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on May 31, 2012
UPDATE 5/7/2014
I no longer own the router. I am currently using R8000 which suits my needs.

UPDATE 12/26/2013
Recently purchased a few latest AC routers specifically Asus RT-AC68U, Linksys EA6900, Dlink DIR-868L, Netgear R7000 and ended up going back to R6300V2. None offered more range or performance of R6300V2 despite having external antennas. While most of these new high end routers had some additional features, some of them had really unstable firmware, especially RT-AC68U & EA6900. Netgear R7000 is probably the best of the bunch and I would've kept it if I didn't have R6300V2 already. It doesn't really bring more range or performance either and it barely has any new features especially for average user, but at least Netgear has more interest in keeping it up to date with frequent firmware updates.

UPDATE 7/30/2013
Bought R6300v2 to see if there is any difference. V2 now comes with dual core processor 800Mhz, 256MB of RAM and USB 3.0, it is also twice as small and comes with smaller power supply. All nice upgrades, but did it translate into better performance? In short, yes. For regular users, they may not notice the difference, but if you have gazillion of gadgets that use WiFi especially HD streaming you will be pleased that it offers better performance. I don't have any hard numbers to back this up, but overall this upgrade is totally worth it for my busy wifi network.

UPDATE 6/27/2013
My R6300 is now over a year old and it actually performs better then it did when it was initially released thanks to several firmware updates. I've tried latest AC offerings from Dlink & Asus and they just didn't offer as good range and reliability as R6300. Netgear might release a replacement soon, but for now this is still the best overall AC router despite what reviews say on smallnetbuilder website.

UPDATE 1/9/2013
I've been using this router for over half a year now and it hasn't skipped the beat. Performance has been top notch and it can handle 15 wireless clients with a few HD IP Cameras. It's been running uninterrupted for the past 3 month. Sure there are other new AC routers that came out since then, which I haven't tested, but this has been a wonderful router so far and I am not looking for another replacement at the moment. Not surprising that the price is exactly what I paid 6 month ago, which means the router is actually holds its value for being one of the best out there.

My past 3 year history of routers include Netgear WDR3700, Cisco E4200 and most recently two Asus RT-N56u using wireless bridge, but I was never impressed with the speed of wireless and 5Ghz band coverage. This was about time for my next upgrade, so I bought 3 routers RT-N66U, Amped Wireless R20000G & Netgear R6300 and I kept the latter and here is why:


- Range/Speed/Performance in 5 Ghz band: Excellent! While not a huge leap forward it does perform much better than any of the previous and competing routers I've tried using this band. This was a major selling point for me. It is actually able to provide excellent download speeds in the opposite corner of the 1500 sq/feet townhome that none of the other routers could handle. Also with Mac Mini 2010 Broadcom wifi, I was able to achieve up to 22 MB/sec download speed from NAS at about 15 feet with latest firmware. Previously with RT-N56 it topped at 10 MB/sec at the same location. That's double the speed! I can't wait to try this out with AC clients!

- Range/Speed/Performance in 2.4 Ghz band: The range is excellent. It covers my entire home, but so did my previous router, so it's difficult to judge the improvement here. However, there is noticeable performance boost. Among several wireless devices using this band I have 4 HD (1080p - 720p) IP cameras and previous Asus router had trouble with handling all of them with good frame rate where with R6300 I am finally able to stream all of them at once. Also, your performance will depend on the client. Previously I was using 2010 HP Envy 14 w/ Intel 6200 which was showing download speed at 4-6 MB/sec, 2012 HP Envy 17 w/ Intel 6300 showing much better results at 6-8 MB/Sec at the same location. While Mac Mini 2010 w/ Broadcom WiFi shows speeds less then 1MB sec. Basically, older clients may have some performance issues.

- Setup: It wasn't complicated all and looks fairly straight forward for non-technical people as well.

