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The manufacturer commented on the review below
2,357 of 2,509 people found the following review helpful
on May 11, 2014
I wouldn't normally start off a review with an autobiography but for a device like this - especially considering what I'm going to say about it - I think it's important information for the review reader to have.

I've been in network engineering for almost 20 years and have been designing networks for Fortune 10 companies for the past decade. I've sold, used, configured, and even helped design networking devices in both my professional and personal life. I've used a half dozen different brands over the years here in my home but I've been a loyal Netgear customer for about 6 years. I've also been an active participant in Netgear consumer beta testing and a couple of the Netgear devices you see on Amazon today are the result of input from myself and others. I've had a very productive relationship with Netgear and they've been very good to me during that time.

My first impression of this router was simply "wow". The 5Ghz range on this unit was easily 20% better than both the Netgear WNDR3700 and the Asus RT-N66U. There were places in my house where I couldn't get a reliable 5Ghz connection before that now had superb coverage. The R7000 was instantly worth the money. I have approximately 35 devices on my network with two external Access Points hard-wired to the router. Total throughput increased slightly on the entire network but since I don't have any 802.11ac clients, I couldn't push the router to see what kind of max throughput I could get.

There's not really much more I can say than that. Like most of the Netgear routers I've used before, it took about 10 minutes to configure and after that everything just worked. I don't have to worry about interference (closest neighboring network is at least 2 miles away). I don't use the USB/NAS/Media server functions (which have been unreliable on several Netgear models).

Unfortunately, about 3 days in, my kids started telling me they couldn't print. I did a couple of days of troubleshooting and I tried defaulting and reconfiguring the printer. Normally, my kids are connected to one of the APs. If I connected them directly to the R7000 wirelessly, they could print again. The only thing that fixed the problem was rebooting the router.

Without going into exhaustive detail, here is what I found:

1. Multiple online reports of people intermittently losing connectivity to wireless printers (HP, Canon, or in my case, Epson)
2. Printer wasn't the only problem. While connected directly via wireless to the R7000, I couldn't connect to other wired devices.
3. After much online discussion with other users, it appears that wired and wireless devices are losing the ability to see each other after some period of runtime.
4. When the problem appears, wireless devices connected to the R7000 appear in the WIRED section of the "attached devices" screen.
5. Rebooting the problem ALWAYS fixes the issue. Within 48 hours or so after the reboot, the problem re-appears.

This nagging issue isn't a showstopper but it is frustrating. What happened next is ultimately why I'm only giving this router 2 stars.

After 2 weeks of working on the issue, I opened a case with Netgear. Here I am 5 weeks, 11 phone calls, 158 emails, and SIX beta firmware revisions later and the problem isn't solved.

I really don't know where to start with what I used to consider one of the best customer support departments I've ever dealt with.

They don't communicate internally and they're extremely disorganized. Several times, I gave them debug and packet capture info that they were going to "send to the engineers". To date, I have received ZERO feedback on any of the information I have sent them. Several times, I had to update my ticket multiple times with the same information because they rotate support techs by shift and they weren't reading the tickets before contacting me. Several times, they would tell me to try things via email, even though I had already told another tech on the phone that I had tried it.

When Netgear agrees to allow you to test beta firmware, they want you to sign an NDA. Previously, this was always done electronically via their website. One quarter of the way into this process, they changed to a generic paper agreement which you had to physically sign and FAX or scan and email back. Fairly standard practice in the industry except that they DON'T KEEP THEM ON FILE. It's a generic NDA and should cover any and all beta testing for the term of the agreement but no. Every time they wanted me to test a new beta firmware I had to download, print, sign, scan, and then email them a new copy of the SAME generic NDA with a different date on it.

As I mentioned before I gathered volumes of troubleshooting information for Netgear. The only feedback I ever received was "here try this new firmware and see if it works". I never once had anybody say "we've isolated this in the lab" or "we're working on a fix". They have been throwing darts the entire time. Not only that but they asked me to do things like gather packet captures with Wireshark. They knew full well that these packet captures were going to be large files (one of them was over 600MB) but they provided me no mechanism to actually SEND THEM. Their web tool is currently the only way to send them a file and the file size limit is 10MB. They refused to provide me with a Netgear FTP site to upload them and asked me to upload them to two different PUBLIC file sharing services, knowing that these packet captures could contain information like my WPA2 pre-shared keys and potentially some clear text internal LAN passwords. I agreed to setup an FTP server on my own time so that they could download them from me with the request that they download them promptly and let me know when they were done so I could shut it down (I don't want to allow open, always-on access from the outside world). They did neither. After 2 days of not hearing from them, I shut down the FTP server, opened a DropBox account, and sent them the files. That was the last I ever heard about it.

