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Capacity: N600|Model: Cable Modem Router|Change
Price:$109.65+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on July 20, 2014
I moved into a new place in LA recently and needed a reliable wireless cable modem & router that was compatible with Time Warner, as I work from home from the computer doing remote software configuration and hold a lot of shared-screen net meetings every day. Although some will advise you to get a separate modem and router rather than a combined unit, I decided to try this combo modem/router ("gateway"), and in 2 months of use, it's been very fast, reliable, and perfect for my needs.

For those who aren't sure what is meant by "dual band," it means that when you go to connect to a wireless network, you'll see two signals there coming from this router that you can connect to (using the default password provided on a little sticker on the unit itself). The 2.4 GHz band connection is slower and likely more congested with most of your neighbors who are probably using this band, but it has a longer wireless range than the the 5 GHz band, which is likely much less congested due to the need for both a 5 GHz capable router as well as a 5 GHz capable wireless card in your computer or device, and much faster (double for me), but with shorter range.

Unless/until you change them using the Genie software (covered below), they'll probably show up in the list as something like NETGEAR for the 2.4 band, and NETGEAR 5G if your wireless card is 5 GHz capable. It's usually a good idea to change these to something more unique so that potential hackers don't know what router/gateway you are using. On with my personal results . . .

I don't like wires, so I only connect wirelessly, and I can only tell you what my wireless connection results have been living in a 1000 sq. ft., 2 bedroom condo in the heart of Los Angeles where right now I'm seeing 16 other 2.4 GHz wireless networks and one other 5 GHz.

Range - While the range is shorter on the 5 GHz signal, for me, it only goes down 1 bar if I move to another room, but this is going to vary by your own floor plan, walls between rooms, how congested your area is with others connecting on the same band and channel, etc.

Speed - I just ran a test while writing up this review and got 104.14 Mbps download and 11.10 upload speeds on the 5 GHz band. I normally get anywhere from 80 Mbps or so at the most congested times of day, to a high of almost 110 Mbps on the 5 GHz band, and anywhere from 40 to 50 Mbps downloads speeds on the 2.4 band, and consistently 10 Mbps or so upload speed on both bands. Again, keep in mind that the speed you may get will depend on what speed you pay your Internet provider for, whether your wireless card is capable of receiving the 5.0 signal to get the faster speed this modem is capable of, network congestion, etc.

Oddly, the card in my newer computer isn't 5 Ghz capable, so I don't' see that network connection in my list when logging on from that computer, while the wireless card in my older computer is 5 GHz capable. Also, my old iPhone 4s isn't, while my iPad 4 is. But for me, getting speeds of around 50 Mbps pretty consistently on the 2.4 band in a congested area with 4 devices connected (not including my wireless printer) is far more than I need to do anything I do with my computers.

Reliability - What was most important to me was reliability with no dropped connections while I'm working, and so far it's been rock solid. In over 2 months, I've had a total of one time where it disconnected at about midnight for about 10 minutes and then connected on its own again without my needing to do anything. I suspect the drop was the cable company and not the unit. I have not had to reset the unit even once.

One more thing I'm pleased about is that my Brother MFC-7860DW wireless All-In-One printer (in a different room than this Netgear Gateway) has no issues scanning wirelessly with this. I was a little concerned because I temporarily lived in another condo for 2 months while waiting to move into this one, that place had a Netgear Gateway, and I couldn't get it to scan wirelessly, something I never had a problem with when I was using my DSL wireless modem from AT&T. This is important for me because I sometimes have to sign and scan documents to send, and it seems like everyone has moved to emailing scanned documents instead of faxing.

I found the Netgear Genie software intuitive and easy to use/navigate. To log in, simply type into the address bar in your browser, or "" (works the same). There, you'll see a place to type in a username and password. The default username "admin," and the default password is "password" (unless/until you change it), and you're in!

From there, you can do all sorts of things including seeing what channels your neighbors are on so that you can pick a less congested channel. I let the software choose the least congested channel for me (choose "Auto" for this). You can also change the default connection password from the one on the sticker on your Netgear unit if you want, see the status of your cable connection (good, fair, etc.), a network map showing the number of devices connected to the router/gateway, what they are (if you see something unfamiliar, someone might be on your network), set parental controls, and even enable a "Guest" wireless network that visiting guests can use to connect, separate from your own so that you don't have to give them your connection password.

