Customer Reviews: Nexus 5 Case, Spigen® [+Screen Protector] [NEXUS 5 TEXTURE] Google Nexus 5 Case Slim [Ultra Fit] Premium *Japanese* Screen Prot
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on February 5, 2014
I bought this case after my official Nexus 5 case from the Google Play store started peeling after one day of use, and it added a ton of bulk to a slim phone.

I was skeptical of the Spigen Slim because of some negative reviews claiming that it scratched the coating off the corners or edges of the case. I decided to try it anyway and I'm glad that I did. Any of these hard plastic cases can scratch/scuff your phone if they're not installed correctly. The trick is to not force your phone into the case; you have to ease the phone into the case and pry the corners of the case outward as you slip the phone in. I've taken my case off and re-installed it about five times so far and it did not scuff or scratch my phone.

As some other reviewers pointed out, there is a sharp edge across the top and bottom of the phone (you can see it in the pictures - it sticks outward), however this edge is not a problem for me. It's there because the case follows the contour of the phone, which makes the phone feel great to hold. The quality of this case is top notch as well. The material it is made of is a soft touch plastic that feels even better than the material on the Nexus 5. It's also a very thin case that barely adds anything to the feel of the phone. One of the nice things about the Nexus 5 is how thin it is, and even with this case on it still feels very thin.

The included screen protector is a nice bonus. I initially overlooked it because I don't ever use screen protectors, however I decided to try it out. I haven't installed a screen protector in about five years, and I'm impressed with how adhesive technology has advanced. After peeling the backing I aligned it and just laid it flat, and it sealed itself to the screen working out all but one little bubble on its own. A quick push with my finger got rid of that last bubble and it looks perfect. The only negative thing I could say about it is that it tends to attract more fingerprints and oil than the unprotected glass does, however that's a small trade to keep the glass from getting scratched.

I would highly recommend this case if you're looking for a quality case that doesn't add any extra bulk (and you understand the limitations of hard shell cases - if you want rugged drop/shock protection then you should know these cases don't offer that).
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on December 3, 2013
Beware: this case scuffed the corners of my phone. It seems like case rubs against the rubber of the phone causing wear on the edges. See the photos attached.


SPIGEN, I would appreciate a refund for your case.
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on November 6, 2013
I purchased this case in Black and the Spigen Slim Armor in Smooth Black also. I like this case a lot, I really do think it would be difficult to get a much thinner case and it has enough for basic protection. The edges are raised up on the front just enough to keep the screen from hitting when placed face down, but it is a very small lip. Edges can be slightly sharpish I guess, but it does not bother me personally at all the way I hold the phone.

With this case, the phone is smaller side to side than my Galaxy S3 with a Diztronic case on it if that helps anyone.

A con would be the top and bottom being so open, I would prefer them to cover more and that would also then solve the sharp edge issue people have with this. If they did that, this would be a prefect slim case.

I also purchased the Slim Armor as I mentioned before and it is much bulkier by far, but also much better protection I'm sure. This case reminds me of a OtterBox Commuter case if anyone has tried one of those. This case is the exact same width as my S3 with the Distronic case on it. It is taller by 2-3mm though and thicker by 1mm roughly. If I were keeping the phone on my belt I'd personally prefer the Slim Armor.

In the end I'm glad I got both, for belt use the Slim Armor wins, for dropping in my pocket the Ultra Fit is the only way to go for me anyway. I'm sure I'll try more cases, but I'm not unhappy with either one of these cases. I'll try to attach photos in a minute for people to compare to. My photo skills are weak with my S3, so I'll apologize in advance. Hope I get better with this Nexus!
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on November 26, 2013
Bought this case as a temporary case for my new Nexus 5. It looks fine and fits the hand alright, but it scratches up the edges and corners of your phone! The plastic casing is extremely hard and sharp and caused quite ugly scuffs on my phone -- very disappointed. I bought this case to protect my phone from scratches and it ended up being the cause of the damage. I suggest you go for a non-spigen case.
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on November 12, 2013
This is the best case ever! Minimal increase in width and thickness, easy access to all ports and buttons. Actually makes the buttons easier to use, IMO, on the Nexus 5, because they are a bit touchy when out in the open, can be triggered accidentally when sliding in and out of pocket or belt clip case.

The fit and the finish on this case are superb. Feels like the smooth but grippy back and sides of the naked Nexus 5, only even better, if that is possible. Feels premium in the hand, very smooth feel, but NOT slippery! It makes the phone feel like stock only even better, and obviously with some protection, which is the reason for it. Don't want to have to test that, but I know it will give some increase in crash protection. And the raised lip around the screen protects the screen if the phone is placed face down.

I have the black phone and black case. I may get the gold and white cases just for variety! Very pleased.
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on November 17, 2013
the case damaged the corners of my device. its to tight and is rubbing the finish off phone. the free screen protector was also bent creased.
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on June 19, 2014
[updated review] My husband has had his white case since the N5 came out (somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 months now)and it has performed great. My red case has been on my phone for 2 months at this point, and the top 2 corners have begun to crack. It still holds onto the phone, but I figure it's only a matter of time before a corner breaks off and I'm without a case. The case is thin, attractive, and inexpensive though, so I will be replacing it with another (although probably not in the incredibly bright neon red/orange color)one of these cases. Just a heads-up to anyone looking to purchase one, there does seem to be a difference in the plastic quality between white and red. Also, the color has begun wearing off in the corners from going in and out of pockets, bras, and my purse. I'll upload a couple photos of the crack and wearing-off color on the corners.

[original review] My husband and I both have Nexus 5s. I've used bumper type cases, but they're bulky and the clear one that I had yellowed in the past. My husband has a white N5 with the white case, and it's great. When I ordered my red N5, I ordered the red case. The case is identical in color to the red phone - that is neon reddish orange. I wasn't quite clear just how bright either were until I received them. Wow. Even after 3 days, it's still shocking to look at. I'm slowly starting to get used to it, but it really is intense. Regarding texture, the white case has a harder texture than the red one. The red one is slightly more rubbery to touch. The white case has required numerous applications of masking tape on the inside to reduce the creaking, whereas my red case doesn't creak at all. FWIW.
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on November 14, 2013
The case fits awesome and feels great and looks pretty damn good (as long as you keep your pockets clean so no lint or dirt gets under the case) BUT!!!! one huge issue is that the camera and LED cutouts are a little off (aswell as the mic cut outs and speaker cut outs) and when the LED goes off it lights up the entire phone case (this should not happen) it looks cool but thats a design flaw and it causes back flash on photos with flash. Ive tried contacting Spigen in multiple places and I have yet to hear anything. They need to revise this case or if not maybe I got a faulty one either way im still waiting to hear something from them until then this case isnt that great if you like to take pictures with the flash on.. if you dont care its pretty good and good feeling im hoping they do a matte version of it when revisioned cause that would be great!
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on November 5, 2013
Fit perfectly on my Nexus 5, and for once I even got the screen protector on without any bubbles.

The case is very thin and formfitting, so it doesn't add much bulk to the phone. It snaps on securely, and all of the cutouts are in the right places. It has a raised edge around the screen so if you place your phone face-down on a hard surface, there's no chance of the screen getting scratched.
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on November 18, 2013
Does what it's supposed to. Fits my Nexus 5 like a glove. It isn't overly fancy, might not be as perfect as the official Google case when it comes out, but the cutouts for controls are spot on and comfortable. No sharp edges or weird design flaws. Feels good in hand and all controls and ports are accessible without any issues.
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