The real kicker is this - Netgear has a long-standing reputation of releasing firmware updates slowly and for a limited amount of time. Generally, a new device gets firmware updates about every 2 months or so, for maybe a little over a year, so each devices ends up with around 4 to 5 firmware updates before they stop development. While this has never been a problem for me in the past, I'm growing concerned that this device could be the first. They've published 3 release firmware revisions to date and they have yet to even prove to themselves this problem exists, let alone fix it. At this rate, the R7000v2 will be out before the problems are fixed and people with this first gen model still having problems will be out of luck.

Bottom line - this router is a performance monster. If you happen to be a lucky one and get a unit that doesn't have any issues, you're going to be VERY happy I would imagine. However, if you're not one of the lucky ones, you have a decision to make - live with the little nagging issues or try something else. I am simply floored at how bad Netgear's support has gotten. Despite my long-standing relationship with them, I will be hard-pressed to buy another Netgear product anytime soon.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Heather,

We appreciated your very detailed review and explaination of your issue, and would like to apologize for this not being corrected by Netgear Support. We would like to work directly with you to address the issues you have been experiencing, and ask that you email us your contact information along with a link to your review to Also can you include the case number you got while working with Netgear Support, so we can familiarize ourselves with what has gone on.

We look forwar to hearing from you soon.


Netgear Team
980 of 1,053 people found the following review helpful
This is the best wireless WIFI router available at this time (IMHO). I had a very good router installed in my home and a secondary powerful AP (Access Point) that covers several acres of land. I can get a WIFI connection in some directions almost 500 yards away from my home. I removed that primary router (ASUS) and installed this one and then I took signal strength readings on the 2.4 GHz band at varying distances within my home and on different floors. The results show that on longer distances this router's WIFI signal strength is more than 10 times stronger than the one I removed. I will post that detailed data later.

When you unbox this router you will be shocked at its size. It is more than twice as large as my other routers and it takes up a lot of desktop real estate. Its performance makes it worth it though, especially if you have a larger home and need longer transmission distances.

What's in the box?
* A high quality Ethernet cable to go from your cable modem to the WIFI router. The cable is 60 inches long.
* An AC power supply to power the router. It is rated to operate from 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. It is UL approved. The cable is 74.5 inches long from the tip of the AC plugs to the tip of the DC output plug. The power supply outputs 12 VDC at 3.5 Amps.
* Three adjustable antennas that can be used to adjust the directionally of the WIFI coverage. They are also used to amplify the WIFI signal output from the router.
* A brief instruction manual
* There is no detailed user manual or disk included. (My only negative)

On the top of the unit is a label and there is also one on the bottom that list the name of the default SSID and the network password key. On the back of the unit you will find:
* Three gold plated screw on antenna connections.
* A recessed reset push button.
* Four Ethernet LAN ports rated at 10/100/1000 to allow up to a gigabit Ethernet connection which is ideal for the faster wired data communication speeds.
* One yellow WAN Ethernet port that is to be wired to the output of the cable modem.
* A USB port for use as an input/output for a network printer, external thumb drive or and external HDD for backups.
* A power On/Off button for the router
* The power input jack

On the front of the router is a USB 3.0 port for connecting your devices like a USB flash drive or a HDD for back up processes. Since it is a USB 3.0 port save it for your faster speed requirements and use the slower USB 2.0 port on the back for items like your network printer. On the bottom of the router are labels that provide you with the factory SSID name, SSID password, Router admin password user name and admin password. If you change them to another value, WRITE THEM DOWN!

The antennas are adjustable to allow you to adjust the WIFI transmission to achieve the best coverage for you home. There are several good WIFI Analyzer Apps available for your tablet that will help you to measure signal strength, look for open channels that you should use for a better signal and to help you possibly adjust your antennas. The beamforming+ functionality will help improve the coverage area of the WIFI network. This router will provide adequate coverage for most homes.

This router has a 1 GHz dual core processor that helps speed up data communication and the use of the Admin functions. This was obvious to me while using the Netgear Genie software. This faster CPU speed is also ideal for fast gaming situations and the streaming of HD video. It provides faster and stronger WIFI signals with less stalling, stuttering and buffering.

In addition this is a dual band router that provides a 2.4 GHz WIFI and a 5 GHz WIFI. This allows you to use the 5 GHz WIFI for video streaming and you will be able to control the video feed as well as you would a DVD player for fast forwarding, fast reversing and pausing. You can also split the workload between bands to maximize the speeds of the different tasks you are doing. For example, you can be backing up a computer using WIFI to a server while streaming HD video on the other bandwidth. This router is capable of up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz WIFI and up to 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz channel. In my experience you will get much faster streaming on the 5 GHz WIFI but better range on the 2.4 GHz WIFI.