One last thing. From the other reviews I've read, you can't connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with this unit. If you don't know what that is, you probably don't need to care. Until recently, my work required using a VPN for certain things. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Otherwise, this device wouldn't work for my needs.

I hope this review helps others who have either already purchased it, or might be considering it. Again, I can only give you my experience with this device after using it for 2 months. Your results may vary.
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on April 19, 2014
Pros: With windows 8.1 and Time Warner Cable the installation was very simple. Had to call Time Warner to make it recognize the new modem, once they recognized it, it worked perfectly and my internet is CONSIDERABLY faster right out of the box than the one Time Warner rented to me.

Cons: This isn't a fault of this product, but if you get your home phone and internet through Time Warner Cable you'll need to keep the Time Warner modem for the phone service and use this one for the internet. Pro is Time Warner no longer charges me for rental of their modem since the modem is only used for phone. Since both modems require their own coaxial cable, a coaxial splitter and a separate coaxial cord was needed for me to continue my current phone and internet service. When I purchased this I hadn't anticpated needing to keep the old modem or needing the extra coaxial cord and splitter.
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on March 22, 2014
I was paying $4.99 a month for the only version available, a low end modem, from the cable company here on Hawaii. Take that and tax, you're looking at $5.22 a month in a fee that also required me to purchase (or rent) a router. Boxes and wires everywhere.

This item, the Netgear N600 (C3700), is super. I no longer pay a fee to the cable co. and no longer need a router. It comes with a cable co. coaxial cable input, power cord plug, and two outputs to Ethernet cables. I am using both outputs, and also have a wireless desktop, wireless printer, 2 Wi-Fi Blu-Ray players, a Nexus 7, and an iPad Mini running off this modem. It's perfect. No longer a dropped signal, never slow regardless of units online, as was the case with the rental. I have Pandora music on all-the-time and no problems. Smooth sailing and you should research this modem further prior to buying so you know what you're getting... although I've already stated its positives and NO negatives to it. It pays for itself in around a year (in rental savings) and then you're completely free riding from increasing cable co. fees and taxes on a low-end, always something requiring "resetting" garbage modem connecting to a router. Enjoy!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 10, 2014
PROS: easy to set up; worked great wired
CONS: wifi speeds HORRIBLE!
OTHER: never tried to connect an external drive though that was the plan - saw other review, sounds like I dodged a bullet

I bought this router because I was switching from AT&T to Time Warner and didn't want to rent the modem. Everything set up fine and it was a breeze to get connected, however, I ran some speed tests (...) before shutting down AT&T service - went to different parts of house and tested wifi and also tested both wired. The results were surprising - my AT&T which is lowest service you can get, consistently outperformed with about 70-80% better download and 30% better upload speeds. As I got closer to Netgear, ti did perform better but never outperformed AT&T at even the furthest location.

Then I wired them - AT&T router performed the same wired or wifi, while the Netgear doubled in download speed wired (same upload - like Time Warner caps it there). Since I was speed testing, thought I'd check my Verizon hot spot over cell (disconnected from the wifi's in the house) - it WAY outperformed the ALL the wifi in the house.

So, I'm going to research a new router with better wifi capabilities and return this product.

May 13 UPDATE: To solve my problem, I purchased a cable modem and router separately. Apparently, combos are notorious for poor WiFi, which since I don't have remotely the fastest internet service I didn't think would impact me. It did! I was OK to pay more if it helped and I am now getting WiFi speeds equal to wired using relatively cheap Netgear cable modem (CMD31T) and Netgear Nighthawk router (this is the important part).
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hello Geraldine,

If you would like our support team to give you a hand please let us know! You can reach them at at any time-- they will gladly help figure out why the speeds are slower.


on April 6, 2014
I'm not going to write a long review because I don't really know all technical lingo. I bought it so I could stop paying rental fees from cox cable. I will say that it works just as good as the one they had given me. it was very easy to install. I just had to call Cox and register it with them for the internet to work. I have a smart tv and desktop with wifi card. it's all working fine and that's all I needed.
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Capacity: N300|Model: Cable Modem Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Many people shopping for a modem are looking to save rental fees from their cable company. I am definitely one of them; fees vary but usually range from $8 to $12 a month to rent a modem. This review will address a few issues I haven't seen discussed much yet, and hopefully help out you guys looking to save a few bucks. Point by point:

--Comcast is the primary provider in my area, and please note THIS MODEM WILL NOT REPLACE THE RENTAL IF YOU HAVE THE "TRIPLE PLAY" DEAL. The reason is this modem does not support digital phone service, and Comcast has to run your phone through the modem, so you can run the WiFi separately if you want but you will still need their modem for the phone. I know to many of you that would be obvious, but I only realized it when I asked the cable installation guy about replacing the modem.

--Xfinity's rental modem is actually nicer and more substantial than this one (assuming you have their latest "X1" model). The NETGEAR Modem does feel kinda chintzy, and in my opinion will give you a smaller Wifi range (reviewers are all over the map about this). I didn't like the vagueness of the range description "for medium-sized homes". What does that mean, exactly? Medium-sized compared to what? We only use the internet in one pretty compact space, so it doesn't matter much to us, but if you have anything bigger than 1700 square feet (or the home is very spread-out) you might want to get a larger-range product.

--I did like the guest network access feature for a separate, secure connection for visitors. Comcast just started featuring their version of a secure guest network in my area this month.

--I do feel this modem is a tad over-priced: It will take at least a year of use before it pays for itself in saved rental fees, and it's not as nice as the rental most people get, from Comcast at least.

Keep in mind I'm not a techie, just an average user who needs things to be very straight-forward. I'm not qualified to answer technical questions on the product, but I hope the above basic information helps some of you out while you're shopping for your product.

I am deducting a star for the high price compared to the flimsiness and slightness of the modem itself. I may adjust this review as time goes by to reflect any quality issues.

For now:
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on April 15, 2014
I had a separate Motorola modem and a Netgear N router, which were 9 and 4 years old respectively. I decided to replace these and was comparing between ARRIS / Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580 and Netgear C3700 modem with N router combo. After going through the specs I found 2 major differences between them -
- Netgear has a USB 2.0 port but Motorola does not. If you want to connect an external drive, this is an issue with Motorola.
- Netgear has only 2 Ethernet ports and Motorola has 4. If you plan to have more than 2 devices wired to the modem then this is an issue with Netgear,
I decided to go with Netgear as I wanted a USB port. I hooked up a USB drive to the port and now I can use that drive as a network drive and access / backup my files over the Wi-Fi. I also hooked up my Vonage phone router and it works perfectly. In last 10 days I have not yet experienced any dropped or slow connection.
I downloaded the Netgear Genie app on my iPhone 4s and iPad. The app is a big disappointment - Network Map, Traffic Meter, hang up every time. Neither I find the UI user friendly. These features work fine on the computer though.
Except for the Genie app I am happy with the purchase. Hope Netgear comes with an updated app soon.
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on March 18, 2014
I would recommend Comcast customers to buy this modem

easy to activate (using self-installation from Comcast)

Fast download and upload speed
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on March 17, 2014
I bought it yesterday to replace TWC modem. It's much faster than similar product I was using before. Dual wireless of 2.4 and 5G is super cool and handy.
I will change my review, if it broke or any thing happened with it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 25, 2014
The Wireless router failed after 5 months of use on a Comcast account. I went to return this product. Amazon has a 30 day return policy so no dice there. I called NETGEAR, and amazingly, NETGEAR's customer service supervisor Azam says their warranty is voided when sold through Amazon. Typically, you buy a piece of equipment, like an external hard drive through a 3rd party. If it fails, either the store where you purchased the product covers it under their warranty or they pass you on to the original manufacturer. The original manufacturer's warranty supersedes the store's warranty. With NETGEAR, they do not back their products sold through Amazon. It is completely unacceptable for a company to not warranty a product for at least a year.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi D.S.,

We are very concerned about this. Amazon is an authorized retailer of NETGEAR products, and as long as you didn't buy a refurbished product, our standard manufacturer's warranty will be honored.

Please contact us as soon as you can at so we can address this and get things working for you. (Please understand a few days delay due to the holiday tomorrow/Friday!)



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