- Plenty of features for basic and advanced users: Guest network, Wireless bridge etc... all there

- Size: This router is about twice the size of any of the previous routers I've owned
- Guest Network: Yes, it's available, but it's very basic. I've seen Asus RT-N66U guest network control which lets you specify the time limit or expiration.
- Administration panel locks after about a minute of inactivity and you are prompted to enter your username & password again (very annoying when you trying to troubleshoot things!)
- Parental features. I don't like the fact that you need to install tool on your pc, there is no web administration on management in the web ui.

- First router that I see without WEP setting.
- Some of the older clients (specifically HP Envy 14 w/ Intel 6200 card) had connection issues with sleep/restart. I've upgraded my laptop since then and have not had this issue anymore
- Mine appears to be defective where the activity lights at the bottom are not lighting up, except Netgear logo. (UPDATE 7/10 I've gotten a new one without this issue)

UPDATE 10/13: This is probably going to be my last update since I really don't have anything else to add other then this has been a wonderful router ever since I upgraded to version. I've been running without reboots for a month now and no problems with performance whatsoever.

UPDATE 9/6: 3 month later and still loving this router. If you live in a large home and have wireless coverage issues with 5 Ghz band you should definitely give this one a try. Overall it's been rock stable for me with only one nagging issue related to 5Ghz band (see my previous update). Netgear support got a hold of me and I've been helping them to troubleshoot the issue by sending router logs. They provided a beta update for me that fixed the issue which they will be releasing in September.

UPDATE 7/10: Month later the router still performs very well. I am hoping for new firmware soon to improves performance and compatibility with older devices. Still have issues with Envy 14, Mac Mini 2010 and also HTC Sensation phone. They all exhibit different issues. First one takes a long time to connect, second one has very low speed on 2 Ghz band and last one occasionally unable to connect. There was also one hiccup. I was running uninterrupted for 2 weeks straight using latest firmware and 5Gh signal degraded from Excellent to Poor and 4 to 2 bars at the same location. I've rebooted the router and everything went back to normal.

UPDATE 6/13: 2 weeks now with the router. Sold my two Asus N56U that I used as a wireless bridge and that were once highly rated at SNB. I honestly do not know why SNB posted terrible results with R6300, they must have defective unit but that's still not the case for me. I am perfectly satisfied with R6300 and it delivers excellent performance/range throughout the house without the need of any bridges or extenders which I once had to use. I do have defective unit where I don't get any activity lights, so I might exchange it at some point. Did I mention, this is an awesome router?

UPDATE 6/7: Netgear released new firmware which enables Guest network that caused so much noise and negative reviews in the initial release, the were no other fixes listed, but upon my own checking I noticed they added "Performance boost" option in the Advanced > Wireless settings. I performed my usual download test which showed a slight increase in download speed on 5Ghz band, but it's hard to say if it was related to the firmware or not.

UPDATE 6/4: SmallNetBuilder released preliminary test results that compare performance R6300 with a few other N routers that show that it doesn't perform as good as expected in some cases. Also mentioned my results in the process when compared to N56U. I only had R6300 for a few days now, but my experience for the most part has been positive even with a rough firmware. Also, I usually base my router purchases by SNB reviews, but in this case I am having different results, so I'll stick with R6300 for now.
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on November 20, 2012
I've been giving Netgear support a few days to deal with my $200 paperweight but they are pretty much non-responsive to my problems so you gentle reader get my scathing review.

I was a previous Netgear die hard, I used them almost exclusively before the N standard. When Belkin brought out a Pre-N router I jumped to them and have really liked their products and have been there for a while. A new larger home now provides new challenges so I wanted an updated router. I started shopping the AC routers and poured over reviews and specs for a couple of days before jumping on the R6300 (the Belkin AC solution being generally panned using 2 streams instead of 3 for AC).

