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on September 24, 2012
I have had the R6300 for several weeks now and couldn't be happier with it. I upgraded from a DLink Gamerlounge router and the speed increase is pretty amazing. The router arrived packaged very well by Amazon like normal.

My old router was having problems staying connected to the internet and every couple of days I had to reset the router and my cable modem in order to get it to come back up. It was that way for about 2 years and it got pretty irritating. My mother has a WNDR3700 and it has not been rebooted in over two years so I figured I would give Netgear a shot. It was a wise decision! This router has been running for close to a month and I have not had to reboot it yet!

The box includes the router, cat5 cable, instructions and an AC adapter. Setup was pretty simple. Just hook it up and plug it into your modem. On the router is a sticker that gives you the wireless password and SSID of the router. Once it boots up simply connect to the router via the SSID and password provided. The manual gives you clear instructions on how to access the router's setup features once you have connected. Simply open your web browser and punch in the address, username and password and you are on your way.

The router is quite large and includes a stand to keep it upright. Unfortunately the stand cannot be removed in order to mount the router on the wall. The router includes 4 100/1000 ethernet connections on the back.

I am very happy with the performance of the router. I do a lot of file transfers from my laptop upstairs to my HTPC in the living room and this thing really performs! With my old DLink router I could transfer large files at about 2.5MB/s so I bought a powerline adapter hoping that would speed things up. With the powerline adapter (this is via a ethernet connection mind you) I was getting transfers in the 5.0MB/s range which was faster but not quite what I was hoping for. Once I upgraded to the R6300 and went back to wireless N (2.4ghz) I was getting about 10-12MB/s which is amazing. I could not believe that going from a wired connection to wireless would provide this big of an increase!

Overall I am VERY pleased with the router. Very easy setup and faster speeds make me happy! I have about 10 different wireless devices in the house and all 4 LAN ports are occupied and this router has been working flawlessly for weeks. I would highly recommend this router!

Here is a small list of the devices that I have found to be compatible with this router:
Sony Experia S Tablet
Samsung Galaxy S3
T-mobile Mytouch 4G
Dell Precision M90 Laptop
Dell XPS 15 l502x
Acer W700-6691 Tablet
Asus s400ca Laptop
Xbox 360
Onkyo TX-NR809 receiver

*Edit 12/14/2012*
My performance numbers above were with my Dell XPS 15 which has a single band wireless N adapter that only operates at 2.4ghz. I recently purchased an Acer W700 tablet and it has a dual band wireless N adapter that operates at 5ghz. With the W700 I can transfer files around 35MB/s from my HTPC. I am pretty blown away by the results!

Thanks for reading!
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on June 18, 2012
I will start off by saying that I am not really a tech person, so this review is written very much in average joe vernacular when it comes to all things computers. That said, I am very glad me and my housemates decided to spend the money on this device as it has effectively eliminated all the problems we were facing before with a POS hand me down router.

I live with 4 other guys in a large house near the university we all attend and we needed something that was going to be able to handle the rigors of us students and all of our devices. All of us have laptops, smartphones, and we also have 4 Xbox 360's in the house. We were having all kinds of problems with signal strength in certain parts of the house, dropping connection randomly, and not being able to connect to Xbox Live. After installing this device (which was actually quite simple and the genie program that runs from the browser was aces) all of these prior complaints were eliminated. As a test, all of us had our various devices running and pushing video simultaneously and we still had flawless connectivity.

It is a pricey router to be sure, but it was certainly worth it for us. I am very glad we decided to make the investment.
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on September 18, 2013
There have been questions as to whether or not is selling v1 or v2, even though they are advertising v2. I ordered the product and had it sent 2-day arrival, only to discover that is sending out v1 instead of v2. The easiest way to tell which version you have is to check the size. Version 1 includes a measurement of 10 inches. Version 2 is smaller. The one they sent to me showed the 10 inch measurement on the back of the box. The online description for the product is linked at the Netgear website. One would think that Netgear would know what version of the product is being sent when version 2 is supposedly sold at I contacted through chat and pretty much, the company doesn't seem to care what they are advertising as opposed to what they are sending out to the customer. I don't believe this was an error sending out version 1. The company probably has v1 to unload and is doing so by deceptive advertising practices. This, of course, is "just" my opinion.
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on July 20, 2012
I have AT&T DSL and 2 computers running Windows 7 one 32bit and one 64bit. I bought this because my old Belkin wireless G couldn't handle 2 computers,Playstation 3,Blu Ray player and a kindle Fire. The setup was extremely easy and I'm a novice when it comes to wireless networks.

