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on June 3, 2009
I saw an advance copy of the artwork for this set, so I'm fairly certain that it will include the games listed below. Obviously, the Super Bowl wins need to be included in this set. We also get the 3 NFC Championship games that aren't included in other sets (the 2007 win over the Packers is in the Road to Super Bowl 42 set). I'm not an expert on Giants history, so the other "Greatest Games" will be up for debate. Five stars because it includes all the games I want to see (until I'm reminded of something that's missing).

1986 Giants 49 49ers 3 in the playoffs.
1986 Giants 17 Redskins 0 in the NFC Championship.
1986 Giants 39 Broncos 20 in Super Bowl XXI.
1990 Giants 31 Bears 3 in the playoffs.
1990 Giants 15 49ers 13 in the NFC Championship.
1990 Giants 20 Bills 19 in Super Bowl XXV.
2000 Giants 20 Eagles 10 in the playoffs.
2000 Giants 41 Vikings 0 in NFC Championship.
2006 Giants 30 Eagles 24 - Eli Manning's epic comeback.
2007 Giants 17 Patriots 14 in Super Bowl XLII.
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on September 1, 2009
Let me start by saying that I've only watched the six games from 1986 and 1990 so far. I will come back to update the review as I get farther into the set.

To clear up one thing right off the bat, the case itself states it's 1000 minutes for all 10 games, so that's an average of under 2 hours per game. Cut out from the footage is the usual stuff... there is no pregame, halftime, or postgame. There are also some edited huddles, but the majority of time edited out are where the commercial breaks used to be as well as change of possessions. The edits are pretty seemless, and it appears that what they cut out wasn't all that significant because they also show plenty of footage in between plays (Madden and Summerall analysis, replays, etc).

The advantage to owning this set is that the video quality of these games from '86 are MUCH better than my VHS tapes or even DVDs that can be found in trading circles. So I'll watch these when I get a sudden craving for watching one particular game, and I'll use the original airing DVDs when I'm looking for the full experience (like if I'm watching the full season from start to finish, or when I want to see the games as well as other footage as a reminder to what everyone was saying about the teams as the playoffs progressed).

Now for the packaging... it's both good and bad. It's great that they've managed to get 10 discs into such a small box. The package is the same size as many double disc movies. On the bad side, and it's really bad, is that the hubs that hold the discs in place are so tough and inflexible that you have to bend the disc severely in order to get it out of the case. And since there are two discs on each "page", you end up bending two discs at the same time. I've certainly seen this before with movies I've purchased, and I just wish that the companies releasing these things would get a clue in that regard.

I'll be back as I watch more of the set...


1990 Divisional Playoff vs Bears: I only noticed one edited huddle and it must have been where an in-game ad was, because everywhere else you hear Madden and Summerall between plays. There is also one part where the video goes haywire for a couple of seconds, but it's where Mark Collins is being carted off the fields and not during any game play.

1990 Championship Game vs 49ers: My only wish for this one is that they included CBS's opening intro to the game. Everything else was great about this disc as I recall it. If there were any flaws I doubt you'd notice as you're brought back in time to one of the most intense and physical games you'll ever see. Not until the 2008 Steelers/Ravens playoff game did I see one that's on par with 1990 Giants/49ers. Even Jerry Rice laid somebody out!

Super Bowl XXV - The video quality is excellent but you will hear some disturbances in the sound a few times (at least if you have a surround sound system... not sure if you watch it through your TV speakers). It sounds like it cuts in and out in one or two of the speakers. There are also more edited huddles than I've seen in the first 5 discs, but it appears that all the game action is here.

2000 Divisional Playoff vs Eagles
2000 Championship Game vs Vikings
- Great to have these games in stereo sound in the event you have VHS recordings in mono. The video quality is nice and clear but there are times in the Eagles game where the color of the grass, etc will get darker or lighter. It's just a minor annoyance. I wonder if there was something going on technically with the recording and/or broadcast of these games in 2000 because I've seen a couple of different VHS recordings of both of these games, and the color looked really off in a couple of them. I always assumed it was the VHS tape itself, until I saw the Eagles game in this boxset.

2006 Week 2 vs Eagles - Good video quality and sound, but disappointing that they put the standard 4:3 picture on here instead of widescreen from the HD feed. You really miss it when they show a replay of a sack and you can't even see the actual sack in the replay because it's off to the far side of the widescreen broadcast but of course the sides of the picture are chopped off.