This router also has programmable QOS (Quality Of Service) settings where you can prioritize certain applications like gaming or video streaming and assign the bandwidth you want to set aside for those applications. Some applications are critical for bandwidth considerations like VOIP, fast action gaming and streaming HD quality video.

Here are some of my experiences from setting this router up:

1. No disk is included in the kit and one is not needed to install the router to your internet. I did find though that I had several critical system components like 3 servers and an older laser printer that were set with Static IP addresses. The router would not connect to those items and I had to use multiple tricks to get them to properly communicate. Having a good instruction manual would have saved me a lot of time. I recommend that your make sure that ALL STATIC IP ADDRESSES are set to dynamic before you install this router.
2. It was fast and easy to set up and use with the internet connection. Let the wizard do the work.
3. This is a big router and it will require a lot of desktop space. It is about two times bigger than my existing router.
4. I have a lot of Netgear equipment in my home and I also purchased it for my company years ago. Why because it is reliable and it worked properly for years and so I knew there had to be a way to get the router to do whatever I needed to accomplish.
5. Upon connecting this router it fired up its Wizard and walked me through getting connected to my cable modem, then that was it. Very simple and fast.
6. It works perfectly with my ROKU and always allowed the highest resolution of video to be streamed without any buffering or stuttering.

Here is my test data of signal strength versus distance. Some of these measurements even involved shooting through several floors of my home. All measurements were made on the 2.4 GHz WIFI band:

Position-----Distance in feet-----Old ASUS WIFI signal strength-----Netgear WIFI signal strength
A-------------10---------------------------minus 50 dBm----------------------- minus 48 dBm
B-------------20---------------------------minus 50 dBm----------------------- minus 50 dBm
C-------------30---------------------------minus 58 dBm----------------------- minus 54 dBm
D-------------45---------------------------minus 70 dBm----------------------- minus 61 dBm
E-------------65---------------------------minus 74 dBm------------------------ minus 66 dBm

Please remember that the smaller the number the stronger the signal. As you can see the two unit's WIFI signals were very similar on the up close distances but the Netgear began to shine on the longer distances. At the 65 foot range and shooting though a floor the Netgear was more than 10 times stronger signal than the ASUS. Remember the units are logarithmic.

This router changed the network address for itself to so all of the addresses for every wired and wireless device in your home must be changed. That is why I strongly recommend that you set all of the devices to DHCP settings for dynamic IP address assignment.

I rated this router as a 5 star item and I recommend it. I do look forward to the insertion of a manual or a manual on a CD.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on October 19, 2013
My Experience: 19 years in the IT industry as a Systems Administrator. I have worked for the largest companies on the planet (IBM, HP, Intel) and then did 10 years in the start-up world. I know how to put a network together. I know what works and I know when it doesn't.

Like a lot of the reviewers here, most of us seem to be coming from either older routers or replacing Asus routers (at an alarming rate I might add from what I have been reading.)

Like a lot of you, I am ALSO replacing an ASUS Router I have had for about a year now. It's not that I wasn't okay with the Asus router I just needed more from the router!

I live on the East Coast and I have a tri-tiered house and getting a signal to the basement has been a challenge. I ended up having to put in a powerline Network (el-sucko when it comes to speed) and wanted to improve that throughput several times over. I also have, at times 3 kids who LOVE (and I mean LOVE) videos and online gaming over a wireless connection. I needed a router that could keep up and going from a single core CPU router to a dual core with TWICE the throughput sounded like what I needed as my house has the following (all talking to my router):

- 4 Roku's (HD)
- 4-6 phones
- 6 tablets
- 4 DVR's
- 4 TV's (wireless and LAN)
- 4 Blu Ray players (firmware updates)
- 2 Surround Sound systems (firmware updates)
- 2 gaming systems (if you have teenagers, you have gaming systems): 1 - XBOX 360 and One PS3. Both wirless connections.
- 3-4 laptops (depends on which kids happen to be home)
- 1 Desktop machine (mine, multiple NIC's and active connections)
... and I believe a Partridge in a pear tree (up in the attic!)

Bottom line... I have a hell of a lot of things that have to talk to the router who are constantly chewing data. I needed more and I needed more fast!

For me to purchase a new Netgear router took A LOT! I have been VERY disappointed with Netgears offerings as of late as prior to my Asus router purchase I had Netgears 'other' TOTL router, the R6250 Smart WiFi Router. That router was so bad, I had to take it back to the store once AND had to return the router to Netgear once (so x2 total) because it kept dropping connections and rebooting... all on its own. I had (up until that point) never had a router perform that bad. It blew...

That said, it looks like Netgear has FINALLY listened to me! I wanted router that had a dual core processor and could cover my ENTIRE house or at least "talk" to my access point consistently without 'losing the connection' every time the wind blew.

