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on January 8, 2013
This is an action figure based on the movie Django Unchained. People on here calling it racist and the like, are ignorant and looking for reasons to promote hatred and stupidity. If fans of this film want to collect memorabilia and action figures based off of a movie they enjoyed, it is a far stretch to say that the makers of this movie are attempting to make money off of slavery by selling action figures based on the film. They are in fact trying to make money off of people buying into their merchandise. There is nothing racist about making a toy based off of a character from a movie. Racism is people on here implying that this was racially motivated to make money off of slavery.

Side note, no one is posting negative reviews for Leonardo DiCaprio's action figure Calvin Candie. Somehow it is racist to make a figure based on a character in a movie who played a slave, but no one has a problem with them making an action figure based on a bigot, abusive slave owner? It's a movie people, and these are toys based on the movie. Nothing more. Tarantino is a nerd like me, he has made action figure lines based off of a few of his movies now, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Death Proof. These Django Unchained figures are done in the Classic MEGO style from the 1970's as a nod to the point in time of the genre this movie is paying homage to...DUH!


Just got word that they are pulling these figures and discontinuing them. Now the prices are going through the roof. I missed the first round of these figures which already bummed me out because I am an action figure collector and I just didn't have the money. I ordered it on January 9th and Amazon said my order wouldn't ship until January 28th. I've eagerly been waiting weeks for this figure to ship. Now that the figures are being pulled I am worried I won't ever get mine and it will get cancelled. Now they're selling for hundreds and even thousands of dollars online which I certainly can't afford. So you can pay to see the movie in the theater, you can buy it on Blu-Ray, you can get t-shirts for it and no one seems to care about that, but for some reason people have a problem with the action figures? I am super bummed and pretty pissed that I may not get this figure now because so many people found it offensive and are now having them pulled. All I am trying to do is add a cool action figure from a movie I really liked to my collection of old and random action figures. I am not trying to offend anyone and now I feel like I am being punished. Such a bummer man.


