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on November 25, 2008
There has been a pattern in the writing of NCIS that has always been fascinating. Ever since "Bete Noire" in Season 1, this series has always used it's season finale to essentially set up the next season's finale. "Bete Noire" introduced Ari Haswari. In the finale to Season 1, Jethro Gibbs shot Ari to cover Haswari's double agent status--though Gibbs would have preferred to kill Ari. Because Ari wasn't killed at the end of Season 1, he was able to murder Kate Todd at the end of Season 2. Because Ari shot Kate at the end of Season 2--and more importantly, WHY he chose to murder her--we were able to get the backstory of Gibbs revealed, the tragedy surrounding his first wife and daughter, which culminated with Jethro leaving the MTAC at the end of Season 3. Because of Gibbs' "retirement", NCIS Director Jenny Shepard was able to initiate her off-the-books operation against Rene Benoit, using Tony DiNozzo to romance La Grenouille's daughter Jeanne.
So as we get into Season 5, we have the culmination of Shepard's attempt to avenge her father's death by killing Benoit, though she crosses both the CIA and the FBI in the attempt. "Bury Your Dead"--especially its final scene--sets the tone for the season. Though the show has its usual action, interplay between its characters, and bawdiness that has made the show such a wonderful view, there also seems a certain weight to the season. The regular viewer knows the story with The Frog isn't over, moreover there has to be a deeper reason why Shepard seemed willing to pursue Benoit without government sanction. It is the playing out of this season that, again while the season has its usual fun, seems to give the season a somewhat sad tone.
Still, the performances are at their usual high standards. Mark Harmon's Gibbs is his usual self, though we are once again shown more of Jethro's past and his genuine heart. While Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo is his usual obnoxious self, the aftermath of the La Grenouille affair leaves our boy shaken, both because of his feelings for Jeanne and being used by Shepard. Tony's conscience comes in the form of Ziva David; who, while enjoying her usual verbal sparring with DiNozzo, also makes Tony own up to his feelings about what happened and what it may have done to Jeanne. Cote De Pablo's Ziva, with her hair straightened and deemphasizing her widow's peak, becomes a more Americanized woman (and the shots of Cote bending over ain't too bad, either). We didn't have an episode that featured Sean Murray's Tim McGee a season after The Probie's year with his nom de plume (Thom E. Gemcity), but Pauley Perrette's wonderful Abby Sciutto gets her usual fun, especially in "Dog Tags". David McCallum's Ducky Mallard is most representative of the tone of the season, because he becomes privy to the secret that Jenny hides through the season.
This leads to Lauren Holly, and the end of the Jenny Shepard storyline. Shepard seems calmer this season, especially after the disappearance of The Frog (Even propositioning Gibbs in "Lost And Found"), but we figure something had to have been motivating Jenny attempting something that would compromise the agency. That something plays out through the season, and is revealed in "Judgement Day", the two-part season finale, which of course sets the table for Season 6.
The high points of this season are "Ex-File", in which a part of Jethro's past becomes a part of an investigation (Plus, we get a visit from Susana Thompson's Hollis Mann--this episode is capped by a wonderfully sad sequence at the end), "Internal Affairs" (The body of La Grenouille resurfaces, and we meet Rocky Carroll's Leon Vance--Carroll draws greatly from Daniel Benzali's character in "The Agency" from earlier this decade), "About Face" (Where Brian Dietzen's Jimmy Palmer is featured, and reveals a slight obsession with footwear), "Judgement Day" (Which brings Gibbs and Shepard's long-ago Paris operation--the one where they also became lovers--to a full circle, as well as Jethro coming to a sad conclusion about the murder of The Frog), and the simply magnificent "Requiem", in which Gibbs, while aiding the now-grown best friend of his late daughter, is finally able to put to rest the loss of Shannon and Kelly.
Performances of note are Joe Spano--we don't see as much of Tobias Fornell as we usually do during a season. Susana Thompson, whose character retired from the Army when she realized Jethro hadn't recovered from losing his wife and daughter (Why do I suspect that Holly will appear again--in Hawaii, living on the grounds of a novelist, and driving a Ferrari?). Susan Kelichi Watson's Nikki Jardine, the NCIS Intelligence Analyst who happens to be a germophobe (Leading to many moments where the team exploits Jardine's phobia for their humor), and Muse Watson returning as Mike Franks in the season finale, with his usual cowboy demeanor. But Cameron Goodman's performance in "Requiem"--as Maddie Tyler, Kelly Gibbs' best friend as a child--gives the episode the impetus that sets Jethro toward finally making his peace with losing Shannon and Kelly.
NCIS has always been a fun show, with an ability to wrench at the heart in unexpected moments. This is a season that has an underlying tone of sadness and impending tragedy, and it gives the season some unusual depth.
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on May 1, 2014
2/2/2014 episode was good. NO Ziva BUT no Bishop either. Tony was lost on this show. Then came the new episode on 2/4/2014. Bishop was back. Fumbling and stumbling and back stabbing Gibbs at times. Bishop, in theory, could hit a base ball, but not the NCIS target. Would you trust her character to cover you 6? Not me! The best thing they should have done for her character was for Gibbs to head slap her and then boot her out the door. But, instead, it looks like we are going to have to put up with the SITTING ON THE DESK or IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR, just like my grand kids. I think she would do better on 2 1/2 Men. For God sake, Bishop is no Kate or Ziva. She is more like the empty chair. For me, I may consider using the "V" ship on my TV for any more new episodes. It is apparent the producer does not care about his product any more. Perhaps it's time to go. Too Bad. Thank God for re-runs!
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on August 29, 2008
I will begin with a simple statement:

I love NCIS. I am a huge fan, and collect everything I can that has anything to do with the show... okay, I'm a geek about it.

That being said, the fifth season is definitely not something I would recommend to people that are new to the series.

Fans of the series will buy it, regardless, as I did (and you notice that even though I don't care for this season I still gave it a 4 star rating!). But for new commers, it does not have the draw of the previous seasons. Too much of the character interactions that we have all loved for so many years is being covered over by heavy plot and what seems to be writers running out of new gags. NCIS is not a comedy, and I would never want it to be, but far too often in season five we are weighed down with the long and drawn out Director vs. Arms Dealer plot and the after effects of it. The characters seem to be poked and prodded into attempting to maintain their usual interactions, when it is obvious that so many of those things need to change with time.

Really, it isn't bad... compared to most of the other shows that were out that year, it is still in my top five. But it is a poor example of what most NCIS fans have grown to love.

Bottom Line: If you are a fan, then you've already bought it. If you are thinking about getting into the show more, or have never tried it out, start earlier in. Seasons One and Two are fantastic, and really let you get to know the crew that the rest of us love.
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on October 30, 2008
The fifth series has all the drama, suspense, action and sex appeal of the previous seasons. The characters and the show itself appears to be improving with age. Gibbs is still the man that every woman would love to take home, DiNozo is the naughty big brother, Probie is the nice guy next door and Zeva well she is a sexy kiilling machine that most men would die for. These characters are loyally supported by Ducky and Abby who are both quirky to say the least! It's a great show and a great way to relax and waste a few hours.
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on October 19, 2008
We were a little late in joining the following of NCIS, but we certainly do not regret a single minute of this wonderful series. We own them all and look forward to the next release of each new season. Great characters for you to both love and hate. Strong story lines to hold your attention and stir the imagination. Absolutely wonderful!
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on March 9, 2010
The NCIS series is well written.

The characters have depth and are interesting. In particular the interpersonal exchanges are witty, hilarious, and often consistent with meaningful, appropriate, interpersonal interaction. The writers avoid characters that do too much bickering. The characters are not models of "codependency". When characters exhibit a high degree of personal accountability, integrity and resourcefulness, this is presented in a good light. When characters exhibit "entitlement", "unreasonable dependency", or authority without responsibility, this is presented in a bad light.

Regardless of medium, all story tellers have an obligation to their communities to exhibit acceptable behaviors and attitudes as generally beneficial; unacceptable behaviors and attitudes as generally problematic; to demonstrate proper grammar; and of course, to entertain.

The writers, players, directors and editors seem to have embraced their responsibility as story tellers and have honed their craft to story telling excellence.
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on September 20, 2012
Amazon has rejected my two previous reviews. I will try to write one they like, because the seller of this product has great service, and other people might like to know that. I'm not going to gush about the show NCIS - obviously I bought the DVD because I like the show. I now have a working DVD set for season 5. The first set that shipped had a bad disk, but the seller did a great job of correcting the problem.
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on July 8, 2013
I am always happy with NCIS, no matter what, but I ordered season 5 and season 6 from the same company, the same day (actually within a minute and a half of each other) and they came seperately and with 2 shipping charges. Season 5 packaging was a little more ragged and looked like the box had been crushed. The disks are fine though, which is the main thing...
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on June 30, 2013
The cover was banged up but other than that all is good. i think if it were packaged for shipping better the cover would not have gotten beat up so badly. It was shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.
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on August 17, 2013
I would recommend this to anyone who likes to watch NCIS. It was a good year for NCIS and I enjoy the interchange between Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo. To bad she is leaving.
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