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on October 1, 2013
I'm probably one of 2K's more involved consumers. I check out the tweets, I follow the developer videos, I check out the YouTube commentators, the forums, the blogs (ie. Chris Smoove, Operation Shill, etc.). So I knew that 2K14's graphics would be relatively unchanged; I knew that the presentation was basically a blue version of 2K13; and that generally, PS3/360 would get the short end of the stick, with next-gen around the corner.

If you let the internet tell it, everybody should "just getz teh next-gen verzionz!!1!" (nevermind that $400-$500 device you need in order to play it). I'm not sure when I'll get a next-gen system, so for the foreseeable future, this was my only option for a 2014 basketball game.

I had been reluctant about purchasing this game at full price, but ultimately I decided to take a chance on the pre-release rumblings of how great 2K14 "feels". I'll admit that the defense has improved. So far, it seems both challenging and rewarding. You aren't helpless in the paint anymore, sticking to your man on drives seems to be easier, and the opponent's makes don't seem as cheap.

As for offense: having shooting/dribbling determined by stick pressure is pretty annoying. It's not impossible to get used to, but it makes dribbling less rewarding for me. I just want to break my man down, and not have to worry about whether I'll press too hard and launch a 30-footer. But on a positive note, I like that players seem to have a bit more "grip" to them. It doesn't feel as much like you're being yanked around by animations - which, in turn, makes slashing more fun. Other than that, I really don't know what else to say about this game that hasn't been said about 2K13.

While it is an improvement, it's definitely not what I'd consider to be $60 worth of improvement. I understand now why 2K decided to not release a demo. And I'm sure they'll understand why I'm throwing this game on the used market in about 20 minutes. It feels more like a really good patch, than a fresh new product.

Unless you're a masochist, I recommend waiting on a 40% sale (at least), or just playing 2K13 with an updated roster. And this is coming from somebody who faithfully gets 2K on Day 1 and generally disagrees with people who say annual sports games "are the same every year."
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on October 2, 2013
Immediately in the first minute of NBA 2K14 I noticed a huge difference, but not in graphics. I didn't expect to see big improvements in graphics but I expected the game to have improvements in look and feel through both the menu and the gameplay. I quickly found out that it wasn't the case. At least not for the menu. The gameplay had it's ups and downs that had me and my brother messing up on things we did with ease in 2K13. It was actually so bad that it took us a bit to get used to it. Funny how 8 games later we were still making dumb passes on the fast break after a steal because we are still very used to the 2K13 button layout.

Graphics: 4/5 - The graphics are good don't get me wrong, but they didn't really improve over 2K13.

Performance: 5/5 - The game has improved performance over 2K13 although it's not much it is an improvement.

Look & Feel: 4/5 - The menu wasn't improved much, but the gameplay was so I can say it's better then average.

Controls: 3/5 - This was 2K14's biggest flop. The controls were changed a little to much. Although they do have that familiar feel they're very much changed and kinda hard the get used to them after have been so adapted to NBA 2K13.

Improvements & Downfalls vs. 2K13:
This is in my opinion the biggest improvements and downfalls verses it's predecessor. Very much like PRO's and CON's.

Improvements vs. 2K13:
+ The look and feel for the game is an improvement. Not a big one but an improvement none the less.

+ The defense in this game is much improved over 2K13. Some would say it's a little to perfect.

+ The details on some players. Some players in 2K13 looked odd and that's been fixed for at least the ones that I've used so far.

+ The game mechanisms are improved to give it a more realistic feel. (Example: If you try to block on a pump fake and the person starts to drive while you're in the air, there will be a collision and both of you will fall. Blocking foul will be called.) That's just one of the many improvements made to make the game more realistic.

Downfalls vs. 2K13:
- Controls are a big downfall for this game. After getting used to playing the last one the game is kinda hard to get used to. 2K13 was such an easy transition from 2K12 when it came to controls (Mainly because they didn't really change much.). This was such a big challenge for both me and my brother. It was so bad that we were still trying to hold L2 while shooting and passing by mistake after a steal on the fast break 8 games later.

