry. Want to play MyCareer or MyGM? Hope you didn't start those files online. Oh, you did? Well you could always start over. Otherwise you're stuck waiting until the servers are fixed. with no updates to be found anywhere online. Their support forum is nothing but other frustrated customers with no 2K employees in sight.The folks running their Facebook page are too concerned promoting merchandise and in-game locker codes (which CAN'T EVEN BE REDEEMED UNTIL THE SERVERS ARE FIXED) to bother posting updates on issues concerning the game.

I could go into the actual gameplay, but honestly, why bother at this point? Don't buy this game, at least not right now. It's a good game when working properly, but do yourself and the gaming industry a favor and don't support this type of business practices. Save yourself the headache. If down the road 2K gets it together I'll edit this review with gameplay features. As of right now it seems 2K is set on putting forth no effort to offering value to their customers or even offering what's advertised. A horribly disappointing broken product from a company I previously had no real issues with.
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2013
It seems good at first, but then you realize everything is behind a paywall. VC (virtual currency) is everywhere. Everything is locked behind this in MyCareer. The scripted scenes glitch out (I am stuck at a "shoot from your hot zone mini-game that is part of the Career and it won't show a hot zone), even if you do purchase extra VC it won't apply to certain modes because that is bugged. You have to delete your save and start new.

This game is trash. It's the first time I've ever been completely disappointed in a game purchase. The online is buggy, their network is crap and is always crashing. They just recently made this all but unplayable unless you are connected to the internet and every time you save it has to contact the servers (if it saves, many times I'll make changes in sliders/menus such as the camera and it never sticks, every time I play I have to change the camera from the default).

I cannot even comprehend how people are rating this game high. It's a Free 2 Play game they are charging $60 for.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on July 11, 2014
Shot formations

Gameplay:The gameplay is the worst in NBA 2K sports history.
-Basketball goes through hands,arms, and bodies
-Passes are delayed by 2-4 seconds
-Simple passes go out of bounds and are even challenging for chris paul to make
-Pressing Steal button once of twice calls for an intentional foul
-Alley Oops are either easy and miss or impossible and connect
-Mediocre players looking like stars
-Greatest 3 point shooters miss wide open with excellent releases
-Computer makes all buzzer beaters
-Gathering steps to shoot or block during critical times
-Players get stripped to easily
-Mid air passes and alley oops can't be stolen even if timed perfectly because of the steal delay or complete lack of effort
-Did I mention wide open 3's always miss

These are all of the major problems I've found and there are plenty more glitches such as in NBA 2K11 2K12 and 2K13. It makes the game overall not fun in the slightest. It's come to the point where I believe the NBA 2K Sports company and developers don't sit and play a competitive game to test the product before it releases. No company should let games out that havn't been tested vigorously for the basic fundamentals of a basketball game be released. I know these problems were blatant to someone in the development team but they didn't come forth. I hope NBA 2K15 goes back to basics with 2K9 and 2K10 gameplay package because it was the least amount of glitches.
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