Customer Reviews: NBA Dynasty Series: Chicago Bulls - The 1990s
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on June 1, 2004
From 1991 through 1993, and 1996 through 1998 red and black were the colors of royalty in the NBA. No other franchise during the sports-media-frenzied '90's dominated its game like Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Yes, Michael Jordan. The most fabeled athlete of our time. Other great dynasties dominated with a collection of greats like the Russell, Cousy, Havlicheck Celtics of the '60's, and the Bird, Parrish, McHale Celtics of the '80's. The Chamberlain, West, Baylor Lakers of the '70's, the Magic, Kareem, Worthy Lakers of the '80's, and the Shaq, Kobe tandem of the early twenty-first century. But unlike the '90's Bulls, those teams were dynasties within lasting legacies. They were also dominated by big men, great front lines. And yes, that is the way championships are traditionally earned. Not Jordan and the Bulls. All great NBA championship teams before or since dominated the game inside then out. In possibly the most difficult era to dominate (the era of free agency) Jordan's Bulls dominated outside then in. UNHEARD OF! As you will see in this fantastic compilation of highlights and actual game footage (entire games!!!) Jordan is the one constant. Keeping everything together in times of need, and in the process making everyone around him better. The Bulls were a team unlike any other in an era unlike any we have seen before or since. A true dynasty in every sense of the word.
Disc 1, side A
The History of the Chicago Bulls.
Learning to Fly: 1991 NBA Champions.
Untouchabulls: 1992 NBA Champions.
Three-peat: 1993 NBA Champions.
Disc 1, side B
Unstop-a-bulls: 1996 NBA Champions.
Chicago Bulls: 1997 NBA Champions.
Unforgettabulls: 1998 NBA Chamions
Disc 2, side A
Game 5 1991 NBA FInals.
Disc 2, side B
Game 1 1992 NBA Finals.
Disc 3, side A
Game 6 1993 NBA Finals.
Disc 3, side B
Game 6 1996 NBA Finals.
Disc 4, side A
Game 5 1997 NBA Finals.
Disc 4, side B
Game 6 1998 NBA Finals.
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on June 4, 2004
I was waiting a long time for this to come out on DVD. Considering that most of my Chicago Bulls championship videos on VHS were all scratched up. The DVD's are a much needed upgrade. My gripe is with the games that they show. First, the games are NOT shown in their entirety. To me, its not a problem. However, the NBA should have labled when they were going to skip some of the action. For Example, "Were moving ahead to 7:43 left in the 3rd quarter."Exactly what they do on ESPN Classic. It clearly makes the game more presentable. Oh well, but 5 stars nonetheless.
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on June 4, 2004
You'll read other reviews who praise this DVD simply because of the subject matter. I shall not do that. Yes, the Bulls of this era were incredible, but just because this DVD awr focuses upon them doesn't mean that the DVD set itself is incredible.
In this set we are treated to a number of features, including a "history" of the bulls, along with recaps of each of their championships and six "complete" games, one from each of their championship runs.
Why they entitled the "history of the chicago bulls," as they did is beyond me. This is no history. This is a brief rundown of their lack of a championship with an extremely short runtime and a mention of Jordan as a segway into the discs other features. This might actually be the only new content on the disc, as all of the other features (even the games) are taken from content that has ran on NBA TV for quite some time.
As for the recaps of each of their championship runs, they are certainly full of great footage and interviews but they certainly show their age as they are not new. As I said before, each of these has already been broadcast on NBA TV numerous times and if you've seen it once the suspense is lacking. Replay value is at a minimum here.
While listed as the "Extra Features," the games featured on the set are actually the bread and butter. Presented just as they were when originally broadcast the quality of the games is superb. But wait. What's this? They slice out parts of the games? You'll find yourself wondering what happened when you miss an entire 8 minutes of the first quarter. Why? Because the games, too, are part of the "NBA's Greatest Games" series broadcast on NBA TV and were edited to run in the time alotted by that channel. I don't know about you but when I buy a DVD and it lists a game as this set does I don't expect this kind of cheesy lack of presentation. I want to see the game!
Long story short, it's a good set and worth the $40 price tag (depending on where you get it) but don't be disappointed if you don't see anything new. And be prepared to be annoyed when parts of your favorite games are edited out to make room for non-existent commercials.
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on March 14, 2005
From Learning to Fly 1990-91 Season to the Swan-song Unforgettables, this DVD collection hits the spot. What people fail to realize is how much blood, sweat and tears went into this 6 Title - 8 year period of dominance. Given the ME FIRST, GOTTA GET MINES ATTITUDE of most Generation X-ers, we may never see anything like it again.