I do want to say upfront, I did look at the new Asus "super router" which also sports a dual core processor but I read a few reviews over on Newegg and it just doesn't seem like it's as good as what Netgear is offering (I know... mind blown also!) - [...] - so I decided to give this spaceship a try.

I bought this from my local Best Buy store as if it sucked I wanted to be able to take it back and not have to mess with the shipping.

Like a lot of people state here this router is twice the size of any router out there (but looks really cool!). I honestly like it better since the cooling of the router seems to be much better especially when we're cranking multiple video streams to multiple devices throughout my house. I can also tell you that after getting it hooked up and set up on the 'inter-tubes' I've noticed that even my wired LAN speed seems to be much smoother (not necessarily faster but smoother) than it was on my top-tier Asus router.

Setup of this device was ridiculously easy. Actually easier than most other routers that I've set up over the years. I changed a IP addressing range and subnet, change the password, plug it in, and off I went.

So far this has been an absolute pleasure to work with! That said I'll see how it is in a couple of weeks but the smoothness of this router and the wireless speed I now get throughout the house is better than anything I'd had before.

I'm not getting rid of my Asus router just yet. What I'm going to do is actually use it as an AP point in the basement after purchasing some very large antenna extenders so that I can get rid of the powerline adapter that I have down there. I believe any kind of wireless connection is going to be 10 times faster than the powerline adapter that I have down there right now.

The only word of caution I have for Netgear is don't screw up the firmware updates! Netgear has a tendency of putting out updates that actually cause the router to become unstable over a period of time. I just want any Netgear folks who happen to be reading this review to 'take note' of that. You put out a really nice product, probably the best product you have put out in several years... Don't screw it up!

Again, if you're looking for a router that can handle all the devices that you have in your house especially when it comes to mobile and video you need to pull out your Visa and get this baby in your home. Going to Best Buy and purchasing a $30 router and then hooking up 20 to 30 devices to it just doesn't cut it.

So far... A pleasure.

If you're in the market for a new router or you just need more than your current router can provide, so far, I have to recommend this router. I'm actually stunned it's this good.

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on January 14, 2014
This router is exactly what my family needed. I will give you a brief summary of our use and how it might apply to you.

In our home we have Verizon Fios 75/35 and have been using the supplied Actiontec router for the past several years. Because my kids have gotten tablets recently and are constantly streaming Netflix, I have seen a decline in my wireless quality for my own use. I initially tried purchasing the newer wireless N router from Verizon, but that only gave a slight boost in my speed, if any. I also recently purchased an Nvidia Shield and needed a 5ghz AC router in order to take full advantage of the PC game streaming ability. At our highest usage we will have the following electronics connected wireless:

Xbox One ( Capable of up to 5ghz wireless N )
Playstation 4 ( Capable of up to 2.4ghz wireless N )
Ipad Air ( Capable of up to 5ghz wireless N )
Nexus 7 ( Capable of up to 5ghz wireless N )
Kindle Fire HD ( Capable of up to 5ghz wireless N )
2X Galaxy S4 Phones ( Capable of up to 5ghz wireless AC )
Nvidia Shield ( Capable of up to 5ghz wireless AC )
Laptop with a recently added dual band wireless AC card

With only one of these devices connected, using my supplied Fios router I was lucky to get 20/15 and that was close to the router. If I tried to go upstairs with a tablet my speeds would take a severe plunge to as low as 5mbs download speed. Needless to say, I have been searching for a better solution. Just on a side note, my speed on my PC when connected by ethernet averages 85/40

After a ton of research my choices were narrowed down to three routers. The Netgear R7000, Asus RT-AC68U, and the Asus RT-AC66U. All three routers are fairly close in price, with the AC68U currently being the highest and the AC66U the lowest but also the oldest of the three routers.In the end it came down to the AC68U and the Netgear R7000. I'm not going to post all the specifics here but I will lead you to one of my sources so you can do your own research and make a logical decision for which you feel is right for you.


The above website is a comparison between the Asus 68U and the Netgear R7000, and from my personal opinion is one of the best articles I have found during my research. I obviously went with the Netgear, but I will say it was a tough choice and I am sure the Asus performs very well and neither could be a bad choice.

After researching various options I chose to keep my Fios router as a modem and disable wireless then bridge my Netgear to my Actiontec and use the Netgear as a wireless access point. Using this option I was able to keep my Verizon Fios TV guide, on demand, and DVR working as normal. If you try and take the actiontec router out completely, just keep in mind that you will loose some or all of those TV features.

All of that might sound confusing, it did for me.. but it's really not. Use the link below to research your various options and decide which is best for you. Then just follow the steps listed and you will have it running in no time.