The main thing is to READ the guide before you start and download the user manual from the Netgear site. I did have one problem. My wired computer would freeze up for a few second when I would start it and click the explorer icon but I changed the timeout setting in the genie to 0 and all is well.

* Update 7/22: My network started hanging on startup and I'd get the blue circle over the connection icon. I found the culprit to be the Netgear Genie they wanted me to install on setup, I un-installed it and everything is working good. Other than that I'm very pleased with this router the performance is awesome!

***Update*** 8-19-2013 This router has been going strong for a year now with zero problems, the firmware updates flawlessly. I would recommend this to anyone needing a good fast router.
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on June 6, 2012
I live in a NYC apt and had trouble with consistent wifi signal on opposite sides of my apartment. I ordered the Netgear R6300 with hopes that it would have extended range and more consistent signal. The router was very easy to set up (it took about 5 mins) and worked right away. Within about 10 min I had our two laptops, our desktop and our iPhones connected. Immediately, I noticed the speed was faster and full strength throughout my whole apartment. It is definitely a great router. I am going to buy another one for my office.
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on June 1, 2012
Received and set-up the R6300 yesterday. Set-up was easy using the Web GUI. I have tested the range with multiple N and G devices and it is superior to my WNDR3700. No issues covering the whole house and I can get a weak signal at my car about 20 feet outside the house. I was concerned about the size of the unit but it is only slightly larger than my WNDR3700. Access to Ready Share USB drive seems faster than on the WNDR3700 but still slower than other NAS on my network.

Update 6/13: New firmware update adds the Guest Network option into the Web GUI. Two weeks with the R6300 and it is still a great upgrade from my old WNDR 37000.
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on August 4, 2013
A complete waste of money! Do not waste your money on this garbage product!

I bought this router March 5th 2013, today is August 4th 2013, I have only had this product for a just a few months and it has been nothing but trouble from the start. I have had to perform factory reset after factory reset and within hours or days it is messed up again not to mention the firmware updates and replacements. It can barely maintain a connection to the Internet, currently it disconnects every device in the house every 4 to 5 minutes or so! Connecting directly to the modem I an stay connected no bother, connecting via the router and 5 minutes is the best it can manage without going down.

The tech support is useless, WARNING!!!! BE AWARE that you only have access to phone support for 90 days!!!! Live chat if you can even get connected to the Internet is the same, 90 days !!!! Then they expect you to pay! Most reputable companies give 1 year support. I can see why Netgear give only 90 days with this product!

I would advise anyone that if you want to throw $200 away, you might as well give it to the poor or needy than to Netgear. They sell defective products and then they expect you to shell out good money after bad to talk to an Indian support representative, yes they are making money by CHARGING YOU TO FIX THEIR PROBLEMS !!!!

I read similar bad reviews of this product before buying and dismissed them as probably people who didn't know what they were doing, boy do I wish I had listened to them now. I have an internet connection like a yoyo and just writing this I have been disconnected 5 times already! It is impossible to work and transfer files with a connection like this.

This product is a complete waste of money and I am extremely disappointed, what aggrieves me the most is that after 90 days you are on your own!!!! Most people have issues with these after 90 days and you are expected to pay for Netgear's problems. The last Netgear router lasted 8 months which was why I bought this, I thought it was just unlucky but it seems not.