I ordered this right before it was pulled from this site and other sites, back on January 9th. It finally shipped on January 29th and I got it for slightly above the retail price of $29.99. I paid about ten dollars more than that, not the absurd $800 or $2,000 I've seen some people selling and paying for this. I am super stoked that my order was actually fulfilled and that I didn't have to pay a ridiculous price for it. The figure looks great in the box, good detail, good tailored clothing. I hope that someday action figures and comic books will be afforded the same artistic integrity that film, music and paintings are. There has been no talk of pulling this movie from the theater or not selling it on Blu-Ray, I see no reason why this figure shouldn't be given the same artistic freedom and it should not be pulled from online vendors. Comic books aren't just super hero stories for kids, and action figures aren't just toys for kids, they are art, and some of the oldest mediums of art.
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on January 8, 2013
As a minority who has ancestors whom where slaves I loved the film & love the dolls. Why is Django the racist doll?!? What about the slave owner, house slave, or hired gun? Would a movie about Native Americans getting revenge be racist (battle of Little Bighorn)? Would dolls/actions figure be racist? No. This movie made people uncomfortable, & it should. History & films are white washed. So the fact that people are upset is good, now they'll realize that the us was built on destroying other people groups.
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on January 7, 2013
No one is asking people to rate slavery on a five star scale here. Keep in mind we are rating action figures made from crazy characters in a fictional movie in an alternate reality based around slavery. The past is full of ignorance and people have always been into strange, deranged, sick s***. Slavery being among the top of the sick twisted s*** list.. This is obviously the future and these figures will be serious collectibles one day soon. This is America and folks have freedom of expression and speech, which is what makes it so great. These one star reviews are antiAmerican. Stop trying to make this country as sheltered as you are with your pin hole point of view. Tarantino is doing the same exact thing he did with Bastards by turning the tables on a FD up horrific historic event here. He's turning a victim into a hero. Calm down! I'm merely a customer trying to conduct a transaction... Don't take offense to figures it makes you sound homely and uptight. Stop saying that if you buy an action figure it becomes your tiny plastic slave. That's FD up logic and holds zero relevance. Am I the only one who was going to take my Django figure and exact revenge on Candie and Steven and save Broomhilda? Folks are puckered so tight nowadays. HAHA
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on January 10, 2013
Seriously. People are just LOOKING FOR A REASON to be offended at this point. It's just an action figure/novelty toy (I doubt the kiddies are looking at this one.) based on a critically acclaimed Tarantino movie, that is being bashed in this overly sensitive society. I found Django to be an empowering character. Let's get down to brass tacks. It's an action figure, based on an outfit he wore in the movie (just like every other figure in the line) in a cowboy suit with a gun. How horrible! The only people that are angry are people that have a problem with the movie.
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on January 9, 2013
These figures are the greatest collectibles ever! The movie was amazing and these little things are fantastic! So much fun to play with them and recreate all your favorite scenes from the movie! Buy a set for all of your friends!
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on January 9, 2013
I fail to see how the toys are racist in the slightest. Even if a young child bought one of these figurines, they would not of seen the film and therefore would not know anything about the character the figures are meant to represent. So all they will have is a dark skinned cowboy named Django, a pompous looking man called Candie and a smartly dressed man called Schultz etc. What is considered "Racist" is ridiculous these days.You people complaining are far more racist for considering selling a dark skinned doll as racist.
Great figurine which makes a great collectable. Good piece of memorabilia.Not racist in the slightest so ignore the idiots who think it is.
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on January 23, 2013
I don't care what race you are, but if you find anything about these collectable dolls offensive, you are an idiot. Django Unchained is a movie about a white man who frees a black man and they work together to rescue the black mans wife. The movie shows how slavery is wrong, and how awful the white plantation owners were back then. The film contains racist characters, but is not a racist film. The film is also rated R for violence, language, and brief nudity, meaning only people ages 17 and up can see it. The fans of this film are adults and said fans are the ones who would purchase these collectable dolls, which by the way, are also rated 17 and up. Therefore, the only people who would be able to obtain these dolls are adults. NO CHILDREN ARE ABLE TO OBTAIN THESE DOLLS OR PLAY WITH THEM OR REENACT VIOLENT ACTIONS UNLESS A PARENT GAVE IT TO THEM! And all you idiots had to get butthurt that a doll which is considered a collectable, not to be opened or played with and therefore does not match the description of a "toy", you managed to stop production. This has backfired on you, because now these are rare and extremely valuable. These $30 dolls are now worth several hundred dollars, and will forever be remembered and treasured. I never see these kinds of reviews on collectables for things like Patrick Bateman, Michael Myers, or even Halo or Gears of War dolls. People in this country are perfectly fine with violence. But if you add racism into the mix, everybody suddenly turns into ignorant morons. I was fortunate enough to purchase a set of these before they were discontinued, but I feel bad for other fans of the movie like myself who will either never get them or have to pay thousands of dollars to require such an amazing set. Again, I stress, they are collectable adult dolls made for an adult movie which isn't even racist in the first place, and if you believe anything different whether you're white, black, or anything else, you are a fool.
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on January 9, 2013
Seriously? Racism?

You people have wayyyyyyy too much time on your hands. It's not like a bunch of children are going to be buying these at their local Wally World and re-enacting scenes of slavery. C'mon. It's a movie. A fictional piece of art.

Were there racist or discriminatory comments over a Lando Calrissian action figure from the Empire Strikes Back? I mean he WAS depicted as a thief, a scoundrel, a gambler and possibly a nerf-herder. These should have been pulled from the shelves!!

What about...wait for it....Slave Leia???

She even had chains on her as Jabba's pleasure slave in her "Slave Leia" outfit. Clutch the pearls, girl!! Mercy me!

That's about as much of a ridiculous statement as this stuff about Django. It's a toy. If you don't want it. Don't buy it.
There you go. Now go back to your life.

Easy huh?
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on January 9, 2013
you guys are reading way too much into this it's a collectible action figure based on a movie, nothing more.
the figure doesn't promote slavery itself, can you see any suggestions from looking at it that it suggests slavery no

get a grip
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on January 18, 2013
I wanted a couple of these so badly. I was waiting until my next pay period so I could get them. Being an African American man I enjoyed the idea of a bad ass freed slave becoming a bad ass assassin and doing some damage control. However, some race groups only out for their own gain and exposure want to complain about something that was actually a good spin on a dark part of America. Im not paying 2 grand for one of these, I still want one!!
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