So how did this all work out in the end? Very very well and extremely pleased. It took me around 20 mins to set up the new router following those directions. After I applied all my new settings I then updated the Netgears firmware. For some reason I wasn't able to use the " search internet for upgrade" so I just went to the Netgear support page and downloaded the file and manually inserted it, worked like a charm.

I live in a 2 story, 5400 Square foot home and regardless of where I am in the house I cannot loose a single bar. My signal is so strong and fast regardless of what device I use. I can even go outside in my yard and I am still able to maintain all the signal bars. Using my Galaxy S4 and my Nvidia shield i am able to get over 80mbs download speed ( keep in mind both of those devices take advantage of wireless AC ) My shield just gave me 85/39 with a 18ms ping after running another test just now.

And speaking of the Nvidia Shield, what a great device it is. I won't get into how much I love my Shield, because I do :)
I picked mine up from a different retailer on a special and don' regret it one bit. I know it hasn't caught on much but someone out here might be interested to know that this router works flawlessly with Shield. Another reason I purchased this router, because it is listed on the Nvidia website as a recommended game stream router. Using my fios router my pc game streaming my choppy and barely playable on my Shield. Using this Netgear router I can now stream perfectly without a hiccup. I have been playing Batman Origins and Borderlands 2 streaming from my PC all day and I couldn't be more satisfied.

So all in all, I would obviously recommend this router to anyone with similar needs. Don't let some of the negative reviews steer you away like it almost did to me. I would have to suspect that either those people were unfortunate enough to get a defective unit, or they did not know how to set up properly because I have had zero issues. Drop me a line if you need any help or advice on setting this thing up, I will do my best to assist. I hope you leave this review knowing you are making a worthy purchase. Good luck!


So I guess Amazon wont let you post links.

Google this " Can I use my wireless or an extra router along with the Verizon provided router? "

and go to the website dslreports for the instructions on setting up the router.

Google this " AC1900 First Look: NETGEAR R7000 & ASUS RT-AC68U "

for the comparison article on the two routers from small net builder.

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on March 24, 2015
I bought the Netgear Nighthawk AC 1800 R7000 for $200. I set it up and registered the warranty with Netgear right away. After about ten months, it started to reboot daily. I tried unplugging it, resetting it, and reflashing the firmware. (I stuck with the stock firmware the whole time.) No dice. I contacted Netgear and learned the Netgear will not stand by the product. Netgear advertises a one year hardware warranty with a ninety day technical support. That's fine. However, if there is a hardware issue between the 91st day and the 365th day after purchase, then Netgear will NOT stand by the hardware warranty. Let me explain.

Netgear has set up a Catch-22 to stiff the consumer. You have 90 days of "technical support" and a one-year warranty. However, you cannot put in a claim under the hardware warranty unless you have technical support. Therefore, after ninety days, you cannot get the one-year warranty. I am very surprised that Netgear thinks they can get away with this! I guess it's because they have!

Look at the reviews on Newegg. You'll see dozens of people who got scammed the same way.

EDIT: I called into Netgear today. They answered the call pretty quickly. I referred them to my online support request, which got bounced. The customer service representative told me that the hardware was working perfectly fine, and the problem was with the devices plugged into it. I said, how can you say that when the router is rebooting itself every few hours? He told me to open a command prompt, and type in IPCONFIG to see if my computer was assigned an IP address by the router. Of course, it did. Then he told me to ping the router. Of course, four packets were sent, four was received. The CSR then claims that this is evidence that the hardware is working perfectly.

If you know about computers at all, you would realize how ridiculous this is. You are NOT buying a $200 router to route packets and assign DHCP address; a ten dollar router can do that. No, you're buying a $200 router that doesn't crash every few hours. That's like, job no. 1. All the high-speed stuff is great but stability is job no. 1. But not if you're Netgear. If your router can return packets and assign a DHCP address to your computer, the hardware is fine.

I literally asked the customer service representative, "Does Netgear consider a $200 router than reboots itself every three hours normal hardware?" He paused, and then he said yes, the hardware is fine. So that's basically where you are at right now.

I am using the stock firmware. I tried rebooting it, I tried resetting it, and I don't know why they think it's normal. I am not using third-party firmware. I didn't mod the router. I used the stock firmware, and I have three devices using the router. If I were using DD-WRT or Tomato, I'd understand but that's not the case. I'm just some guy who wants to watch Netflix when I get home without the movie stopping.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
61 of 68 people found the following review helpful
on June 11, 2014
I bought this router in Jan, it worked fine for 5 months, then started to drop connection continuously.