- The Realism some can say is a bit over the top, and can make it actually feel a bit more fake then real sometimes. Some of the things like the example I mentioned in the improvements for the game mechanisms can happen way to often which don't really happen that often in real life.

- Defense is one of those things that is both an improvement and a downfall. How? "You ask." The defense can sometimes be argued to be way to perfect. In the first game I played with Brooklyn Nets vs Houston Rockets (against my brother). Blocks and steals were happening way to often. We ended up 69 to 71 as the final score with a combined total of 28 blocks and 32 steals. That's big numbers for blocks and steals.

Overall: 4/5 - I think the game is worth buying. For those of you that would rather wait and get it when the price drops I would say, SMART CHOICE. I say if you already have 2K13 and are thinking about it but don't really know, wait for the price drop is my best advice. For those of you that are still rocking 2K12 or lower then this will be a good improvement that's well worth getting. I hope you guys enjoy and thanks for reading.
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on October 2, 2013
Lets get it out of the way, NBA 2k14 is basically a patched NBA 2k13 updated for the 2013-14 season. If you are just a casual basketball fan that just wants to play a quick game you are probably best served staying or buying 2k13( or if you're into the classic teams 2k11 for Jordan challenge, or 2k12 for the legends challenge).

With that out of the way, this is the best pure basketball simulation that has been released to date. In every sense it feels like the culmination of the 2k series on the court for this generation of consoles. Defense has been improved, especially inside. Contact in the paint feels a lot better than last year, and the new shot blocking system implemented feels great. There is no better feeling than chasing down a player on the fast break for a highlight block, 2k14 delivers this in spades. Controls have been changed for what feels like the 3rd or 4th year in a row. The right stick is now used for both dribble moves and shooting, with the L2 trigger being a new modifier for flashy passes. It takes a few games to get used to, especially if you played a lot of 2k13, but once you do you'll be pulling of crossovers, eurosteps, fadeaways and floaters in no time.

Graphically this is the same game we have gotten for the last few years, the presentation is essentially the same as last year as well. The only new mode is the Lebron challenge where you can play through the rest of Lebron's career, either staying with the Heat or taking your talents out of South Beach. I haven't put much time into this, but I imagine its a nice little alternate reality mode, and Lebron fans will love it.

So should you buy 2k14? I would say yes if you are a huge NBA fan and aren't planning on getting a next gen system at launch. This is the best pure basketball game made to date. If you haven't played a 2k game in years, by all means get this game. If you are planning on getting a PS4/XBox One you would probably be better off waiting for the next gen version(which by the recent trailer looks incredible). If you fall into the casual basketball fan category, you are probably better off saving some money and getting either last years version, or 2k11 or 2k12 for the legend modes(Only hardcore players will notice any substantial differences on the court, but they are there for those that are in the know). So with this release it is clear 2k's main focus was the next gen version, this is a "playing it safe" release in every sense, but honestly it was to be expected, this is the eighth 2k game on this generation of consoles and quite frankly we have seen worse thing from yearly sports titles, the fact that this is one of the best sports games on the market on old hardware gives them a pass imo.
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on October 7, 2013
They made the game worse than 2k13. Poor control dribbling, bad control passing, blocking shots is now being abused (example lebron james getting chased down by ginobili to block his dunk from behind). 2k changed the controller layout for no apparent reason...not for the betterment of this version. Your players are stuck in animations.... you have very little control over this game...I cannot believe they released this and tested it out. Bad spacing. Your shooter will stand 3 feet behind 3 point line out of shooting range. ... I could go on especially about the crazy defense... you are stuck in animation and your ai defensive teammate will double team or sag in all the wrong situations.... yes I know 2k will patch some but how do you even justify releasing this garbage game.... the doors is wide open for NBA Live
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on December 17, 2013
Don't be fooled by the promise of "defense" in this game. Yes, blocks are now common, except your point guard will get just as many blocks as your center does. Because the ball is now open to contact, dribbling the ball near anyone will cause it to bounce off of their body and into another players hands. This can happen in several consecutive possessions. Perimeter defenders are still allergic to getting close to three point shooters, but that's not really a problem because often they are standing several feet behind the three point line anyway. Plus, this game harshly punishes good offense and open shots.

