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on October 18, 2009
I have been plagued by almost constant earaches for at least 10 years. Most of the time I wouldn't even bother going to the doctor for them. When I did he would prescribe an antibiotic and the earache would temporarily go away, but then be right back in a week or two. Finally he decided I had sinus problems and prescribed a couple of medicines that helped somewhat, but still did not eliminate my ear problem, so he advised that I should go on two more prescribed drugs and they would probably take care of the problem. . . I refused. These prescriptions would have cost in the neighborhood of $300/month and additionally some of them had rather unpleasant side effects. Now, I do have health insurance and after meeting my deductible, it would have covered 80% of the cost, but roughly $3600 per year for my sinuses????

I felt there had to be a better, simpler way to deal with the problem, so I started researching on the Internet for what else might be available. . .and I found this quercetin/bromelain product. Reading many many articles in the public press, and a few scientific studies, etc. piqued my interest and I ordered my first bottle about 10 weeks ago. The initial effect was immediate. Really within minutes my sinuses began opening. . .within days my ears stopped aching and in a few weeks my energy level had gone up to a point I hadn't had in maybe 20-30 years.

Again reading on the Internet, I hadn't realized what a problem chronic sinusitis could be and I want to tell you that I never considered myself to be one who had a sinus problem. I never had any obvious signs. My nose wasn't continually stuffed up. I did not realize that I had constant drainage, etc., but chronic sinusitis can have as a symptom: great fatigue.

I'm afraid that my extreme enthusiasm for this product will make you think I'm some sort of a nut, but since starting to take it I'm walking my dog 2-4 miles per day. I've lost considerable weight. My grand children are living with us at the moment, I've begun to get up out of bed 2 hours earlier than I need to for my Bible devotions and to have breakfast with my grand children. I feel better than I have in years and years.

I think the chronic sinusitis was like carrying around a 30 or 40 pound weight everywhere I went. It was a drag on my whole system. Maybe this won't work as well for you, but for me it literally has been a life changer. . .
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on December 24, 2008
I had asthma bad at one time being hospitalized at least 3 to 4 times a year. All the meds they prescribed helped in the short term, but had many bad side effects. I use to feel like it was worth the risk when the alternative certainly meant a hospital visit and sometimes for days.

After doing deeper research on the internet I found that Advair had been linked to asthma fatalities. Now there's a side effect I could do without. I also suffered from chest pains and nervousness.

I didn't use Quercetin in place of asthma meds, but included it after reading about it's anti-inflamatory properties. Over time I took asthma meds less and kept with the Quercetin.

It's been years since I've taken any traditional asthma meds and I haven't been in the hospital for asthma attacks since. I didn't notice when, but the chest pains are gone and my hand held out is as solid as a rock.