This is certainly a feature-rich router, the Genie function generally works well. The software for the desktop and mobile devices is decidedly "dumbed down", you need to use the web interface to control anything significant but it's nice and the web interface is well done. Other than a few hard locks Genie has successfully restored connections which, I'm afraid, it has had to do often. It was very easy to install, I find it pretty attractive and when it works it is indeed fast (blazing fast with the AC USB adapter) with a very nice range.

Let me preface my comments by saying I'm an IT professional and a decided nerd -- this is not my first rodeo setting up a router or troubleshooting bleeding edge gear. There was a perfectly functioning Belkin N600 Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router (Latest Generation) that played nicely with my DSL modem/router before I fell victim to faster speed and more powah! I have now torn my hair out for the past few days. Some of the obvious:

* Initially refused to let iOS clients stay connected, after a firmware reset and some tweaking I believe this possibly related to DHCP conflicts between the R6300 and my DSL modem (I should note the Belkin had no such trouble). Once I switched the R6300 to AP mode (let the DSL router handle DHCP and the R6300 acts as an access point) this seemed to go away. Netgear initially has tried to blame this on Apple, if you check the Apple discussion forums though you will see it is Netgear across several products, also, see below regarding other platforms.

* Lets connections die on a regular basis, one moment you are connected, the next you are getting no traffic even though you are connected. Did this on iOS, OS X and Windows clients. Sometimes you can cycle your adapter, it usually means a router restart is needed though.

* Loses its internet gateway daily, usually Genie will fix this, other times it requires a hard restart as the web interface will stop functioning.

* When the router was first fired up my Mac Pro using a TP-Link Wireless N Dual Band PCI Express Adapter with 3 x 2dBi Antenna (TL-WDN4800) saw the 5 GHz SSID, after upgrading it to the latest firmware ( it no longer sees that SSID. My MacBook Air and iPad (3rd Gen) see and use the 5 GHz SSID without issue (when the router works).

So, after these many frustrations I went to the Netgear support site and opened up a ticket as I had read some users had gotten settings that worked. I registered, gave all my product info, filled out a very long and detailed form and zipped it off.

The response from first level support? "What version firmware are you using?" My response was "I put that in my initial report but here it is again".

Next response from Netgear? "Download this firmware." What firmware is it? Why the version I'm already running of course! I have now sent back for a third time the firmware I'm using, a very detailed description of the problems and, just for good measure, a screenshot of the configuration screen indicating I'm using the latest firmware.

I am giving them a chance to rectify this as there are portions of the product I really like but my patience is wearing thin. I suggest you look at the other AC options out there or stick with what you have before making the leap.

**JULY 2013 UPDATE**

So it's been 7 months but I just retired this router. First, with succeeding firmware updates over the past seven months this router has gotten quite a bit better. I too found that turning off the guest network avoided a lot of the trouble (although that feature was one I wanted) and it's been fairly solid. I still found that rebooting it every couple of weeks improved performance and I really wish it had a self-healing reboot that I could set to do this type of maintenance work. Genie still doesn't function right most of the time in bridge mode, I have to put in the IP to get to it.

With Apple's new Time Capsule though I've decided to retire this router, whether I sell it or use it as an extender I don't know yet but we shall see. It does seem that Netgear continues to work on the firmware to get this router where it should have been from the start. Rating revised to 3 stars in current state.
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on June 14, 2013
I bought the first router in February 2013. Within 5 weeks, around the end of march, I got a blinking green powerlight. Techinical support identified it as a firmware failure, and after 6 hours on the phone with me working on the router, it was working again. It failed again 2 days ago (6/12/13) with the same error; blinking green power light, firmware failure.
Netgear agreed to send a new unit. I had different options for shipping from 'free', where I send my unit at my cost, and they send their new one, paid at about 18 dollars where they would send ground express, and then I sent mine with the shipping label included, or paid overnight for 30 dollars where I would get a new router the next day, and ship the router I have in back with the label.
I paid the 30 dollars as I needed the router for my home office. It came today. I plugged it in, it did not power on. I checked the old router one more time, and it did power on (blinking green power light) so I knew the power cord was ok. I called netgear. They made me hold the reset button, power down (even though there was no power) unplug, plug, unplug while holding the reset button; nothing worked.

