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on February 21, 2014
I read all of the reviews, talked to my very techy son, and decided to get this modem/router despite all the problems posted by others regarding Comcast.

I read everything that came with the unit, and then downloaded the user manual (you can get it off the web by searching for CG3000Dv2 user manual or going to the Netgear site). I'm not particularly tech-savvy, and found the user manual to be somewhat less than user friendly since they wrote it as if you knew what they were talking about. In the end, I found that you really only need it to change your passwords (both to the gateway and for your wifi) to something a bit more memorable and provide a network name (SSIP) so you can identify it easily when trying to connect wireless devices (neither of these are mandatory changes, but I like my own network name and passwords). I'm sure others who are more techy than I am will find the user manual helpful for other things, too.

Having read everything I thought I could reasonably understand, I decided to go ahead and try to get it up and running. I really didn't want to call Comcast because of what many other reviewers complained about. One reviewer noted I could just get it activated using the internet, so I figured I'd do it that way. I followed the instructions in the quick installation guide, connected all the wires/cables, and turned it on. I had no problems connecting to the gateway as instructed, I then named my network and changed the password. Then came the time to get it activated so I could use the internet. Great idea to do that via the internet, but I had no internet connection on my computer because the modem/router wasn't activated yet (backwards logic here, I suppose). Went out on the net on my 4G device to the Comcast activation site. I put in my account number and then tried to put in my phone number so they could locate/verify my account, but the screen would freeze up every time and I'd eventually get an error page that said to call Comcast. This happened 3 times, at which point I decided to bite the bullet and call them.

When the rep answered, I said I needed a new modem/router provisioned. She verified my account information, and asked me for the MAC address. For those who are non-techy like me, that's the CM MAC number on the unit (not the cable MAC address or device MAC address that you see on the modem status screen when you log into the gateway). I gave that to her and the she asked how many lights were lit on the unit. I thought that was an odd question, but I told her there were 6 lights on and then she did what she needed to do. She never asked me for a make or model - just the MAC address. It took a couple minutes, with the lights on the unit giving the impression that it was rebooting, but it eventually took. About 2 minutes after it went thru the provisioning process, I had internet access and was able to connect wifi devices easily.

As far as performance, the unit appears to be working quite nicely. The range covers my entire (~2000 sq.ft.) condo. The speed is VERY FAST. There is a noticeable improvement in the amount of time it takes web pages load and I am able connect to VPN networks for work very quickly. I tested it on our smart TV and had no problems with buffering or pauses when streaming TV shows/movies (buffering/pausing and lost wifi signals were definitely problems we experienced quite frequently with the Comcast modem/router). If I had one wish, it would be that it would be nice to take it off the built-in stand and put it in a less conspicuous space/position (e.g., to lay it flat). Otherwise, no complaints. Good router/modem that wasn't too painful to install. Even better, I won't have to pay rental fees to Comcast for their less-than-wonderful equipment.
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on February 11, 2014
I tried self-installing this with comcast and as suggested by a previous reviewer, Comcast/ Xfinity "tech-support" tried to tell me that this router was not supported and that it was not factory new because they couldn't identify the mac address, even though it clearly shows this device on their list of approved devices and the box is stamped with Xfinity.

A point of note however that hasn't been previously discussed, is that Comcast/ Xfinity wants you to tell them its make and model;
Make is Netgear
Model is CG3000Dv2

if you tell them "N450-100NAS" for the model, they will tell you the device isn't supported. I didn't find this out until the third-party installer was at the house. He was trying to register the device as the "100NAS" when I looked a little closer at the box and saw CG3000Dv2. Once he gave them that info, there were no more issues.
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on January 23, 2014
*Update* It appears that is now listed as an approved device with Xfinity -March 2014

Modem and wireless perform well (2 weeks in)... However, if you have Xfinity and you want it activated on their service (as of 1-10-2014) expect resistance getting it approved (Sure "Xfinity is plastered on the front of the box it came in)... The install techs didn't have the modem listed with their devices and advised me to rent theirs or exchange it, they also called the techs and they swear it's not approved and to just exchange it. I finally just told them to leave. I called in to get it activated, they provisioned it and then after all that they decided to tell me it's not approved and to return it... I continued to argue with them, they then told me to bring it to their store to get me off the line. I hung up, waited for the headspin to subside and just decided to restart my modem. Guess what happens... It works perfectly.

TL, DR: Just keep calling the xfinity to activate this modem as a "CG3000DV2" till someone sends a signal to it... Its going to work, even if they swear up and down it is not approved... Their Provisioning/Engineering teams and CSR "techs" use tin cans and a string to communicate with each other!

Added model# I used to activate it "CG3000DV2"

3/22/2014- Device is dependable and quick, no regrets with Netgear. Can't speak much for actual wifi range. I've probably wandered 60' max w/ my laptop in a 1 story, well within range.
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on January 30, 2014
Love this. cable router/modem, I was using a ubee modem /router provided by time warner speeds were lacking so I purchased this and my speeds are always at or above what I am provisioned. Anytime you go with netgear products you will not be disappointed
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on March 14, 2014
After initially hooking up this modem/router, the wired (laptop connected via ethernet cable) speed was 57Mbts, but the wireless speed was ~4Mbts.

I called Netgear's technical support and the first representative wasn't able to resolve my issue and asked me to call back in two hours. The next technician was able to help me set some more advanced features (power settings and channel to be specific) to get the wireless speed to almost match the wired speed.

So in the end, this unit is working but it needed more than the default and obvious settings.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 10, 2014
*** Update 11/1/2014 This will be the last update. Netgear now states this on their website;

Please note that there is no option in the web interface to upgrade the firmware manually. Firmware upgrades are pushed down by the ISP.