As other products I use from Now Foods, I find their products to be of the highest quality and this gets you the best results. I try to get anyone who has asthma to at least try Quercetin to get off the prescription meds.
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on December 18, 2012
I have struggled for the past 10 years with sinus issues. I had two surgeries to remove polyps only to have them grow back within a month each time. Doctor recommended surgery again and I could only think of the definition of Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". I was on a mission to figure this out a different way. I tried every treatment out there. Mucinex, Sudefed, antibiotics, steroids - oral and nasal sprays. Nasal washes with - Peroxide, sea salt, oregano, cayenne Pepper, tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil. All offered no relief. Eliminated gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, and alcohol - separately and all at once.. Again no sinus relief. Tried enzymes, tried heat packs, cod packs, bought a new pillow, washed sheets in hot water, changed soap, changed deodorant, changed shampoo, used a new towel after each shower..... Bought a humidifier, but a dehumidifier, ate raw garlic, drank green smoothies, went on a water fast, a juice fast, started exercising daily.... Still no relief. Nose was always stuffed. Somehow I bounced around on the web and found an article about natural antihistamines and Quercetin and Bromelain were mentioned. Article was convincing enough, so I gave it a try. 2 weeks in, was just about to chalk up as another failure when I smelled the new Christmas soap my wife just substituted in our bathroom.. Some evergreen spice crap. Then I walked into Trader Joes the next day and smelled the flowers prominently displayed in the front of the store. I have been going to trader joes for at least 5 years once a week and never once smelled the flowers. Like the hand soap I assumed that they must be extra strong today. But the smells continued. I could smell my baby’s skin, her hair, her diaper -clean and dirty. I could smell everything!!! And with smell, my taste came back, but not just b/c I could smell. I mean my taste buds were alive. Even items without a scent, as soon as they hit my tongue they came alive with flavor. As you can tell I'm a believer. Took about 2 weeks to start working and now has been a total of 4 weeks. I can only hope this, whatever it is, lasts.
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on January 7, 2012
I started taking Quercertin with Bromelain for 14 months now after having one of the worse years of my life in terms of sickness. I have been a life-long allergy and asthma sufferer and have tried every possible medication available. I began allergy shots approximately 6 years ago and they have helped quite a bit. However, it seemed that after reaching the maintenance level, my body would develop new allergens and my symptoms would start to flare-up all over again. In 2010, after three sinus infections, numerous colds, ear infection that caused eustachian tube disorder and the production of never-ending-mucus, I was desperate. I began to look for herbal alternatives to my Alavert, Nasonex, Xyzal, Albuterol etc. This is when I read some reviews on this and I decided to try it. I can honestly say that it seemed it took over 3 months for me to see results. There were subtle at first... such as the production of less mucus in the morning or a decrease in the sneezing when faced with common allergens. I continued to use it and was disappointed when I got sick in the fourth month, as this is supposed to help with the immune system. My "sickness" only lasted 24 hours and that was last February. During the rest of the year, I was DRY, healthy and can count with one hand the number of sneezes for that year. I have not used ANY of my prescription medicines in over 7 months. My husband who has always being weary of herbal alternatives is ready to start taking it because he has seen the incredible change, especially at night when I don't make any noises anymore. I have been without Quercertin for over 3 weeks now as it seems it was out of stock when I ordered it in December. I was able to re-order and I'm expecting it this week. The reason I'm writing this is that yesterday I began to feel sick with a runny nose and sneezing...not a cold but an allergy flare-up. Now I know that if I had been taking this stuff, this would not have happened. I am sold on Quercertin and I wanted to share but it has really changed my life. I continue my allergy shots and the Quercertin and that is all I take. I'm the healthy one in the family now!!
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on November 5, 2012
Being diabetic my eyes were starting to go blurry and according to my Optometrist there was nothing that could be done to help as what causes this is the blood vessels in the back of the eye become dilated and can no longer carry enough oxygen to the eye, and therefor the eyes become blurry.
HOWEVER I read in a diabetic magazine that QUERCETIN can reduce this problem by helping the blood vessels. No longer being able to see it was time to turn in my drivers licence, and I hated to do that, so I figured that for the price of a bottle of pills what did I have to lose!
If you have this problem TRY THIS!!!!!
It has worked wonders for me and my Dr. can not beleive the difference! My eyesight is at 20/20 and I am 71 with diabetes, COPD, CHF,RLS,PAD and arthritis. If I didn't know better I think it helps the arthritic problem also but it is hard to tell. I do know that since taking this stuff it hasn't gotten worse!!!!
Give it a try if your vision is getting blurry!!
God Bless and hug a VET TODAY!!
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on October 25, 2014
I developed chronic sinusitis due to a Eustachian tube dysfunction caused by allergies, Not that my nose seemed to be clogged up I didn't notice any clogging in my sinuses but my ears would feel full and my hearing would be muffled. The past few years I would constantly end up at the doctors office to get antibiotics and when my ears would be full they told me I had a dysfunctional Eustachian tube and I had no clue what was causing it. But antihistamines would help subside the symptoms causing me to think it might be inflammation.

Long story short knowing the side effects of taking antibiotics frequently and feeling weighed down from taking allergy pills, even on daytime medication. I started looking for alternative solutions and after reading all the reviews on this product I gave it a try and these past few months have been great. No more sinusitis no more clogged ears. If I feel like my nose is starting to clog up even from a cold, I take the product and my sinus is clear. No more nasal sprays (steroid).