Defending players at the rim is also laughable if you don't actually block the shot. Perfect defense will be rewarded by the offensive player magically floating sideways so that he can get an easy lay-up.There is better floor spacing than in other games, but the players are far too quick to recover. A player who would normally be completely taken out of the play can often get back in time to not only contest the shot, but steal or block it as well. The shot stick is pretty painful as well. Not only is it annoying to use, but it punishes your shooting if you don't use it.

The other features are pretty bland. The only real positive in the entire game is that the menus and most of the features are exactly the same as 2k13 and thus easy to maneuver. Myplayer has a couple new wrinkles, but still basically the exact same as usual. Someone who's only a fan of basketball because of Lebron might enjoy his story, but it's pretty gimmicky. There is no choice in the story outside of leaving or staying. Crew mode is generally considered to be a joke, essentially 2k13 blacktop with teams. I've never seen the daily updated rosters actually make changes, much less the obvious ones. Myteam is even more of a greed play than 2k13 and utterly useless if you don't buy virtual currancy with real money.

Seriously, is 2k ever going to actually put out a finished product? If you enjoy the game of basketball, do not buy this game.
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on October 25, 2013
This game is just bad, really bad. Here is the deal, yeah the graphics are okay and there are a lot of modes to keep anybody entertained for a year or so but it is quite clear 2k games are taking advantage of the fact they are the only ones making a basketball game. They don't care about quality anymore but I'm sure they thank you for your hard earned money you gave them.

Remember when 2k made good sports games and charged only $20 for them? Remember when the point of 2k sports games were to be more "realistic" than EA sports games? Well now we know if you give 2k games a little more power and leverage in the sports game market, they will abuse it.

The realistic feeling goes away real quick when your AI teammates are incredibly dumb, kick ball violations occur every couple of minutes, shots get blocked when a hand doesn't even touch the ball and the travelling. Oh the travelling in this game and how it is never called against a player.

The game is tolerable when playing a actual game of 5 on 5 but if you choose to play My career mode you are in for a rage fest. This is the most unfair, unpolished and for some reason, the most addicting mode in the game. I hated this mode so much but because I wanted to like it the most and because I constantly got screwed over by my dumb teammates, I just wanted to beat it. Also the mode will deliberately cheat you. Are you ready to get that rebound from a 3 point shooter? Well guess what, they will always make that shot no matter what so that's not going to happen. Want to get an assist? Too bad, your teammate is an idiot and 85% of the time will miss the shot. Want to make a free throw? Too bad, even though you made a "great release" you still will miss the shot. Did you do something good and got some points on your player grade? Well I really hope you don't make a single mistake because every mistake made in the game takes away more points on anything good you will do. Does that sound fun to you?

I am now at a point where I just don't want to waste any more time on this game and the My Career mode. I do not believe this is the point of a video game to be made, so good on you 2k games, enjoy my money. I just hope they don't get to enjoy any one elses money. Please don't buy this game, I know it is tempting because it is basketball and it is the only basketball game on the market but please don't support laziness.
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on October 23, 2013
This is just another lazy edition of 2K basketball. There are tons of things wrong with this game & they always come out with patches every year to try to clean the game up a little bit. I'm just completely tired of it. Why is it that the game can never be released playable? Blocking shots is the most unrealistic thing about this years installment. So then you would think defense would be the focal point in the game, but no it's basically non-existent if your an online player because the offense is so overpowering this year. Yet it's still very annoying to have Paul George's dunk get blocked by Tony Parker. They have seemed to tone down the exploits as far as money plays that work every time & glitch moves, but the cons heavily outweigh the pros of this game.