I love the way the last season recap went. The Narrator let those last 41.9 seconds speak for themselves. That he did so only added to Michael Jordan's aura. I still get chills watching that segment; then I try to forget those years he spent in DC, which reminded me of Wille Mays stumbling while losing fly balls in the 1973 Oakland sun.

That first championship was special as well. The psychological hold Detroit had over them was something;it forged their championship resolve.

The games speak for themselves. Jordan leading the way, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Paxson, Kukoc, Harper, Cartwright, Horace, BJ, Judd Bucheler (?) playing excellent supporting roles; Jackson, Tex and Bach at the commands... Pretty nice time indeed for the Second City.
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on December 14, 2005
This is a great gift to any bulls fan, watching the dvd's brings back so many good memories. Michael Jordan the greatest NBA basketball player ever, crushing any opponent, destroying double even triple defense. Bulls were a dominating team, with the greatest player like MJ made them a huge and well known team all over the WORLD. People from different countires use to watch the Bulls as well know their full names and numbers. No one ever in history will ever be as BIG as Bulls we're in the 90's. No one cares if the Lakers win, unless you live in California. Let's face it, the whole world use to watch Bulls, each player had their own talent, MJ had good support, great guys who played together as a team in bad and good times. I'm tired of reading other reviwers comparing 70/80's Lakers to Bulls,

Bulls would crush them, the reason why the game ivolved to higher level and no one could match MJ and Da Bulls.

BULLS WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER 1 IN MY BOOK. Forget the fruity Lakers purchaes this DVD. It's a must have for any Bulls FAN.
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on October 18, 2005
This is an absolute must have for any self respecting Bulls fan. This set has all the championship documentries, and the bonus footage is 6 finals games including game 1 of the 92' finals where M.J. went off, and the game in Utah where he had food poisoning and the flu and still went off! The documentries have a little more footage than the vhs versions which is nice. And they take you through each championship season. Every pass, dunk, or steal that was memorable is there. I tend to appreciate the Bulls and this set at least 3 fold, because of the shear talent of the players on the club, the fact that this kind of thing does not happen everyday, and last but not least, I know a little bit about how management was behind the scenes. Could not suggest this for any true Bulls fan more!
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on September 28, 2005
Michael, Scottie, Phil. Do these names sound familiar? Soemtimes one name says it all. From 1991-1993 and 1996-1998, the BULLS won the championship. This dvd set not only takes you through their arduous journeys during their championship years, but it also includes some of the NBA's Greatest Games (i.e.-Game 5 of 1997 Finals; Game 6 of 1998 Finals). This is definitely a must have for any basketball fan. Are they alongside the storied Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics? That can be left to opinion, but you have to show the Chicago Bulls credit. They are one the best teams in sports history in terms of players and titles.
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on July 1, 2004
Haven't seen the whole set yet - but there's no question that it's a MUST HAVE for EVERY CHICAGO FAN - so we can remember the last time one of OUR teams won the whole enchilada. We all were a little happier back then - I planned my life around the Bulls' games - not wanting to miss ANY of it - Chicago fans KNOW the good stuff never lasts. I hope Bob Costas' best comment EVER is on this set: At the start of Game Three against the Jazz: "There's Karl Malone. In Game Two, he scored only two points more than a dead man."
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on June 7, 2004
As a true blue Chicago Bulls fan (until Krause lost his mind and broke up the dynasty of Jordan and Company)this DVD set is simply the best! I can put it on and relive some of the best basketball there ever was with Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Paxon, and the rest of the greatest team in NBA history. The sound and picture are superb and this is one DVD set that plays well on a big screen TV! I say it is a "slam dunk" for those who are Buls fans and fans of NBA at its best!
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on July 5, 2006
First of all, each of the 6 Chicago Bulls championship teams were great teams. The DVDs are perfect for lazy evenings or age-group team barbecues, but I do have two complaints:

1) The games are not in fact "complete" or "as it happened" - significant chunks are cut out of the games, especially 1998 game six. Several minutes are skipped. (On the other hand, I really appreciate the lack of commercials during the time-outs.)

2) These may be Jordan's best games of each series (I'm not even sure about that), but they are not the team's defining games. For instance, from the Lakers series I would have preferred game 2, where the Bulls found the answer to Magic Johnson won their first finals game; from the Blazers series, game 6, where Pippen lead the reserves in a great 4th quarter comeback to win the series. On the other hand, the 1993 (Paxson's 3) and 1998 (Jordan on Russell) selections are spot-on.

Nice set but I'm docking two stars for these issues.
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