I tried to find a phone number for Netgear support to be surprised that they want to charge me for their "support" same applies to chat. The only way to contact them was through email and they do take their time in answering their email. So far their answers are so genetic not to the point, they just refer me to some directions on their web site!!! Where is the Warranty support?? !!!

HELLLO Netgear, I am not asking for customer SUPPORT to be charged, I am asking you to respect the Warranty and fix your piece of Junk which I paid over $200 for!

It puzzles me how Netgear fails to understand that I as customer have chosen to pay over $200 for a router because I expected the best. The best not only in router, but in customer service. I believe that the router is the most important piece of equipment in my network. When my router malfunction, my network does not work anymore. Netgear needs to understand that any potential problem with their router needs to be addressed with extreme urgency. I do not have the time to wait 24 hours for your email answer and back and forth!

I remember when my previous Asus router went bad 2 years ago, and was still under warranty, Asus rushed me a replacement after a 5 minutes phone call. I expected the same from Netgear, but I guess they have no clue for customer service. This will be the last Netgear product I buy, period!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Al,

We can't apologize enough for the problems you had with support. You are covered under our manufacturer's warranty and email support for a full year, and we'll do whatever we can to get the router working for you, including a warranty replacement if necessary. Please get in touch with us at and provide the case numbers you were given by support, and we'll follow up with you directly.


The manufacturer commented on the review below
51 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on April 25, 2014
Purchased this router and for the first 45 days it worked great. Exceptional range, high bw. However for the last 3 weeks it has started to randomly lock up. Wifi SSID visible but no connection to the internet. Direct connection to LAN port with a PC can't find the router ( pings go unanswered). Have isolated to the router through removing all switches, using a direct LAN connection and veryfing modem with a second router. Only a power cycle will reset the router (and fix the issue).

Technical support at netgear has been polite but has not been able to help. They have had me change my MTU, reflash firmware, reset settings, etc etc. But problem continues. Making the router useless.

My next step is to try 3rd party firmware. I would return the router but it is outside the return date allowed by amazon (as stated, for first 45 days worked great). Beware of this before purchasing this unit - there are enough reports of firmware problems on the web with the router which makes me believe it still has teething problems.

Should add that nothing changed on the network at point of device starting to lock up. Mystery why it worked well for first 45 days (or why locking up now). I've tried removing pretty much all devices from our network (other than PCs) but no change.

Update as of 5/1 - I flashed DD-WRT firmware on my device about a week ago and have had no problems since. On the one hand, I now have a pretty great router. On the other hand, it is clear netgear has a pretty bad firmware problem that they need to fix (especially as looking through reviews I am certainly not the only one who has had this problem - reports go back to Nov about losing ethernet/wifi and having to reset router to recover).

Not sure how many stars I should give router now - w/DD-WRT it is 4 to 5 stars. With netgear firmware it is 1 (or 0) star. Since it ships with netgear firmware, will leave at 1 star until I see an update which resolves the problem.

Updating my reviews today. I had purchased a second R7000 router several months ago (as mentioned, the hw w/DD-WRT is great). With the latest firmware I am not seeing the same lockups although the network it is driving is quite a bit smaller (about 20 clients compared to my main setup with ~70 clients). I am continuing to use DD-WRT on my primary network (if it ain't broke, don't fix it). But I am adjusting my review up now that the problems I saw with my initial review seem to be resolved. To be clear, I have not tested the netgear sw with >20 clients or so. If you do have a problem, DD-WRT firmware with this router works great. My reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is that netgear support has been very suspect and they were shipping that router firmware with the problem for >6 months (should have fixed more quickly).
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Richard,

We're sorry to hear that your router has begun to have problems, and apologize that Netgear Support has not been able to help you get the issue resolved. We would like to help you get this addressed and ask that you email us your contact information and a link to your review to Also can you include the following information in your email, so we can get a better understanding of what you you are experiencing.

What is the firmware version on the router?

What is the case number you received when you spoke with Netgear Support?

When you lose connection with the router, how do you correctthe problem?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Netgear Team
The manufacturer commented on the review below
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on November 26, 2013
The router was easily set up and configured, just the long delays when applying changes to the configuration are annoying. A new firmware update was also available.

Within a few hours, I found several problems that I did not have with my previous Linksys/Cisco router. There are still some major problems with the router firmware!

1) Netflix streaming on the Apple TV is poorly working, e.g., picture quality drops to the lowest possible. I eliminated wireless channel conflicts and tried all combinations of the WMM QoS & Downstream QoS without success. The Internet bandwidth is not the problem, everything works fine when using my old router by itself and even with the old router configured in bridge mode and connected to the R7000. The same problem also exists when streaming on the internal network from a PC, e.g., iTunes Home Sharing.