Then they said they would send me another new router, but it wouldn't be there until Tuesday. I told them that they had not sent me a new router in the first place because the router they sent me did not even turn on; it was worse than the it was sent to replace. They said that they would send a refurbished model that was 'guaranteed like-new'. I asked if that was the same type they sent me today, and they said 'yes'. I told them I wanted a refund for my shipping and at first they said it was impossible. After a big hassle, and pretty poor customer service, they said they would 'put in a request' for reimbursement, but that it was not guaranteed. They also told me it was impossible to get a brand-new in-box router, only a refurbished one (like what I received today) was available.

I told them that I want a refund then. They told me that was impossible. I asked to speak to the next person 'up', but I was told there was no one higher than the supervisor I was speaking to (Mike #46084...I also spoke to customer service agents Savy #64559 and Fred #46297), and I could not receive anything but a refund request for my shipping costs and a refurbished, 'guaranteed like-new', R6300.
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on November 14, 2012
What I used this router for is media sharing. I have a main laptop which is connected to the router via Ethernet and has three hard drives connected to it. I stream media from the main laptop to my "portable" laptop. The router is very fast when using 5GHZ. I get a transfer speed of 16Mb/s and it goes up to 21Mb/s. I thought the router was perfect 10 minutes after I had installed it. However, a few hours later, I noticed it reboots on me and the movies or the video I'm watching stops. I had Amazon kindly send me a replacement. Only this time, in addition to the rebooting problem, the LED lights that show you whether or not the router is turned on, were defective. So there was no way you could know the status of the router without having to search for it using your computer. I asked Amazon to send me another replacement, which they kindly and quickly did. The last one I got had the rebooting problem as the first two. However, it did not have the LED lights problem. I finally decided to contact Netgear about the problem, they said the router was defective and I should have it replaced. I tried three of them for God's sakes! I finally got tired and just returned the damn thing. I hope nobody goes through what I went through. Definitely not recommended!
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on June 12, 2012
Disclaimer: I received this unit as a beta tester and am an active Netgear beta tester.

I've used many routers in my years as a network enthusiast. I thought that Netgear's WNDR4500 last year was the best I could do with a wireless router in my house. I live in a 3500 sqft house which is a decently large house but not enormous as many of the McMansions in my neighborhood. Note, my house is wide with several standard sheetrock walls, not tall, so my router has to go further horizontal distances to reach my laptop and computers rather than vertical. Antenna direction can really effect signal strength based on horizontal or vertical positioning of clients.

The R6300 beat the WNDR4500 by about 40-50% in signal strength in "difficult" areas of the house. Everywhere in the house where I had a weak signal with the WNDR4500 went to a moderate signal strength with the R6300. Even the guest bedroom which is on the first floor away from the rest of the house received a moderate strength signal. This is significant because I could not receive and maintain a signal strength strong enough to stream video using the WNDR4500 but it is strong enough with the R6300.

Using an Intel Centrino Ultimate 6300 wireless NIC in my laptop, iPerf results came in at >100Mbit/sec with the R6300 on the 5Ghz band.

I, like some of the other reviewers am able to set up two of these units, one as an Access Point and the other as a wireless bridge. Connected to another desktop in my family room set up as an HTPC, I get regular iperf transfer rates of an eye popping 270-300MBits/sec on the ac band between the AP and bridge. A huge step up from the 60-70 MBits/sec I had using the WNDR4500. To be fair though, I wasn't using two WNDR4500s like I am with the R6300s so it's not an apples to apples comparison.

I've tested Readyshare printing with a Brother MFC8840, Brother HL-2040, and HP LaserJet2600n. All work well using the Netgear utility.