Do yourself a favor and buy something else, just about every router out there is better than this, even the cheapest of the cheap. This router may have a lot of features but they are completely redundant if you can't even do the most basic of things like maintain a connection to the internet via it.
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on January 30, 2014
I purchased this router on Jan 20th 2013. With setup I was really happy. It was easy to setup and everything connected to it easily enough. Within a month, my N (non-5g) devices quit connecting. I had to re-input all the settings for the non-5g wireless to get all of my devices that weren't 5g to connect again. I was hoping it was just a glitch, but no. It happens about every 2 months. Every 2 months, I have to re-do the non-5g wireless settings to get the PS3 and a few other devices to be able to connect to he access point.

I made the decision that when it finally dies, I'll get a different modem. However, I wasn't expecting the router to die ONE YEAR after purchasing it since it was nearly $200.00. Today is January 30th 2014 and the router has the blinking green light of death. Upon googling the issue, I see it's common. According to Netgear, it means the "firmware is corrupted". The problem with that is there should be no reason for the firmware to GET corrupted when it's not being updated. They give a "possible" fix of trying to apply a new firmware via a command line, but most users say it didn't work for them. Guess what? It didn't work for me either.

Netgear has been no help since the warranty is out. I did let them know that I think it's real crappy they have an obviously common problem that is causing routers to die even when new and still under warranty but they are choosing to ignore the issue, most likely because it would cost them more to fix it then than they are losing since most people's R6300 routers are dying after the warranty runs out. Bad product and bad faith. I will NOT purchase from Netgear again due to their response (specifically their lack of response) to my issue and from realizing I am far from the only one with the issue of the blinking light of death/failed router, in addition to an unresponsive Netgear customer service. Google the issue &/or Netgear Customer Service before purchasing this router. It's not an uncommon problem. I wish I had known before purchasing a $200 router.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 18, 2013
This router is so bad I'm about to dig out my WRT54GS and plug it back in.

I am now on my second R6300. The first one I got had corrupted firmware right out of the box. Me being me (I do enterprise level tech support for a living) I just applied the quick fix by uploading fresh firmware via tftp.

Then the wireless connection would start dropping. Not just here and there, but every 30 seconds. After a while it would decide to settle down and give me a solid connection for 15-20 minutes. Then the connection would drop again, and again, and again, and again.

And then the firmware got corrupted another 4 or 5 times. I'm tired.

The second router is having the same, if not worse, connection dropping problems that I had with the first one. All devices in my house will drop their wireless connection at the same time over and over and over again. The router appears as if it's rebooting.

Try explaining to a non-techie pregnant wife why she can't look up all her prego stuff online in bed at night. When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody that's going to be happy.

So off I go to create another case with Netgear support to have them throw a bunch of "potential solutions" at me.

I suspect that this isn't going to end well.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi SD,

We apologize for the problems you have been having with the R6300 units you have been using, this is not the experience we want for our customers, and would like to work with you directly on fixing your issues. Can you please email us at with your contact info, a link to your review, and if you have it the case number that was given to you by Netgear Support. Also to help speed up the troubleshooting process, can you also include the following information when you contact us:

(*) When the wireless connections dropped, would they come back automatically?

(*) Were you able to check the LEDs on the R6300 when the issue happened, and see any difference (Power, Wireless, and Internet LEDs)?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Netgear Team
on June 23, 2013
After a power outage I found that my internet was not working. I was able to trace the problem to this router. Indicated by a flashing green power light. After some research I learned that this means the firmware has become corrupted. Caused by a disruption of power. This product does not come with a support disk and the firmware would need to be downloaded from Netgears support site. Like most I had to go to someone else's home to download the necessary firmware. After having a very difficult time following the instruction to install the firmware into the router, I decided to consult customer support. While searching for a phone number I learn that customer support is only offered free of charge for 90 days. The least expensive way is paying a signal incident charge of $39.95. After speaking with a customer service representative (which is outsourced overseas) I an informed that if the problem is not resolved within 30 minutes I would have to pay again. I feel that this is unacceptable for any product especially one of this cost, I decide not to give Netgear anymore of my money. While at the store to see if they could assist me I learn that this happens quite often in fact there were other in line that have experienced the same problem with Netgear products.
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