Year after year 2K devs put out unfinished games & I for one would like to slap a few them right across their faces for putting out this garbage. I hope that NBA Live can make a comeback, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that since those games were even more arcade-ish than the 2K series. I give this game 3 stars because I will play it a lot since its my only option as far as basketball goes & it might get better after a few patches. 2 big thumbs down to the 2K developers!
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on July 4, 2014
By far this game is the worst basketball game I have played. keep this in mind I've been playing basketball games since double dribble at the arcade in the malls to the Nintendo console.

Having said that now I'll tell you why this game is so bad. they tried to be too cute. Every fifth to sixth play there is a kick ball when there's really not one. The movement is a little different, funky movement, I couldn't adjust the other stick to not make it take a shot, so if don't like the shot stick don't bother using it. The program is still stupid because your teammates miss more shots when you pass it to them for an assist and they will miss layups open jumpers and 3 point plays even more on this one. It will frustrate you to no end (in my career mode) Even with the so called cheat glitch that you can find online (yes it works) to juice up your man you will still be limited because the (speaking about my career mode) programmers really don't want you to have 99 everything. Hey, let's face it every one wants to dominate and have good numbers for the guy you create. It's about your fantasy of fun play and the fun is very limited. You can't even make wide open jumpers most of the time. If you ever look at the demo on YouTube with Ronnie K and some other guy look at the score, it's very low that because the guys can't shoot!!!

You can have the ball bounce off of you too easy, way too easy, or simple pass now will fly by the man too easy, I understand don't hit the pass button to hard but really??? Now I said all that and I haven't told you... that was on the easiest level!!! just think how bad it will be if you crank it up to the highest level. Yes you want some realism, but you also want it to be fun and flowing, instead it's frustrating. stay with 2k13. The game has some nice things but don't bother just stick with 2k13 or wait to see if 2k15 might be better but don't get 2k14,it will make you mad and frustrated.
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on October 2, 2013
Pre-ordered this game and got to playing it right away. Though this was the first 2k I purchased for the ps3 (previously used PC for gaming), there were a number of things that caught my eye right away. First of all, the new 'tap the right stick to juke' and 'hold to shoot' mechanics were fairly easy to pick up and I had no problem jumping right into a game (after a few minutes of freestyle practice).

Keeping everything on the Right stick was, in my opinion, a smart move by the developers as you no longer need to mash on the left trigger, not to mention the in-game transition from movement to the shot animation is smooth. The extra animations are also helped by the Right stick switch as now different styles of shots can now be initiated from various positions and during various actions (fadeaway after a spin move, etc) without looking too fake.

Music as always is suspect simply because it blares the same list of songs to no end but other than that I have no gripes with this game.

The defense and overall man to man physics of the game are perhaps the most needed change this franchise had to make, and thankfully this game showcases much improved realism in that department. Players no longer use the force to swallow rebounds, and people standing in the way are actually obstacles for slashers to get past. The tweaked blocking system makes for a much more rewarding defensive game as well. Overall, this game is much improved from last year's take.

Prolly give it a 4.6-4.8 out of 5 because, as everyone loves to point out, the graphics have not really been enhanced much. Really though aside from that this is just a fun game to play, the game looks and feels like a much smoother affair, and the attention to defense adds that extra element of realism missing in previous titles.
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on October 9, 2013
This game brings nothing new to the table. This is 2k13 with worse controls plus the ability to block shots. The presentation is the same, the graphics are the same, the menus are the same and the additions made do not justify the 60 dollar price tag at all.
Path to greatness is not exciting like the Jordan Mode and the Greatest Mode from past editions and the european teams are not worth playing because they can`t be played in all modes.
The dream team and classic Sacramento Kings have been removed and there isn`t a single new classic squad to play with!!!
Without a doubt this is a step in the wrong direction. I haven`t been disappointed with 2k basketball since 2k10, but this one just happens to be a poor effort.
I understand that most resources may have been directed to the PS4 game, but that does not justify a 2k13.5 release.
If Take Two didn`t have the intention to release a brand new game, just 2k13 with minor improvements, it would be a honest move not to charge us 60 dollars. Maybe 40, but not 60.
Don`t buy it. Stick to 2k13.
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