2 USB ports allow me to attach both a printer and an external harddrive to the router at the same time instead of to my desktop.
Netgear has addressed the Guest Network issue with a new firmware upgrade so that is no longer an issue. Guest network is really nice if you're having people over for the afternoon or out of town guests that are staying longer.

Finally, I absolutely love the way this router looks. I have it sitting right next to my flat screen tv. The LED "NETGEAR" lights really gives it class. It doesn't have a lot of super bright LED lights that flash with network activity in the front, and if anything, the power and wireless network lights are a little too dim. Netgear must have tried to listen to the home entertainment crowd on designing the outward appearance of this device cause it's really a good looking router.
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on January 14, 2013
Well, that's what I ended up doing... paying $300 for this amazing piece of technological excellence.

I bought this router over the summer of 2012 for about $199. It was easy to set up and it was working fine. In late October, the firmware got messed up and rendered the R6300 unusable. The PDF user manual said that you must go through Tech Support in order to correct this problem. Well, it just so happened that my period of free Tech Support expired, so I was forced to buy into a contract. I bought the 6-month version for $80. The Tech Support guy fixed my issue - basically I had to download the latest firmware from in a zip file and upload it to the R6300 via the DOS command window.

Well in November, the firmware got messed up again, and I went through this same drill with Tech Support. Problem fixed.

In December, the firmware got messed up for a third time. Tech Support fixed it again with the same procedure. However, I demanded a replacement, since my unit was still under warranty. Tech Support instructed me to ship my unit to them in Tennessee, and after they received it, they'd send me a new one. That would take at least a few weeks. Well, "that sucks," I thought, because I'd be out of a router for at least half-a-month or more. My wife and I work at home, and we needed our network to be fully functional.

Tech Support gave me an option. I could pay them $17, and they would FedEx a replacement R6300 to me. Upon receipt, I would have to ship back my faulty unit. I guess they basically had me by the gonads, so I bought in to this. Makes wonder why I had to fork over $17 for Netgear to ship me a new unit first. Why couldn't they just ship it to me for free, and I send back my original unit afterward. They'd have my credit card on file and could easily bill me for the cost of an R6300 if I failed to ship a unit back to them.

So, here we are folks...

($199 for the purchase price) + ($80 for 6 months of Tech Support) + ($17 for them to ship me a replacement unit)

.... About $300 for the cost of the Netgear R6300 router.

Was it worth it??? Well, the new unit, which is about two weeks old by now, is dropping the network connection at random times. The first unit had firmware problems. This new unit has connection problems. I guess I should buy shares of Netgear, huh? It's a pretty good scam they have set up to sucker customers into buying faulty products then gouging them with Tech Support fees.

By the way, I was at Fry's Electronics over the weekend looking at other routers. I saw a couple of guys looking at the Netgear R6300. I told them my story, and both of them promptly put their boxes back on the shelf and picked up the ASUS RT-AC66U, then walked over to the cash registers. I guess I did my good deed for the day there, and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Sorry Netgear shareholders... I just chased off two potential revenue sources for you guys.

I think I'll be doing a lot more "good deeds" from now on. :)
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on June 13, 2012
I bought one last week for my office. I have no idea what the one stars were for - I love it!!

The guy from Comcast said he would set it up for about $100, but at that amount I figured I'd give it a shot on my own. I had installed the Genie app a few days before getting the device and after plugging it in and not being able to set it up on two tries, I clicked the "Yes" to the "Would you like the genie to fix it?" This has never worked for me in the past with any other device, but I clicked it anyway. It was less than two minutes and I was up and running! It asked me if I wanted to update and after another "Yes" and about 15 seconds it was done. It must have added the Guest access that people were looking for because I was able to find it immediately.

I don't have all of the technical knowledge that some of the people do that have left some of the most helpful comments I've ever read, but I can tell you that ease of setup is five star in my book. I can also get access if I walk outside and onto the street.