2) Another firmware software bug, but not a big deal, the Traffic Meter, which is supposed to count the traffic to the Internet to avoid extra charges from your provider, is also counting the local traffic. When copying lots of data between devices, it shuts down the connection when the limit is reached. It is sad that this functionality is being offered and it has not been tested, noticed, & corrected.

3) The DynDNS update fails when alternative DNS servers are being used. It seems that Netgear is using some uncommon way to connect to DynDNS. I can work around it, but it is odd that this works fine with the old router.

I first reviewed the discussion forums and also the knowledgebase articles. After trying all applicable suggestions, I contacted Netgear support.

The Netgear Support Experts look for keywords in the problem description and then provide you with the knowledgebase articles that you already looked at. They do not check, if the article really applies, e.g., one recommendation in regards to the DynDNS problem was to contact Vizio support. I had never mentioned Vizio and I do not have a Vizio TV.

I have been communicating back and forth on each of the cases by now, each time with a different Support Expert, but the first level support of knowledgebase search work is not going anywhere.

I can only hope that eventually the second level support will take over and can come up with some help.

If this does not happen, I will have to return this expensive device and give Asus or Linksys/Belkin a chance.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Stephan,

We thank you for your patience and want to ensure that your issues are taken care of. You can follow up with us at if support is unable to resolve your problems -- we're here to help and want you to be 100% satisfied with your R7000!


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on October 4, 2013
EDIT: I'm changing my review, this router was really really good for about 10 months, then it started to act up. Now it requires a reboot about every two days to work properly. Lots of negative reviews here are seeing the same thing. Netgear almost had a perfect router here, too bad it didn't last. Why can't any company build a good router than doesn't die in 1 year?????

Earlier this year my $200 ASUS router started dying. From all the problems I had with that router I was ready for something different. Before it I had one of the highly regarded D-Link 4100 gaming routers and love it until it died after about 2 years (seems the norm for consumer level routers). Well, I tried out the latest D-Link gaming router and HATED it! It was a seriously dumbed down router, definitely NOT for the power user types, like it's predecessor. Plus many of my wireless devices didn't work well with it. D-Link tried to say it was a defective router, but I wasn't convinced nor did I want to put up with RMA process. I sent it back for a refund.

Now, I have the newest router from Netgear, the R7000 "Nighthawk" router. WOW! This little (little? that's a joke...) router is FAST compared to many of the routers I've dealt with. It's newer CPU really does pay off whether working in it's admin pages, or by using it's connectivity. Spoiler: I'm a professional IT guy, and mess with routers on all levels almost every day. From a few home routers, to much larger and more complex enterprise routers. I don't have the level of knowledge of a Cisco Certified technician, but I do know my stuff. I've toyed with the idea of using a much more business level router at home, but like to have fun at home and try equipment I don't usually mess with at work. So I buy the higher end of home routers for my house.

Upon connecting this router it fired up it's "wizard" and walked me through getting connected to my cable modem, then that was it. It was 100% good to go. But, being the person I am, I didn't leave it alone. Dove right into the settings, played around a bit with the basic settings. They were impressive and simple. Then jumped into the advanced settings, and found what I'm much more used to in a router that a REAL power user type would buy. Settings for all types of different connections and wireless setups. As much as you'd find on any top end router (except for the newer D-Link P.O.S. routers!) The layout makes a LOT of sense and is easy to navigate. One feature that impressed me was the semi-automatic firmware update. There was a text bubble in the top bar of the admin pages letting me know one was available. Found it in the admin pages and clicked one button, then the router automatically downloaded the firmware and updated it without me doing anything else. Why haven't more routers been able to do this in the years past? You'd think it would be a simple trick. Hats off to Netgear for finally getting this feature in their routers.

I use Netgear switches quite a bit in my work, because I like their stability and longevity. But had not tried their consumer level routers until now. Their business level routers are beasts as far as features, and was afraid I'd see the same here and didn't want that complexity at home. Not so much as I'd feared if not actually quite a bit more simple and easy to use. But they do include everything that's needed and make it very simple to operate. Not too fancy and not too much. Fast and easy, well laid out in the admin pages and properly labeled so you don't have to spend time trying to figure out what in the World they were trying to provide. Most settings provide automatic setup and updates, or manual whichever you prefer. Very nice touches on these settings. The router physically is BIG, you could fit two normal routers or more in the same space. I've found though that this big case allows the router to run MUCH cooler than the other high end routers I've tried in the past. I believe that will lead to a much longer life expectancy.

If you're in the market for a high end router for gaming or a full house of connectivity, this is your router. Hands down!