My ISP (Comcast) has not seen fit to update my firmware with a version supporting the features I originally mentioned but did summarily lock me out of what little control I had over the device. The USB sharing works, kinda. I cannot administrate it in anyway in terms of security or network segmentation. It's plug and pray.

Do not buy this or any Netgear device. You'll be getting a black box you cannot control and only hope works as you wish. How is that different from renting a modem?

Update 8/182014 Still no firmware update.

***Update 6/16/14 one month later. In spite of Netgear's efforts to ensure they respond to any negative reviews (see comments), they have yet to post a firmware revision as promised addressing these concerns. Perhaps they should a bit less time on marketing and a bit more on product development.***

I have been doing networking both on a personal and professional basis for some 20 years. I remember when Bay Networks started putting out these small purple boxes as personal network hubs that were light years better than anything you could get for a small office or home network at the time.

Since the spin off and IPO they have changed quite a bit with the landscape of the market. Perhaps that reality contributes to this problem, perhaps it's a one-off. All I can say is I am extremely disappointed in this purchase.

As the product listing clearly states this item is to contain 2 features, both of which were part of my decision to purchase this over competing products with like for like features;

1. Guest WiFi network.
2. USB sharing.

I was disappointed to see no guest network on first configuring the device. I am out right amazed Netgear would release this product to market without USB sharing being supported. Other reviews claim to have some luck with it, but in my case a tech on Netgear's live chat system told me this feature is not supported at this time.

me: yes, so if we can get to the problem. I note the documentation says web interface control of the sharing function is not fully implemented
Johnpaul Delatorre: Thank you for patiently waiting Mr. (me).
Johnpaul Delatorre: As I checked, the USB port of the device does not have a function yet as of now. It is created for future use.
me: netgear marketied a product advertising a feature they have not implemented?
me: I bought this router for this reason
Johnpaul Delatorre: I do apologize for that.

It's hard to accept that a company's reputation I have recommended and defended to numerous family and customers over the years would consciously find marketing a product clearly not ready for release acceptable or ethical. Given this experience I will dubiously evaluate any claims of a Netgear device before any future purchase. I would recommend you do the same.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Sharon,

We thank you for being a longtime NETGEAR customer and understand your frustration. We want to help directly. The guest network is a planned feature for a future firmware release, but USB sharing should be supported.

Please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience at, and we'll work with you to help you get the best out of your N450!


on February 24, 2014
I have a 2200sq ft 2 level home and with the N450 I did not need a range extender. Easy setup and works great. So far so good.
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on January 23, 2014
This a high quality product from netgear, wifi range is great, easy setup, gigabit ports, streaming to smart tv with no buffering. I will highly recommend this product to anybody looking to buy their own cable modem.
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on February 25, 2014
TWC Modem ARRIS DG860 gave me 25 - 30 FT. I called them 3 times over a 2 month period and each time they said it was working find. I replaced it with the N450 - now it covers about 100ft. out and on 2 floors 6,000 sp ft. It is almost twice the speed and works GREAT. It took about 30 mins on the phone with TWC to install.
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on June 20, 2015
This is a great cable modem router. I was tired of paying the $10.00 a month rental fee to Comcast for their Arris Gateway, so I decided to purchase this one from Netgear. I could not be happier. Also, While the WiFi on the Arris Gateway worked well, the 4 LAN ports on the router were always losing their connections, and the router would have to be rebooted, in order to get the connections back. The Netgear router remedied this issue. Both the 4 LAN ports, and the Wifi work great, on the Netgear, and it has not dropped one connection yet, from either source. The setup was surprisingly simple, even for a Comcast connection. I actually did have to call Comcast, because the online activation did not work. For all the bad rap that Comcast gets, the lady on the other end was very nice, and had the internet connection up, and running, in about 15 minutes. You have to give Comcast the CM MAC Address (not the router MAC, which is only one Octet number difference), and the model of the Netgear Cable Modem Router. The model number for the Netgear is actually CG3000DV2, and not N450, so you need to give Comcast the first one. Both of these numbers are actually listed on the side of the Netgear. It took about 10 minutes for Comcast to push a firmware update to the Netgear, and the internet was up, and running. I have not had a hiccup with either the internet service, or the Wifi/LAN connections yet. The Wifi radio is very strong, and I get "excellent" connections throughout the house. My main computer, Roku 2 and Plex Server are hard wired to the router, While a second computer, MacBook, Roku 3, Sony Blu-Ray Player, MS Surface Pro 3, and 2 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phones are all connected to the Wifi intermittently, without any issues at all. We will have to see about durability over time, but I have never had any issues with Netear products, and still have a Netgear Router that has been working great, for over 5 years, with no issues. The biggest cause of failure with equipment like this is heat. Keep the Netgear out in the open, so air can circulate around it, and you should have no issues at all. The only reason I gave the Netgear 4 stars, instead of 5, is that it has a somewhat limited firmware interface. You do not get as many network choices, as some of the other brands out there, but for the average user it will be fine. I am a Computer Network Tech, by trade, so I like to be able to have a little more control over my equipment is all. This Netgear Modem/Router Model also comes in 2 other "N" wireless speeds, a N300, and an N600. However, the N450 is the only one with a 4 port gigabit router built in. The other 2 models are limited to 2 gigabit ports each. There is also an "AC" wireless version, with 4 ports, but it is about $100 more than the N450. I would highly recommend this Netgear Modem/Router to anyone, especially if you want a better product than you get with your ISP, and do not want to pay a monthly rental fee.
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