Super Bowl XLII - Good video and sound quality, has a little bit of pregame but not much. This is the exact same version in the Road to Super Bowl XLII boxset, but without the Michael Strahan commentary track. Because of that, it would have been nice if they had left this one out and included a different game... perhaps L.T.'s dominant performance against the Saints in '88, playing with one arm and with a playoff berth hanging in the balance.

That having been said, my overall recommendation is still a buy on this boxset.
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on December 8, 2011
This is a great collection overall. Any big Giants fan should have it, definitely worth the money. Lots of enjoyable action & strolls down memory lane. However, at the risk of nitpicking, I feel I should point out some slight flaws in this boxset, in my opinion. First & foremost, as a couple of folks already pointed out, a good chunk of the 3rd quarter of the 1990 Bears divisional playoff game is missing. A completely terrific Giants TD drive that ended with a Jeff Hostetler scramble for a TD is nowhere to be found. Inexcusable in my view. I realize the disclaimers that are present about possible missing action, but that's a biggie. I wonder how hard they tried to remedy that when putting this together; doesn't seem like much. To a much lesser extent is the choice of games. People can disagree about them, I understand and some of these have already been mentioned also. I definitely don't get the 2006 regular season game at the Eagles being on there. 2nd game of a season that ended up 8-8 with a wildcard game loss doesn't qualify as a "greatest game" to me, nice exciting comeback or not. I was very disappointed that they didn't put the 1981 regular season finale vs. Dallas, an OT game that ended up getting the Giants into the playoffs for the first time in 18 years, now that was exciting! (Admittedly, maybe there isn't a great tape of that around for this, I don't know). However, the 1998 game vs. the 13-0 Broncos should've made it then. Or another playoff win ('81 vs. Philly, '85 vs. the 49ers?). But these are relatively minor complaints to the overall set. To repeat myself, this is a great collection for Giants fans. I hope they come out with something additional in the future (Giants-Cowboys games, for example).
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on July 4, 2009
I am probably the biggest Giant fan in the state of Texas. I am very excited to be getting this great set of complete ny Giant games. This set, coupled with the Road to Superbowl 42 (which I already have), would give me the complete games of all the Giant SB victories along with all playoff games that got them there. No other NFL fan can say that on their team collections!!! I especially cannot wait to see the three games from 1986. The 1986 New York Giants are still my favorite team and I am hopeful the NFL will still someday release all or most of the regular season games from 1986 (like they did for the 1985 Bears). Phil Simms, my favorite ny Giant quarterback, was outstanding in these 1986 playoff games, especially his near perfect performance in SB 21. I don't believe his 88% completion percentage that day will ever be beat. Also, I have wanted to see the complete airings of both the 1986 and 1990 NFC Championship Games, again, for a long time now. I will finally get my wish!!! This collection, in which many of the selected games will feature the great Pat Summerall and John Madden as commentators, is a must for every True Blue fan.
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on January 24, 2013
I ordered this item to watch the old New York Football Giants in games I remembered watching as a kid. This dvd set has every super bowl besides their latest (Super Bowl 21 25 & 42). If you are a Giants fan like myself then you must purchase this dvd set! Great purchase!
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on August 1, 2014
I am an eternal Giant fan as is the rest of my family. I enjoyed the great games and teams displayed, Brings back memories of the great teams of the fifties. Giant character and pride. Wish them luck for 2014. Go Big Blue
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on January 1, 2012
I love the Giants and this set is just like watching NFL Network but with lots of back-story. NFL DVD's are always great productions and this is definitely up there with the best. It's great to go back and see some of those awesome games from the 80's. Great set!!
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on September 7, 2010
I was pleased to learn that these were, for the most part, complete games, not just highlights.
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on January 29, 2015
I'm 31 years old and my father is one of many old school Giants fans who has been dumbfounded as to why there was never a copy of the '87 or '91 Super Bowls for sale. He was in the hospital with my older sister on the night of the '87 Bowl and never once got the chance to watch his time win their first Super Bowl in many, many years.

Now owning this 10 dvd set (incredible quality considering the technology at the time of airing). Thank you so very much for making this happen. This search has been going on for over 20 years and I wish I could show you the smile on my Dad's face when we watched the first disc the other night. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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on January 7, 2011
I've just finished watching the Bears/Giants playoff game from 1990 and was a little disappointed. A huge chunk (about five minutes) of the game is missing from the third quarter. I wouldn't mind so much except that among the missing action is the Giants touchdown that put them up 24-3. Why is this? Is this the same with every set or is mine the only one? Other than that, I've enjoyed the set so far but now I have to find a bootleg copy of this game so I can see the missing touchdown. Try harder next time, NFL films.
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