EDIT: I'm changing my review, this router was really really good for about 10 months, then it started to act up. Now it requires a reboot about every two days. Lots of negative reviews here are seeing the same thing. Netgear almost had a perfect router here, too bad it didn't last.
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Eager to replace my old failing Netgear 3400 the Nighthawk looked like all I needed for a faster, further reaching and stable Wi-Fi connection and it is. However there are a few issues with regard to set up that might help someone else who like me isn't as technologically savvy as I once thought I was, even though I've been using a PC since the world ran on DOS based 286 computers, I digress as usual.

As the technical specifications have been covered in depth by reviewers much more knowledgeable than I, I'll leave those issues to be explained in the myriad of reviews that do a superb job of it Ok then, so I un-box the router and it's huge which I expected, a snap to put together with easy to follow instructions for both wireless and Ethernet connections. Paying close attention I set the unit up to find I had no Internet connection what so ever. I tried everything, re-setting the router and modem. re booting the computer but still, zip, zilch Nada, Nuttin.

Here's where my problems begin - they have nothing to do with the router and everything to do with Netgear.

Without a connection to the Web I called 1-800 directory assistance for Netgear because God Forbid they should list a support number in their manual . You have to have a registered product (online only) in order to get the number for tech support. Something they don't let the consumer know until you read the small type on the very back inside page of the guide.

I call the number and after a while I'm connected to a Rep who tells me I'll be up and running in no time. Time marches on and mind you, I am under the impression that I'm talking with Netgear and puzzled as to why the Rep is so interested not just in devices that run on our home network but everything from kitchen appliances to sound systems. When I finally press the Rep to tell me if this is indeed Netgear I find out it's a company called "Tech To Us" and he tells me they're the sole support line for Netgear. I'm also told Netgear doesn't Support their products directly and hasn't in years, and here's the kicker - he wants my Credit card number because lucky me! for the Low, Low, Low fee of $399.99 per year I'm going to receive full tech support on every single device I own. After losing over an hour I hang up and call directory assistance again for Netgear and this time I'm given two options one in Hartford CT and one in San Diego - I take both and call both and it's the exact same deal every time.

I get a low brow, High pressure used car salesmanship technique to buy into this plan. This time with a Buffoon named "Josh". Josh want's me to have "The most comprehensive technical support on earth" and what is more he's so very eager to help me get my new $188 Router working that he's going to take a whopping $50 off the already bargain basement price of $400 for a years worth of support. I refuse and tell him I'll be returning the router. As a final gesture of kindness Josh tells me how lucky it is that I've called today because he's going to get my network up and running, a great relief as he begins asking questions about my set up that make sense and as time drags on and he's ready to do a Direct Connect session all he needs now is a mere $129.00 - Another hour gone, I hang up.

With half a day wasted via this scam I set my old router back up, log onto Netgear, register the new router, get the number and call. After a ridiculously long hold time I do get a very sweet Gal on the line who listens to my complaints, let's me vent and apologizes profusely on behalf of what transpired. In case you're wondering the router is indeed covered for 90 days. We we're up and running quickly, the NetGenie install page popped up in no time and it was as effortless at this point as I remembered it to be with the old 3400.

1) Make certain you register your new router immediately - write down the phone number for support should you need help during set up.

2) If you end up connected to "Tech To Us" under no circumstances give them your personal or financial information - do not be fooled into spending $400. These types of plans are panned by every legitimate source from Consumer Reports, Consumer Digest and CNET among others. They're a 3rd party scam that clearly works for Netgear selling wildly over priced sub Par support services which is why every single published Netgear Telephone number is linked directly to their offices or as the case may be "Boiler Rooms".

Shame on Netgear for aligning themselves with a Bait and Switch company that Lies directly to their own customers - and whose sole objective is to sell bogus bargain basement "Tech Support Plans". You should also take notice that Netgear responds to every single review of a Netgear product sold on Amazon, but you won't find a response here, not with this review - because what can they say? How can they justify this? they can't. When it comes to the Netgear Customer Care all I can say is - Talk about a fall from grace.

As for the router, it's a beast and I'm quite pleased with it. For the first time my new Desk Top is showing all bars and the signal reading as "Excellent", as are our other three computers, Amazon Echo, Roku's and additional devices on our home network. Some nice touches are:

* Solid build quality down to gold plated antenna connections for greater connectivity.

* Top Quality Ethernet cable

* Good Power adapter is albeit Huge

* 3.0 USB port is handy for a back up drive

* WPS button for easy connection to printers and such.

* Blazing fast However this depends on your Internet connection speed

One final note, Netgear does offer their own router and umbrella support plans under the name "Gear Head" which can be viewed on their site. After warranty it's Pay per incident at $39.95.

Netgear would do itself and it's Customers well to terminate this seedy relationship as in yesterday. Bottom line and the above mentioned horror story aside, this is a great router that delivers superb performance. But please make sure that if you do invest in this router prior to doing anything else register online and get that telephone number.
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