I have also sent my sister a bottle. She has pollen allergies and mild food allergies. When she eats certain foods like tomatoes, pineapple, melons and certain other vegetables or fruit, the inside of her mouth would get irritated and/or she would produce a lot of mucus so she would have to avoid eating too much or not eat them, even though she loved them. This summer she enjoyed all the vegetables and fruit she wanted with out any problems. She was so grateful that she could enjoy these food again,she kept thanking me over and over again every time we spoke on the phone.
While I do not encourage anybody with a deadly allergy to try what my sister did. She really seems to be enjoying this spring and summer better than the past years. She is also seeing a difference with her pollen allergy too.

Now I have to tell you that I started the Quercetin and Bromelain regimen with another product "Doctor's Best Quercetin/Bromelain Capsules" At first before full blown pollen season for me set in, it was working wonderfully but once it hit high pollen season the effect wore off quickly and I did not want to take more than the recommended dosage because of side effects. So I switched over to this brand (Quercetin 800mg Bromelain165 mg per serving) that had a different dosage than the other brand "Doctors Best" (Quercetin 500mg Bromelain 250 mg per serving) This worked out great for me since I was able to get more of the Quercetin's natural antihistamine properties and less of the Bromelain. My life is so much better with out the frequent sinusitis or grogginess from the allergy medicines.

Since this information is not on the bottle I think people should know. After doing some research I found out, people with kidney problems should not use this product. And in some cases taking 1g of Bromelain have led to kidney damage. So please use the supplement as directed, or if you use other supplements which include Bromelain be careful not to over dose. Also long term usage of Bromelain has not been tested so they do recommend taking breaks.
High doses of Quercetin have also lead to kidney damage and it is also suggested to take periods of breaks after 12 weeks. Since if taken longer, the risks are unknown.

Update. Another happy result from my sister. She has allergies to dogs so she could not pet her dog for long periods, because she would break into hives. The other day she realized she wasn't getting anymore hives from petting her dog. She even slept with her with out having any problems. Needless to say her dog was also so happy to be able to cuddle with her again.
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on January 19, 2007
Worked very well in assisting with sleep. No known side affects.
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on October 31, 2013
I waited several months before writing this review because I wanted to see if this was effective in the allergy season. It is!!

About 3 months ago, my husband's nasal polyps swelled so that he couldn't breath. He was ready to finally go for the surgery, but I asked him to wait reading about how the surgery often failed and the polyps often grew back in anywhere from 6months to 2 years. Instead I ran to the health food store where they recommended Bromelain. Well, that worked a bit, (about 35%), and I wanted to see what Amazon customer's reactions were so I typed in Bromelain. This product came up.

I researched Quercetin and was surprised at how many sites recommended this for allergies. I ordered it and the first night my husband took it- he turned to me in bed and exclaimed, "they're shrinking". This product shrank his nasal polyps by 75%!!

I like now products and went to their website to sigh up for their newsletter. And guess what- 3 weeks later there was an article about Quercetin. It said that it worked better when taken with Vitamin C. So my husband did. He is 90% better now, just a few sniffles here and there.

But the real proof of this came late last month. My husband and I had to attend some Frisbee finals his niece was participating in. She kept winning matches which meant we had to come back to see her in the middle of pollen season. Other than having to take extra doses, he's fine, and can breathe through his nose.

I call this a miracle. It's absolutely the best product we have ever purchased on Amazon (and we have purchased a lot that we've been happy with!)
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on February 22, 2015
I've been suffering with chronic hives for almost two years. I began taking quercetin in bulk powder form almost a year ago as a natural antihistamine and it really helped reduce the severity and frequency of the hives. I decided to try this product because it was in pill form, easier to take than loose powder. I have been taking 2 pills 3 times a day for nearly a month and have had no results with this product. The hives are the same as if I did nothing. I know that quercetin as a chemical works for me, yet these pills do not. I suspect, like some other supplements out there, the pills contain very little actual quercetin and are mostly filler. I will be switching back to what I know is effective.
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on March 18, 2011
I ordered this due to a sinus infection and soar throat that wouldn't quit for 6 weeks or more. I had been to the doctors and finished my course of anti-biotics and was still suffering. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and bought this and Nature Biotic Grapefruit Seed Extract. I started taking the Quercetin w/ Bromelain first for several days w/ no effect in and of itself but when I added the GSE, within 24 hours my soar throat was gone. I have been continuing to take this product every day and while we are still in the spring season here in Phoenix, I have not add any further sinus discomfort.
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