Like I said, I'm not the most technical, but I'm extremely happy at this point. If this keeps up, I'll be a Netgear customer for a long, long time.

I also love the genie app!
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on July 14, 2013
The product worked fine for 4 months..
Now all of sudden it stopped. Green light started blinking (google green light blinking on r6300 and you will be amazed to see the number of issues), and I updated the firmware as suggested. it started not to recognize the internet. Such a PATHETIC tech support. the guy called SYED was trying to convince me to shell out another $130 for support. CRAP. I been in the IT industry for 16+ years and I know this this is a hardware issue.

No luck.. luckily i had bought extended warranty from BESTBUY, going to replace it with a asus or linksys (my old router was a linksys and I used it for 5+ years.. never had a issue)

If you are going to buy this router be ready to pay another $139 for support :D

I will never buy a netgear product again..

- Praveen
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 2, 2013
We bought this router for our business last summer in July (2012). Multiple users were able to connect to it at the same time, and the speeds were super fast even with a place full of people using it! Unfortunately, we had a power outage, and the friendly blinking power light came to visit us.

But don't worry! Netgear has a super easy solution for that! All you have to do is download the new firmware and install it. The newest firmware release notes state that the update:

"Fixed NAND flash driver issue. Customers complained the firmware will corrupt by accident. There are a few data bits changed with unknown reason in customer`s environment. Add error bit correction algorithm to solve this issue."

Good thing they know about it! So now all you have to do is activate your tftp client on Windows, change the configuration of your ip address and subnet mask, access windows cmd (if you have Windows OS), and then use your skills at typing BASIC code to push the new firmware onto the router. Sounds like fun, right?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to call them about this known issue if you've had it more than three months. The service contract for that will cost you $80. Oh yeah, you won't be able to chat live with them either. Go ahead and send an email! Maybe, just maybe they'll let you pay to ship your defective product back to them! Besides, you paid $200 for the world's coolest router! What's an extra $20?

Obviously, you probably don't like dealing with all of these things. So it's probably best if you look for another router. And another brand.
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on July 6, 2012
I purchased this router a few days ago to replace a D-Link DIR-655 that was starting to give me problems after several years of great service. I decided to go with the R6300 due to the (assumed) forward compatibility with 802.11ac devices.

I have set up several routers in the past, along with range extenders and access points. Based on previous experience, I was expecting a tedious ordeal, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I could not believe how simple this router was to set up. I followed the 4 step process outlined in the included instructions, which took approximately 5 minutes. I had my desktop computer hardwired to the router, and I launched the browser per the instructions. Within a few seconds, I had a message that said "congratulations, you are connected to the internet". At that point, I hadn't even been into the Genie setup screen. I thought to myself "it couldn't possibly be this simple", but figured I would test a wireless device anyway. I tried my android tablet from another room, found the network, entered the default password, and immediately connected. I proceeded to do the same with my laptop, and had similar success (150Mbps from another room).

I then went into the Genie setup software, just to review the settings and check for a firmware upgrade. There was a firmware upgrade, which I applied in a couple of minutes. I tweaked a few of the settings based on personal preferences for my home network, and then I went around the house connecting all my wireless devices.

I should note that I currently have only 2.4GHz devices, so I cannot speak to the performance on the 5GHz band, but I suspect it would only improve. I am getting good range with all my devices, even my DVD player, which is only about 20 feet from the router, but is behind 3 walls and is located inside an enclosed entertainment center. It showed 3 out of 5 bars and has no trouble streaming Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

I've had it up and running for about 72 hours now, with no dropped connections. So far, I am very pleased, and can't wait to try 802.11ac later on when devices are readily available.

I cannot stress enough how simple this router was to set up. My wireless network was up and running in 10 minutes, including unpackaging and reading the simple setup intructions. It was a little more expensive than other dual band routers, but it will hopefully work well when the 802.11ac standard is more widely adopted, and my 2.4GHz performance has been outstanding. I'm very happy with the purchase.
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